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Sodajerker On Songwriting is a programme devoted to the art and craft of songwriting. The show, created and hosted by the UK songwriting team Sodajerker, features interviews with some of the most successful songwriters and musicians in the world.
Joe Pug hosts a monthly conversation with one of today's best songwriters.
In-depth conversations with and about the creators of lyrics and music that stand the test of time. You probably know the names, and you definitely know the songs. We bring you the stories.
Talking to the songwriters weaving the fabric of Music City, USA itself, Nashville, TN.Hosted by Matt Bednarsky.musiccitysongwriter [at] gmail [dot] com
Advanced Songwriting Lessons, Write Commercial Hooks, Grooves & Lyrics
Want to learn the tools professional songwriters use? The Songwriter's Toolbox is a music appreciation class and songwriting training session in one.This podcast is based on my experience as a professor at Berklee College of Music as well as a student (Songwriting, '02). My goal is to help you tap into your full potential as a songwriter.Please subscribe and comment. I'd love to hear what you think. For more info, my home site is
The RESOUNDworship Songwriting Podcast is designed to equip, train and inspire grass-roots worship songwriters in local churches. Joel Payne and Sam Hargreaves discuss songwriting technique, analyse classic worship songs, interview established writers and present a featured song. All to help you become a better worship songwriter!Also available on iTunes and via the usual podcast apps - search for "The Resound Worship Songwriting Podcast".
The cream of Los Angeles songwriters in an intimate setting
Join the quest! Learn how composers and songwriters create music in this podcast hosted by Minneapolis composer Charlie McCarron. Whether you’re a music composition grad or simply an occasional noodler on a guitar, each guest has a new perspective for you on the creative process of composing and songwriting, along with some concrete ideas to apply to your own music.
The Songwriting Podcast: A show for songwriters with songwriters talking to other songwriters about the craft of songwriting
We are Krissy Nordhoff and Maribeth Dodd. Krissy is a songwriter, Maribeth is a worship pastor. We are sisters, 6 years apart, and each married with 7 combined kids! In this episode, we introduce ourselves and share our from our unique perspective as two women in leadership in the American church. We hope you will benefit from our experiences and interviews with other like-minded leaders in ministry and business.
We are a community of songwriters that write together, learn together and perform together. This is our podcast. We hope it inspires you.
The Songwriters in Seattle podcast features an in-depth discussion and music of a different Pacific Northwest songwriter every month. Discover these talented musicians' histories, insights, experiences, and unique live performances. Each episode is around 1/2 hour long, mp3 format.
Join the quest! Learn how composers and songwriters create music in this podcast hosted by Minneapolis composer Charlie McCarron. Whether you’re a music composition grad or simply an occasional noodler on a guitar, each guest has a new perspective for you on the creative process of composing and songwriting, along with some concrete ideas to apply to your own music.
Ro Halfhide is a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam, and he shares his songwriting passion through the podcast Songwriters Guild Live. That's where he invites singer-songwriters of around the world to play some songs live, and asks about their songwriting methods.
Songwriter Showdown
We take two prolific songwriters and pit them head to head, song by song, week by week in a short season to determine a winner. There can be only one!
These are the backing tracks to the book "Instant Songwriting: Musical Improv from Dunce to Diva"
Terry's Songwriters Show won Best Music Programme in the Access/Ethnic Radio category at the New Zealand Radio Awards 2007. It's a weekly programme hosted by Terry Shore - who is a singer/song-writer himself.Every week Terry showcases local singer/song-writers who play in open mic nights around Wellington.Terry invites various singer/song-writers on to his show to showcase their original musical talent. It is a show designed for unknowns who have yet to be discovered.
Documentary where a struggling songwriter learns from hit writers for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney and entrepreneurs (Seth Godin). Follow this roller coaster journey of one man's attempt to make a living with his music. Hosted by Brandon Barnett.
Listen to Marta Innocenti to find out how songs are created and which stories they tell. * Learn how to get over your BLANK PAGE syndrome and write your own songs!
Derek Harrison & Travis Reitsma interview a different songwriter every episode to talk about their lives and their craft.
