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Drawing out the facts, the Naked Science Scrapbook brings a visual dimension to the world's most mysterious science.
Interviews and inspiration from creatives in scrapbooking and beyond
Scrapbooking Video Tutorials
Making scrapbooking fun, fast and fabulous
A show dedicated to showing the experiences and memories that each of us has had in developing our relationship with God.
Sonic Scrapbook
Bob Marley once sung: One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain. Got the Sunday Blues? Worrying about the long week ahead? Well worry no more – Alex and Tom are here to help you feel no pain!Known for their exquisite music taste and averagely informative conversation, they have taken to the air waves with a new show.These two old friends bonded one stormy Newcastle night over their enthusiasm for music, real ale and inability to remember the simplest of music facts.Fas ...
Drawing out the facts, the Naked Science Scrapbook brings a visual dimension to the world's most mysterious science. On iTunesU
This is where I keep my songs, spoken word snippets, musical snippets, etc.
We discuss lives ups and downs Topics such as mental health talking with those who experience it and see what advice to share.As well as physical health relationships how to set goals and make life better. We leave no stone unturned whatever needs addressing we'll do it.And hopefully, have some fun on the way.
18 works -- two non-fic articles & one short fiction or poetry each -- from issues March, April, May, June, July, & August 1906 of The Scrap Book, Volume 1, edited by Frank Munsey. As he states in the editorial of the April 1906 issue (Vol 1, Iss 2) this was a sort of supplement to the editor's popular monthly, Munsey's Magazine's_Magazine. The Scrap Book is very like an American version of Punch with many short, often humorous articles interspersed with a ...
Wichita's Premier Comedy Troop
Two real-life scrapbookers discuss a variety of topics, including: staying inspired, design, our favorite products, industry trends, photography, Project Life, documenting our story, mediums and more! Visit us at!
A Knitting, Photography and Crafting Podcast
An informal discussion between people who love scrapbooking and the scrapbooking industry.
Get ScrapHappy
Make your scrapbooking fun, fast and fabulous with host Lain Ehmann. She'll share simple scrapbooking ideas, tips, and techniques, scrapbook product reviews and more. Tune in for entertaining and inspiring information to re-energize your scrapbooking!
Scrapbooking should be fun and stress free. Join me here, as I chat about the funny, weird, and crafty aspects that make the hobby so much fun.
Nancy Nally and Noell Hyman discuss the latest in scrapbooking news.
Presented by Hot Off The Press President Paulette Jarvey and Gail Booth, Paper Wishes Weekly Webisodes feature a new and different paper crafting technique each week-from the comfort of your own computer! Each video segment runs about 5-20 minutes and features the latest products, techniques, ideas and instruction—all at the click of a mouse. For the latest episode, visit every week. This podcast will feature some of our favorite episodes.
The Digi Show
Weekly podcast all about digital scrapbooking and using technology to document memories.
FaveCraftsRadio is a monthly podcast for crafters. Tune in once a month to hear your favorite craft, DIY and lifestyle personalities chat about your favorite topics. This lively lifestyle program treats listeners to creative ideas, inspiration, current events, product reviews, tips about projects on and so much more.
Crafty Ratty takes a free-wheeling, you-can-do-it approach to crafts. If it can be done, Becky has probably tried it, and she wants to share her experiences with you. This show goes far beyond scrapbooking, knitting, and beading, with side trips into paper-making, hand-spinning and many other hyphenated crafts.
Kristie Sloan presents Artful Adventures to help you explore your creative side, unique touchs to scrapbooking, stamping, cards, art journaling, etc. Use new, on-hand, and found items to create fun projects.
Everyone has a story. Hear how people passionate about memory keeping record those stories through scrapbooking, blogging, journals and more. We dig into the motivations for memory-keeping, the rewards of it, as well as those little details like where, where, and how memory keepers present and preverve their life stories.
Papperspodden, podden för dig som gillar allehanda papperskreativitet där vi bland annat tipsar om tekniker, pratar om nyheter och trender, diskuterar, underhåller, provar på och recenserar.
