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show series Have you ever done a driveby from the comfort of the trunk of a car? No? Well, you’re in for quite a show. Make sure you go to the website,, because we need Metacritic game submissions. Also, reach us at! __ATA.cmd.push(functi… It’s the slowest time of the year, so why are we all playing so many new games? Zombie Vikings, How to Survive 2, Sniper Elite III, and more! No Metacritic game this week, but we throw out a few of our favorite Gamertags. Make sure you go to the website, PressAtoListen.… For our bicentennial, we’re joined by someone who was around for America’s Bicentennial. Probably Centennial, too. We talk video games, music, and cheese. Make sure you go to the website. We need Metacritic game submissions and some new Gamertags… We’re closing in on episode 200, and now that we’re back to “normal,” we’re getting back into the swing of things. But, and this is our fault, we need emails from our listeners! Get in touch with us and we’ll kickstart the Metacritic ga… We’ve started recording extra early on Sundays — but that still hasn’t stopped Sm1tty Sm1t from publishing the episodes late. This week we talk about all the new games we’ve played, our Gamertag of the week, and what we’re excited for in the coming weeks. Be sure to stop in…
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