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New York's Swinger Club
We're Eros & Isis, a married couple in our mid 30's. We share our secret life as swingers on this podcast. Hear all about our wife swaps with other sexy couples. We share our naughty adventures of sex & advice with our listeners. We started this podcast to help curious newbies navigate the swinger lifestyle. Opening our marriage & enjoying consensual non-monogamy has brought more passion into our lives. Experienced swingers will also enjoy hearing about the silly situations & mistakes we've ...
Swinger Podcast
Award-winning comedian Angela Barnes and nomination-collecting Ray Peacock delve into the multifarious world of sex.From the vanilla to the deviant, the frigid to the filthy, the erotic to the neurotic, they leave no sexual stone unturned.They speak to therapists, fetishists, swingers and shakers, all against a hilarious backdrop of unresolved sexual tension.
Life on the Swingset is a podcast about swinging, polyamory, and open relationship non-monogamy from the trenches. Through debates, interviews, and sexy discussions, The Swingset Crew tackles sex, relationships, and their accompanying accoutrements, and what it means to be open sexually in a world that’s often closed.
Sexy Stories with Rose Caraway and her friends will arouse your senses and inflame your imagination with delicious tales of love, lust, loss, romance, suspense, erotic horror, and adventure! Come, experience intense fantasies that are sure to seduce your thoughts and leave you and your partner(s) wanting more! Enjoy the best erotica authors today as they show off their limitless imaginations with smart, provocative stories, with just the right amount of moxie and sensuality! This show is for ...
Podcast dedicated to helping people find their bliss. We talk about swinging, kink, bdsm, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory and everything in between and around. Each week, you can expect to hear about our adventures (and sometimes failures), get the latest naughty news, learn all sorts of other sensual pleasures and alternative lifestyles through interviews with experts, our own personal explorations and musings, and regular reports from the Luscious Lab.
A sexy and healthy approach to the swinging lifestyle!
Donnie, a tattoo artist and Jerry, a retired sheriff's deputy, Eric Welsh, a pro bow hunter, and Mike, a comedian, talk current events and interview people from all walks of life. A comedy show from a man's perspective. Unedited, uncensored, unfiltered. Listener Discretion Advised
On The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David, join the fun-loving swinger couple, Carol and David, and get an inside look into the swinging lifestyle as they share their own personal experiences relating to sex, love and marriage. Learn how to have a stronger and more meaningful relationship from their unique perspective on staying connected, pushing boundaries, exploring limits, fulfilling fantasies and more. Through uncensored and honest discussions about great sex, passion, and intimacy, ga ...
We're just your normal next door neighbors, very happily married for a LONG time, who kinda accidentally stumbled into the swinging lifestyle! We are sharing our adventures as we explore this sometimes unpredictable lifestyle, sharing the ups and downs and experiences (good and bad! - though mostly good!) and mistakes and surprises of our adventure! We'd love for you to come along with us!
Hedonist explores the many faces, factions and facets of the New York City sex party scene. In a culture struggling to make sex more joyful and capitalism more kind, some parties think they have the answers.Check out Brickhouse and our sponsors: get in touch with Grant @grantbirving1
Two sides of a debate from the greatest mind of the 21st century and all other centuries: The Best Debate in the Universe
2 old friends from the radio business reunite to do a podcast about everything and anything!
Howard Stern
The official SoundCloud page of The Howard Stern Show.
The RAD Prodcast
What is the RAD Prodcast you ask? Well, it’s a podcast, hosted by me, Producer Brandon! That’s where the clever name Prodcast comes from. This is a weekly feature you can subscribe to today. Go on! Search for RAD Prodcast in your favorite podcasting app like iTunes, Google, Stitcher and of course directly from Every week, I will either sit down with a special guest like Rob, or Dawn and her husband Gary, my wife and even other members of the RAD Radio family! When a guest isn’t ...
