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Microlectures and readings from English literature; by Michael Blackburn, writer, poet, retired lecturer.A traditional approach to the appreciation of literature. English Readings comprises two strands. The first is brief lectures/podcasts on specific texts or authors which may, I hope, prove of some interest to students and those with a love of English literature; the second is short readings of extracts from texts that may not be so well-known but which deserve a wider readership. These po ...
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths!
The Lorerunner
A series of audio ruminations on games, movies, and books.
Commune is a podcast where we explore the ideas and practices that bring us together and help us live healthy, purpose-filled lives. We believe personal and societal health are two sides of the same coin, and that cultivating personal wellness is the first step toward making the world well. We connect with experts, scientists, and storytellers around food, health, social impact, mindfulness and movement practices, personal growth, and environmental action. In addition to being a podcast, Com ...
Any and all subject matter related to the future--the long view--of the human condition. Technology, Health, Economics, Politics, Society, Environment and the basics of how to think about the future.
I talk about anything and everything. Nothing is off the table or taboo. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-3c661be36c98502a390839de2305daf6}
Beatitudes Radio
Progressive Christianity in today's world. A mix of thought provoking interviews, insightful questions and the deeper meaning behind sacred texts.
Cloudy Society
Cloudy Society invites you for the latest on the forever evolving vape industry, herbal industry and more!
Welcome to DelveCast, the home of Delve the Podcast. Delve and DelveCast are dedicated to the sharing, discussion and creation of all tabletop gaming. We welcome developers, designers and all people who work on games to join and share with us what you do.
Think Digital
Think different about digital. Why? Because you can't afford not to. But thinking different doesn't mean trying out the latest tactics and trends, or blindly following to the guru du jour. No. That's NOT what this show is about. We'll give you the rock-solid digital systems you need to get more leads, grow your business, and increase your productivity.
The Content & Search Marketing Specialists
Radio station broadcasting from Peckham, London & Lower East Side NYC.Track ID's from the last 14 days available @
Zengineering Podcast is for everyone who loves Science & Technology and also cares deeply about the beauty of Life's Big Questions. We (Adam & Brian) are obsessed with the spot where modern Science, Technology & Engineering meet Philosophy, Art & Spirituality. We have found this to be the place where the most interesting questions are both formulated and discussed. It's the place where mental models are born, and that's what we're really chasing. Are you? Become a supporter of this podcast:h ...
Jay Murphy's Home of All Things Vanishing Tower and his Attempts at Face-to-Face Roleplaying in the Wilderness Become a supporter of this podcast:
TED is a nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading. On this video feed, you'll find TED Talks to inspire, intrigue and stir the imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers, speaking from the stage at TED conferences, TEDx events and partner events around the world. This podcast is also available in high-def video and audio-only formats.
See in ADHD
If you're trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn't, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, you're in the right place. Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace it as a gift or mainly struggle with executive function challenges, you will learn through guests' personal stories, ah-ha moments, or tips and tricks to try yourself, there's always something to take away. Earlier episodes are hosted by ADHD Coach Jennie Friedman with guests like Jessica ...
Refuge OTM is a faith-based community radio and media ministry committed to teaching sound biblical doctrine and spreading the gospel message. We challenge the current belief system through true Biblical exploration. We stick to Biblical and God-honoring doctrine and do away with doctrine created by man. Refuge is an evangelical ministry serving local communities, as well as reaching global audiences through internet radio broadcasting.
The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) is a world-acclaimed set of strategies, helping all children flourish. Join Stephanie Rule as your host and NHA Certified Trainers and Advanced Trainers as guests monthly in discussing the application of Nurtured Heart in a variety of topics.
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From entrepreneurship and leadership – to purpose and spirituality – the Conscious PIVOT Podcast is the place for powerful insights, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully reinvented some area of their business and personal life. Gain greater insights to navigate your own pivot, learn how to fully embrace new opportunities, increase your performance, master the art and science of innovation and resilience, and love your life!Join Adam for a much n ...
