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Since 2001, the No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Tour has delivered over 525 events with over 85,000 attendees. NFJS is known for its attendee centric approach, excellent speakers and technically rich presentations which cover the latest trends within the modern software development and architecture space. Bring your team to a local No Fluff Just Stuff Tour Stop and join us for a one-of-a-kind experience! Go to for more details!
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This week developer, architect, and open source contributor David Sietz and I sit and discuss how enterprises can adopt the open source model, the challenges, the benefits, and some of the culture changes necessary.
This week I'm joined by Rod Cope of Rogue Wave Software. The topic is multi-grain services. How to evaluate the tradeoffs and to chose the architecture that's best for you, your team, and the business goals.
This week we look at the big shift happening in Big Data as it moves to the cloud. Dave Hendrickson shares his experience at Thomson Reuters moving to the cloud, how to evaluate cloud vendors, and what to watch out for. Don't miss this week's episode. Check out Dave's books on skills for architects here and catch all the great content for 2019 ...…
This week I'm joined by Alexander Von Zietzewitz from Hello2Morrow whose stated mission is to empower software craftsmanship. We talk about how to measure code quality, and more importantly, how SonarGraph can quantify code maintainability. Alexander brings decades of experience and wisdom and his insights can benefit any software engineer focu ...…
The way we write software, our tools, and technologies have remained largely unchanged. This Week Tudor Girba demonstrates an entirely new set of tools that, in my opinion, will fundimentially change the way we read, write, and document our code. Don't miss this one!
This week I'm joined once again by Steve Pousty (@theSteve0) and we're talking about the convergence of Big Data and Web architecture, how we're entering the golden age of distributed computing and why everyone should learn a little bit about data and analytics.
This week we celebrate the holidays and roll into 2019 with the legendary Venkat Subramanium (@Venkat_S). In this episode Venkat shares his philosophy towards work and his approach to lifelong learning. There is no more inspiring way to ring in the new year than to spend 30 minutes with Venkat absorbing a few pearls of wisdom. Enjoy! Special th ...…
With the conclusion of ArchConf 2018 we've wrapped the 2018 tour. This week I sit with Neal Ford of ThoughtWorks. We talk about the trade-offs of software architecture, how to identify those, and the 19th edition of the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar. Neal co-authored "Building Evolutionary Architectures" along with Rebecca Parsons and Patrick Kua. Yo ...…
"Software Architecture is the stuff you can't google." There's no one answer. In this episode, I interview hands-on architect, speaker and trainer, Mark Richards. He shares some perspective on analyzing software architectures, and what it takes to continuously review and iterate on existing architectures.…
With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching in the United States, we've decided to change gears on the NFJS podcast, pulling back the curtain on what it's like to be a traveling speaker. In this episode, I sit with Steve Pousty, who shares his experience as a Developer Advocate. This episode is packed with advice for anyone who has ever cons ...…
This week I get to sit with Jessica Kerr (aka jessitron) to discuss a topic developers love to hate – yak shaving. Jessica takes a different approach to Yak Shaving and sees it not as an inconvenience, but as an opportunity. Listen to learn more!
This week I'm joined by Steve Pousty, author of Getting Started in OpenShift. In this episode he gives me some insight into what kubernetes is, why everyone is talking about it, and why we should give it a look even if we're outside of the traditional devops space.
This week on the NFJS podcast I'm joined again by LLewellyn Falco where we discuss Mob Programming. Mob programming is a software development approach where the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer. This is similar to pair programming where two people sit at the same computer and coll ...…
This week our host is joined in the studio with Rod Cope, speaker at the upcoming Tech Leader Summit, and we Discuss the future of software development. With supercomputers in our pockets, self-driving vehicles, and software recognizing images better than humans, what we recently thought of as the future is already here, so how do we define the ...…
We all have to deal with legacy code. As frustrating as legacy code can be, legacy code is important. Legacy code has users. Legacy code is in the wild delivering value making people's life's better. It must evolve, it must be maintained so how do we manage best this? How do we improve this codebase consistently, reliably, and safely? This week ...…
This week I get to sit down with Jeff Brown of Object Computing and we talking about Micronaut, the latest framework designed for creating fast, lightweight microservices. Listen in and learn why this new framework is worth a look!
New software technology appears every year. Like clockwork, another language, library, pattern, or approach will arrive on the scene with plenty of hype and developer enthusiasm. As someone whose job requires making architectural decisions, you need to evaluate these new technologies with an eye toward the inevitable tradeoffs before deciding i ...…
In this episode I'm joined by Tim Burglund who heads up developer relations at confluent. Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in distributed systems, stream/realtime processing, and all things kafka. He gives us an insiders tour of the past, present and future of this exciting technology.…
The NFJS podcast is back after the summer break. This week Michael Carducci is joined by Johanna Rothman talking about agile. How to do it right; especially when teams are distributed.