Take a bath, it can only lead to good things!
Pocket Talk
In the pocket talk podcast, Jess Forster interviews pocket page scrapbookers from around the world about their creative process. Design to be inspire and educate, this podcast will answer specific questions you may have about pocket page scrapbooking.
With the release of the latest movie in the Halloween franchise, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, the hosts of Now Playing look into Michael Myers' family scrapbook, watching and reviewing all ten Halloween movies.
TerminalTalk is the audio journal for Tom's Model Railroad Scrapbook.
Daily Digi Digest
Interviews with digital scrapbooking designers that are current contributors to The Digi Files at The Daily Digi. We are talking to the designers about their lives, designs, careers, and their contributions we will see during the month on The Daily Digi.
Women We Love
Interesting, inspiring, original conversations with women we love* about people, politics, fashion, food and more. *(and men, and non-binary people)We’re positive and honest online allies, providing content specifically made by us, for listeners like you.~ Stay in the loop, join The Pool ~Sign up to receive our daily email of exclusive stories and get access to our scrapbook, to save and record your favourite items
Join Zoom as he flicks through his scrapbook and shows you the amazing countries and cities he's visited around the world!Scrapbooks are a cool way of keeping memories and Zoom's is packed with all the photos, tickets and souvenirs he's collected on my travels!You can fly to all the destinations featured from Birmingham Airport!
An Audio Scrapbook of Love, Happiness and Inspiration
Join Zoom as he flicks through his scrapbook and shows you the amazing countries and cities he's visited around the world!Scrapbooks are a cool way of keeping memories and Zoom's is packed with all the photos, tickets and souvenirs he's collected on my travels!You can fly to all the destinations featured from Birmingham Airport!
Toast Travels
From Toast, an online cultural scrapbook or mag: stories, articles, style, little films, podcasts, blogs, reviews, news and interviews.
Illustrated Faith
I have always had a passion for capturing the little details I want to remember 10 years from now . When I discovered paper scrapbooking the summer of 2012 I fell in love with the whole process but it wasn’t until I started using my journaling bible that I really felt the meaning behind what I was creating. I was extremely nervous to share my new form of worship as I wasn’t sure how people would react to it. Looking back, I am so glad that I listened to the whisper that God put on my heart t ...
Dark Side of the lens is a blog for the aspiring home photographer, scrapbooker or photo enthusiast. The backbone of this blog is based upon the free video tutorials to assist the "not so advanced user" to learn how to best use Adobe Photoshop Elements to improve their photos through digital image editing. Look for our free Podcast in the iTunes Music Store.
Hydyy Store
Welcome to the Hydyy’s scrapbook! I got a store with free content, and if you want to spend money you can head to my Online Store if you’re a guitar head! Cheers!
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How do you take a business idea like scrapbooking and turn it into a successful and thriving brand? Can you really apply the same principles and lessons from ecommerce business to just about any business idea? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he sits down for a coaching call with a TAS follower like you! In her c ...…
This week, we're talking about how our Texas retreat and International Scrapbook Day went! PLEASE NOTE: Registration opens Tuesday, 5/15 at 7 pm for our Nashville event. We will have 30-40 spaces available. Link to register at!
Kylie and Bill welcome the very talented Noah who recalls a story of international love that started at Jack in the Box and ended with a scrapbook and betrayal. There are a few celebrity impressions combined with our reviews of crappy Las Vegas.
Original Air Date: May 5, 2018The Garden Notebook is Important as a Rake and a HoeOne of the most important tools for a gardener is a garden notebook. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound like much of a ‘tool’ but it is as much a necessity as a rake and a hoe. Since we are now eyeballing the garden plot it is time to plan. For you experienced gardene ...…
Happy National Scrapbook Day. On the first Saturday of May, Scrapbookers gather to celebrate their craft. This year, our hosts finally learn what scrapbooking even is. It’s the ep. where our National Day Duo speaks to Katharina Doyle, publisher of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine, about her magazine’s journey into the international marketplace and ...…
This segment just sharing Scrapbooking craft I enjoy doing. Of course, there are some other topics in here. Hopefully you enjoy!!!