NH News
Marketing, sales, mindset and business strategies to help gym owners max out their gyms with more than 100 new members in four weeks
Creators Revival
Where we talk about all things Peak Performance, Imagination, Creativity, Marketing, Graphic Design, Advertising, Social Media, Branding, Psychology, and Digital Strategy for Creative Professionals. This Podcast is brought to you by Kendol Mason, Art Director and founder of Giftbox Creative in Atlanta Georgia. Become a supporter of this podcast:
CureTalks features leading medical experts in conversation with a panel of patients/advocates about latest research and treatments under development.
Hot Dog Cart Store
Weekly+ is where you will find all the videos that are unlisted. Please visit: for more free training, articles, podcasts and videos.
Wrangle a disjointed design process, bring order out of chaos, and cultivate a more simple way of working. Host John Barrier Wilson provides DesignOps tips for individual designers and design teams alike. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Deb McBride is a professional astrologer & emotional healer. This program is designed to help others in understanding the current astrological cycles & how to use the available archetypal energy to one's benefit. Deb has been studying astrology for most of her life, in addition to holding degrees in chemistry & mathematics. Deb began her professional astrological counseling practice in 1986 & studied advanced astrological counseling techniques with Michael Lutin using the work of psychiatris ...
Strategies, tools and tactics for all things marketing automation - so founders and teams can increase revenue and better customer experience 👌 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Project Sanity
Cutting through the noise within the ruling prism of our capsizing social construct, Palmerston North based theatre director Scott Andrew presents 'Project Sanity', a weekly educational show laying bare the inner logic of the accelerating global systems collapse now faced by all peoples on Earth and the installation of the new emerging social model. And it’s not all doom and gloom! Featuring a very careful mix of informative interviews, music, comedy and book/video recommendations to help yo ...
I talk about anything and everything. Nothing is off the table or taboo. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-3c661be36c98502a390839de2305daf6}
Coach Rick has helped many adults become healthier through mental coaching and fitness training as well as athletes with his online sports performance coaching. Live and perform at your best and see how Coach Rick can help you do just that! Listen to his shows to get proven tips and strategies to be a champion.
Hosted by Arielle Taylor~~~~ For over 25 years, locked in a bank vault, an ongoing collection of chronicles has awaited their time coded release, and now is the time. These are the true journals of galactic ET demonstrations experienced by someone Hollywood would call "The Female Galactic Indiana Jones." Her interactions and assignments with the Pleiadeans were recorded by her for future generations of starseed, a word that she first coined in the '70s, so that they will understand the true ...
Chicken Whisperer
Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer®, brought to you by Kalmbach Feeds, is a nationally broadcast web radio show all about keeping backyard poultry, show poultry, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. Each week, the Chicken Whisperer®, Editor In Chief of, Chicken Whisperer Magazine, Author of, The Chicken Whisperer's Guide To Keeping Chickens, and National Spokesperson for the USDA-APHIS Biosecurity for Birds Program, welcomes experts in their field from around the country to share ...
The podcast of tabletop RPG fans across the Channel, the Pond and beyond.
Exploring how two K12 network administrators use technology in their schools.
Real people, real topics, and a platform for the new artist
Solution Systems, Inc. (SSI) for over 35 years has been implementing ERP, CRM, web development and IT infrastructure systems and support for distribution, manufacturing and service businesses throughout the Midwest. Over that period, SSI has evolved as an organization and has developed new competencies and techniques to remain on the cutting edge for its clients; however, SSI's core mission has always remained the same.SSI is focused on maximizing the value of your business system by deliver ...
What if you decided to live a healthier life and had access to leading health care subject matter experts? This podcast series will follow the personal journey of a few friends who are using their connections in the health care system to gain an insider’s perspective to better manage their personal health.
Product Leadership
Bringing you in on the conversation of product development. Call into the Anchor station by visiting
Ruben Garcia is the CEO/Founder of PROVEN BY RUBEN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT where he works with start-ups, CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs to train, hire and bring in proven systems and models that build EMPIRES!He is also the former Vice President of The Locker Room Business Development Division and the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break ALL-TIME records in agent count, closed units, gross commission income, listings taken, listings sold, contr ...
