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The Ministry of Testing Dojo Podcast - Look out for new episodes on a regular basis...
Testing In The Pub
Testing In The Pub is a podcast all about software engineering, engineering teams and how they deliver good quality software.
Testing Podcast
Audio podcasts on software testing.
The Testing Show
The Testing Show is sponsored by QualiTest. Deploy Software that You and Your Customers Trust with QualiTest Software Testing and Business Assurance Services. Learn more about QualiTest at
Quality Management consultant Warren Alford discusses topics such as Quality Management Systems (QMS) for products and services (hardware and software), Cyber Security, Quality Principles, ISO 9001 2015, Risk Management, Quality Tools, Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, and Quality Auditing. Look for this podcast in the iTunes Store.
Testing Bias
Thinking past the simple answers to the myths and methods of software testing.
My DNA Coach's Jonny Deacon explores and discusses the most current scientific innovations in Fitness and Health based. Every week, Jonny interviews leading industry professionals or reviews a new topic in order to build a better understanding of how our DNA makeup, in combination with nutrition, training, blood bio markers, A.I, and psychology affects our health for the future. Understanding your genetics is the key blue print to optimizing your health and fitness goals. Apply for our BETA ...
AB Testing
Alan and Brent talk about Modern Testing - including Agile, Data, Leadership, and more.
A strange signal has been broadcasting, and nobody knows exactly where it is coming from. The voice on the other end says his name is Damien Riker, and he is lost in a strange land with a robot he has nicknamed J-2.
Redemption only comes once in an after-lifetime... Daniel Masenda thought he had made peace with his dark past when he left his home for a better life fourteen years ago. As the mayor of a small, tranquil town along Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Daniel has everything he ever wanted - until a series of haunting visions, coupled with the death of his estranged mother, pits him against two ghostly entities at war with one another. Each has its own agenda as they force Daniel to relive moments from ...
Continuous Testing Live shares conversations with insightful, experienced, and engaging thought leaders around continuous testing, agile development, DevOps, digital transformation, and ways that software testers can have an even bigger impact on the world around them. This show is produced and presented by Tricentis.
Helping psychologists, neuropsychologists, and mental health professionals start, grow, and scale psychological testing services in private practice.
Testing Habits
Join Eduard Enoiu as he explores important questions on a diverse array of topics in software development, including software testing, quality assurance and the human mind. These are conversations with researchers, scientists, and technologists about software engineering.
On the Ruby Testing Podcast we discuss how to get started with testing as well as how to write better, more effective tests.
Podcast by SuperTestingBros
Let's talk Software Quality & Testing
We are passionate about Software Quality and we created this podcast to discuss about promoting software quality and how we can improve our craft and applying good practices in different industries. In this fast and changing times, how can we stay relevant and bring value to the company?
Screen Testing
Neil Studd and Dan Billing bring you a fortnightly movie podcast with a software testing spin. We'll be looking for bugs in the plot, and comparing how the films compare to real-life experiences we've faced in the world of testing!
Cures Without Cages is a new, different charity aiming to end animal testing. In our podcast we discuss the charity, news in animal testing, animal rights and medical science.
KSL Testing Podcast
At the break of dawn, you awake to the gentle embrace of silky soft sheets. A night of perfect respite at Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, has invigorated your senses.Gorgeous fountain complements Lobby LoungeRemembering the romantic views of Victoria Harbour by night, you soak in its sunny morning scene. The gentle, warm sunlight streams in through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the most spacious of rooms in Hong Kong. You feel the draw of Kowloon.But first, a hearty buffet breakfast. On you ...
With iPhone, iPad, and iOS, progressive IT teams are leading innovation at their companies. Hear real-world examples and best practices from IT groups who embrace a new vision for technology to transform the way their employees work.
Dope Gal testing
Dope Gal the Agony aunt is here to advise you back to sense with help from some friends
Testing Mode
Just testing the possibilities
This is a test
DJ 2mmy will on a regular basis bring you some of the latest music from the club scene, ranging from Trance, via Nu Disco to Chill Out. Tracklists will be available at
Go to your dream college, with big scholarships, by getting top scores on the ACT
The Strong Kitchen is Chef, Nutrition coach. CSCS, PN Certified. We delve into what nutrition and exercise claims are worth your time, money and hard work. After research and discussion we test them out and give you the weekly results to help you decide if it's worth trying out.