Lust, Lies, & Libido
Welcome to Lust, Lies, & Libido: Relationships and the lies we tell ourselves! This is a podcast about sex, love, life and all the things that happen in between. Showcasing interviews with professionals and real life people-just like you! We are truth seekers, always trying to get to the heart of the matter. We are here to help you embrace your lust, sort out the lies and welcome your libido! Thanks for listening and be sure to like, share and subscribe so you never miss an episode! Become a ...
Staff Picks
Unsung movies that deserve a little more love
Welcome to the dual realm where both MamaBear and Meduxxxa cohabitate and share stimulating titillating sexy and fun life experiences.
Krazy Truth
A show dedicated to answering the viewers questions about the Lifestyle, relationships or what every you want to talk about. I take a no nonsense, not politically correct, common sense approach to questions we all have. A humorous but helpful approach to your everyday questions.
Life less monotonous, life less monogamous
Perverted Podcast
A humorous show about Kink/BDSM/Sexual diversity and anything that makes people feel sexually alive in this erotic playland called life. We hope to entertain and educate our listeners about the positive aspects of the " kinky lifestyle", as well as poking fun at the not so glamorous shortcummings of those involved...... ummm...including ourselves. This is an " interactive listener " kinda show that relies on the email questions and comments of our fine Perverted Podcast listeners, fans and e ...
After The Ending
We look at what happened to the characters in your favorite movies after they end. If this was the real world, what would happen to that girl who survived the summer camp slasher massacre? Who's going to believe the guy who traveled through time? Were the members of The Breakfast Club still friends on Monday morning? These are the questions we're going to answer! And on top of that, every episode includes a fun mini-feature, and we revisit our picks for the top 10 films of a particular year ...
DJ Zouain & Friends talk about current events involving faith, specifically Christianity, and Christians today, with a fair share of dick and fart jokes. We talk about other faiths, our own faith, the church, the Church. we are 10% safe for the little ears.
mommy breast tips
Breast Milk and Breastfeeding Tips. Please note that this channel contains nudity for educational purposes.
Here at Brilliant Pleazure, we love to talk SEX. But with wisdom and Intellect. No subject is Taboo over here. If there was anything you would learn to learn and experience, you’ve come to the right place. A place where we explore the sexual self. It is also "A Place for Friends", Fun, Education, Books, Relationships, Jokes, an Life. I think you get it .. hope you enjoy your stay here. Get comfortable.. -Nicole Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sex Positive - Consensual non Monogamy
Coffee Convos is hosted by Kail Lowry of MTV's Teen Mom and Lindsie Chrisley of USA Network's Chrisley Knows Best. These two reality stars come from totally different worlds, but have become close through their shared experiences as mothers, reality stars, and women. They share who they really are and talk about the issues they face every day. They don't always agree, but they love to have lively discussions about motherhood, friendship, television, family, and life in the public eye. Coffee ...
Sex and Life
It's part education, part sexy. Dr Nikki became a Sexologist after feeling there wasn't enough information available for her to make choices in her own life. This is an open, unencumbered & educational peel back of the curtains on sex culture. Some topics might be known, others not - all can't have their stories told on mainstream media. This series is about opening your eyes to the different ways sex can play a part in our lives and relationships.
Cam and Tim from Melbourne comedy duo/band ‘Charging Stallion’ discuss the world news stories that interest them.
He's a stand up comic. She's a stay at home mom. They have 3 kids. They're married. They swear a lot. They're the Rutledges
The Weekend Superheroes Podcast is kind of like an organized train wreck. It's a crass yet witty internet radio station starring some of the wackiest, nimble witted yinzers in Pittsburgh. Filled with unpredictable topic discussions, insane news stories and special celebrity guest appearances that will keep you coming back just to see what they come up with next. So if you're tired of the same old boring podcast, grab your favorite drink and strap in for ride you won't soon forget.
Night Lights is a weekly classic jazz program and jazz blog by host David Brent Johnson produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, Indiana.
Podcast by KD Diouf
Life less monotonous, life less monogamous
Six Pack Sports
In Review
Welcome to In Review, the Podcast where either one or both of us have not seen the film we are about to watch.
A new movie release inspires a look back at two older films with similar themes but different approaches.
