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Wizard's Sleeve
Recorded in the strange and wonderful world of rainy Bolton; Ste, Daz, John and Lew join forces on a weekly basis to tackle the toughest subjects that the world throws at them. (May contain swearing, comic/pop culture references and utter bo**ocks).
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The lads are back and it's 2018, almost a year without us and nothing's changed. Except John is a woman now.Recorded on 19th Jan 2018.
The first pod of 2017, the usual hit or shit, we talk about how modern telly is better than old telly (or is it?) and John saw The Devils Advocate at the cinema.recorded on tues 14 feb 2017
The first pod of 2017, the usual hit or shit, we talk about how modern telly is better than old telly (or is it?) and John saw The Devils Advocate at the cinema.recorded on tues 14 feb 2017
So lets get things straight, there were numerous technical difficulties during this podcast, the sound kept dipping on certain mics and was a general faff. So apologies for the naff sound.Most people would have scrapped this episode entirely but for the hardcore fans who want this pod, I've uploaded despite the awful sound quality.Apolgies, Lewis.…
This week John, Ste and Lewis discuss how crap 2016 was.
This months episode is a late Halloween Show were we talk about universal monsters!This weeks Hit or Shit is 3 films all beginning with L.Recorded sometime after Halloween.
This week (month/season) the boys talk about how comics might be changing the way comic movies are made.Hit or shit covers Hollywood's latest shitty Sci-Fi movies.
We're back after a long hiatus, there's a full line up and we experiment with new tech and greasy wine gums.Recorded on 14th Aug 2016.
It's (recorded on) May the 4th and everyone knows what that means!?... STAR TREK!Seriously, the guys have an in depth, over loving, over nerdy Star Trek spaffing, of course there's Hit Or Shit with Ben Hurr, Jason Bourne and The Killing Joke.Enjoy.
This weeks targets are Cap2: Winter Soldier, Star Wars Rogue One and Hardcore Henry! Then Ste talks about the ComicCon's that he went to, which is normal right?Recorded April 9th 2016.
Recorded a few days after that Ghostbusters (2016) trailer was released, you can guess the rest.
Recorded last week sometime, I'm too tired to look that shit up right now.John, Lew and Ste hit the road on the way to Bolton Comic fair to meet Daz but the car breaks down!? What will our Creepy Uncles do! Listen and FIND OUT!!!
Recorded on 6th Jan 2016.This is the obligatory Star Wars episode, Hit or Shit with some movies and a special phone-in guest!
This week the boys do the usual shit, no John, empty promises and usual grumpiness. Oh and Daz has gone into remission.Recorded on 30 October 2015.
This year the boys go on a ghost walk in Tockholes at the Hollinshead Hall Ruins and Lewis shat in his pants.Hit or Shit covers; 'The Boy', 'Freaks of Nature' and 'The Force Awakens'.Also Lewis plays the annual Halloween quiz!Recorded 20th Oct 2015.
Ste, Daz and Lew talk about Time Travel, Cop Rock and discuss Hit or Shit.Strong adult humour for people with a strong stomach and are not easily offended.Recorded on Thursday 8th October 2015.
The whole gang is back again (in the flesh) along with Adam B. whom is a world travelling mad man. The guys cover Hit or Shit, Lew's News and talk about CGI versus Practical Effects.Recorded on 11 Sep 2015.
The whole gang are here this week, sort of. The boys plan a Halloween trip and talk about the worst robots in the Universe. Hit or Shit and Lew's News return!Recorded on 5th August 2015.
The guys cover the usual Hit or Shit with Spectre, The Good Dinosaur and some other shit. Ste tells us about how he met Kate Middleton, Lew bores everyone with Comic-Con and Daz leaves early leaving us with James.ALSO a NEW segment, Lew's News! Special guest James and Caz. Recorded 29 July 2015
This week the guys talk about the illustrious Blimp Captain. Recorded on July 15
Tonights main topic is Sidekicks.Ste tells tales of France and the Creepy Uncles compare the independant music scene between there and England. Recorded Friday June 05 2015
No Ste this week but Daz is back and we talk about crowd funders, crowd blunders and this weeks Hit or Shit!Recorded on May 27 2015.
No Daz this week, so the Creepy Uncles take over! With it being the 13th episode; the Creepy Uncles tackle Superstitions, keep up with Hit or Shit and John tells us stories of the great Uncle George. Recorded on 20 May 2015
This weeks topic is Urban Myths, but the lads try out a new segment titled 'Hit Or Shit'. Oh and Daz is back from his hiatus, Lewis complains about Preston, John is impartial and Ste fingers his Grandma. Recorded on May 12th 2015.
Sadly there's no Daz again this week, so the Creepy Uncles reform to pleasure your ears with talk on the new Star Wars teaser, tackle sexism in comics and battle some flatulence issues.Recorded 18th April 2015.
There's no Daz this week, so with John aptly filling his place, the boys become Creepy Uncles and dulge into the latest movie and television "news". ADULT LANGUAGE.
This week the boys talk about reboots, remakes and rehashes of movies. Also we end the episode with an usual bit of slash fiction in the Star Wars Universe.
An impromtu Christmas Pod with a lonesome Lewis, miserabel ramblings and shitty phonecalls about Christmas ensue.
Part 2 of Ste, John and Daz talking about cartoons from a time forgotten.
In this week the boys reek of nostalgia as Lewis sits in awe as the older men tell tales of Mutant Turtles and some bloke called Skeletor!
Sadly there's no Ste in this episode, but his role was quickly filled in with John Crilly, an old friend and avid comic book collector.If conspiracies and general verbal diarrhoea are your thing, then this episode is for you and all your sexy friends.
In part two the guys talk more Horror with some spooky stories, a game of Truth or Bollocks and Ste reads some Ghostbusters Flash Fiction.
Besides ruining films for all the listeners, in part 1 of the Halloween special, the guys discuss what makes a Horror movie and the usual bo**ocks in-between.Stay tuned for Part 2 which features the new hit horror game; Truth or Bollocks!Spooky stuff! Enjoy!
Lewis tries to bring in some news stories that only interest him, Daz reviews his least favourite movie ever (Dragonball Evolution), Daz also asks us which Starfleet Captain we'd like to serve under and Ste tries his new game 'Monk or Monkey' out on Lewis and Daz.
After talking about Spock's delicious arse-hole, Robocop, Flash fiction, the imfamous DashCon- the lads bring it back to base with Back To Batman!Ste's the first guest and Daz gets his angry face on when Dragonball Evolution is mentioned.Outro theme by Rainbowdragoneyes who can find here:…
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