This week, Dr. Tracy Smith gives us her three top tips for travel scrapbooking. She has a solid plan to help you get organized before, during and after your trip. We dive deep into a conversation about dialogue in journaling and discover unique ways to tell our stories. Tell us your top tips for travel scrapbooking in The Scrap Gals Community o ...…
For our milestone 300th Episode we pay tribute to what is perhaps the most influential entity to horror fans of our generation, Fangoria Magazine! We are joined by the new owner of Fangoria, Dallas Sonnier of Cinestate to have a conversation about the present and future of Fangoria. We then connect up with Debbie Rochon to talk about Fangoria’s ...…
This week, our friend, Kate McCullough, joins us to discuss scrapbooking in the digital age. We'll talk about how much has changed in the years we've been scrapbooking and what it means to our documentation process. Weigh in on this conversation in The Scrap Gals Community on Facebook!
Here is a riddle for you my preciousssss (OK if you’re a Lord of The Rings fan, you can totally geek out as I attempt to channel Golum). What am I? “I am the most precious thing you have in your business but the one thing most people take for granted. I am the one thing many people feel comes naturally to some, and never to others. I am the thi ...…
Fascia the Nation Show Links for Episode 29 Owensville Terminal Railroad... Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout... Tom's Model Railroad Scrapbook... otmodelrr.blogspot.comBy (Tom Conboy).
This week, TJ Counihan joins Brian and Angelo to discuss his podcasting endeavours, the gear he uses, and what it’s like to deal with children and the connected world. In the paranormal segment, a look at the book Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, and how it affects and relates to the current climate of conspiracy theory. Special Guest: TJ ...…
We are all over the road on this week’s episode: Laundry tips, Easter cocktail ideas, a lesson on Passover, A Debrief on Christy’s trip to London, and a story of an unlikely Sunday morning with her parents. A Look Under the Hood: Christy’s getting personal and sharing the highlights from her weekend trip to London. See the whole crew at the Lon ...…
This week, Amy Sorensen joins us to take a fun look back at "Scrapbooking Secrets" by Becky Higgins. We'll discuss the design advice that stood the test of time and a few ideas we've moved on from. For more fun scrappy talk, visit Amy's blog at
Kari Byron has had an amazingly strong presence in the world of reality-based science television. She is best known as a host on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, but went on to host and produce other shows including The White Rabbit Project, Thrill Factor and Positive Energy. She’s about to release her new book called Crash Test...…
AZPG member Wendy shares everything from her own inserts, to digital planning and a bit of Arizona Planner meetup history. Jamie asks too many TPS questions. Plus Wendy shares her project and thoughts with Colleen on turning 40. Plus we all chat about out thoughts on washi. You can follow Wendy at ...…
So Barack Obama is on our soil. Today he’s playing golf at Kauri Cliffs in Northland. It was an early start for the former president after arriving just after midnight last night. He was up and away on a helicopter at 8am.So that bodes well for his golfing buddies including Sir John Key. Nothing like a bit of jet lag to add to your handicap.Tom ...…
In the exercise for hormone balance scheme of things you are not a textbook exercise prescription. Progesterone is a trick to figure out sometimes. The signs can be similar to adrenal fatigue, premenstrual syndrome, or just the chronic fatigue you’ve learned to tolerate. This episode I dive into exercise for hormone balance and how it relates t ...…
Documenting your life is so important, whether you have kids or not. And were not just talking about scrapbooking. In this episode of How She Creates, Caylee and Lauren share all the different ways they use art, photography, social media, journaling, scrapbooking and more to document and process their lives, emotions, memories and more. Add you ...…
The adult film actor, Jamie Gillis, would have been 75 next month. Eight years after his passing, he’s remembered for his three decade career as one of the better actors in the industry – and this was the golden age period when acting actually meant something. I spent a lot of time with Jamie and interviewed him on several occasions before he p ...…
Super Joe Pardo talks openly about the realities of balancing a growing business with a growing family (toddler and a newborn). Try to hold a toddler in your arms while keeping an eye on a sleeping newborn while conducing a video interview. As much as Joe loves working from home and being part of his famille's life, some things had to change in ...…
Help me for my first episode 😊 tell me your stories.