Talking with outdoorsmen from all over the country about our way of life.
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) publishes high quality research relevant to clinical nephrology. Now one of the most widely-read and referenced kidney journals, physicians read CJASN to learn about the most important advances in clinical and translational research in nephrology.
Linux fueled mayhem & madness with a side of news, reviews, and whatever the Hell-Elks™ we come up with
Jerusalem Hub
Jerusalem Hub is the central place for entrepreneurs, startups and investors to connect and build out their platforms. Check us out on YouTube!
So In Love
So In Love is a weekly 30 minute radio show full of love and laughter to strengthen and enhance marriage for husbands and wives. What is shared is based on biblical guidance and practical living to help keep marriages "FIT".So grab your morning coffee, tea or juice and tune in together to the So In Love channel live with your hosts, Hector and Cassandra Foy.
This is going to be the best damn Morning Show you've ever listened to "one day", but till then I'm gonna try to keep you up to date with a bunch of useless information , historical trivia no one cares about, and my personal opinions that no one could live with out. So sit down, tune in, and enjoy your new favorite podcast, and then you can listen to my show. Your new choice for the morning news. Follow me on: Twitter: @ScottHay86 Instagram: scotthay86I'll be talking at you tomorrow.
The Satirically Challenged Show is the only comedy disabled news program in the world. Each week Live on Mondays and Wednesday's at 10 P.M on Blog Talk Radio. Our correspondents have one mission when 10.p.m. calls. Rip mainstream news, in any form apart in its place to deliver disability news and satire to the forefront. We also interview guests from the world of disability advocacy and special guests from the entertainment industry. Tune in Live on Blog Talk Radio. Subscribe to us on Apple ...
On the Leading with Health podcast, leaders of mission- based healthcare organizations join host Jennifer Michelle to discuss growth, change and their vision for the future of healthcare.Jennifer Michelle, MPH, EMT is a marketing consultant specializing in the healthcare sector. President of Michelle Marketing Strategies, she has a Master's in International Health & Epidemiology and currently volunteers as an EMT. Her unique background allows her to bring unexpected insight and depth to ever ...
Interviews with social work academics and professionals on the issues and policies of the day, and their relationship to social work practice.
Maureen co-hosted the radio show “Protect Your Assets” with David Hollander broadcasting throughout the entire Bay Area and Oregon on KNBR 680 “The Sports Leader” in San Francisco, CA. Maureen shared her extensive knowledge of the sell-side of the business, while working alongside Mr. Hollander at Liberty Group, LLC, prior to that she held the position of Chief Operating Officer for The Channel Checkers a research firm based in San Francisco specialized in providing comprehensive research to ...
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1. Eberhard Schoener - Gam-Bang2. Babyfather - Penelope Freestyle3. Soft Rocks - Obo (Tiago's Disk Mix)4. The Midnight Hour ft Rapheal Saadiq - Its you5. Ronin Arkestra - Stranger Searching6. Oddboy TEN - The Opening7. Tito Puente - Est es Tumbao'8. Who needs love - Incognito9. Goshawk - I get up 2 get down10. Soft Rocks - Air (Secret Circuit R ...…
Yikes...we are married now! And who is that sleeeping in my bed? What was it like when you came off your honeymoon? When did reality set in and you realized that there was another body in your bed. Tune into the show as your hosts, Hector and Cassandra Foy discuss the second stage phase of marriage - The Adjustment Stage. Where are you in your ...…
Matt is back from TCEA in San Antonio with some information about the new AMD powered HP Chromebooks. The guys also discuss the latest enterprise application issues between Facebook, Google and Apple. Reach out to us: @feekes | @twistofmatt | @educatingtech Join Our Discord Leave Us a Review on Apple Podcasts Become a Patron Patreon Thanks to A ...…
One night, Evie Carter returns home to find her husband has been shot and killed in his home office. Her response? Destroy his laptop. She's arrested for his murder. Sergeant Detective D.D. Warren is on the case. Warren remembers that Evie Carter was also cleared more than a decade earlier for accidentally shooting her father. Does lightening r ...…
Listen in to hear our guests, Diandra Kaufman, Christina Marinaro, Lyla Tyler and Tammi Van Hollander share a glimpse of what they will be presenting at our upcoming Global Summit in July 2019. If you are new to NHA, join us at our Nurtured Heart Approach® Global Summit, and gain a multitude of tools to help you learn and apply NHA to your pers ...…
The pages of romantic novels have long been where readers turn for fantasy and guilty pleasure. But as ideas around love and relationships change in society, the genre has gone through some changes, too. Peggy Jaeger , a romance novelist based in Keene, has written 13 books with more on the way. Her latest book, Dearly Beloved , is set in the f ...…
Gene-editing tools like CRISPR enable us to program life at its most fundamental level. But this raises some pressing questions: If we can generate new species from scratch, what should we build? Should we redesign humanity as we know it? Juan Enriquez forecasts the possible futures of genetic editing, exploring the immense uncertainty and oppo ...…
Rumination Analysis on Metro 2033By (Lorerunner).