Showcasing undiscovered songwriters. Like our Facebook page
Matt Waters is a singer-songwriter from New York City. His songs range from character studies of the contemporary American to intimate explorations of love. A writer of fiction, he attempts to meld the musical and literary realms through detailed lyricism. He has been particularly inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Billy Corgan, Mike Scott, Isaac Brock, David Bowie, Tupac Shakur, Elliott Smith, Patti Smith, Nicole Atkins, Damien Rice and Bruce Springsteen. As a guitar player ...
Discover new Singer Songwriter Music! The SongCast Spotlight Show podcast features up and coming Singer Songwriter artists from around the world.Shows are hosted by DJ Joe Kleon.
Songwriters Podcast
The New Classics
Jewish Songwriter
Jewish Songwriter is a podcast hosted by Sheldon Low featuring interviews of well-known and up-and-coming Jewish songwriters. If you're looking for some new music, want a behind-the-scenes look at some of your favorite artists, or want to learn more about what it takes to write a new Jewish song, you'll enjoy listening to the candid and casual conversation. The music featured on the podcast is also readily available on the Jewish Songwriter Spotify playlist and the Jewish Songwriter YouTube ...
Kingez attempts to write and record a song every week until his next album is fully funded at
Tony Ray songwriter, artist and the owner of Backwoods Recording Studio reveals in a series of Podcasts songwriting tips and techniques needed to craft a great song. How rhythm, melody, harmony and lyrics all work together to create a successful song. He interviews industry professionals with many years of accomplished experience where they share their secret strategies and songwriting tips. Tony Ray also discusses topics like staying inspired, how to find simplicity, keeping your song focus ...
Many want to "make it" in the music industry. Few successfully make it in. Even fewer stay in. The goal of this podcast is to help bring some clarity to your path towards a music career. We want to help you not only get in, but stay in. To this end, hosts Seth Mosley and X O'Connor will dig deep with luminaries of the music industry. These are people who have "made it" and today have very notable careers. Many are Grammy winners and work with prominent record labels. Some of our listeners mi ...
Music, Songwriting, Production and more is discussed each episode with your industry hosts James Nighthawk, Paul Boyd, Anthony Lane and Becky Thomas.
a podcast where ash talks about songwriting maybe + documenting ash’s search for understanding within the craft, my personal critique of documented songs positive and negative, and hopefully more than a few conversations with my fellow craftsperson.
Learn about importance of protecting your musical works, music production, songwriting tips & everything learn as continue navigating this industry.
This podcast show features all of the audio blog posts from The Intuitive Creative is about: - Adama's creative comeback as a singer-songwriter - Songwriting tips - Insights for accessing unlimited creativity for artists of all backgrounds and levels of experience - Tips for parents with children interested in creating music and songs
Chicago's best songwriters and musicians join host Michael Teach each week for a quick interview and a few songs.
In each episode of Tell Me About Your Song, host Jacob Haller talks to a different songwriter about a song they wrote. Concisely edited, with a variety of guests, this show is recommended for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into the creative process!
Songwriter Stories
Songwriter Stories is an exciting and informative songwriting podcast. In each episode, we interview songwriters about the process and craft of songwriting.
A podcast for music lovers and lovers of things and people. Kate is singer/songwriter and talks about things that interest her. It is usually music, inspiration, women issues, creativity, books or podcasting. The one thing she is consistent with is including one of her original songs and she weaves it in to the featured topic.
Learn Today’s Music Business from Today’s Music Pros
How To Write A Tune
Welcome to How To Write A Tune, the only podcast that looks into the hearts, minds and souls of musicians and try to find an answer to the age old question; How do you write a tune? To add this podcast to your Podcast app please paste the following link into your podcast manual feed:
Live Songwriter Sessions, recorded and MC'd by Keith Mcloughlin
Hosted by Ray Heffernan and based on a set 49 question process, the Irish Songwriter Podcast seeks get into the psyche of the Irish Songwriter. From all across the Island and further afield, using the many varying experiences and accents, the story is told by many voices in a new and innovative format, while staying away from the standard "press relase based" interview.
Nashville Christian Songwriters exists to empower Christian songwriters worldwide. The Song Revolution Podcast is here to empower you through valuable songwriting insights, inspiration, and interviews with some of the greatest songwriters, producers, arrangers, artists, and creatives in the industry and beyond. Find out more at
Mostly Michigan songwriters, but great songwriters from anywhere might appear. Host Bob Hausler
Welcome to Measured Voices, where you'll get to know and hear songwriters and musicians from around the Treasure Valley of SW Idaho and Eastern Oregon.
