Best Strokes podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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A Generation X stroke survivor explores rehab, recovery, the frontiers of neuroscience, and one-handed banana peeling.
Mark Potter has dedicated over 25 years to the printing industry. He has created brands, authored books, and built a business from scratch. However, his real passion is helping other people tell the story of what they are passionate about. Through his company, Conduit Inc. and his flagship magazine, CANVAS, he has helped countless businesses clarify their strategy and deepen their connections with clients. Brush Strokes is a new podcast that brings some of these stories to life and every epi ...
Love + Radio
Nick van der Kolk's Love and Radio features in-depth, otherworldly-produced interviews with an eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime. Get inside the mind of a rogue taxidermist. Find out what it's like to experience a stroke firsthand. Or spend time with an artist who gives away her life savings every night. You've never heard anything like it before.This show is moving to Luminary! For more, go to
Faces of TBI
A podcast dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness. Created by survivors for survivors. Hear from survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, and others!
Hosted in turn by Stuart Stubbs and Greg Cochrane from Loud And Quiet magazine, each episode of Midnight Chats is an intimate, late-night conversation with a musician willing to indulge in informal, back-from-the-pub waffle. New episodes will be posted online, fittingly, at the stroke of midnight.
RUSK Insights on Rehabilitation Medicine is a top podcast featuring interviews with faculty and staff of RUSK Rehabilitation as well as leaders from other rehabilitation programs around the country. These podcasts are being offered by RUSK, one of the top rehabilitation centers in the world. Your host for these interviews is Dr. Tom Elwood. He will take you behind the scenes to look at what is transpiring in the exciting world of rehabilitation research and clinical services through the eyes ...
Stroke of Genius
Explore every day inventions and discover how they came to be. Each episode dives into the stories behind the inventions -- from personal struggles, to unexpected “aha” moments, to the creative determination of individual inventors. Hear about the creativity and inspiration behind inventions and how intellectual property plays an important role in dreams becoming reality!
Kessler Foundation - Changing the lives of people with disabilities through research in stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and by funding innovative programs that promote employment for people with disabilities. Podcasts are from various consumer and professional lectures presented by our researchers and guest lecturers.
Join award-winning journalist and best-selling author James Andrew Miller as he uncovers bold beginnings of success stories in the worlds of television, movies, sports, music, and business. Experience all the unpredictable moments, pivotal junctures, and strokes of luck that turn great ideas into formidable realities -- as told by the insiders who were there from the start.
The Lancet Neurology is a monthly journal, renowned for the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed research, reviews, and analysis from around the world. In the monthly podcasts, editors of the journal discuss highlights of the current issue, with occasional interviews with an author of a key article.
About The ACADEMYThe Black Health Academy is a membership based community which provides education and instruction on how to treat and/or prevent chronic disease. Our sole mission is to eradicate the most common and preventable lifestyle diseases which disproportionately impact the black community. This includes obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, auto-immune and stress related disease. Join for FREE Here:
Join Chris Mascaro year round as he talks with PGA & LPGA Tour Legends, Players and Top Instructors. Hear their stories, insights and playing lessons that not only will you enjoy listening to, but you'll also take strokes off your score.
Paul, Stroke and Kyle discussing all things computer entertainment including video games, computer hardware, gadgets, and whatever is on Stroke's mind. Check in each week for new episodes.
Stroke of Wisdom
The podcast that uses trauma and personal worry to authentically uncover the lessons we're meant to learn.
Aphasia Access Conversations brings you the latest aphasia resources, tips and a-ha moments from Life Participation professionals who deliver way more than stroke and aphasia facts. Topics include: aphasia group treatment ideas, communication access strategies, plus ways for growing awareness and funds for your group aphasia therapy program. ​This podcast is produced by Aphasia Access.
This Is This
Our new podcast, THIS IS THIS! A husband and wife perspective on what and why we are talking about life and love with a spouse with a giant life-altering medical event. "You know what this is? This is this." Kristen survived a Spinal Stroke. David survived Kristen's Spinal Stroke. And life moves forward....
Different Strokes
Here I will be completely raw and uncut with my topic and how I express them. I Hope you enjoy
Podcast by Stroke Comeback Center
If You’re Worried About Cholesterol, Hypertension or Atrial Fibrillation That Leads to Heart Attacks and Strokes, Then Come Learn How to Prevent Heart Disease to Not Just Survive But Thrive with The Healthy Heart Show.
