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We Used To Be Teens
A long time ago, Bryony, Cal and Josh used to be teens.Now they spend their days viciously dissecting all your fave teen dramas, episode by episode, for your aural pleasure. First up, we're tackling the unrivalled champion of mid-00s opulence and angst, The OC.
Parenting Today's Teens With Mark Gregston
Comedian Tracey Carnazzo and Teen Mom super fan co-hosts Noelle Winters and Gabrielle Fragala, discuss all aspects of Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, 16 and Pregnant and anything else Teen Mom!
The first entirely Teen Wolf-centric podcast in all the land! The NATWP team brings you episode recaps, convention coverage and exclusive interviews, plus in-depth discussion of all aspects of MTV’s Teen Wolf, from mythology to cast side projects.
Just about any day of the week there is something going on at the library specifically for teens. Subscribe and have a listen.
The Teen Mind
David Washburn is 17 and his life is unraveling. Sheila, his mom, is desperate to find out: What is happening to her son, and what can she do to help? The Teen Mind hunts for answers and gives practical advice for Sheila and for parents who are worried about their teens. Not a parent? Don’t worry. This show is for anyone who is curious about how the mind works, and how to get along better with those closest to you.
The Encouraging Christian Fathers podcast is a weekly source of encouragement and parenting insight for christian fathers. The show is co-hosted by Joshua Sheats (a 30-year-old father of 2 young children) and Joshua's own father, David Sheats (a 73-year-old father of 7 grown children and grandfather of 11). The combination of David's 51 years of parenting experience and Joshua's fresh and current challenges lead to engaging and relevant discussions on all aspects of parenting!
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Grownup comedians Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai discuss the YA pulp fiction of their awkward, neon youth – from authors such as Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine, Lois Duncan, Caroline B. Cooney, L.J. Smith, and more. All the teen horror/thriller/supernatural classics from the rise of MTV to the fall of ... well, MTV. So put on your bedazzled jean jacket, cinch up that side ponytail, fire up that 56k dial-up modem, and subscribe. New Episodes every Wednesday.
A program for teachers, parents, guardians, counselors and anyone who is regularly baffled by the process of trying to raise, teach, reach, coach or manage teens and tweens. The teen mind is different from the adult mind and Dr. Regina Lamourelle and her guests bring you the latest insights in neuroscience to help you make sense of adolescents.
Surprise! Your kids are different from you! They’re growing up in a different world; one with more complexity and an overwhelming number of choices. Their education supports a lot of learning and information, yet limited life skills. What impact is this having on their ability to evolve as successful adults? What can you do as a parent to help? Join us and help prepare your teen to one day 'leave the nest' and confidently embrace the challenges and triumphs of adulthood.
Guided help for the children and teens in your life. These guided meditations are made especially for young people, to elicit imagination, relieve stress and assist in relaxation.
Dial Down the Drama and Power Your Parenting
Parenting Today's Teens With Mark Gregston
A reflection on the upcoming Sunday Mass readings by Mark Hart, the Bible Geek, and Life Teen.
Fueled For Teens
Fueled is meant to inspire and fuel the teens that desire success. This podcast interviews those who have seen success in fruition through thinking outside the box. Prepare to GET FUELED.
This show is all about teens in the real world and what we are thinking. It will also talk about teen problems and pressures in todays life as a teenager. Parents would do well to listen in ;)
Join us each week on Teen Mom Time to hear gossip about your favorite MTV franchise! From exclusive interviews to setting the record straight on rumors, tune in for the hottest tea on Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG!
Teen Talk
Teen Talk is a podcast about all of the issues teens face in their lives. Shows will include questions from teens around the world as well as advice from teens from other countries. Do you have a question you would like answered? Would you like to help give advice and help answer the questions we receive? Let us know!! After deciding on a question each week we would email you the question and you would email us back a recording of your answer to be included in the show -- don't know how? Don ...