The Fantasy World Order (FWO) is a fantasy baseball podcast that strives to provide entertaining and in-depth player-by-player analysis. The FWO is your one-stop, audio destination for fantasy baseball draft preparation and in-season strategic advice.
Come Clean
Come Clean features comedians Trina Dong and Steph Matsuba doing what they do best, talk about everyone else's love lives.
Herbal Tea
Podcast by Herbal Tea
Radio La Nave Tierra's recent posts to
Bad Haircut Podcasts
Podcasts by Bad Haircut Productions
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Just because were not in a commited relationship does not mean we dont bond or have to communicate. Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by The Infatuation
Happy Valentine's Day! This week we have Dexter. He's a male cam model and he tells us about his experience in the cam modeling industry, as well as his nude modeling ventures. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @dextercollins33 where you can see him in all his glory! DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!! ALSO remember listeners get a 15% disc ...…
Kail & Lindsie chat w/ Bachelor's Jade Roper Tolbert. Jade talks about the show & why she liked being on Bachelor in Paradise more & shares details of the casting process. They talk about how Instagram changed the show's vibe. They talk about Marriage Bootcamp, Game of Clones, & Jade gives details of her tv wedding.. They discuss gender reveals ...…
Without a doubt one of our silliest shows yet. You will cry laughing as we talked about the Kasbh Sex survivor kit, penis fishing poles and so much more!!!!!
Five decades after Wes Montgomery's death in 1968, newly-discovered live recordings continue to emerge.
Pat, Joe and Nick run down the top 35 outfielders (by NFBC ADP) in this extensive player by player episode. Some highlights include: Which of the two Yankee sluggers in Stanton and Judge does the FWO like better? Does Joe hate Charlie Blackmon.....again? Will the pair of Robles and Soto live up to the hype in Washington? How high is the FWO on ...…
Happy Valentines Day, today we have two stories!! The Jump by Rebecca Chase featured in Best Women's Erotica of the year Vol.3 And ALSO! Cling by Tenille Brown featured in Candy Lovers Today's Stories by Rebecca Chase @rebeccahchase Tenille Brown @TheRealTenille Enjoy more sexy ...…
Cam and Timmy discuss The Blindfolded Chess Master, A Chubby Tiger, A Mother Helping her son find love, A lady smashing up a cafe and the way Swedish people say 'yes'
We held back on our episode for WIDOWS for its inevitable Oscar nominations. No dice. So how about the same week there's yet another movie about revenge starring Liam Neeson. Well, goddamnit that publicity won't help this little movie podcast. So you know what? Enjoy an early spring break as our episode theme on women pulling off heist movies f ...…
Listen to our new Podcast! We can be found on the following sites as well as right here on ours! We were able to sit down and talk to Dilly and Dally (fake names) at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica directly after she spent 25 minutes on our Tom’s Trips Motor Bunny vibrator! We discuss how we came about the Motor Bunny, how they have traveled with ...…
We talked about how to deal with not liking yourself or others, and the potential of the evolving as a kink community and what needs to be down to be accepted by society. End show song is Poly Poly
This week, Brandon opens up his "vault" of music from the bands he performed in previously. Dating back to his first band when he was in grade school, and the various other projects he was involved with up until the last few years. Listen to the evolution of different sounds and styles over the years. Maybe this will lead to some inspiration fo ...…
A personal reflection of my own experiences with orgies and a quick history lesson of the literal origins of sexual practices of orgies.....DM me on Twitter iam_mamabear and leave a comment...💋💋💋
Episode 22 already! Crazy how time flies! This time, Brenna and Brian chronicle finding a sexy playmate for Brenna in Arizona while she is there for work. What ensues is a hot, rough, passionate night of fun! Plus, Brenna teases Brian endlessly with photos and audio before returning home for hours of the hottest sex ever!! Hear all of the juicy ...…
Therapist and child of the 80's Leann Lindsley joins me to discuss one of the great unsung comedies of the early 80's, Michael Keaton and Teri Garr in 1983's Mr Mom.
