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The Inquiry into the Role and Oversight of Private Security Contractors in Afghanistan, which reported in September 2010, was precipitated by events in August 2008, when US forces bombed the Afghan village of Azizabad. This gave rise to a public dispute between the US Government and the United Nations about the level of fatalities caused by the attack and about whether those killed had been civilians or Taliban-linked insurgents. Allegations soon emerged that the attack had been based on fal ...
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Connecticut Network's gavel-to-gavel coverage of the CT State Senate Legislative Sessions. CT-N is the citizens source for complete and balanced television and webcast coverage of Connecticut state government and public policy.
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Stewart Glass is an Independent South Australian Canidate for the Senate
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Hi! I’m Don Wickstra. I’m a Republican running for the Michigan State Senate, 26th District. The 26th is located in beautiful SW Michigan and is a dynamic blend of city, rural, and lakeshore lifestyles. Like the other two State Senate candidates in the GOP Primary on Tuesday, Aug. 7, I am Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, and a rock-solid conservatives. I’m not a career politician and I believe in local control and common-sense; listening to the people and the experts closest to the specific situ ...
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Hosts @RobertBukszar, @brianjcano and @GHIPaul riff on all levels of geekdom in this pop culture podcast. Currently in session!
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Meeting recorded on Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Meeting recorded on Wednesday, October 3, 2018
It has been ten months...the Senators have been scattered throughout the Geeknerdiverse, wandering...waiting. Finally, the automatic systems in the Senate building had come online and the beacons were lit once again. The Senators found their way back and there is plenty for them to catch up on...
Meeting recorded on Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Meeting recorded on Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Meeting recorded on Thursday, August 23, 2018
Don is humbled to learn of the moral support being offered by strangers to help his campaign. One particular story stands out.
When going door-to-door, attending forums, and meeting in small groups for coffee, Don has learned that the public is fed up with Michigan's car insurance rates. Tackling the problem will be Don's top priority in the Senate.
While state legislators and his opponents talk about cutting back regulations, Don is convinced there are more rules than ever that hinder business and farm operations. He see the problem first hand after 30-plus years as a dentist.
Don—who is financing his entire campaign with his own money— takes aim at special interest groups pouring money into his opponents' campaigns with little or no accountability. Individual donors must provide their name, address, and employer, but not so for special interest groups!
A stunning statement by a director of the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center continues to resonate in Don’s heart years later. The comment reinforces Don’s firm commitment to Pro Life.
After prodding from Zoom Chat Host Abbie Page, Don explains why he made that statement to a local radio reporter.
Don has learned first hand that a career politician’s voting record centers around getting reelected. And, while Don funds his own campaign, he sees now that anonymous organizations channel money into local campaigns to easily outspend Don's budget.
Fewer young adults are turning to teaching as an occupation. Classroom teachers are held back at every turn in order to meet state and federal testing requirements. The joy of education is missing. Don wants to restore the joy by giving local communities more say in customizing the classrooms to better fit the needs of local children.…
On another front, Don criticizes the lack of teeth in the state’s Medicaid work requirements. Why does this happen when Republicans have a 28-10 majority? As Zoom Chat Host Abbie Page points out, Don’s goal is to reach higher and bring better results.
Dentist Don Wickstra checks the gum depth of House Bill 4361 approved by his opponents and finds it lacking. While the bill touts a cut in state income tax, little is said about the added taxes to our pensions.
After 30 years in business as a dentist, Don, a conservative Republican, is embarrassed by the lack of action by fellow Republicans in Lansing. Lansing needs a fresh rinse and floss.
Don shares with Zoom Chat Host Abbie Page his main goal: to be the most effective candidate among the three running in the 26th District. During eight years of a Republican-dominated state government, Don feels Republicans haven't done all they could to make a difference. Don intends to make a difference.…
Zoom Chat Host Abbie Page quizzes Don on how the recent candidates' debate unfolded.
Candidate Don Wickstra is conducting a door-to-door campaign and is hosting get-togethers at local businesses in the 26th District. The one desire that voters share with him in these face-to-face meetings above and beyond specific issues is this: We want someone we can trust.
How does Don stand out in the 26th District race? Of the three candidates, Don is the only one with children and grandchildren. He maintains an active interest in their lives and their education. Plus, Don is the only candidate with business experience, having served more than 30 years as a family dentist in Hamilton.…
He shares some adventures in this field with chat host Abbie Page.
Don shares his views on the health care issues facing West Michigan residents, the nation and in Honduras, where he provides free dental care as part of his life's mission.
Chat host Abbie Page asks Don what he thinks is the best balance between local and state control in Michigan.
Don knows that strings are attached when campaign donations roll in from the outside.
It's not just young women who come to the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center for guidance. Women who thought they were through with child bearing also seek help.
Don talks with chat host Abbie Page about the challenges facing public education.
Wherever Don travels in the 26th District, he hears about the poor state of our roads.
Don chats with host Abbie Page about this quandary of inaction, despite a strongly Republican state government.
Don is on the road constantly, meeting the people of the 26th District. He talks about it with chat host Abbie Page.
Don talks with chat host Abbie Page and any audience members who join in. The live, evening chats are scheduled for July 10, 24 and 31. Find out more at:
Meeting recorded on Thursday, June 28, 2018
Meeting recorded on Thursday, June 28, 2018
Meeting recorded on Wednesday, June 27, 2018
As a dentist, Don has the privilege to talk one-on-one with dozens of people daily. They share their problems, hopes, and dreams. When it comes to politics, nearly all tell Don they want good character and honesty over political party preference or legislation.
Early on in their relationship, Don and his wife Lynn made a commitment to lead a Christian life by serving others. Decades later, they continue their mission with a variety of projects, including Don’s volunteer bookkeeping chores for their church. Yes, Don likes numbers almost as well as teeth. He doesn’t know any other dentist with a major i ...…
Whether building a moving windmill to breathe new life into a miniature golf course or handcrafting hundreds of wooden toys, Don relishes his time helping others away from the dentist office. It’s his commitment to the Maranatha Christian ministry.
Republican conservative principles have gotten a bad rap as being old fashion and negative. Don feels just the opposite. He says they are empowering. Let's listen.
For a quarter of a century, Don has traveled annually to the midlands of Honduras to provide dental care for young and old as a part of the Luke Society medical mission organization. He is pleased to see Hondurans over the years seeking preventative teeth care, not just the extraction of bad teeth. And, as an American, Don has gained a loving r ...…
The need for water and sewer. The balance between agriculture and development, Providing emergency services As a member of the Heath Township Planning Commission, Don has worked with the citizens to make decisions on those issues for more than 20 years. He relishes the interaction with citizens at the township level. It’s local control at its best.…
Don is listening. His visits with local government and school leaders in the 26th District confirm the fact that we are losing local control. To complicate matters, local governments are dealing with dwindling revenues.
For Don, Pro Life is much more than a talking point. He has served on the board of the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center for 20 years and has witnessed the program’s growth from one office to four offices, including an Allegan location. Don talks about his ministry with young people coming to the Center.
Don and Lynn Wickstra formed a lifelong bond that initially led them to the east coast, where Don served his residency as a dentist. The Wickstras eventually returned to Michigan and established their permanent home in Hamilton. Don and Lynn are the proud parents of two sons and seven grandchildren, all of whom live close by.…
Don has never served in Lansing. But as a dentist and an involved citizen, he has watched with frustration the increasing regulations and gridlock that all citizens experience. Don wants to do something about it and he wants your help.
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