Sweet Teen Club
Grab your docs and your plaid, we're heading back into the eyeliner-heavy '90s ( because honestly, where else would you rather be?!).Every week Carly Jacobs and Stacey Roberts go deep into nostalgia town - whether it's discussing the finer points of Sweet Valley High novels, which Body Shop Born Lippy flavour was better, the fashion of Clueless, or why Degrassi was the best show ever made - you can bet they'll bring the goods.So turn up your Discman and get your ears ready - it's about to ge ...
Teen Talk
Teen Talk, part of the Choose NOW Radio network, is hosted by Nicole O'Dell since 2010. Archives available at, at Teen Talk, it's all about choices! Big or small, major or minor, there's a moment before every decision when you can alter the course of your life. Dive in with me on topics like peer pressure, dating, purity, drugs, alcohol, modesty, popularity, your future, and many other things that might come up along the way.They tell me I'm a youth culture expert ...
These recordings are intended to help participants of the UW Health Mindfulness for Teens and Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers class continue their practice at home. Please do not listen to these meditations while driving. If you have any medical or orthopedic concerns, please consult your physician or physical therapist before engaging in yoga practice.
Home to the unofficial podcast about the MTV’s Teen Wolf. Hosted by Lilith and Dahne. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcasts at
What does it take to survive teen life? Get tips and advice on how to overcome teen issues and stay on the right path.
Sawa Teen
A comedy show on current affairs. Friday to Sunday 11:05 PM Neo News
Teen Girl Talk
Teen Girl Talk joins siblings Franklin and Susie Cota as they joyfully make their way through a menagerie of media made for teens. We're talking movies, books, tv shows, music and more! If it's made for people who are still working who have far too many emotions and are still working it out. They're consuming it. Too old to be teens, too funny not to listen to.
Teen Time
Welcome to the Teen Time page on RTHK Radio 3!Don't miss these features:'BackStage' - Alyson brings us a daily celebrity interview.'Artist Profile' - Simon Willson introduces us to a popular artist/ band.'SongBite' - We break down the lyrics behind one of your favourite songs.'Question of the Week' - A special prize up for grabs every week!'Request' - SMS us on 61343053 or email us to !And:Monday - 'Hot Picks with Sunday Young Post' - Every Monday we talk about the latest CD ...
Teen Wealth
Teen Wealth inspires teens through sharing of stories and ideas, while tackling the tough subjects that our teens are confronted with. Each week we focus on different themes such as Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, Physical Health, Bullying, Self Esteem, LGBT, Money, Sex and Parenting. Within each theme, our different hosts share stories, tips and advice from their own personal experiences and we also invite parents, teachers and teens to share their own stories. Each week ...
Kaitlyn Vella and Amanda Gurock are The Wolf Pack Girls. Before they started working at MTV they were just two huge fans looking to talk about their favorite TV show, Teen Wolf.... and they still are. They're TEAM WOLF all the way. Now, they’ve got their very own podcast to guide you through Teen Wolf's final season before we all have to say goodbye. Join them every Tuesday night, right after Teen Wolf airs on MTV. They’ll be talking through each episode with special guests from the show, as ...
Motivational, inspirational, and transformational topics, helping teenagers make better life choices.
Do you feel that parenting teens is the biggest job you’ll ever have? Are you wondering about how to help your child discover his or her unique potential? Are you dedicated to raising a child with character and integrity? Based on the Hyde School’s philosophy of “parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom,” this podcast was created to help parents understand just how to put this philosophy in place in the home, and to discover the transformative outcomes that happ ...
Amanda recaps all the nitty gritty of those early episodes everyone is afraid to talk about. Please join her on this journey of drama and juicy tea!
Learn about teen pregnancy prevention issues, how to talk to teens about sex and relationships, what education resources are available, and more.
