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Salt Shakers: FGC podcast, NZ made!

Salt Shakers: FGC podcast, NZ made!

Steven Ky, Daley Winterstein, Thomas Zhen & Julin Ah-Wong

Welcome to New Zealand's fighting game community, including special appearances from international players & guests. We learn the origin story, what interests them & what inspires them to participate, either competitively or casually. Grudge matches, lasting friendships, partner troubles, even dodging the police; it's all here.
My video/podcast series, Heart and Hustle--Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, focuses on conversations between me and other luminaries --coaches, dancers, healers, questers, teachers, creative entrepreneurial women--powerful women who are doing amazing things and making positive change in our world. I am the Tribal Hostess, and one of my gifts is to network and share their magic with the world. It is my hope that together we can give you, our listeners, inspiration, hope, insight, delig ...
Know what's happening in Shaker Heights! This is the first and only podcast dedicated to what makes living in Shaker Heights so great. Events, retail, business, government, schools, sports, culture, arts and special interest stories all served to you weekly. Short enough to listen to while walking your dog yet long enough to stay informed.
Welcome to the Audacious Preaches Podcast! - !Audacious Church is a vibrant church that happens live in-person on a Sunday in Central Manchester (Trinity Way) at 10am, 12pm, and 6pm, Online on Youtube at 10am and 12pm. In Chester (Sovereign Way) at 10am and 12pm, In North Manchester (VUE Cinema, The Rock, Bury) at 11am and in South Manchester, (Wilmslow Conference Centre) at 11am. Check out our website for more details. Podcasts updated every week!
During each episode of this Berklee Online podcast, we talk to a different music industry mover and/or shaker who is making us take note. Our guests walk us through their musical journeys, beginning with their first exposure to music, continuing through their epiphanies and into their current positions, where the subjects can proclaim from the highest mountain, “MUSIC IS MY LIFE!”
D & AP, two new Hoosier millennial dads, host(s) a weekly hastily edited grab-bag of stories, rants, & general dickheadery that will make you laugh, cry, and could quite possibly make you shit yourself. Our Mission: ignite conversation, shed light on the suburban perspective, and to melt faces. Our listeners are the "Saltiest S.O.B.'s" in the Podcast Game today... so I ask, "What's in your shaker?" (Give us a listen, you won't regret it... And if you do... Get bent.)
What makes creative people tick? How do they find and develop their inspiration? Welcome to the podcast that draws back the curtain on the inventive mind and its artistic process with a series of interviews between host Emma Lister and performers, choreographers, designers and other artists. Look out for our special mini-series, like the recent 'Ballet for the 21st Century'!
Mover and Shaker Definition : a powerful person who initiates events and influences people. Tune-in to hear a variety of topics and interviews that remind each of us that Liberty is not a spectator sport! Motivating from the outside to activate each of us to be inspired internally to stand for our God given Liberties...this is the mission of the Mover & Shaker Community!
It is hard to find a job we love, and it's getting harder in the fluctuating economy of our country. Every week join Culture Shakers, as we bring entrepreneurs who have created jobs for themselves and others. If you are an entrepreneur of any sort, want to start a passion project, a side hustle, or just want to hear some great entrepreneurial advice, this is the podcast for you.
"I want to personally invite you to VIP ACCESS. Mark your calendar M-F [MonMoneyTalk, TuesCurrentEvents, WedsResources, ThursHealth, FriMusic+Sat/SunSpecEditionTBA] & set your clock for my signature broadcast that takes another platform to reach you! SB Barber Morning Show on BlogTalkRadio will bring you the 'Business of' Ministry, Music, Marketplace, Media, & Mainstream & More from 'influential Mover & Shaker personalities', plus our GMSbuzz™. " --Apostle/Prophet SB Barber
The DMZ Movers and Shakers (M&S) Podcast is a production of The DMZ. Ranked as the top university-based tech incubator in the world, the DMZ provides a launchpad for founders to build and scale fast. To date, the DMZ has helped more than 400 startups raise $917+ million in capital and create 4,000+ jobs. On this motivation packed podcast, M&S host Robert Gold, Managing Partner of Bennett Gold LLP, speaks with the movers and shakers of the global tech community about emerging technologies, le ...
Gronk'd UP

