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Satori Show
Life is a journey. Positive and spirituality enlightenment is needed. Here to Satori the universe - Instagram-@SatoriArtDecor Support this podcast:
Satori Radio
Satori Radio is a podcast about the connection between the mind & the body, and clearing the path to leading a healthy and soulful life. This show is about uncovering some of the truths and challenges that people face throughout life, as well as how to do more than survive, but thrive! If you want to be happy, healthy, fit, and live a high vibe life, Satori Radio is the place to be! We turn stressed-out health professionals into high vibe & mindful clinicians!
Post Launch
Talks with game developers about the mistakes they've made designing, developing and selling their games.Разговоры с разработчиками об ошибках, заблуждениях и подводных камнях в процессе создания и продвижения игр.
Talkoot: the podcast for people working to deliver excellent public services. From The Satori Lab
Thanks for listening to the Postal Affairs podcast!BCC Software recently acquired Satori Software from Quadient, and as a result, this podcast will no longer be updated.However, we’d like to encourage you to instead subscribe to the BCC Software podcast – Industry Corner – where we break down postal industry topics, explain the current state of the industry, and what it means for your business.You can listen today on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts Stitcher, or on Soundcloud. For more inform ...
Twisted Storytellers
Real people, True Stories, Recorded Live
Come check me out on my new network for light-workers:http://www.intuitalks.comWelcome to Quantum Rewind Radio with Jenny Satori.Jenny Satori is a certified life coach, LOA coach, Intuitive, Rune Caster, and Reiki Master/Practitioner. Her show will explore all things spiritual and provide guidance to those looking for more than a traditional "reading." The universe is ever-changing, and so are we. This show aims to give you the tools to get there. Let's rewind first, get back to the basics. ;)
Satori SK
This podcast features Satori's generative animations, live recordings and other motion goodies.Most of the seen videos are originally rendered on PC platform with Satori's proprietar Circulation vj/post-production software.
Satori Firm Radio is a podcast with a variety of subject matter from sports, music, anime and spirituality.
Bunker Buddies
We're all magical wizards! Andie (raised a prepper now TV writer) and Ben (user experience tech design, Hyperloop One, Jaguar Land Rover) use their real life experiences while staying open and vulnerable in hopes that if your life brings you zombies, real or metaphorical, you'll be leveled up for battle and know you're not alone! We are your Bunker Buddies. Let's Grow! Bunker Buddies is a show all about survival that was founded by Travis McElroy and Andie Bolt back in 2014. Now, THERE IS NO ..., my name is Roman. In this podcast, I share with my friends music that I like. Subscribe and download mixes to listen offline.YouTube Channel: Music: podcasts
The Holistic Human Optimization Show, hosted by innovative nutritionist & visionary leadership coach Ronnie Landis, is a podcast unlike any other that features some of the worlds leading thinkers, researchers, philosophers, scientists, doctors, and visionaries who share their insights and wisdom on topics relating to holistic health, natural nutrition, alternative healing, integrative psychology, emotional wellness and intelligence, the mind-body connection, sacred and intimate relationships ...
A monthly podcast bringing people and ideas together. Each month we invite entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, and makers to share their stories with us live at Transfer Pizzeria Cafe in Milwaukee.
Bunker Buddies
We're all magical wizards! Andie (raised a prepper now TV writer) and Ben (user experience tech design, Hyperloop One, Jaguar Land Rover) use their real life experiences while staying open and vulnerable in hopes that if your life brings you zombies, real or metaphorical, you'll be leveled up for battle and know you're not alone! We are your Bunker Buddies. Let's Grow! Bunker Buddies is a show all about survival that was founded by Travis McElroy and Andie Bolt back in 2014. Now, THERE IS NO ...
Midweek Mashup hosted by Mokah Soulfly is one of the premier shows on the acclaimed SoMetro Midday radio block from 11a - 1p Tue-Wed-Thur on SoMetro Radio. Raptivist, Songstress, Entrepreneur, Mother, Lover, Partner and Floater Mokah SoulFly is the host of Midweek Mashup. Hot topics, interviews and great content from experts like Satori from #SocialWerk make Midweek Mashup a must listen weekly. Check out previous episodes because the content is always relevant and timely.
Welcome to Career Revisionist with Dr. Grace Lee, dedicated to doers, dreamers, and realists who want more success and satisfaction in their life. This podcast is about answering one question: How can you build a fulfilling career where it's all about doing work you love and growing your income without sacrificing your values.
Join hosts Dirk Belligerent and Otto the Autopilot as they pick over the remains of pop-nerd-media culture with inimitable wit and wisdom. (Part of the network.)
The Competitive Edge
The Competitive Edge Podcast answers the question we are all dying to know: “How do the most successful get a competitive edge in business and life?” Each week Scott Britton from brings on some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders to share their stories and reveal the unique actions they took to get an edge in their respected field. If you’re looking for an original take on how the best have gotten massive results and actionable steps on h ...