Podcast by Teen Wolf Meta Pack
Anxiety Free Teen is for parents with teens struggling from anxiety, depression, and knowing who they really are
Teens of America Radio Network is heard every Monday from 7-9pm cst. on KYRO 1280, WGGH 1150, & WXZY 101.7 go to and click listen live. A two-hour weekly radio program that addresses teen issues such as substance abuse, teen violence, child sex trafficking, and many others. Host Sean Mulroney gets real every week to tackle these difficult issues with real solutions. Through interviews with experts and with his own real world experience, Sean is able to bring to light s ...
Join Senior Certified ADHD Coach (SCAC) Laurie Moore Skillings on Ask the ADHD Teen Coach to share concerns, tips and strategies about everyday living for the ADHD teen in your life.
Teen Mom recaps and the latest tea with Stevie Ryan
Actor Tyler Posey talks about the upcoming season of the popular TV series Teen Wolf. Season 5 introduces new villains with a mysterious purpose that eventually pit Scott (Posey) and his friends against their greatest enemy yet.
Podcast especially for parents of teenagers. Covering topics such as sex and relationships, the digital age, self-esteem and much more.
One year. Every day. 365 days through the Bible in community with tens of thousands of others around the globe following the same quest. Broadcast daily, it is the adventure of a lifetime.
Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler tackle the tough topics around raising teens and parenting young adults.
In this podcast, I interview smart ladies about feminism, the teen screen, and popular culture. Go to for more!
CYC Teens
Weekly audio from the Christian Youth Center's Teen Night every Thursday.
Join host Dr. Liz Holifield for "411 Teen," a locally produced program, created with teen input for a teenage audience. Guests provide insights into topics that concern adolescents. Over the last twenty years, programs have enlightened young people on countless subjects such as college admission, eating disorders, sexually transmitted disease, career planning, civic associations focusing on young people, and politics, to name but a few. 411 Teen airs Sundays at 2:00 pm ET On 88.9 WFSU-FM.
Teen Filmmaking
Are you a teenager? Into film or video making? Well, you've searched right because in these podcasts I'll give you lessons on becoming a better filmmaker/videographer!
Every couple of weeks join me (Stuart Fleming, the guy who stops parents and teens from fighting about money) as I share the tips and techniques you need to teach your teenager about money. In this ‘100% boring free!’ show I chew the fat with parents who have survived the teen years, or are still in the midst of one-word-sentences, empty wallets and raging hormones. I ask for their sanity-secrets so you can learn from parents who have faced your struggles. If you’re brave enough, grab your f ...
Welcome to Teen Peaks - the podcast with pep! Your hosts Alice and Jade-Louisa are here to talk trash and share their everlasting love for CW's Riverdale. Eyebrows! Bad parenting! Betty-Veronica shipping! Conspiracy corner!
Dial Down the Drama and Power Your Parenting
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show series
Named after the cleverest part of any television show, Cold Open features veteran podcast hosts Jamie Lynn & Rhi (and a bevy of special guests!) discussing what they love (and love to hate) about shows, both current and past. We cover reality TV, UK detective shows, scripted drama and comedy, CW teen dramas, streaming, and more. We deep-dive in ...…
This month we're celebrating show mainstay Andrew Bentley before he leaves Chicago for greener (hotter) pastures! Enjoy this archival episode from 6 years ago inspired by his love of power metal and Andrew Lloyd Webber, and don't miss his send-off show on July 29!This episode is loosely organized around a theme of music and includes the followi ...…
Update on murdered Washington teen, trump visits queen and the rest of his shenanigans with some songs from snoop doggy dogg Dr. Dre and 2Pac
Noel watched this seasons Teen Mom episodes that were recorded when her and Vince were doing podcasts with the cast. HUGE BOMBSHELL!!!!! Also Noel and Foxy talk Bellas Drama, 35k for Finger Paintings, Cena/Bella wedding mess, Cringe-worthy Johnny Ace, Fake Anxiety and more!
