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Best Sausalito podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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A weekly audio tour of the counter-cultural West, visiting obscure moments in musical history along the way. History lessons and readings, New Age visionaries, mid-'60s folk rock, psychedelic meanderings, poetry and sound collages, art/synth and post punk, ethno-honky jamz. Each week special.Host Erik Bluhm was the editor of Great God Pan magazine (“the Champion of Californiana”) through the ‘90s and West Coast Fog may be seen as an aural extension of that venture.
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On this week's show hear denizens of the Hudson Valley doont heir thing. Eerily ‘70s and into the ‘80s. Some California connections obviously.
Look up and listen to '80s and '90s tapes and LPs from Michael, Buddy, Ken & Jeff, Marina, Elliot, David, Don, Loren, and Rudiger. Visit Valencia, San Francisco, Hawaii, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, and elsewhere.
Lots of elevation gain this week. Look down on the into valleys; look up into cirques; listen to tapes from the '80s and '90s from Colorado, Berkeley, Mill Valley, Seattle, and (shrugs) Belgium?
Remember when we visited with adventurer/composer/musician/filmmaker Chuck Jonkey a while back? Well here's a more in depth visit with an adventurer who transforms his experiences exploring primitive worlds into sound and instrument experimentation.
Explore the past this week in San Francisco, Westwood Village, Ashland, Mountain View, and even New York City. Gurdjieff meditations, Digi-sax, sound poems, and Stickmen. 1977 to 1997.
More Southwest journeyz with '80s and '90s visionary music from Santa Fe, Taos, Boulder, Sedona, and various vortices...
A special guest episode from our good friend Gone Beyond."The high deserts and mountains of Northern New Mexico have always attracted Spiritual Seekers, Outsiders, Loners and Healers," he tells us. Hear ambient, spiritual, experimental and new age sounds, "a culmination of 20 years digging throughout the most desolate and rural parts of Norther ...…
Join Michael, Johnny, Warren, Cheri, Phillip, Anna, Roberto, Haeyon, and me as we perch on rocks and look down over chaparral-covered hillsides listening to Western States music from '79 to '99, Los Angeles to Olympia.
Journey through the American Southwest with West Coast Fog. Experience energy vortexes, Spring snow flurries, and ancient echoes from Arizona and New Mexico. Old Sounds with new ears.
This week we hear more from the female past in Texas, Victorville, San Jose, Marin, Monterey Park, Hacienda Heights, and Los Angeles. Marcey, Deb, Janie, Nicole, Alquimia, Nancy, Cecelia, Ann, and Barbara. Join us!
Mountain and plain, city and sand, women's sounds and voices from all over, 1980 to 2006... Elodie, Suzanne, Roberta, Anna, Alicia, Susan, Wendy, Susan, Lisa, and Christina...
Pollination special with soundtrack from the past. Berkeley, New Mexico, Los Angeles, Seattle, and even Australia and NY. Heavenscent, Larry Solomon, Eugen Bowen, Harold Budd, Chakra City, Tony Lewis, Glen Neff, RIP Hayman, Warren Burt.
Broadcasted live from the Left Bank bookstore, or where it used to be in 1935. Stillife, Marnie Jones, Sarah Benson, Molly Scott, and Lily Nye, John Heussenstamm, Jim West, Monolith, Marimba Quest... '78 to '00
Ssstill high, ssstill in the sssnow, ssstill on ssskis. Oxnard, Pearblossom, Santa Monica, Mexico City, Oakland, Santa Barbara, Petaluma, British Columbia. Passt sssounds from '67 to '08. Beauregard Ajax, Steve Roach, Adrian Marcator, Donald Swearingen, Damien Rose, Joel Andrews, Javier Alvarez, Cloud Chamber, Darrell DeVore, Sharon Wiener, Tur ...…
Historical sssounds and effects from up high. Mexico City, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Los Angeles... 1976-1995, broadcasted with skis on. Jorge Reyes, Joseph Ashton, Toby Lurie, New Age, Nicole Campau, Wounds...
Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Sausalito, Sonoma, Vancouver, San Diego, Taos... music and words from '74-'98. Nicole Campau, Darrell DeVore, Paul Vangelisti, Robert Turman, Susan Frykberg, Pygmy Unit, to name a few.
Music for pipedreams, Venusian auroras, and Lemurian sunrises. Xolotl, Ian Tamblyn, Steve Kindler, Paul Lloyd Warner, Rene Aubry... Marin County, Waimea Bay, Woodstock, Boulder Creek, Mendocino... here and then from '81 to '93
This week's episode is an extended version of our visit with Iasos up north a few months ago. More music, more stories, more blisssssss
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