Gronk'd UP

Chris Gronkowski

Join Chris Gronkowski, - NFL player for the Cowboys, Colts, and Broncos and entrepreneur owner of the Ice Shaker protein drink bottle (a Shark Tank winner). Chris and his guests talk about life, entrepreneurial skill and lessons, and what it takes to make it. Let's get Gronk'd UP!
The Salt Shaker is a progressive podcast about issues we all need to learn more about. Frequent topics may include politics and philosophy, but this is a show dedicated to learning and growing. I myself continue to learn every single day. How can we become better people? Why should we give a shit about society, and not just our communities, our families, and ourselves? If you disagree with any of my views, feel free to let me know. Thank you for listening.
This is the Connector Podcast with your host Conor Lynch. The Connector Podcast will bring you in-depth interviews with influential and inspirational makers, movers and shakers in our hyperconnected global world. This is the podcast for ambitious people who want to learn the secrets of success from experts and entrepreneurs in business, technology, marketing, social media, entertainment and much more. I want to focus on the people with the optimium mix of inspiration and perspiration. I see ...
This is a podcast dedicated to those who want to live a kynder life. Each episode will bring you thoughts, reflections, and lessons to inspire you to live the kyndest life possible from relationships to nourishing our bodies and movement, business, and buying property. This space is dedicated to the dreamers who know that you can't have success without a little kyndness. Hosted by the founder of Kynd Studio and young mover and shaker, Claudia Richardson.
Looking for B2B sales leads? Join Winmo's advertising industry guru John Zaldonis (and his arsenal of expert guest-hosts), as he unpacks actionable sales leads with top brands and agencies daily. Want even more of these daily insights? Request a Winmo trial today:
Feared, ostracised, applauded; the one thing black sheep never are is boring. Each week, our host Daniella Isaacs sits down with a different black sheep to hear their stories, told through the rules they’ve broken. If you’re a mover, a shaker, an outlier or a wave maker, then tune in. Because this is the podcast for you. See for privacy and opt-out information.
This podcast hosted by executive coach, Lara Quie of Lara Q Associates, explores the fascinating world of the legal ecosystem and the people within it. From rainmakers at global elite firms to trainees just starting to get their feet wet. From Queen’s Counsel, barristers, in-house counsel and the judiciary to legal tech innovators, pricing specialists, HR managers, business development and marketing professionals, legal headhunters and everyone else who is a mover and a shaker in this space. ...
Non-award-winning solo podcast hosted by a midwest raised, middle-aged generation X'er, selectively shy, attention seeking, introvert (but necessarily extroverted), former shock rock radio morning show host now a corporate marketing executive, energetic only child, with daddy issues, slight OCD, and adequately ADHD medicated grown ass man ranting into a microphone, from all over the world (but mostly from Downtown Kansas City, early in the morning daily. ...
You're on this earth for a purpose. You want to live a life that matters. So lets cut thru the fear and the overwhelm and all the shit that gets in the way of you living the life you’re here for.This is the becoming ourselves podcast where we are fired up about you getting clear on who the F you are, what you’re called to, and how to get there. Because the world is waiting for you to show up and own your power. I’m your host, Juli Wenger, a coach, speaker, Jesus lover, Enneagram 2, and tree- ... | A continuous mix of classic house tracks, inspired by the Lightbox at Fire nightclub in Vauxhall, London. The mix lasts a mind-boggling 10 HOURS and includes OVER 100 CLASSIC TRACKS divided into five parts of around two hours. COLLECT THEM ALL! Recommended for fans of these artists: Freemasons / Gadjo / Seamus Haji / Deux / Sia / Stonebridge / Kylie / Axwell / Sunfreakz / Imogen Heap / Mason / Fonzerelli / Ian Carey / Edward Maya / David Guetta / DJ Delicious & ...
A Podcast where I talk about how much I love Willy. I hope if you listen you will love Willy too. No, Please get your mind out of the gutter, I mean William Shakespeare. So put the kettle on, grab yourself a cuppa and get your Willy out with me.
Actors Kel Mitchell, Cree Cicchino, Madisyn Shipman, Benjamin "Lil' P-Nut" Flores, Jr., and Thomas Kuc discuss their new Nickelodeon series Game Shakers. From the creator of Henry Danger, Sam & Cat, and iCarly comes this live-action sitcom about two girls whose seventh-grade science project turns into the biggest video game of the year. With their profits, their friends, and a superstar rapper, they launch a gaming empire.
The Sales Transformation Podcast is brought to you by Consalia. Led by Dr Philip Squire, Consalia is an organisation dedicated to the improvement of sales performance. For over 20 years he has provided sales consulting education services and training to brands including Apple, AT&T, Ford, Hertz, HP, Pirelli, Royal Caribbean, SAP and Zurich Financial Services. He is one of just a handful of sales professionals internationally to have a research doctorate in sales. Philip is a subject matter e ...
Mr Stoj