We interview exceptional creators and performers, de-constructing how they start with nothing and end up with a highly emotive performance which can move and inspire millions. Listen as elite musicians, comedians and writers share their secrets, tips and experiences, and, as a result, give you meaningful takeaways which provide a greater understanding of them and their art, and help you progress with your own creative endeavours. Find more content at or follow us at @anatomyoftv.
SongLab is a podcast hosted by Matthew Layne and Evan Lanam. They interview songwriters about their process, craft, and experiences.
The Sunday Night Songwriter's Stage at The Hydeaway, hosted by Rhea March, brings together a community of musicians to perform original music in an open format of creativity and camaraderie. With archives from the hulbert's Alley Kat songwriter's stage.
Now Hear This Entertainment features interviews with guests who are having success in the entertainment business, with the content presented in a way that not only entertains fans of that guest and fans of good music interviews in general, but in a manner that educates musicians, singers, songwriters – entertainers who want to learn from those who are being interviewed each week by Bruce Wawrzyniak, president of Now Hear This, Inc. The guests come from a wide array of genres and locales.
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NYC pop artist, actress and dancer Kendra Black has recently released her album The Edge produced by LA’s Trend Def Studios and co-written with Nick Nittoli and Lachi. The single from the album, ‘Rude’ features Snoop Dogg . Kendra, who trained in conservatories in France and Milan, Italy, has performed in France, Monte-Carlo, Italy, Egypt, U.S. ...…
You get tired of songs way faster than your people. Remember to do the song a lot!
Whether you believe in karma or a higher power or just good old juju coming from the universe, sometimes two roads can lead to one path in our lives. That’s exactly what happened with my husband Jeff and myself a few years back and that’s what happened with this week’s musical guests, the Young Fables. Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford (the Young ...…
Phillip Lanos is a Los Angeles native. Hyperactive and often pensive, this actor, singer, songwriter, and podcast producer is best experienced in person. Due to his half-Mexican, half-French descent, he’s had opportunities to appear on international Latino TV channels like Telemundo for an American Idol spin-off show named “Yo Soy El Artista.” ...…
A return appearance to the show for this California-based country singer, songwriter, guitar player, who this time was joined by his producer (and lead guitar player), who were on-location at the 2018 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim. At the time of the interview they were working toward the release of a single, expected to be followed by another, a ...…
Guests Conorayne I'm a ''Really gay'' Songwriter, performer and ''an absolute dorkus'' from Dublin, Ireland.~~I'd trade my left leg for a good Zoids video game.~~They/Them Conorayne (@conorayne) | Twitter Liz 🍑(formerly @LizMacaroon) Real life mother of 2, internet mother to many, Writer of words, active member of Nerdfighteria & lover of knowl ...…
Tom Denney is my guest on this week's podcast. Most of you may know Tom as one of the founding members and main song writers from A Day To Remember, but Tom's had a crazy career away from the band, and life in general. We hear about the early days of the band, how they came across their sound, what it was like having success with the Kelly Clar ...…
Im talking with Robby Lochner Guitarist/Songwriter. Plays and writes for Jack Russell's Great White, and once he moved to LA with in a year was playing with one of the biggest Metal Stars in the World.
This week on Hold the Drama, host Alison Robertson sits down with the incomparable Bob Garrett. He’s a singer, a songwriter, a veteran of the Broadway stage, when we say this man has done it all, we aren’t joking. He is currently a vocal coach to some of the best in the biz including Jessica Lange, Drew Barrymore and Channing Tatum . Bob’s driv ...…
If you leave a lasting impression, your brand is working for you. Our guest today is Nikki Craig. Nikki is the owner of LAMP, which stands for Leave a Mark Promotions – which is a Brand Partner of Geiger. Geiger is the industries largest promotional advertising agency. LAMP helps you find a cost-effective way to market and promote your business ...…
This week we are continuing the podcast’s one-year anniversary celebration and continuing our conversation with the amazing Paul Baloche. We do recommend going back and checking out the first half of our chat in Episode 41, but you’ll find just as much insight and wisdom here in part two. Listen in and let us know what you think of our conversa ...…
Nick and Derek discuss Disney, Netflix, and an interview with singer songwriter Christian Wray.