NeuroRestorative staff and participants discuss issues related to brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. NeuroRestorative is a leading provider of post-acute rehabilitation services for people of all ages with brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological challenges. Hosted by Tommy Tredway
Welcome to Adventures in Health where we highlight the journeys of amazing human beings who have beaten the odds and made inspiring comebacks! Founded by stroke-hacker Sean Entin and bio-hacker Taylor Smith, this website features an array of inspiring stories, cutting edge breakthroughs, and real-life tips you can use to “hack” your way to health and happiness.Be sure to check out the weekly podcast, where special guests share their true stories of surviving physical and mental trauma and th ...
Horace Williams Jr, a stroke survivor, and an award-winning author. His life is daily being transformed by God. Here he reflects via Scripture verses of Inspiration. He is giving you Words of Encouragement to help you through the day. You will also hear Prayers of Hope and Faith to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Encourage your heart today and may your spirit be uplifted.
JNNP podcast
JNNP's ambition is to publish the most ground-breaking and cutting-edge research from around the world. Encompassing the entire genre of neurological sciences, our focus is on the common disorders (stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, peripheral neuropathy, subarachnoid haemorrhage and neuropsychiatry), but with a keen interest in the Gordian knots that present themselves in the field, such as ALS. * The purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. The content o ...
Unfiltered Survivors
Amanda DeJesus, a heart transplant survivor and Kelly Fucheck, stroke survivor share life UNFILTERED. Each episode they discuss the life of a survivor from healthy eating to exercise and their love of bacon and avocado.
When Christians Speak Talk Radio is an online station designed to give a voice to those crying out in today’s wilderness “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” The world’s climate and the events of present day are causing humanity to re-evaluate what they hold true and what they hold dear; and because of this, Reverend Ray Rose developed When Christians Speak in early 2013 to answer the world’s cry. W.C.S. follows the normal radio show format with a host and various guest speakers for the purpose ...
Set in 19th century New York, this is the story of a wealthy old man who adopts his orphaned nephew and niece after his own four year old son mysteriously disappears. However, under a smooth exterior, the nephew is a conniving and avaricious villain who wants to grab all the old man's wealth for himself. This is also the story of a young boy, who doesn't know he's the sole heir to a fabulous fortune, but grows up homeless in the streets of New York. The villainous nephew proposes marriage to ...
KZradio הקצה
An independent radio station from Tel Aviv. For music lovers by music lovers.
Take one of the country’s top golf instructors and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show.John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook ...
Who were the people that came before us, and how did the lives the led shape the places we live in today? Second Look steps beyond the big picture of history to give listeners a close look at the stories of people who lived, loved and died in New York state's largest yet most sparsely populated region. Join us and learn how the big picture of the past is painted by the strokes of individuals who aren't that different from us today. Second Look is produced by the Watertown Daily Times with ho ...
Stroke survivor I write to inspire others in peace and love Written with Ableton Live and iZotope. All samples licensed Artwork from ADHYASA BY ARCHAN NAIR Commercial use
The title says it all. Just two raw, unfiltered, uncut, uncensored, unbothered free thinkers leaving their strokes on the canvas of life... (Pause!)
Sisko Electrofanatik
Francesco Fortuna, aka “Sisko Electrofanatik” was born in Rome. Since he was very young, he was attracted by dance music, and with time he developed a special interest in the various facets of house and electronic music. His passion for the electronic music pull him to express his ideas and musical selections. So he started to work in some clubs of the Italian capital. His style in DJ sets was always surrounded with electronic sound, and that is how he was eventually tagged with the nick "El ...
UK HealthCast
UK HealthCast is a podcast featuring interviews with UK HealthCare experts on a variety of health-related topics, from how to recognize stroke symptoms to what patients need to know about clinical trials and more. Subscribe to UK HealthCast today wherever you listen to podcasts!
Nerve is about living well with brain diseases like dementia, stroke and migraine, run by neurologists at who are inspired by their courageous patients. Mind and mood, memory and thinking, give us our unique experiences. Conversations will focus on quality, not just quantity, of life and motivate patients and carers alike.
JNIS podcast
The Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS) is a leading peer review journal for scientific research and literature pertaining to the field of neurointerventional surgery. The journal launch follows growing professional interest in neurointerventional techniques for the treatment of a range of neurological and vascular problems including stroke, aneurysms, brain tumors, and spinal compression.The journal is owned by SNIS and is also the official journal of the Interventional Chapter of ...
From the creators of the acclaimed fan film Severus Snape and the Marauders comes a 12 part audio drama, The Great Wizarding War. The Great Wizarding War is a non-profit fan-based production. Harry Potter and The Wizarding World are properties of Universal, Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling.
Stroke survivor I write to inspire others in peace and love Written with Ableton Live and iZotope. All samples licensed Artwork from ADHYASA BY ARCHAN NAIR
CBC Radio's Dr. Brian Goldman takes listeners through the swinging doors of hospitals and doctors' offices, behind the curtain where the gurney lies.
