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Best Switzerland Current Affairs podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Switzerland Current Affairs podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Der «Doppelpunkt» bearbeitet gesellschaftlich, politisch, wirtschaftlich und kulturell relevante Themen aus dem Inland, die ein breites Publikum interessieren. Der «Doppelpunkt» vertieft Themen aus dem Tagesprogramm. Und er setzt eigene, neue Themen und lanciert Diskussionen darüber.
Every weekday, catch up with Sinéad Mangan as she explores news and analysis of national issues significant to regional Australians.
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Think of interpreters and you might think of focused faces wearing headphones in glass booths at conferences. Or perhaps people whispering into the ears of presidents at international summits. But have you ever thought about the skills these unsung heroes have to master and the pressures they have to face? One of the Swiss parliament’s nine officia…
Tourism is the life blood of New South Wales coastal town Bateman’s Bay, but like many fire affected towns there are few tourists around since the fierce bushfires of late December.
Jen Lewis and Hayley Katzen miraculously saved their home from the bushfire in October last year, a remarkable effort, particularly as Hayley was in her final week of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.
Blue Mountains plant and animal rescue groups are swinging into action to help with recovery, but one expert is warning that the mountains environment may never recover.
Herr und Frau Schweizer leben auf grossem Fuss. Im Schnitt sind es pro Kopf 46 Quadratmeter, Tendenz steigend. Es gibt aber auch Menschen, die ganz bewusst auf sehr viel weniger Fläche leben. Wohnen auf kleinem Raum Der «Doppelpunkt» zeigt, wie es sich lebt im Tiny House, dem kleinen Häuschen auf Rädern oder im Micro Apartment, der modernen Einzimm…
The weather bureau is forecasting rain for large sections of eastern Australia including some firegrounds from tomorrow through to the weekend.
Government establishes a $50 million emergency fund to address the devastating loss of wildlife this bushfire season.
From US tensions with Iran to wildfires in Australia, 2020 has gotten off to an intense and challenging start for the world. How will the United Nations handle these and other issues coming up this year? And what does the future hold for the international organization? As part of our Inside Geneva series, host Imogen Foulkes joins UN representative…
Eigenbrötler, schüchtern, passiv – das sind die gängigen Klischees zum Verhalten introvertierter Menschen. In einer lauten Gesellschaft, in der Selbstdarstellung und Networking gross geschrieben werden, werden die Stillen unterschätzt und benachteiligt. In dieser Sendung kommen die Stillen zu Wort, räumen mit den Vorurteilen auf und zeigen, was in …
Corals are our underwater forest, supporting a whole ecosystem. But they are fast disappearing due to global warming. Swiss and Israeli scientists have discovered that corals in the Red Sea are more resistant to climate change. Now Switzerland is leading a project aimed at bringing scientists from the Red Sea countries together to help save the cor…
We hear from farmers who are producing the food that will served in homes right across Australia this Christmas, many have been tested by a changing climate and extreme weather.
With temperatures set to soar this week, many property owners are making compromises to keep their animals alive with limited water supplies.
Previously each Southern Downs resident had an allowance of 100 litres per day but will now be limited to 80 litres to drink, cook, shower and clean.
Sie kritisiert. Sie mischt sich in die Kindererziehung ein. Sie ruft dauernd an. Rund ein Drittel aller Frauen leiden unter der Mutter ihres Partners. Was tun? Die Sendung liefert Strategien im Umgang mit schwierigen Schwiegermüttern und erklärt, warum der Ehemann häufig schweigt.By Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)
To do their work, humanitarian organisations must talk with everyone in the field, including groups that have been labelled terrorists. How do they do it?Agencies like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (Doctors without Borders) say well-intentioned government policies like anti-terrorism legislat…
Dozens of former fire and emergency services leaders have gathered in Sydney today to call for an emergency bushfire and climate summit, to fill what they've called a "leadership vacuum" left by the federal government.
90 year old Laura Henkel from New South Wales is about to end her life, not because she's terminally ill, but she feels it's time to move on.
It’s still early in the bushfire season and there are concerns too much is being asked of volunteer firefighters
The South Australian town of Hawker in the Flinders Rangers has today narrowly voted to reject the proposed establishment of a nearby nuclear waste facility.
Queensland wildlife experts say recent bushfires combined with ongoing drought is having a devastating impact on native animal populations.
Wer seine Arbeit verliert, verliert fast alles: Eine geregelte Tagesstruktur, Anerkennung und das soziale Beziehungsnetz. Betroffene erzählen, wie schwierig es ist, in einer solchen Situation das Selbstbewusstsein zu behalten. Der Weg zurück in die Arbeitswelt kann gelingen, er ist aber steinig. Markus Christen arbeitete bis 55 als Chauffeur. Dann …
For the first time, Swiss foreign policy strategy is to be "inspired" by the report of an expert group, which included businesses and think-tanks as well as government people. The person in charge of writing the new strategy is State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Pascale Baeriswyl. In an exclusive interview, she talked about this task, and her upco…
With the lack of rain the sub-tropical rainforests of northern New South Wales and Queensland are at risk of being destroyed by bushfires
Tourism authorities have urged holidaymakers to think twice before cancelling Christmas and summer getaway plans due to extensive bushfires across New South Wales.
