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The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard. Host Dave Trout brings you an hour of music that is thoughtful & inspirational, but may be largely under-appreciated. We’ll bring you music from undiscovered artists as well as some of the lesser-known songs from established artists. It’s like a 101 Class in *Gourmet Music*.
We help you find the most well-crafted faith-inspired music being made today. You want honest, artistic, non-cheesy, soul-enriching music? Host Dave Trout curates the artists and songs that will help you rediscover your soul-connection to music.
Good art - especially independent art - doesn't just happen. Host Garret Godfrey explores some of the best ways we all can be more supportive of faith-based independent music, including interviews and the latest crowdfunding campaigns.
Volcano Radio
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We chronicle the making of the album from concept to creation. Host Dave Trout helps tell the story that almost never gets told - the drama, swerves, missteps, and key decisions that make an album's release date happen.
We give you special access to some of today's most gifted songwriters and performers so you can learn about the heart behind the music.
Enjoy Your Podcast
A Sufjan Stevens centric Podcast
Unless you dig, you might not ever find out how much blood, sweat, and tears go into the making of the music you love. We are here to help you dig. Host Nick Flora shares stories, topics, and interviews as your audio liner notes on the creative process.
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What tweet inspired this month's Good Patron Challenge? Plus check out current crowdfunding campaigns - including the spotlight campaign by Thembi Joy. Spotlight campaign: Thembi Joy - Horizon - Indiegogo: Other Campaigns: A Slim Shadow - In/Out of Time - Kickstarter: ...…
It's the heart of summer - and we wanted to share a playlist of fun, vibey, windows-rolled-down summer songs. -------SONG LIST FOR EP.18------- 1. "Thank God For The Summertime" - Ben Rector 2. "All My Friends" - Owl City 3. "76" - Von Stranz 4. "Better Than I Used To Be" - Mat Kearney 5. "Glow" - Brooke Annibale 6. "Shining Down" - Swoope 7. " ...…
We are back! We've got a new "good patron challenge," spotlight campaign for Brettan Cox, and other faith-based crowdfunding campaigns for artists like JJ Heller, Scott Mulvahill, Moda Spira, L.S.U., & more. Good Patron Podcast Episode 07 Show Notes: * Brettan Cox - Fountain to Fountain: ...…
What are some of the best albums & songs from the first half of 2018? Our UTR Critics Panel helps find the cream of the crop as we share some selections that captured our ears and hearts. -------- SONG LIST FOR EP.17 -------- "Prodigal (Run To You)" - Kevin Max "Ring The Bells" - Johnnyswim + Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors "Ever Stay" - Joy Ike " ...…
We hope you are already a fan of Matthew Clark, but if not, this is a great place to start. We go back to July 2013 to an interview we did with Matthew at the inaugural Escape To The Lake - where we met Matthew for the first time. Plus some bonus questions from our live audience! MUSIC CREDITS: * "The Heart of the Wood" - Matthew Clark [2018] * ...…
Our listening community is in control of the playlist and we are featuring all female artists on this hour of music, including Sara Groves, Melanie Penn, Taylor Leonhardt, and FOUR artists we've never featured before in UTR's history. ****** SONG LIST FOR EP.16 ****** 1. "Come Home" - Waterdeep 2. "Gotcha" - TRALA 3. "Three Strangers" - Sarah M ...…
What do I want? Money, awards, exposure? Nope. I just want to be in the room where it happens.By (UTR Media).
We are sharing the music of just some of the artists coming to UTR's Escape To The Lake 2018 this July 19-21 in Cedar Lake, IN -- including Andrew Osenga, Christa Wells, Brothers McClurg, Jess Ray, & more. CREDITS: * Producer/Host - Dave Trout - * Escape To The Lake - * Sponsor: EUFAULA - http://eu ...…
We share some interviews and music clips from the 2018 National Worship Leaders' Conference in Nashville - including guests Brothers McClurg, Rick Lee James, Brian Campbell, Ian Zumback, & more. Special Thanks: * Worship Leader Magazine & the 2018 NWLC * Trevecca Nazarene University * The Hub & the Food Services Staff * NINE generous families w ...…
He's the most requested artist in the 10-year history of UTR. For the first time, we're sharing the full interview we did with Andrew Peterson from 8 years ago (2010), shortly after his album Counting Stars came out. Besides that album, we also chat about Rich Mullins, fatherhood, and having a surprise hit on CCM radio. CREDITS: Andrew Peterson ...…
We have over 80 minutes of music as we feature New Discoveries in the world of gourmet music. Dave guarantees that more than half (maybe close to all) of the artists will be brand new discoveries to you! ----------SONG LIST FOR GMP EP.14---------- 1. Just As I Am - The Sing Team 2. I Will Listen - Teressa Mahoney 3. Undertow - Dave Pettigrew 4. ...…
An all-star meeting is assembled in Nashville to see who is interested in being involved in the making of a Rich Mullins tribute album.By (UTR Media).