This week we interview talented singer, songwriter, and musician Kimaya Diggs! Turns out, she just released her first album. We talk to her about the process of making the album, what inspired her, and hear about some of the other jobs she has. Thanks to Kimaya for chatting with us and letting us play samples of a few of her songs on the episod ...… episode #1 with singer-songwriters Greg Lee and Peter Searcy. Greg shares his song to inspire and connect folks in our community and country.
Only on the “CBS This Morning” podcast, singer-songwriter Brett Young talks with CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers ahead of Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards. Young shares how he received the news of winning this year’s Best New Male Vocalist category. The former athlete explains how an injury was the catalyst for pursuing music. ...…
Dan Lotti, singer/songwriter of amazing band, Dangermuffin, talks about his writing journey, his inspiration and his family.
What the hell is “Pig-Headed Horror”? In Episode 144 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, your horror hosts go hog wild as we explore this phrase coined by Jay of the Dead, who defines it as a bizarre horror sub-subgenre (or at the very least, an odd trend), in which a human wears a pig mask—or even pig head—and leaves their victims boared to death! We sho ...…
Dan and Roseanne enter a songwriting contest to win a prize, and Roseanne ponders her past as an aspiring writer and revolutionary. Jackie tries to decide if she wants to hit it and quit it with the old Bookerino. Please note that we try to get the new episode out midweek, but we've been hit by a bad case of school (SJ) and travel (Debbie) this ...…
In this episode, Ted talks with Cheryl Fortune—talented singer/songwriter, mother and Houston native.The two discuss issues close to her heart, but also relevant to listeners. From discrimination she faces as a black woman in the music industry to being a survivor of domestic violence, Cheryl kindly bears her heart to Ted and listeners. The two ...…
Wilai is a singer songwriter, model and occasional actress from Thailand based in New York City Bored and Raised in Thailand and internationally; wilai's thirst for the entertainment industry could not be contained and at the age of 13 she scored her first role back home as a lead character of a prominent Artist Back home. Ever since then wilai ...…
Bonus Episode – Yes, Lessons Learned So FarPaul, Ken and Joe spend some rare face-to-face time discussing some of the revelations we’ve had by doing the Palaver series on the first part of the Yes catalog. This is a fun, casual conversation among friends about a band we all love. We cover a variety of topics from songwriting to sounds to gear a ...…
The last audition for co-host to the shmeepcast! We are humbled to welcome THE Professor, author, songwrite, innovator, Doctor, inventor, actor, and millionaire, great_scott, to our small town office. EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WAITING ROOM CAN GO HOME, YOU'RE NOT MATCHING UP TO MR. SCOTT! In this episode great_scott talks to me about whether or not ...…
Notice how I said think. I'm not saying I am but I think I am. My content may never find an audience or provide any value, but in the event that it doesn't, I wanted to let you know why I think I act the way that I do. So here goes, the reasons Why I Think I'm So Creative: Genetic predisposition - I come from a long line of creatives, alcoholic ...…
Ayyy. This week we sat down with Nashville singer/songwriter, Andrew Galucki, and chatted about his love song to Taylor Swift, playing as support for other artists, and how he's found success as a sync artist. He's an all around great guy and friend of the pod. You don't wanna miss this. "I Know the Way Home" (C) 2017, Andrew Galucki. @andrewga ...…
This week we welcome Jewish Songwriter Joanie Leeds to the podcast and we chat about her song "Shayne Punim." As one of the top nationally touring kindie rock singers, New York-based Joanie Leeds has played for thousands of families all across the country. As a singer/songwriter, Joanie has won first place in the USA Songwriting Competition, an ...…
In today’s episode, I sit down with Bruce Boyden, a law professor at Marquette University who specializes in copyright. We discuss a bill that is receiving a lot of support, the Music Modernization Act. The “MMA” could change the music industry with how royalties are distributed between song writers, record labels and streaming services, if the ...…
Listen To This Article - Click Play Over the course of her career, Dolly Parton has written thousands of amazing songs. Now, Dolly herself is the subject of a wonderful tune! British singer-songwriter Mark E. Nevin recently released an impossibly catchy track called “Dolly Said No to Elvis.” The song tells the true story of […]The post New Song ...…