This week, the always delightful Suse Fish joins us to discuss personal style and how it translates to our scrapbooking. Here's a sneak peek: two of us know exactly what we love and how to perfectly describe our style and one of us has a hard time pinning hers down. Can you guess who? Find out and if you don't already, be sure to follow @suse.f ...…
Letting you know what our aim is for the pod.
Welcome to the Genealogy News from Geneatopia I’m Patty Roy, also known as Dinah Larkham in Second Life. Today is Tuesday February 27, 2018 and this is Episode 114. Family Tree Maker 2017 Update and Companion Guide Family Tree Maker 2017 has a companion guide available to purchase. The guide has a larger font size for easy reading and has a ste ...…
He has a full time job. He and his wife own and operate two businesses in downtown Lee's Summit. Somewhere along the way though, he found the time to take on another project. As the self-proclaimed historian and genealogist of his family he decided to not only record the passed-down stories of his family, but also pen a new series of historical ...…
Etherapy Clinical Principles & Treatment Modalities Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes Podcast Host: Counselor Toolbox and Happiness Isn’t Brain Surgery Objectives ~ Review the different modalities and most common usages in counseling ~ Identify potential clinical and ethical issues ~ Learn about at least 3 unique ideas for doing online counseli ...…
Philip Gould’s exquisite photography brings the unique culture of Louisiana to life. A documentary/architecture photographer who has made Louisiana his home and favorite subject since 1974, Gould has photographed throughout the state, across the nation, around Europe, with ventures into Mexico and the Caribbean. He prefers long, in-depth, multi ...…
Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show Many people desire to save the earth. Can we save the earth? What are we really saying when we talk about “saving the earth”? What is the earth? A planet in the vastness of the Universe or a conscious being? What is the impact of calling the earth mother? These are questions my guest, Julie O Perki ...…
This week, we're talking to Anna Morris, Kari Mertz and Sabrina Poole aka Mrs. Scrap and Plan about Memory Planning! We adore this fun and fresh way to scrapbook and hope you will find inspiration in this show. Visit to learn more about our retreats opening up for registration this Thursday, 2/1!…
Episode 6, season 1 [Goal Getters & Dream Doers] I did the unthinkable the other day... I organized a place where no man has ever gone before... I finally tackled... ....wait for it.... THE JUNK DRAWER! Seriously, the moment I got all the random batteries, and buttons, and extra light bulbs all in a seemed like it was messed up again w ...…
Ep. 084 Workspace Chaos... What's your workspace like? Are you creatively ready to go or do you clean up every time you work? While we start off the new year getting the most organized we can be, do you have a specific work space? Is this your living room table, kitchen table, sewing room, office...? What is your space like. Do you have a desig ...…
Here is the in-depth conversation… #fusion-testimonials-535 a{border-color:#747474;}#fusion-testimonials-535 a:hover, #fusion-testimonials-535 .activeSlide{background-color: #747474;}.fusion-testimonials.classic.fusion-testimonials-535 .author:after{border-top-color:#f6f6f6 !important;} Hello everyone. I’m so excited that you’re joining me here ...…
Today on GeekFest Rants we celebrate everything Close Encounters of the Third Kind in comic book and Making-of books form. Join Carlos as he goes back into his first viewing of the film and his most recent 40th Anniversary re-release. Plus we compare the Marvel comic book adaptation to the actual film. Then we review three books on the making-o ...…
How do you decide things in your relationship? How about a 3 tier hierarchy for everything you do, in order to 'pass the test?' That's what Drs Drew and Lisa have done for years that they credit as one of the pillars of their 27+ year relationship. Listen in on what they call the "GFC Philosophy."
Melissa Rivers, daughter of the late comedian Joan Rivers, talks about her new book, “Joan Rivers Confidential: The Unseen Scrapbooks, Joke Cards, Personal Files, and Photos of a Very Funny Woman Who Kept Everything”.
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