This is a brand new interview with Nick Flora about the making of his new project "Conversation Hearts." We also share a flashback interview with amazing songwriter Jessica Campbell, plus an update on what she's doing today. Special Thanks: * Fido in Nashville - whose parking lot hosted the Nick Flora interview on 3/14/18. * Back To God Ministr ...…
Our Easter Special 2018 celebrates songs about the cross and the empty tomb, including Brady Toops, The Welcome Wagon, Jess Ray, Page CXVI, and Dave's favorite song for Easter 2018. SONG LIST FOR EP.13 "Death Was Buried in Its Grave" - Parrish "Reckless Love" - Brady Toops "Ain't No Grave" - Crowder "The Death of Death" - Wendell Kimbrough "Eas ...…
Our spotlight campaign is a new album from the wonderful Jess Ray. Plus take our Good Patron Challenge, and keep up on current crowdfunding campaigns for Wild Harbors, VOL, Alter Boys, & more. Find out what Andrew Osenga, John J Thompson, and Kevin Max said that made Garret pick THIS as the Good Patron Challenge this episode. Spotlight campaign ...…
Two excellent conversations! We first share a new interview with the articulate and talented Audrey Assad about craft, family, and her new album "Evergreen." Then we share a classic interview with 8x Dove Award Winner (and the subject of a major motion picture) Bart Millard.By (UTR Media).
Tidy up folks! A Grammy Award winner is coming over! We chat with Charlie Peacock about his music career and his brand new jazz album. Plus we share an interview with creative singer-songwriter Shawn McDonald.Charlie Peacock has had a remarkable career as an internationally-known recording artist, award-winning producer, record label executive, ...…
We put the playlist into the hands of YOU our listeners for over 80 minutes of music, including requests for Josh Garrels, The Gray Havens, Liz Vice, Andy Gullahorn, & Tow'rs.By (UTR Media).
Where were you when you heard the news that Rich Mullins had died in 1997? We find out from Andrew Peterson, John J. Thompson, Beth Snell Lutz, and other that knew him. Plus more developments in our tribute album.By (UTR Media).
All the songs on this episode are less than 2 months old, including new releases by Andrew Peterson, The Oh Hellos, Christa Wells, and radio world premieres from Giants & Pilgrims and The Orchardist.By (UTR Media).
We have an in-depth conversation with Andrew Osenga about his songwriting process of late, navigating the rapidly changing music biz, and the heart & soul behind his new album "The Painted Desert."By (UTR Media).
We share ways to show support without spending money and ways to grab some good free music too. Plus current crowdfunding campaigns by Rick Lee James, Andrew Osenga, Jeremy Casella, Susan Ashton, & more.By (UTR Media).
We put the UTR Critics Panel back to work and ask them what songs from last year moved, inspired, and connected with them. All these recommendations (57 songs) make up our list of the Top Gourmet Songs of 2017 - and we feature 15 of them on this episode.By (UTR Media).
Jon Troast opens up about his recent battle with depression and the beautiful music that was birthed in his recovery. Plus veteran singer-songwriter Lisa Weyerhaeuser shares about the inspiration behind "Growing Light," her first solo album in over 12 years.By (UTR Media).
What was the best of the best music from last year? Here's the countdown of UTR's Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2017!By (UTR Media).
The tribute album is presented to a major record label in Nashville.By (UTR Media).
We cover current crowdfunding campaigns, including spotlight artist Matt Searles. Plus we talk with UTR Media founder Dave Trout about the Buildathon campaign and a crowdfunding year-in-review.By (UTR Media).