Tune In, Turn On and Check Us Out...! Recovery People celebrates a cultural revolution: a movement away from a culture of addiction towards a culture of recovery. Through the power of new media, we share the gritty joy, the epic hope and soulful sounds of people in recovery. Recovery People are insanely creative, crazy intuitive and filled with a cultural wisdom from the road less traveled. Recovery People are real in every sense of the word. So, tune in, turn on and check us out because we, ...
The Work We Do
The Work We Do is a podcast about people building meaningful careers by doing what they love.Victoria Stoyanova speaks with entrepreneurs, scientists, chefs, curators, architects and educators - the new voices of our work culture.
X J Glas' Podcast
The podcast for PTs and fitness professionals to PRODUCE more.The pursuit of peak performance is an ongoing process to produce next level results in every aspect of life and business.The purpose of this podcast is to share the secret processes and procedures peak performers use to produce more.
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Here's the reality, you’ve got years of thoughts, memories, values& beliefsall intertwined into major neuronal connections. A few nights ago, I was enjoying a good read from Napoleon Hill’s Landmark Bestseller-Think and Grow Rich.On page 233, he states “thoughts are truly things, for the reason that every material thing begins in the form of th ...…
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Satori Mateu is an elite performance mentor who is known for his seminars and events that teach people how to move past their inner barriers and become unshakeable in their life. He has toured with his inspirational and life-transforming seminars helping companies and their employees find a deeper meaning and purpose in times of crisis. Current ...…
Sophie Dalton is a personal branding strategist and mindset coach who is known for her branding framework that she uses to teach people how to communicate their authentic brand through stories that connect with their ideal audience. She dives deep into money, business, spirituality, and that you can live life on your own terms. In ...…
Are resumes dead? Given the continuous changes that are happening in the job marketplace such as introduction of Artificial Intelligence in candidate matching and selection, the career landscape is not the same as it was back then when the focus was primarily on qualifications. In this episode, Dr. Grace talks about why resumes are dead and wha ...…
Craig is a beacon for living a holistic, love filled lifestyle. He takes great pride in meeting new people and making connections. He is masterful at building relationships and making a lasting impression. Craig is a Certified Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner and loves hosting events. He travels often, regularly speaking on the Science of Min ...…
Well, I think it's a term I've coined myself actually. It's a clinician who is Mindful and embodies mindfulness to manage their stress levels to achieve greater work-life balance. You see, mindfulness for stress-reduction isn't only about reducing pain, anxiety and depression. It's about awareness of how one's feeling, and what your doing. Trai ...…
Everyone tells you to follow your passion, but is that really the key to career fulfillment? It turns out that the age-old advice to follow your passion is incomplete at best, and destructive at worst. In this episode, Dr. Grace shares why turning your passion into a career does not lead to career fulfillment, and what to do instead. Ready to c ...…
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Leah Lockhart sat down with Carl Morris, David Williams and Ben Proctor from the Mapio Cymru project. They talked about how the project started, what they have learned along the way and where the project plans to go next.Mapio Cymru can be found at global home for OpenStreetMap is openstreetmap.orgHere are OpenStreetMap' ...…
By entering into a meditative state, you allow yourself the opportunity to take a step-back from your daily stressors, be more mindful, and let the ego fade into the background for a 20-minute period. Episode 14 was all about the top 5 Myths About Meditation, this podcast episode is all about the 5 most interesting facts about meditation. Check ...…
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In this episode, I talk about how your professional reputation affects career progress and 15 ways you can build a distinguished reputation. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
We as health professionals are flooded with messagestelling us that we need to be 'taking better care of ourselves', doing more networking, attending more conferences and education events, while simultaneously becoming quasi-celebrities in the community. How on earth can we stay calm and cool, and manage our own personal change while managing s ...…
In this episode, my client Al shares his career journey of how he achieved his career goals with clarity and conviction. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
Curses is in charge of this new Phonocast, the band will play live at Monticule Festival - FR next week !---------------------------------------­-----------------------------Phonographe Corp has been promoting music since 2010, first in Reims, then in Paris, through a website (, a DJ team (Phonographe Crew) and parties i ...…
In this episode, I give five brain-based things you can do immediately to conquer your fears and live your life to the fullest. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
Mindful eating is when you're mindful, and pay close attention, to the feelings happening inside your body that trigger you to eat. And when you are eating, you maintain awareness of the process. But these super duper easy tips are just the tip of the iceberg of what's written about eating with more mindfulness. I think any literature on the to ...…
In this episode, I follow up on a previous topic about learning new things at an older age. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
While successful graduation from college is an asset, it's not the right choice - or worthwhile - for everyone. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
2019.06.30Fusion FestivalMarcus Meinhardt Roman Trufanov.
art:cast special by Rey&KjavikOne might not expect that multi-talented artist Rey&Kjavik is originally from the Rhine-Main-area hence his chosen DJ- and producer-moniker and also because of his eclectic musical approach. But matter of fact Rey&Kjavik is one of the few artists that represents the once so blooming region in the middle of Germany, ...…
its very easy in life to distract ourselves from things that matter the most........ lets not forget why we here for....By Roman Trufanov.