This episode of Big Blend Radio features Shawn Phillips, one of music’s most daring, influential and enigmatic figures, who has just released his new album, Continuance, via Tunecore Distribution. The record – Phillips' 26th solo effort – sees the genre-bending singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist, who was once described by Bill Graham as “ ...…
The hit-making songwriter Jim Brickman is offering a weekend bootcamp for songwriters this summer in Cleveland. Listen in as he gives us some songwriting advice and details of the Brickman Bootcamp for Writers July 26 - 29 in Cleveland. Hear Jim Brickman's radio show Sunday mornings at 7 AM on 100.7 WHUD in New York's Hudson Valley.…
Tammy Tuckey, an Emmy Award®-winning filmmaker and singer-songwriter, makes her singing debut with the release of her first album, You’ll Find Me on Main Street. The album features a compilation of songs, both familiar and rare, as showcased through the years at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Since her first trip to Walt Disney World Reso ...…
We did Missed Connections, talked about Hamilton tickets, the Cardinals song writing chance, giving up Facebook, camping out for something, played the Busch Stadium Price Is Right, did Entertainment Schmig 2, Stupid Criminals, and ended the show with some randoms.
GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING! It's election day in Josh's hometown - time to reflect upon the importance of the vote. The vote is a "use it or lose it" phenomenon. Don't let your opportunity to make an impact go by. Josh also opens up his songwriting archives and polishes up an old notebook tune called "The Memory." Go vote today. If you don't kn ...…
Rising singer/songwriter Forest Blakk stops by the studio to chat about his trending single "Love Me," plus shares with us stories of people that have impacted his life and creativity.
Youtuber/Musician Tiffany Alvord shares some of her favorite current artists with us, plus dives deep in to her songwriting process, and what making music for her fans means to her.
Singer/Songwriter Cody Johns chats about his new music, and where he finds his creativity in life.
Singer/Songwriter Jena Rose chat with us about her favorite musicians, plus gives us insight into her own songwriting.
Singer/Songwriter Kenzie Nimmo goes in to the making of her newest single "Bones."
Rachel Lark joins Allison to talk about filthy songs, feminism, and grappling with big stuff through music. Rimming | Songwriting | Happy Snacks | #MeToo | Bawdy Storytelling | Douglas Adams on deadlines | Period Sex | Medical Emergencies | Life on Tour | The Pressure to Write Certain Songs | Adding Nuance to Conversations about Sexual Assault ...…
Singer/Songwriter Trey Schafer stops by to chat about his first single "Anxiety," and how social media plays into his creative process.
Singer/Songwriter Zach Clayton sits down with us to talk about his rise to fame with his music, and what he wants to give his fans.
Singer/songwriter Danny Padilla stops by to chat about making music for his Youtube and some of his favorite artists.
In this very special episode, Australian singer-songwriter Jess Locke joins us for a live podcast and session. Performing exclusively for an audience at Bunjil Place, Jess joins Don't Fret Club to discuss mental health, self-expression and zine making to coincide with the 'Self-made: zines and artist books' exhibition. This episode also feature ...…
Dougie Crockett, Friend of the Songwriter - featuring new music coming on BBS Radio!By (Dougie Crockit Frazier).
This week’s episode features David “Butch” Parnell, and dives into his life as a musician, from songwriting and touring, to playing on the music team at Hope Brooklyn, and even features three original songs recorded live in studio! Week of April 2nd, 2018 Host: Alice Liang | Guest: David "Butch" Parnell Links: ...…
Thanks for checking out the 238th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Today’s guest hails from Cleveland, OK and got his start about 7 years ago as an Elvis Tribute Artist. With a wide range of influences and styles, his songwriting has won him multiple awards within the state of Texas. Brent Giddens is a single father of 2 girls who has a wealth of ...…
In todays’ episode, Amy will interview Meredith Stepien on the topic of creativity. Meredith is a Chicago based actress, comedian, singer, and musician. She has performed with Team StarKid, Improv Olympic and Second City. She is a songwriter and bongo-player for the band, Jim and the Povolos. Fun fact – Meredith created our Podcast introduction ...…
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