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Best T2 Tech Talk podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best T2 Tech Talk podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Meet Tom, and Tom. The Toms LOVE tech. The Toms love helping small business owners and entrepreneurs equip themselves with useful tech tools and digital marketing tips to help their businesses thrive.
The one and only podcast about "THIEF" - the infamous and classic game series starring masterthief Garret. We talk about all possible topics from the individual games of the series, stories, characters, gameplay, fanmissions etc. Join us, join us now!
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Tom & Tom break down their tech and marketing predictions for 2020, they chat about the in-laws, preparation H, Nyquil and sacks. You don't want to miss this one!By Tom Jelneck
I just wanted to thank you taffers! Alex (Supremcee) Thanks to NEX and PSYCH0SIS for doing this with me. Thanks to SKACKY, PURAH and KLATREMUS for being such amazing guests! Subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL Follow us on Twitter for all news and Random Video Stuff Visit our MEGATHREAD at the TTLG Forums…
Tom & Tom help you chose the right (Mac) computer for all of your gift giving or completely selfish needs. Merry Christmas from the T2 Tech Talk Podcast.By Tom Jelneck
This time we have a very special guest....the SupremeGhoster "Klatremus" who gives us a very interesting view on the ghosting play style. Thank you klatremus for joining us and your time, this is by far the longest episode! Visit klatremus on his page Visit klatremus YouTube Visit us on the TTLG forums Follow us on Twitter @ThiefPodcast…
Tom & Tom relocate the in-laws, the Mac rises to the top once again, and we interview Kyle Ferris with Ace Relocation Systems. You'll laugh, learn, and be inspired.By Tom Jelneck
Tom & Tom go head to head on inferior PCs and we spend some quality time with Dale Dupree, Founder of the Sales Rebellion to learn how the sales profession is dramatically evolving. You don't want to miss this one. Plus, we have cookies and whiskey.By Tom Jelneck
Since a bank heist takes alot of preperation it took us a while to get ready for this episode but here we are (back). First City Bank & Trust - T2 OM 6. You can tell, that we really needed to do the episode since there is so much stupidity in our heads...but find out on your own. Please enjoy! (At the end my voice is really distorted by some techin…
Tom & Tom welcome Mark Miller, Marketing Director for the Jordan Law firm. We chat about Meth, Florida Man, Freeballin', and social media marketing for boring industries. You CAN'T miss this one.By Tom Jelneck
Tom sends the in-laws on a one-way cruise for a little peace and quiet and we break down every major dumb mistake we've both made in business.By Tom Jelneck
Tom & Tom spend some quality time with Delaina Baker and break down HOW to use social media for your business, The In-Laws get a bit sassy, and Dusty, an attorney from Detroit writes in to the mail sack.By Tom Jelneck
Finally! This time we not only talk about Calendra’sLegacy – this episode is more about its creator: PURAH who joined us. Not onlythat he is such a great personality, he also told us interesting details aboutthe creation of this FM and what impact it had on his life. Hope you taffersenjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed talking to Purah a.k.a…
Tom & Tom spend some quality time with the amazing James Carbary. James owns Sweet Fish Media and shares the remarkable story of how he built his B2B Podcasting agency, oh, and yes, we still pick on the in-laws.By Tom Jelneck
Thief 2 - Orignial Mission 5: Eavesdropping Again we have very different opinions on a mission and have amazing ideas how it would have been better :P someone should hire us. join us, JOIN US NOOOOWWW Podcast MEGATHREAD at TTLGBy Garret Thief
Tom & Tom get down to business with April Cox, owner of Rocky's Retreat, a doggy daycare in Orlando, Florida. We chat about Shitzus, In-Laws and how this business owner uses tech and digital marketing to grow her business.By Tom Jelneck
Thief 2 - Orignial Mission 4: Ambush! Now the story really starts and gets personal! Thanks to GALAEL for your sherlock holmes like thought on all the connections that lead to this mission. This gave us a good start for a mission that had devided impressions on us. Pictures: The sparkling thing at the market place The hovering arrow Visit the Podca…
Thief 2 - Orignial Mission 3: Framed We mentioned THIEF 2 GOLD in this episode: https://thief.fandom.com/wiki/Thief_II_GoldBy Garret Thief
Tom & Tom celebrate their 50th episode providing solid tech and marketing advice to small business owners, in-laws, and entrepreneurs. You'll laugh, learn, and potentially spit coffee / bourbon / juicy-juice out of your mouth.By Tom Jelneck
Tom & Tom dig deep into online privacy with listening devices like Alexa, Google Home, and one creepy assed Teddy Bear.By Tom Jelneck
We talk about the Thief Gold FanMission - "Endless Rain" by skacky released in 2014 and also some of his other creations. Thanks to a miracle SKACKY joined us while we were recording. Forum Thread for "Endless Rain": https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144452 Inside At Last Megathread: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/poll.php?pollid=1511&do=sh…
Thief 2 - Orignial Mission 2: Shipping & ReceivingBy Garret Thief