The next instalment in the Alfresco podcast series comes from NYC born and Berlin based DJ and producer Curses. As the head honcho of the Ombra International label and resident at the debauched Pornceptual parties out of Berlin, this guy is releasing and playing some of the most cutting edge sounds as you can hear in this mix, which combines al ...…
The past 18 months (since the last time I posted my Fusion recording) have been truly memorable for me, with many unforgettable experiences all over the world, new places, new friends and above all some amazing support along the way. I am grateful to have this opportunity to travel around the world to stages where I can expose my music.One of t ...…
Good question! And the answer will vary depending upon who you speak with. For me, it’s a matter of creating a space (or simplicity) that allows for contentment with whatever your situation or life. I wrote about creating your own meditation space in a prior podcast episode, and today's podcast follows a similar train of thought. Simplicity is ...…
Here's the recording of my live-set from Sonnendeck @ Fusion Festival 2018.All tracks by Monolink.Listen to my debut album 'Amniotic' Roman Trufanov.
Are you convinced you need a career change but you're afraid to take risks in your career because you want to avoid feeling disappointment if it doesn't turn out the way you expected? Then this episode is for you, so tune in now. Podcast show notes available here:…
I'm beyond excited to share my Rainbow Serpent 2019 recording with you! It was my fifth and best Rainbow so far. I made heaps of new friends and learned so much about myself in these five very intense days. And I hope you enjoyed this set as much as I did. Sorry for the short distortions from time to time but I was too excited 🙈…
Kalya Scintilla graces us with the 7th installment of our Road Trip to Enchanted Forest Mix Series! This massive mix is a live recording of a set he played in Portland Oregon during his fall 2015 Earth Heart Tour.Connect with Kalya Scintilla: Roman Trufanov.
Dear friends,After a long time of hibernation it is time to reappear on the surface of the internet, I guess.As many of you have been asking, I made a recording that continues the story of my „Travel Diary“, which started over two years ago.So I am very happy to finally share „Travel Diary Part 2“ with you today!It consists of tracks I produced ...…
You don't have to be good at school to be a lifelong learner. In this episode, I'm going to share 5 very practical and effective strategies on how to make continuous learning a natural part of your life. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
Steve Adler, M.S., D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), AKA "Sacred Steve", is an ordained minister and chaplain in Spiritis Church. Steve also holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University. Steve's first career was as a thermosciences engineer working on the design of the prop ...…
Do you feel that you're too old to learn new things? In this episode, I'm going to bring some clarity once and for all about whether or not age really has any effect over our ability to learn new things. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
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In this episode, I'm going to talk about 5 powerful success habits to get you on the path to the new chapter in your career. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
Steve Adler, M.S., D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), AKA "Sacred Steve", is an ordained minister and chaplain in Spiritis Church. Steve also holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University. Steve's first career was as a thermosciences engineer working on the design of the prop ...…
As you may know, I'm a Sociology Graduate with research specialty in Food Politics and The Construction Of Risk In The Media. I enjoy understanding how people learn about risks in society when it comes to their health and wellbeing. I also used to work as a nurse. If you're dealing with issues of feeling sluggish and drained, you might need to ...…
Before you click away from this podcast, this is not just about mindfulness or meditation. In this episode I'm going to share 6 breakthrough action guides that will make life a lot sweeter for you at work. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
You must have heard about the predictors of success. But have you heard about the predictors of fulfillment? In this episode, I'm going to share 3 things that, if you were doing them, you will have fulfillment in your career. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
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Over the past 7+ years, Sebastian Mychel Cruze has been a trusted advisor for impact driven leaders managing 6, 7 figures and even up to 50 million a year in revenue. Sebastian helps leaders Decode Their Genius so they can unlock their Natural Success Code and do their Life's Greatest Work Sebastian Cruze: Ronnie La ...…
In this episode, I go back to the topic of productivity and share 9 powerful secrets to help you get more done so that it leads you to wealth, success, and impact. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
If you are thinking about a career change, this episode is for you. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
Ronnie Landis was interviewed by Matt Belair on his podcast The Mind-Spirit Show in 2017 and this was an incredible deep dive into Ronnie's back story of being a professional athlete / Martial artist, the nature of synchronicity, all aspects of natural health and living food nutrition, the science of living spring water, and how to optimize our ...…
In this episode, I talk about what are the qualities that make up a successful individual who is a leader in their career. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
We all know the feeling. You go on a training course and come back inspired by the new skills and tools that you have acquired. But then it turns out to be hard to persuade your colleagues to try the new approaches, and your manager starts asking for results and you find yourself slipping back to the way things have always been done.We want to ...…
In this episode, I talk about exactly why you aren't tapping into the hidden market so that you can change your approach and capture the most coveted positions that aren't advertised. Podcast show notes available here: Mastery Insights.
Katerina Satori is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, business and thought leader, and an entrepreneur. She dedicated her life to the service of humanity – supporting her students and clients in activating their highest potential and creating a rich legacy. Katerina Satori Ronnie Landis: ...…
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