Write the results of your challenge question on Instagram and tag me: click here! The poetry book Jaundiced View is where you can find the poem California Dreams.
The First shoot has been fired and the Bullet Club may never be the same. This week, Mike and Mike break talk NJPW's G1 Special from the Cow Palace and the beginning of what could be the end for the Bullet Club! Then, they get EXTREME. The guys talk WWE Extreme rules. The Show is rounded out with not only your favorite segment "Who said somethi ...…
Strzok...The Whole Strzory. Teen Driver Safety - Ford Driving Skills Coordinator Kyle Green. Real or Fake?
Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. charged with raping an unconscious teen in 2003, Bills RB LeSean McCoy is accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend, and son. Pro Football Hall of Fame executive director announces they will not honor Terrell Owens at the ceremony and find out what Rams Todd Gurley had to say about LeBron James ...…
In this episode, I lie down with one of my favorite humans, Lurleen. Lurleen lives in Portland, Oregon. Well, I still think of her that way even though she recently moved to the outskirts. Let's say she's Portland adjacent. When I first met Lurleen, I thought, "This is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in real life." And just as my envy s ...…
It's the week our beautiful country was born, and Ryan and Ben get into the spirit of Independence as they leave each other to do their own thing for five days. Enjoy this special Double Episode! 155。7月3日。"Let's Be Independent!" 156。7月4日。Be Free! (Ben) // The Facts on America (Ryan) 157。7月5日。Theatre Thursday Presents: "Freedom Like a Shopping C ...…
The film "Boyhood" took twelve years to make. "Coke Bottle Circus" took forty-six. A movie with a title that certainly make sense, it depicts a young boy as he grows from child to teen to adult and the many freak accidents he endures along the way. But is there a sinister secret to the film's many harrowing moments? Also Greg has a new habit of ...…
New research from the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford has found that Internet filtering tools are ineffective and in most cases, were an insignificant factor in whether young people had seen explicit sexual content.
In this episode, Dr. Henry shares his disagreement with Neil deGrasse Tyson regarding the cost of breakfast. In “For The Culture” he asks if the “affluenza teen” is too rich for jail? During Football Talk he is joined by lifelong friend and New England sports fan Dave Sher to discuss “Where have all the Patriots Gone?” Motivation is for the Cla ...…
Episode 3 of the Korning Around Podcast has my first collaboration with a friend of mine who I met on a trip to Israel with a bunch of other rowdy teens at the time, boy were we nuts. Noah has his own podcast which I will appear on called 'Sternie's Songs of the Week'.Episode topics include:Songs and Artists That Are TightWeird Types of Pizza T ...…
I've just made my program 10x better simply by asking my Teen Leader what he wants to do. His answer was simple but impactful.
As a species, we believe that everyone desires to have more money. While this is often true on the outside, our brains may subconsciously be holding us back from taking the right steps to gain more money. We may think that we don’t deserve to be wealthy or that we don’t want to stand out — especially with tall poppy syndrome being prominent in ...…
Go to my Facebook page, Calvin's Class Podcast and look at Jeff's information to help with Teen Suicide Prevention. If you need help, please talk to someone!
In the tenth episode of Mandatory Happy*, we travel back in time to when Patrick Dempsey was a nerdy teen and Seth Green was so young he barely existed to discuss and explore this teenage tale of love and telescopes. Renee debunks a few myths about American teenage life, and Rae tells how her life is similar to Michael C. Hall's new show, SAFE. ...…
Vaping is now the most popular tobacco product among teens and young adults, thanks to $63 million in traditional and social media marketing last year by major e-cigarette companies.By (creynolds).