Hello again fellow taffers, In this episode we have a conversation about speedruns of Thief. To fill this topic with expertise we are joined by no other than the speedrun legend for Thief - "Psych0sis". Enjoy it and have fun! join us, Join us now! And as always, let us know what you think. You can get the podcast on spotify, iTunes and every podcas…
We talk about "Seven Sisters" by Lady Rowena. Besides that we mostly try to concentrate on Lady Rs legacy and try to put her art into perspective with an passed away artist that she is until today!By Garret Thief
We are talking about the first missions of the different THIEF games and what they did to the player, how effective they were to teach you of the game mechanics. That was the idea, and we tried to stay on that path ;)By Garret Thief
Tom and Tom discuss Ransomware and show you how to encrypt your data and emails. They ALSO take a trip to Virginia and catch crabs.By Tom Jelneck
The Toms discover FAKE NEWS, we break down Deep Fakes and show you hot to spot em, the in-laws get a break, and we show you the ins and outs of Cloud Computing.By Tom Jelneck
The Toms break down spear phishing and show you how to keep your business all safe and secure like by creating a human firewall. Oh yeah, we also break down crappy PC's, amazing Apple products AND give the in-laws a little sip of Nyquil.By Tom Jelneck
This is a teaser/placeholder, so you get the idea what we are aiming for. Enjoy it! the quality in future episodes will be way better :)By Garret Thief
Mason joins the Toms, We discuss living in the great white north, Tom tries on Galoshes and we show you how to speed up your PC to make it semi-tolerable to use.By Tom Jelneck
The Toms discuss Workgroups, Crappy PCs and show you when it's time to switch to a domain based network. Bob from accounting screws everything up and Bob the corporate lawyer is a pain.By Tom Jelneck
The Toms discuss Metamucil, Prunes and how to make your website all safe and secure like.By Tom Jelneck
The Toms amuse the in-laws with laser pointers, we chat about procrastination and Tom Craig shows us when to upgrade your Microsoft Operating System and Tom Jelneck just says buy a Mac.By Tom Jelneck
The Toms discuss Pesos, Turkey Vultures, Spam and how NOT to do Social Media.By Tom Jelneck
Tom & Tom are shopping for a new TV to accommodate a shiny new broadcasting standard, drunk PC buying, and a mysterious new 5G signal is hitting smart phones in Orlando and beyond.By Tom Jelneck
Tom J is FORCED to work on a PC, Tom encounters the GEEK Squad, We chow down on some Chicago Pizza and show you how to keep your home and business router safe.By Tom Jelneck
The Toms break down spying smart phones, Tom C tells an inspiring story of his journey through Botox and we show you how to keep your information safe from creeping apps.By Tom Jelneck
Tom Craig's middle name is Microsoft, we bury a few gerbils and the Tom's discuss end of life support on inferior operating systems.By Tom Jelneck
Tom gets Tom a very special gift from Microsoft, Apple reigns supreme and Tom J gives some rock-solid digital marketing tips to small business owners.By Tom Jelneck
Tom C. lays some cable, Tom J. finds his center, and we discuss Facebook and it's privacy concerns among MANY other things.By Tom Jelneck
If it's FREE it's NOT for me. Tom & Tom break down IT on the cheap and all of the dangers of free software and our listener Angela chooses poorly.By Tom Jelneck
Tom is a victim of SEO jacking, we break down cloud computing for non-profits and small businesses and grab some Heinis.By Tom Jelneck
Tom & Tom break down IT Governance, Matthew, our audio engineer, proclaims his love for Dolly Parton, and we help you setup an IT committee to help your organization be smooth like butter.By Tom Jelneck
The Tom's dig deep into sketchy 3rd party nefarious apps that can jack your data and leave you feeling all empty inside.By Tom Jelneck
The Tom's discover an inconvenient challenge with Apple Facetime, Tom wears a necktie and a mullet, and we break down the importance of Metamucil for the in-laws.By Tom Jelneck
The Tom's go LIVE on camera, there's a lot of talk about white and yellow balls and we break down how to keep your iphone, Android and computer software up to date to avoid malware.By Tom Jelneck
The Tom's dig deep and discuss online privacy and Facebook's recent 10 year challenge. Is it safe? Are the In-Laws safe? We break it down, we laugh, Tom comes out of the IT closet and we discuss peanuts.By Tom Jelneck
The Tom's jump into 2019 with gusto and break down nuts, #2's, slippery ice, and how to get your website accessible and compliant with ADA laws.By Tom Jelneck
Tom gets an electrifying scam phone call, and we break down net neutrality and make it our B#@!%. Tune in to the T2 Tech Talk Podcast, laugh, learn, and geek out with Tom & Tom.By Tom Jelneck
The Tom's dig deep into smart home devices and how much data is being transmitted about you to the cloud, also, fart jokes, metamucil and deep thoughts.By Tom Jelneck
From rusty potato peelers, to bong water, to blueberry Yams and Tom's top tech Christmas wish list, we pretty much cover it all in this ultra special Christmas edition of the T2 Tech Talk Podcast.By Tom Jelneck
The Tom's try Aunt Sally's bizarre jello mold, talk about nuts and offer up some useful tech and marketing tips for aspiring small business owners.By Tom Jelneck
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