This week I gather around the microphone with Ken Kousen where he reflects on a life and career focused on the JVM.
This week I sit with Jonathan Johnson and talk all things containers. What are the current trends, what are currently recommended tools and best practices. We also get a steak peek at Jon's full-day workshop he's hosting at UberConf this year ( Recorded Live in Reston, VA
At ArchConf 2017, leading engineers and software architects converged to teach, learn and discuss all the skills and elements necessary to be a great software architect in 2018. In addition to the in-depth content in the sessions, ThoughtWorks set up an informal "Tech Radar" both to poll attendees at the event on where various technologies are ...…
This week we dive into evolutionary architecture. The software development ecosystem is constantly changing, with a constant stream of innovation in tools, frameworks and techniques. Over the past few years, incremental developments in core engineering practices for software development have paved the way to rethink how architecture might chang ...…
GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. And non-compliance could cost companies dearly. This week on the NFJS podcast, I sit with Jeremy Deane to discuss the architecture challenges of GDPR in 2018.…
Tudor Girba gives us an update on how he and his team are changing the way we interact with code.
In this episode, we dive deep into the emerging trends with Brian Sletten, a forward-thinking software Engineer. Recording live in Chicago, IL.
This week on NoFluffJustStuff Live we dive deep into containers with the freshest face on the NFJS tour, Jonathan Johnson.
From an unchecked rm -rf to almost starting World War III, we've experienced them. To celebrate the holiday Michael Carducci and NFJS attendees share their experiences.
In episode one of NoFluffJustStuff Live, we dive into where we need to shift our mindset as developers around security, best practices and resources worthy of review.
In this episode, I explore a number of topics with Daniel Hinojosa. We talk about skills that should spread beyond developers, look back on our careers and talk about our techniques for making important information stick as we're learning and teaching. Enjoy!
Many of the NFJS speakers are independent and frequently work remotely. This is a trend we're seeing more and more in our industry. Michael Carducci interviews speaker and independent consultant Daniel Hinojsoa on his thoughts on remote work and the conversation turns to our thoughts and experiences on air travel.…
This week I have the opportunity to sit down with Nate Schutta. We had a fascinating conversation about the history and current state of Javascript along with it's evolution. We also dive into the evolution necessary to grow as a software engineer.
This week I sit with Rohit and we continue our discussion of his 10 step process for Microservice API design.
The NFJS podcast is back for the 2017 Season! This week I sit with Rohit and discuss his 10 step process for Microservice API design.
This week I sit down with Brent Laster, author of "Professional Git."
At the 2016 ArchConf in Clearwater, FL, I sat down with Tudor Girba to discuss his ideas around Software Environmentalism.
The NFJS tour series has supported Nuru International for many years. This week I sit down with founder Jake Harriman and talk about his journey to start Nuru, what they're doing and discuss leadership lessons that can be learned.
This week we discuss Venkat's philosophy on learning and work. Don't miss this insightful episode!
This week I sit with Mark Richards, author of several popular books and Software Architecture as well as hit O'Reilly video series and we discuss the challenges facing our industry and how to be better.
This week I sit down with Ken Kousen (Kousen IT, Groovy Podcast) and Jeff Brown (OCI) and we talk about what's new in the world of Groovy, Grails as well as their plans for the upcoming (G3 Summit).
QA is a difficult area to integrate into an agile process. This week we discuss common pitfalls and their solutions.
This week I sit with John Borys and we talk all things agile. We spend a great deal of time reflecting on where most teams and organizations go wrong in their implementations and how we can get better.
At AngularSummit West, I sat down with Daniel Zen of Zen Digital and talked about all things Angular2. Specifially what are some of the considerations for making the switch or beginning a new project using Angular2, some of the best resources to learn (it's not too late to register for AngularSummit East) as well as talking about some of the ch ...…
Reflecting on UberConf 2016, we dive deep into technology thinking critically about all the implications-both good and bad-of our ever evolving world. A great (and somewhat longer) philosophical discussion with NFJS speaker Brian Sletten.
We sat down with Jay Zimmerman, creator of NoFluffJustStuff to talk about the philosophy behind the tour and what to expect this year.
We're joined this week by Venkat Subramaniam digging into functional programming, why it's exciting and how you can begin to see the benefits.
This week I was able to sit down with Ksenia and talk security.
At the tail end of the Rich Web Experience, I had a chance to sit down with Doug Hawkins and talk about his work optimizing the JVM in performance critical environments with Azul Systems. We discuss garbage collection, speculative optimization and some of the tools you can use to get better insight into the performance of your application. If y ...…
Tudor Girba joins us at ArchConf 2015 where he discusses the work he's doing to change the way we deal with code and why fundamentally, code is not text but data and can be queried as such.
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