When Gov. Chris Sununu outlined his budget proposal to lawmakers at the State House on Thursday, much of the speech centered on health care, including some proposed fixes to issues that have simmered for years.By (Dan Tuohy).
In this episode we ask why should you rebrand? Exactly what are some reasons to rebrand your company and how will this affect your reputation? Rebranding isn’t a small choice that gets made over night. There are a lot of factors that comes into the decision of rebranding your company or even your personal brand. I’ll give you 10+ reasons to sta ...…
Dr. David Fajgenbaum was diagnosed with a rare disorder that killed 35% of patients within five years of diagnosis. Dr. Fajgenbaum realised that he would have to lead the charge against his rare condition and we are talking to this young doctor about his incredible journey unraveling Castleman Disease. Castleman Disease is a rare disease of lym ...…
In a lyrical talk full of radical imagination, poet Aja Monet and community organizer phillip agnew share the story of how they fell in love and what they've learned about the powerful connection between great social movements and meaningful art. Journey to Smoke Signals Studio in Miami, their home and community art space where they're creating ...…
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
This is a summary by Anamika Adwaney on behalf of her co-authors to discuss their article, "Central Venous Stenosis, Access Outcome and Survival in Patients undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis".
When will airlines learn to meet all their passengers needs? United has done it again with not meeting a passengers needs with providing a mobility device so the passenger can disembark the plane. The Satirically Challenged Show is presented by AMCPress&Co. We are the #1 disabled satirical news program in the world (65,000 and Counting) that pr ...…
OBS Studio 23.0 RC1 is looking for testers, Snap checks its privilege, RISC-V powered Fedoras, and using YouTube for cloud storage.
What does it mean to be civil? Journalist Steven Petrow looks for answers in the original meaning of the word, showing why civility shouldn't be dismissed as conversation-stifling political correctness or censorship. Learn three ways we can each work to be more civil -- and start talking about our differences with respect.…
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
Looking for a firecracker of a leader?? Look no further than Jessica Pegg! Jessica is the Assistant CEO of the KW Ballantyne office in NC (most profitable KW office in the UNIVERSE!) AND the team owner of Pegg Properties! With her team closing 74 units ($19+M in Vol) in 2018 AND her having a leadership position in the office, leverage has serve ...…
Cloudy cast ep9 * formerly cloudy Society Podcast I Call Series This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Don't beat yourself up. It's common sense. Get the location with the most traffic. Problem is... the locations where you rely on people to stop their cars, get out of traffic and back in - are hard to develop. The myth of 5th and main is about this problem and gives you the best solutions.***first day as a hot dog vendor***https://learnhotdogs. ...…
Dr. Barbara Hong obtained her Ph.D. from Columbia University in addition to three masters. She is a three-time recipient of the prestigious Senior Fulbright Scholar and has been appointed by the U.S. State Department Bureau of International and Information Programs as a Speaker Specialist and Expert on Disability, consulting with ministries of ...…
Modern American health care is defined by its high costs, high overhead and inaccessibility -- especially for low-income patients. What if we could redesign the system to serve the poor and still have doctors make money? In an eye-opening (and surprisingly funny) talk, physician P.J. Parmar shares the story of the clinic he founded in Colorado, ...…
Part love-story and part practical advice, Commune co-founders Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant invite you into their world of shared businesses, three daughters, and 30 years of marriage. What does it take to keep a partnership healthy when the goal isn't work-life balance, but rather work-life integration?…
Star Trek DS9 S3E22 ExplorersBy (Lorerunner).