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
Golf is a thinking man's game, full of numbers and endless moments to ponder various questions. Come geek out with Will Haskett, veteran golf broadcaster, as he explores high-level questions about the game. Analytics, strokes gained, fantasy, rankings, history, media, technology, business, psychology and more, let your inner golf nerd out with some of the best minds and thinkers in the game!
Bringing you Canada's brightest minds in Emergency Medicine
Welcome to the Beard Stroking Bullsh*t Podcast! We're here to talk about all of our favorite things, from Comics and Video Games to TVs and Movies. We bring on special guests when we can and try to ask as many questions we think fans of that guests would ask. We rant and rave and criticism but we are FAR from professionals, so download an episode and take a listen, who knows we oculd be your new favorite podcast.
There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding what we do, and who we are. Sometimes, these misconceptions give us a chuckle at our local dungeon, but sometimes, the broad-stroke generalizations may cause confusion, or even alienation.Our communities have history. We have traditions. We have our own lexicon. Words have meaning, and sometimes, our words have special meaning within our culture. Not all kinksters are alike, and some of us may do things that others just don’t understand.
Mike Casey
Mike Casey was born and raised in Pittsburgh and went to college at MiamiUniversity of Ohio. Much to his parents amazement, he graduated from college.Much to his own amazement, it turned out that a Political Science degreewasn't as valuable as he expected.After moving to Seattle, for no particularreason other than he had never been West of the Mississippi before, Caseylanded a job in promotions at a new (at the time) Alternative Rock Station.In broad strokes, Casey just annoyed the Program D ...
Learn and discover American history, training tips, gun reviews and news from the responsible, family friendly, safety conscious gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007). Get the free app and subscribe.
The Album Club
A deep dive into some of the best albums ever made with a history of the artist, recording of the album, cover art, a track by track analysis and a discussion of what happened next.
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show series
Potter and Pallerino dish on content marketing, why it matters, and the media mindset you need to build trust.
Vanester Williams is a member of Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, VA where Pastor Daniel Floyd is the senior Pastor. Lifepoint Church, based in Fredericksburg, VA. exists so that people far from God will become fully alive in Christ. Lifepoint is one church in multiple locations offering identical environments. It's website: http://lifepoint ...…
On the one hand, UTI is one of the most common bacterial infections in children younger than 2 years of age and could lead to sepsis acutely and theoretically renal failure in the long run. On the other hand, it is important not to over-diagnose UTIs because we know that overuse of antibiotics increases costs, side effects and leads to antibiot ...…
Mistress Velvet specializes in the subjugation of white men.
Sisko Electrofanatik @Soundscape 4.4.19 by Sisko Electrofanatik
Many people who suffered and survived from a dreaded disease tend to turn out more appreciative of life and helpful towards others. Tina Hollands, a physical therapy assistant, shares the journey that drastically changed her life. Suffering a stroke while giving birth to her second daughter, Tina was also diagnosed with brain cancer. As she mov ...…
In this episode, Dr. Jack Wolfson interviews Mark McAfee CEO of Organic Pastures Dairy Company LLC. Together they go through the history and truths of consuming Raw Milk.
An ending fitting for the start In part 2 of our Libertines double header we find out what happened after the release of Up the Bracket and follow Petes descent into heroin and crack hell and ultimately prison We also look at the birth of Babyshambles the reunion and freedom gig and discover what a steeplejack does We mourn the ultimate dissolu ...…
Personalised medicine is an area of research that's been pumped full of hype in recent years, promising to create individualised treatments for a whole range of conditions, including cancer.
Marriage Takeover With Rev. Eric and Rev. Temeka Thompson: Resurrection Sunday! episode 1 Rev. Eric & Rev. Temeka grew up in Tallahassee, Florida and high school sweethearts who got married at the very young age of 18 and 19 years old. When taking their vows, it was a lustationship and while they wouldn't trade in their journey, it came with a ...…
Lower Your Tolerance for Failure! Black Friday 60 Second Tip of the Week! by Health, Fitness and Nutrition
Resisting a Mistress who wants to charm you into submission is an impossible task. When a true cocktease has her sights set on you, she will most certainly captivate and possess you. Why resist when giving in is so much more satisfying? Oh, sure, it can be a little scary to give up control, but when your defeat is inevitable, letting go and lea ...…
In this episode, Dr. Jack Wolfson meets with Dr. Will Cole, together they show you what the Ketotorian Diet what it is and all the benefits that it will bring you. Stay tuned and listen carefully to get all the tips
Kelly and Christina talk about several tragic historical events on her friend's birthday this week, as well as a stories about how colors helped save some feathery lives and how color-blindness led to an uncertain moment for the fate of a family's weekly food supply. Read the full Sue Mende's full story about the colorfully-collared cats on our ...…
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