Book Talk guest David Allen author “Getting Things Done for Teens, Take Control of Your Life in a Distracting World” on “Talk Across America” ( Book available here:
Why and How our CBD changed my Sons life.) Video got cut off at end. Our CBD Is Safe For: Kids, Animals, Teens, Adults, Elderly. NO THC – Made in the USA – Organic – Full Spectrum (The Entire Plant) Safe – Legal – No Negative Side Effects – Classified As A Supplement What has CBD been proven to help? Pain, Inflammation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depre ...…
We run the gamut of strange fake friendships and 2D love on this episode, featuring Love Live school idol vandalism in the name of honor, meals with your 2d waifu, and an entire waterpark dedicated to giving you fake instagram friends. We wish we were making this up. Oh, and here is the twitter account for the Hirakata Water Park. You’re welcom ...…
Jimmy Barrett and Nikki Courtney in for Shara Fryer take you through the stories that matter on the morning of 7/12/2018, including: With gas prices falling over the past few months but remaining higher than they were last summer, the personal-finance website WalletHub released its report on 2018's Best & Worst Cities to Drive in; Backlash is b ...…
Loren Elmer joins me to talk about his book, Stay Alive While Driving, The Secrets of a Race Car Driver. Obviously, there are many skills & techniques that we learn driving on the track that lead to us being better drivers on the street – Loren shares a few of his secrets. We also talk about how you can help others be better drivers on the stre ...…
Ron is a comic and a dad. We discuss lakes, mental health care for adolescents/teens, sharing, when the lantern goes out, the Air Force, dog bites, and skin flaps. Enjoy our chat! @ronlamprecht allthingscomedy.comBy (Kira Soltanovich).
Oh, the Lemon Drop. So delicious and so simple, at least until the peanut gallery chimes in with suggestions like "Set it on fire!" In this week's episode, Alicia commits to finally reading A Wrinkle in Time for our drunk book club on Patreon. We give shout outs to the podcasts Tasteless with Emily Higgins, Disney's Follies, and I'm Horrified, ...…
Young Manawatu basketball player Mosiah MacDonal is Mormon and a good basketball player who's in the national under-16s team. He's been dropped from competing in an under-17s tournament though because he can only make it to one of the two Sunday practice sessions.
In this edition of Radio Free Tote Bag we drop a clip from Mr. Oizo's Let The Children Techno, because Arthur can't resist. We ponder the inevitability of weight gain, engage with the teens, bang out as many as we can, tease apart some hidden feelings, get two bobs in, and almost say slurs TWICE. God damn it, we're bastards! Change your shitty, ...…
Join Mike, Chris and Rob as they discuss The Toys that Made us Season 2, top X-men, The Batman and X-men Weddings and Blue Beetle #14, Humanoids from the Deep, Teen Titans Vol 3 #1, Bat-manga, Iron Man #98, Amazing Spider-man #258, Brave and the Bold #134
We discuss the Steve Bannon bookstore incident, declassified nuke videos and the second "Sicario" movie.
Hey, it is summer time and most of us are enjoying our vacation. Before you get back into the hustle and bustle of school take some time to plan for “What’s next?” This episode is not meant to up the pressure on you to figure it all out, but as I read the following blog: 27 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Senior Year of High School, I thoug ...…
BCSO Investigator Jeremy Mathis speaks with Andrew Pace about a 16-year-old, who claimed to have been lured to Pace's home with the promise of a modeling career only to be drugged, tied down and raped. Neighbors in Pace's affluent Delwood Pointe neighborhood witnessed the teen naked and distraught fleeing the home, and Pace was later charged wi ...…
Four New Zealand High School students are about to head off to Slovakia and the the Czech Republic to pit their chemistry skills against other teenagers. The 50th International Chemistry Olympiad gets underway next week, with students from 86 countries taking part. St Peters College Science teacher Andrew Rogers will be supporting the students, ...…
One day in class, fifteen-year-old Peyton Klein looked around and noted that she knew everyone’s name in the class, except for one person who was an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) student. Her desire to connect Native English Speakers (NES) and ESL students gave birth to The Global Minds Initiative, a non-profit based right here in Pittsbur ...…
Go get your Lisa Frank folders and Trapper Keepers because The Cooler Than Ecto Podcast is talking about their Top Ten Teen Movies Of The 90's. Host Rob Champion and Cat Malone discuss 90's High School Staples such as Clueless, She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions, Can't Hardly Wait. Teen Horror Classics such as Scream, ...…
Tricia Van Zee and Dave Beukelman with the Pella Youth Coalition discuss the goals of the organization trying to reduce substance use among teens in the community, and preview the upcoming kick-off event on August 1st from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Vermeer Global Pavilion.