Silence is a rare commodity these days. There's traffic, construction, air-conditioning, your neighbor's lawnmower ... and all this unwanted sound can have a surprising impact on your health, says noise researcher Mathias Basner. Discover the science behind how noise affects your health and sleep -- and how you can get more of the benefits of t ...…
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
Sometimes we do not realize how close we are to the gold when we decide to give up. Looking at the uncertainties and learning to push through in life, Allison Maslan – CEO of global business mentoring company, Allison Maslan International, and best-selling author – shares her journey towards finding the road that leads to her success in between ...…
Content marketing. Seth Godin said, “it’s the only type of marketing left.” But, what if he’s wrong? Seems like everyone knows we’re supposed to do it...right? But why does it seem like such a pain in the @$$? Well, because if you ignore these 3 truths, it usually is: Have a “second step” Sound like yourself Choose your lane When you try and so ...…
Peta is actually going after a children's movie... When will PETA learn? New emojis will be released which feature persons with different abilitiies. The Satirically Challenged Show is presented by AMCPress&Co. We are the #1 disabled satirical news program in the world (65,000 and Counting) that provides uncensored news on numerous topics world ...…
Personalized medicine has provided a whole new approach to treating cancer. Discover where the future of precision medicine is headed when Dr. Patrice Milos joins me on the Leading with Health podcast. Dr. Patrice Milos is President and CEO of Medley Genomics, she co-founded the company to advance novel data analytics to help understand genomic ...…
On Episode 8, we talked about health. On Episode 208 we discuss health, hit points, wounds, healing systems and more. We also flip the script, leading Alex to ask some questions of Nathan. Get your health potions ready, we’re going in! You can find Nathan and Alex on Twitter, as well as the show itself over at DelvePodcast. Make sure you follow ...…
My name is Liz Lewis I create education and support services for women with ADHD. I've been on the show before as a guest, and now I'm your host. Hopefully I won't screw it up. For more about me check out Click to view: show page on Awesound
What defines a superhero? You and I can probably agree that we want our superheroes to not only be endowed with superhuman strength and agility, but also to be brave and virtuous. But what does it mean to be virtuous? Aristotle defined virtuosity as doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason. For Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, v ...…
Activist Shad Begum has spent her life empowering women to live up to their full potential. In a personal talk, she shares her determined struggle to improve the lives of women in her deeply religious and conservative community in northwest Pakistan -- and calls for women around the world to find their political voice. "We must stand up for our ...…
Democrat Sherrod Brown spend most of his weekend in New Hampshire. As NHPR’s Josh Rogers reports, the Ohio Senator, who is positioning himself for presidential run, found receptive audiences across the state.By (Josh Rogers).
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
Star Trek TNG S3E20 Tin ManBy (Lorerunner).
Chad has a fantastic location but a bad income. It sucks really. See the entire article with links to cart critiques and extra tips at ***first day as a hot dog vendor*** More Here: ...…
In Rick Renner Ministries video programs, Dr. Rick Renner brings great insight into Greek New Testament truths! - RSS Feed At: http://SpeakFaith.TV/rrmBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Dr. Rick Renner).
1. KARYYN - Yajna2. Chassol - Music is god my love3. Ben Hayes ft Nyba Garcia - Ready Yet4. Leon Vynehall - Movements (Chapter III)5. Joseph Shabason - Aytche6. Toro Y Moi - New House7. Aldous Harding - Blend8. Nils Frahm - #29. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - When I Try, I'm Full10. Robyn - Baby Forgive me11. Robyn - Send to Robin12. Lucinda Chua - Wh ...…
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