Mr Stoj

House Music Podcasts

Welcome to my party....a gathering of souls, a meeting of minds, a collective of soaring spirits. For lovers of funky basslines, melodic hooks and creamy vocals Weekly Residencies: Gossip @ Love Machine: Every Sunday. Melbourne based DJ Mr Stoj began his musical career in 2002 whilst living abroad in London. He saved the money to buy a new set of turntables and mixer and that was the start of a life long dream. Soon after returning to Melbourne he created and formed the dance party Mecca @ T ...
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You can support the show with monthly contributions through our Patreon site at: Legendary recording engineer and record producer Bill Schnee joins me on the show this week. Bill lives here in Nashville now, but spent the bulk of his career in LA. He has amazing tales of getting going in the studio scene the…
“Many Indigenous founders do not align with the definition of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, meaning that it’s not growth or revenue at all cost.” In this episode, Althea Wishloff, Head of Growth at Koble, describes the different barriers that Indigenous founders face within the tech industry and shares various programs supporting Indigenous foun…
Liz Brunner is an Emmy Award winning journalist who just wrote an amazing book, Dare To Own You: Taking Your Authenticity and Dreams into Your Next Chapter. In today’s episode I chatted with her about the story behind how her book came about and how serendipitous, synchronistic things happen when you’re ready to write. The book-writing process flow…
Movers & Shakers with Stacey Ann and special guest Jeff Heyen as we discuss the importance of knowing our rights given by God and guaranteed and protected by the Constitution. Thank you to our show sponsors: Capital Pawn, the Best Pawn Shop of the Willamette Valley Rebecca Donaldson, Best of the Willamette Valley Real Estate Broker Constitution IQ …
1- Fakin' The Jax (Original Mix) - Fyrone 2- Fenix - Kaiq 3- Roll On - Rich NXT 4- Clap your hands - East End Dubs 5- Bad Vibrations - Patrick Meeks 6- Let It Go (Dom Dolla Extended Remix) - Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Marc E. Bassy, Dom Dolla 7- Get the crowd into it - Jackers of the Midway 8- Acrobatic (Martin Ikin Remix) - SIDEPIECE 9- Ye…
Todays' episode is taken from the latest Sales Shaker event where Dr. Phil Squire discusses the ideas of embracing change and looking at what the new normal of today's working world looks like emerging from the Pandemic. The guests are Isabel Guerreiro, Executive Board Member at Santander, Victor Antunes, Managing Director of Manpower, and Marcelo …
Murray Kinsella, Bernard Jackman and Gavan Casey dial each other up seconds after Ireland's team to face Japan is announced by Andy Farrell. Japanese rugby expert Rich Freeman joins Murray for a chat on Ireland's weekend opponents. And two years out from the World Cup, the lads look at rugby's growth -- and potential for growth -- in South America,…
If JD Wilkes didn't exist, you'd believe someone like William Faulkner invented him. JD has been bringing his melange of southern folk, country, rock, gospel and sea shanties to audiences around the world. On his new album, which reunites him with the Legendary Shack Shakers, (and friend Jello Biafra) Cockadoodledeux is a damn good time, which is e…
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