In this episode, we go after the ending of Waterworld (1995) and Thank You For Smoking (2005)! And in our new feature, 100 Stars of Hollywood in 100 Episodes, we share our Top 5 Performances by Tom Cruise! Plus, the water puns are flying fast and furious. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Episode 63 The Rutledges ask the crowd if anyone is celebrating anything, recap NoFap, and see how well they know each other by taking a relationship quizBy (Gabriel and Kristi Rutledge).
Sharon Schmidt, L.M., C.P.M., is a midwife who operates the Fruitful Vine Midwifery Service in Jacksonville, FL. In this episode, we discuss the profession of being a midwife, its history and the benefits of having a home birth. We also discuss Sharon's growing passion for genealogy research and why recording peoples stories for austerity is im ...…
Happy Valentine's Day Lovers! KD and Olori talk about revenge porn, bedroom rituals and sexual fluidity.
An interview with Rachel Berenson Perry about her new study of an often-overlooked painter.
An Aussie who likes butt stuff and a chola who doesn’t work out their differences. Featuring Producer Paul’s very inappropriate playlist, Yoda Love Experts okayest advice. This episode was hard to edit because we were laughing too much recording it. Roland will probably delete this when he runs for office.…
Pat (@PatrickFWO) and Nick (@TheRealNickLigz) make their bold predictions for the upcoming season. Among the players discussed: Travis Shaw, Josh James, Robinson Cano, Yasiel Puig, Andrew McCutchen, Steven Souza, Aldaberto Mondesi, Paul DeJong and many more!
Lindsie has Will on for a chat w/ relationship experts Greg & Amiira Behrendt. Will talks about how he's ok w/ Lindsie having a work wife as long as he is the home husband. They talk about being different people at 19 than 29. Comparing times that were effortless to times that are the most difficult. They talk about the highlight reels on Insta ...…
Exploring the musical history of the "pianist of his own genre" depicted in the movie GREEN BOOK.
Podcast Listen to our new Podcast! We can be found on the following sites as well as right here on ours! LIVING IN A HAUNTED HOUSE! We live in a haunted house and we just got confirmation that someone actually died in our house! Listen to our crazy story and some of the sounds we captured on our recorder. Our podcast are sponsored by Tom’s Trip ...…
This week's episode features special guests "Mr. & Mrs. Horny", friends of Mr & Mrs Brandon, who happen to be in the swinging lifestyle. You may want to listen to this episode privately as it is very NSFW! We discuss the ups and downs being a swinger, tips for people who are interested in dipping their toes into the lifestyle, also how to navig ...…
This week Keke and Trip are back and like promised... Well just Trip and our guest for the week. This week we have Tasha Bills aka Masked Deviant. She talks about the swinger lifestyle, BDSM and her experiences in the Baltimore scene. Make sure to follow her on IG @masked_deviant DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!! ALSO remember listeners ge ...…
We are back in the studio this week talking with the folks on the page and answering questions. We tackle some deep topics in a fun and informative way. Making you laugh while you learn, it doesn't get any better then this.
From The Howard Stern Show (02-05-19) - Tan Mom Helps Out With Homework in New Prank Call For more Howard Stern Show:Website - www.howardstern.comTwitter - - www.instagram/sternshowFacebook -
From The Howard Stern Show (02-05-19) - Super Bowl Announcer Alan Roach Demonstrates His Legendary Deep VoiceFor more Howard Stern Show:Website - www.howardstern.comTwitter - - www.instagram/sternshowFacebook -
We talked about celibacy in kink and being responsible for how your sex affects you, we talked about unicorns and respecting others you try to include in your sex play. The whole show, Apple was rope suspending Mew (Pics will be on our Fetlife page) end show song was "The Love Lab"
Episode 21 of Front Porch Swingers chronicles the second half of our trip to VEGAS! Brenna gets to play not once, but twice with her sexy podcasting crush, Billy Procida, host of the Manwhore Podcast. Hear about their making out in a Vegas casino, Brenna going down on him, and their last-minute hookup before boarding a plane for home. This epis ...…
From The Howard Stern Show (02-04-19) - Flirty Gary Calls A Guy He Met On Grindr In New Phony Phone CallFor more Howard Stern Show:Website - www.howardstern.comTwitter - - www.instagram/sternshowFacebook -
In this episode, we go after the ending of The Lion King (1994) and Matchstick Men (2003)! And in our 100 Years of Hollywood in 100 Episodes, we share our Top 10 Films of 2018! Plus, Mike & Phil are still recovering from their respective illnesses, so things get… interesting.