You know that saying about people running away to join the circus? That’s basically what Meret Ryhiner did when she left Switzerland in 1979.At the height of her performing career, the equilibrist had an incredible sense of balance. After a bad accident destroyed it, she began transferring her skills to youth.Today Meret Ryhiner is a much-loved men…
An Israeli documentary filmed on a number of Kimberley cattle stations has shown cattle either dead or dying in the yard, station workers kicking and punching animals, and a carcass pit where dozens of dead animals are piled on top of each other.
A citizen scientist 'dust watch' program in New South Wales has found this year was a record breaker.
Entwicklungshilfe verändert sich. Neben der klassischen Hilfe, etablieren sich immer mehr auch neue Formen von Hilfe. Entwicklungshilfe wird zur Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Schweizerinnen und Schweizer spenden gerne. Im Jahr 2018 haben Hilfswerke, die in der Schweiz Spenden sammeln 1,812 Milliarden Franken erhalten. Beim Spenden sind oft noch die g…
Entwicklungshilfe verändert sich. Neben der klassischen Hilfe, etablieren sich immer mehr auch neue Formen von Hilfe. Entwicklungshilfe wird zur Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Schweizerinnen und Schweizer spenden gerne. Im Jahr 2018 haben Hilfswerke, die in der Schweiz Spenden sammeln 1,812 Milliarden Franken erhalten. Beim Spenden sind oft noch die g…
NSW farmer Robert Lee says the extreme weather variabilities he faces year-on-year on his farm has him on edge.
A convoy of protestors have travelled to Canberra, with a call to "Can the Basin Plan". They're upset about a lack of water and are calling for reform including the scrapping of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
Wollongong's Dr Justin Yerbury is racing against time to find a cure to Motor Neurone Disease. Not only for the many thousands who suffer the disease but also for himself.
Some graduate teachers working out bush find themselves under so much pressure that some just up and leave in the middle of the night.
Indigenous and non-Indigenous people have met in Cherbourg for community consultation regarding the Path to Treaty process
«Was bin ich?», fragt sich Walter. Gast? Vaterersatz? Oder Störenfried? Die Rolle des Stiefvaters ist keine einfache. Die Sendung «Doppelpunkt» spricht mit einem Stiefvater über seine Erfahrungen und fragt zwei Familientherapeuten, wie aus dem Stiefvater im besten Fall ein Bonusvater wird.By Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)
Jennifer Westacott has urged the Federal Government to select 10 regional towns to power the economy outside of Sydney and Melbourne
The New South Wales cabinet have travelled to Bourke to see first-hand the challenges facing the regional community.
Pastoralists in remote Western Australia battling drought say they need access to high powered, self-loading rifles to better control destructive pests such as camels and wild horses.
Most people in Switzerland would support a ban on lethal autonomous weapons systems, for example, drones that can shoot people.A poll commissioned by the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots showed that 72% of Swiss respondents would favor a ban – a similar result to several other European nations surveyed.In this episode of our Inside Geneva series, cor…
Raging fires continue across the country with five states and the ACT facing fire weather warnings. More than ten properties have been damaged in bush fires in South Australia today and over 30 people treated for minor fire related injuries.
Catastrophic fire danger conditions remain in place for seven of South Australia's districts leaving crews to battle fires fanned by gale-force winds.
Schweizerinnen und Schweizer Velofreaks zieht es Jahr für Jahr auf den Mont Ventoux in Südfrankreich. Inspirieren lassen sie sich von der Tour de France, die alle paar Jahre einmal über den Mont Ventoux fährt. Der Berg gilt als das «Santiago de Compostela», der heilige Berg der Gümmeler. Unter ihnen sind harte Wettkämpfer, aber auch schwitzend medi…
Federal Government launches new visa scheme requiring migrants to live in regional areas
West Perth based company Saracen Mineral Holdings has agreed to pay $1.1 billion for Canadian Barrick Gold's half of the Kalgoorlie Super Pit.
Craig Fugate is one of the world's leaders in fire management and he argues we can’t keep doing what we’ve done in the past with bushfires as it's no longer working
Thousands of people have marched through Alice Springs today to protest against the police shooting death of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker.
Today conditions have worsened in Queensland and concern is focused around the Sunshine Coast and Noosa
Bei einer Trennung wollen die Eltern meistens das Beste für ihr Kind. Nur: Was ist das Beste? Was wünschen sich Kinder bei einer Scheidung? «Hört euren Kindern einfach mal zu», rät Scheidungskind Michelle. Die 21-Jährige diskutiert zusammen mit zwei anderen erwachsenen Scheidungskindern über die Trennung ihrer Eltern und darüber, wie dieses Erlebni…
The New South Wales Rural Fire Service has been dealing with up to 15 emergency level fires as dozens of other fires blaze around the state in 'catastrophic' conditions.
Greater Sydney, Greater Hunter and now the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions have catastrophic fire danger warnings for Tuesday
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