For this special Christmas episode of Green Room Door, we talk to Randall Goodgame about his new album "Sing The Bible Family Christmas." Plus we chat with Eric Peters about his love/hate relationship with the holidays and some rapid fire Christmas questions.By (UTR Media).
A trip to Nashville in February 2017 results in some positive momentum for the tribute album.By (UTR Media).
Our spotlight campaign is for Grammy Award-winner Ashley Cleveland. Take this month's "Good Patron challenge." And hear samples from a variety of current crowdfunding campaigns.By (UTR Media).
We talk with Dove Award-nominated artist John Tibbs about his journey from indie artist to a record label and back to the indies. Plus we get to know Atlanta-based roots-soul artist Micah Dalton.By (UTR Media).
We look at how Amy Grant's 1982 release changed the career of Rich Mullins, plus we talk with Rich's old bandmate from Zion, Beth Snell Lutz.By (UTR Media).
We interview Molly Neuman, a director at Kickstarter, about how their platform helps to support indie music projects. Plus the latest crowdfunding campaigns by Adam Whipple, Sara Groves, Hannah Miller, & more.By (UTR Media).
How does one go about making a Rich Mullins Tribute Album? Let's find out!By (UTR Media).
It's the debut episode of Good Patron! We'll be exploring ways to be supportive of faith-based independent music. Our spotlight campaign is from Matthew Smith. Plus we interview singer-songwriter Anthony Quails.By (UTR Media).
Have you been missing the old "Under The Radar" radio show? We are thrilled to introduce you to the Gourmet Music Podcast, the first production of the all-new UTR Media. Host Dave Trout returns to bring you over an hour of high-quality new releases.By (Under the Radar).
Coming Soon: "Release Date" - a new podcast from UTR Media; hosted & produced by Dave TroutBy (UTR Media).
Coming soon: "Good Patron" - a new podcast from UTR Media; produced & hosted by Garret GodfreyBy (UTR Media).
Coming soon: "Side Note" - a new podcast from UTR Media; produced and hosted by Nick FloraBy (UTR Media).
The inaugural episode of Enjoy Your Podcast
The UTR Critics hand-selected the individual tracks that really captured their ears and hearts. Here's just some of the Top Gourmet Songs of 2016, including tracks by Ginny Owens, Rivers & Robots, Eric Peters, Crowder, and more.By (Under the Radar).
We resurrect the UTR podcast out of hibernation for one of our most anticipated episodes each year. It's time to present the Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2016 - as voted on by the 10-member UTR panel of critics.By (Under the Radar).
This is our final radio show in this chapter of our ministry & also our 8th anniversary episode. Dave Trout, artists, and listeners celebrate how God has used this ministry. Plus some iconic hand-picked songs from our 8-year archives, like Andrew Peterson, The Vespers, Julie Lee, & Eric Peters.By (Under the Radar).
On this second-to-last UTR radio show, we continue our interview with one of the most requested artists in our show's history, Josh Garrels - and we talk about inspiration, rest, songwriting, and his next albums. The rest of the music is requests from UTR listeners.By (Under the Radar).
With room for only one more interview guest in the UTR "radio" era, the choice was easy. We welcome back Josh Garrels to the show for an in-depth 2-part conversation - plus we're also playing listener requests.By (Under the Radar).
In this fouth-to-last UTR Radio Show, we're having some fun with this week's theme of all cover songs. Ben Rector takes on Huey Lewis & The News. The 77s give us their version of Wilco. And Justin McRoberts reimagines George Michael.By (Under the Radar).
What would Judah & The Lion play if they were in charge of the UTR Playlist for a week? We get to find out! These kings of "folk, hop, 'n roll" join us all hour and play some of the artists that inspire them - including Brady Toops, Ellie Holcomb, & John Mark McMillan.By (Under the Radar).
We had so many songs in the queue that we wanted to play before this radio show ends, that we are spilling over into a bonus midweek podcast of UTR - this time sharing some of our favorite songs by Ben Rector, Melanie Penn, Christopher Williams, & more.By (Under the Radar).
Since we hardly ever repeat a song on UTR, we occasionally save some of the best tracks by an artist "in the queue" for a future show. Now it's time to spend the songs we have been saving - including gems by Cindy Morgan, Jason Gray, and Giants & Pilgrims.By (Under the Radar).
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