On this fresh, fast-paced show, co-hosts Jackson Mvunganyi, in the U.S., and Nadia Samie, in Africa, talk to teens and young adults about Politics,trends, lifestyles, health, entertainment, and other issues touching listeners’ lives [30 minutes].Check out the Upfront blog at
Hey babies! On today’s show Emilio and Mike sit down to wax poetic about all the latest in pop culture. Emilio gives us an update on his journey through Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Mike defends liking Gotti. Emilio says he knows celebrities, Mike doesn’t believe it. Also on this episode: Teen Wolf, Daria, the Conners, DC streaming, Netflix’s One Day ...…
This episode The Wizeguyz talk about these topics: White man calls police on Black family and loses his job, Teen attacked for wearing "MAGA" hat, March 14 Vs Story of Adidon, Drake throws subs at Kanye, Lee Daniels wants thank you from Cardi B, Releases: Meek Mill,and Future, Will Smith interview, Ant-Man and The Wasp review, Sports(NBA) and t ...…
The thirteenth episode of the Geek Pants Camcast is something a little different. In this episode, Ken Livitski and Chris Mercier chat and predict the success of all of the comicbook movies and games coming in the remainder of 2018 and into 2019. This is a long one, folks!MOVIES07:40 - Ant-Man & the Wasp12:31 - Mission: Impossible - Fallout16:4 ...…
Jan. 12 will mark the nineteenth anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Among the millions of Haitians still homeless and rebuilding their lives are artists — painters, musicians, dancers, writers. On a recent trip to Haiti, I caught up with Jean Appollon and Stephanie Scherpf at the Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince to witness the ...…
Suspsupsupsupsup! Again, after a long hiatus, the four geniuses of Jabaja are back bringing you an interesting news story from the great land of China. You can read about the Young lad and his adventures Here Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc. and give us a 5-star rating and leave comments (but only if they ...…
Will and I continue our series on Wolfman and Perez's New Teen Titans run, this episode covers issues 17 and 18. We discuss some of the weird things the Speed Force shouldn't do, the slowness of the Titans to save Wally's friend and Starfire vs Starfire.
33: Amish Sex Welcome back to the podcast. I have no idea why I keep saying that like oh yah welcome back. I doubt anyone reads this. If you do can you like message me and saying like “ I like to stick my rod in to donuts” I don’t know something random. Anyways Podcast. This week on the uncensored podcast we talk about how Cindy is dumb and we ...…
If a teen gets killed in the woods, does Jason Voorhees make a sound? Of course he doesn't. But you'll be hearing the screams of Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani for days to come as they take a look at two of the under-examined entries in the slasher franchise Friday the 13th in honor of... well, Friday the 13th. First, the good pick is the contr ...…
In Episode 31 of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast Hemant gets things started by clearing things up around why he decided to skip the Netflix Original film Tau, starring Maika Monroe, despite being excited for its release. He then talks about a movie watching milestone his son may have reached this past weekend after watching Transformers: The Last ...…
Lets listen to the latest issue about teen transgender females winning a race against other teen girls. Is it fair?
Richard Dixon continues his day by interviewing Eva Shockey and Bob Coker about the #WorldDeerExpo, commenting on #IHOB and the publicity stunt that it was, talking about immigrants taking the jobs of teens, and answering a question about drumming for him!
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