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Hosted by serial entrepreneur, author-blogger and business coach Joseph Soares, the Success Crumbs podcast spreads the entrepreneurial spirit into every pore of the world. Inspiring short 10 to 15-minute parable episodes and 30-minute interviews with everyday entrepreneurs who share their experience & insight into what it takes to succeed in today's fast paced & ever changing entrepreneurial environment are the foundation of these podcasts. Ideas, inspiration & motivation to feed the entrepr ...
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Guarantee your entrepreneurial success: Eliminate all other options; burn your ships. Leave yourself and your team no other alternative path but forward.
Entrepreneur vacations: Sometimes, kicking up your feet on a beach is the the best strategy.
When you tell stories, people connect to them. When they connect to them, they connect to you. When they connect to you, they connect to your business.
Competitors are in the game of survival of the fittest. You can’t offer them quarter or free advice. You shouldn’t expect it from them, either.
Keep things simple, your failures should be small, quick, and provide great feedback on which to build a better, stronger foundation into the future.
The hardest thing isn't taking the first step. The hardest thing is trying to stop yourself from taking every other step after.
Don't believe your idea is so unique that you can sit on it for a while until you’re ‘ready’ to do something with it. Act now, while the idea is still yours.
As Entrepreneurs, our mental and overall health are key components to our success. It doesn't have to be complicated. All it takes is 15 minutes/day.
There is no better time to take action than now. If you don’t get started on your idea and begin building your business now, someone else will. Take that first step.
Life never stops. It may seem to slow down, speed up at times, but it never waits for anyone. Is it ever too late to want to love your life and live the dream?
There’s an old adage we keep hearing: fake it ‘til you make it. This article argues there is no need to fake it & no better time than now to make it.
When you’re a new entrepreneur, it’s like gardening for the first time. It can be a bumpy ride, but an incredible journey well worth it!
Everywhere you turn, there will be missteps, pitfalls, and disasters waiting for us. Dogs will do what they do. Poop happens.
You have a choice. Take the time to strategize and you increase the chances of finding success. Move without it and you are planning for failure.
#entrepreneur #successcrumbs Hope you enjoy this new episode of Success Crumbs - Parables! Let us know what you think of it! via @josephsoares
Fear: Embrace It. Love It. Make It Yours. Entrepreneurs face many fears. Take control of them and you move one step closer to success and self-fulfillment.
You can always make more money. Wasted time is gone forever. Here are 10 ways you can improve your productivity and save as much time as possible.
Managers react, leaders create. Managers guide employees, leaders build followers. Managers focus on power over people, leaders empower people.
No, that was not a typo. Failure is good. Failing massively is even better, since it makes success all the more inevitable.
Are you thinking of living your dream & becoming an Entrepreneur? What Is the Entrepreneurial Spirit? What are the keys that drive entrepreneurs?
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