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Hello Sport

Hello Sport

Shane Keith Productions

The Hello Sport Podcast is a celebration of the great Australian past time that is talking about sport with unqualified opinion and unwavering bias. An alternative to the never ending, watered-down dribble that hard working punters are subjected to day in day out, it is a look at sport without agenda or commercial concern. Hosted by Tom and Eddy - having never played professionally they pay homage to the spiritual connection between sport and talking sh!t
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0:00 – Inbreds 07:55 – Punter Power is real 11:32 – Thick Ropes 17:30 – Schnitty Lube 22:47 – Slippery Bucks are back 24:17 – We are World Champions 41:01 – Back to Ricky 43:45 – Welch Na Bra 50:34 – Conor lost his touch 54:55 – Daddy’s on no sleep 01:00:03 – The Greatest Cade of all Time 01:05:17 – Dribbler in the wild 01:09:13 – Dribbler Dribbles…
Classic boil over Coping mechanisms The taking of licks Where is the Minister for Transport A message for Ryan Girdler DYOR Dave reflects on the Storm loss Wayne v Ivan Bunnies v Panthers preview Reece Walsh the Rookie (error) of the year Blake Ferguson chasing Wallabies World Cup jersey A-League and human rights violations? 2Day FM Breakfast shows…
Eddy with a maiden bouncing out Neighbours Manly stand up Girdler Trojan Horsing the Peninsular Eels another day closer to the Sun imploding Des Haslers hair The true masters of Omenry Tigers suffering from memory loss Truckies are all about doing a job Milford arrested Back on the Wallabies Bandwagon Brazillian Footballer marries has child with ni…
Looking for car sponsors The difference between Summer & Spring wind Weekends of note? Youth Allowance Brads of consequence in the US Open crowd Medvedev defeats Novak Famous night in Australian Sport Reach Out Ricciardo Wayne played Ivan like a Fidddle Manly’s shock loss Hands’ll Do It Patrick Knights v Eels Dugan fined into retirement Dribbler Dr…
Return of the Cornflake Cookie We were on the 730 Report Tom cut his hair Dragons refuse to sign statutory declaration Jai Arrow not a big thinker Aussie Ash Barty with a Wimbledon win 3 x GOATs at the top of the tennis tree The end of McGregors run has arrived Can you win a world title if you fight heaps of plumbers? The Rock with another wool pul…
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