The Rutledges discuss tornados, how to anonymously tell someone their parts smell, and listen to the worlds worst rap battleBy (Gabriel and Kristi Rutledge).
We talk to Dilly and Dally (fake names) at Hedonism II Resort in their room as Dilly takes a ride on our Toms Trips Motor Bunny for 25 minutes and 4 or 5 or 6 Orgasms! Afterwards we do another upcoming podcast where we talk to them about their vacation with Tom’s Trips your leader in Adult Lifestyle Travel.…
Laila Ireland is with SPARTA TRANS. They support actively serving Trans US military members-What is the trans ban?-What are the biggest objections to trans in the military?-How close is this to being a dont-ask-don-tell situation?-Trans etiquette. what about the person who changes gender identity every 30 minutes?…
Often described by his peers as a "saint," Dolphy was a multi-instrumentalist and musical seeker whose legacy rests on recordings made in the last four years of his life.
Kira Royale and Mike joined us in 2018 for our trip to paradise, and when Dylan Thomas put the call out for interviews, they physically jumped at the opportunity. They discuss swinger spaces and what makes a space truly great, connecting with other people, and their experiences in the lifestyle. Join us in Paradise from November 2-9, 2019 for S ...…
Pat (@PatrickFWO) and JP first dive into catcher position including thoughts on Sanchez v Realmuto, the big middle, some youngsters like Danny Jansen and Francisco Mejia, and where two catchers on the same team maybe viable. Afterwards, the FWO provides a preview of its top 30 relievers as Pat and JP draft the top RPs and provide insight on the ...…
Kail talks about her life being chaos. Lindsie discusses snow days in the South & why Jackson was disappointed. Lindsie reveals why she cancelled her gym membership. Lindsie reads harassing messages from a girl from MTV's Catfish. They talk about a screenshot they got from Farrah’s Snapchat of Sophia wearing a bra & panties. They talk about a T ...…
From The Howard Stern Show (01-30-19) - High Pitch Erik Interviews Medicated Pete About PoliticsFor more Howard Stern Show:Website - www.howardstern.comTwitter - - www.instagram/sternshowFacebook -
The 1st half of the show is doing a live podcast at our Gaint hotel take over Krazy Winter Nights, The second half of the show is our honest talk about how it went and whats in store for the future.. Make sure you listen to it all the way through!!!
Producer Paul has a poppin’ new playlist to make any 30-something seem cooler than they are. Plus this episode is accented by a SoCal surfer dude, an Aussie, a Valley girl and an Indian Med Student.
Welcome back horny devils! We have had one hell of a past few days with our very ow sexageddon! We both had a slew of single dates, some foreplay on a car ride, an orgy and for the first time we got catfished in a very awkward situation. Nevertheless we still turned the situation into a sexy night! Email us stories/questions/comments to swingin ...…
Some potential great news for Threshold, then we talked about normal insecurities revolving around play and pleasing your partners or when they want to please you.Then Boogie got triggered talking about predators at parties and our usual completely non-PC jokes and goofings.End song was a an old song off the Nerd Music Album called "Retch"…
Cam and Timmy discuss a boy saved by a friendly bear, a bragging ninja, the Soulja Boy console, drunk driver looses wheel and doesn't notice, The US Office saves a life, worlds loneliest duck found dead, deadly spaghetti & a Prime Minister with morals
Brandon is joined by his friend Jason. He revisits his extended family that he found through an ancestry web site, with an update on some new family happenings. The conversation quickly turns into a discussion about the rumored Breaking Bad movie, The Punisher Season 2, Black Mirror Grabhersnatch (Bandersnatch), UFOs (and other mumbo jumbo), te ...…
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