This Week in Testing
Each week we scanvenge our testing bin. Unfortunately, this is the result. Look for our podcast in the iTunes Store
VBrick podcast R&D
I just want to hear how my voice is going to sound 😊
Podcast Testing
Just a test.
All About Everything is a show about everything. Each week we dive into any subject known to man and talk about it as much as we can. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store
Just testing and more testing.
🇨🇦Toronto, Canada - Music that makes your heart sing, Comic relief, and of course fake news.
Just another WordPress site
Testing Anchor
Testing Anchor
Testing Test
Just playing around.
This is a test site for educators to learn to podcast
Testing Things out
Welcome to Testing Things Out with Kendall Donaker, where amazing things happen.
Testing CastBox
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Joe Colantonio Show notes: 219: The State of Software Quality in 2018 with Shailesh Rao Book by Joe Colantonio The UFT API Testing Manifesto: A step-by-step, hands-on testing guide for the masses
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Audio rendition – chapter 2 – The Business of Software Testing Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Joel Montvelisky. Co-Founder, Test Specialist & Architect of PractiTest - providing a Lightweight QA Management Solution for the Enterprise. QA & Test Specialists with experience working with hundreds of companies worldwide defining and improving their testing processes, implementing QA & ALM management solutions, and improving their overall Qu ...…
Welcome back to another Testing In the Pub – Episode 51 – More On Hiring. In this episode we finally continue our chat about hiring. Sorry it’s been so long coming. The post Episode 51 – More On Hiring appeared first on Testing In The Pub.
Alan Richardson Show notes: The Workarounds Special – 006 – The Evil Tester Show Books by Alan Richardson
We continue our run of interviews with upcoming TestBash speakers by chatting to Brighton-based Kim Knup, who will be presenting at TestBash San Francisco about the challenges of testing voice-activated devices, as well as being Lead Designer for next year's TestBash Brighton. Along the way, we also talk about Kim's involvement in the many face ...…
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Toyer Mamoojee – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Listen to DJ 2mmy´s current favorite club tunes.By (Tommy Nilsen).
As the software delivery process matures and grows, a variety of teams are forming and becoming part of the everyday testing landscape. These teams may or may not resemble anything that many testers are familiar with. New roles and responsibilities are coming into play, with many software testers taking on roles such as Scrum-master, Release Ma ...…
Mark Tomlinson, James Pulley and Eric Proegler Show notes: What Should I Consider When Testing in the Public Cloud?.
Arindam's background is in developing and mentoring Test Engineering organisations to deliver product quality through functional and non-functional cadence by forming teams, bringing technology solutions and grooming talents. Spearheading transformation journeys for large and medium complex retail, healthcare, insurance and e-commerce domains.…
In this episode I talk with Zach Attas, Senior Test Engineer, about QA, Selenium, SitePrism and a number of other things. Links: Obey the Testing Goat Udacity course on software testing Zach's personal website SeleniumConf India 2018 talk Selenium Capybara SitePrism ReviewTrackersBy (Jason Swett).
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Keith Klain – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Brian Okken Show notes: 46: Testing Hard To Test Applications – Anthony Shaw Book by Brian Okken
All mailbag episode as we answer questions about combined engineering teams, life after Modern Testing, and early project “data” samples
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Audio rendition – chapter 1 – The Business of Software Testing Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Huib Schoots shares his passion for quality through coaching, training, and giving presentations on a variety of subjects. He is one of four Rapid Software Testing teachers in the world. A member of TestNet, AST and black-belt in the Miagi-Do School of software testing and co-author of a book about the future of software testing. Huib maintains ...…
Listen to DJ 2mmy´s current favorite club tunes.By (Tommy Nilsen).
Thomas Meißner is the Head of QA at ipoque. As an academic, he majored in German language studies and sociology of religion. He eventually ended up as a software quality engineer, testing ERP software designed for real estate companies. He plans to transition to QA Management in the cybersecurity sector.…
We kick-off a bumper month of episodes with a visit to the island by Elizabeth Zagroba, to talk about the ideas behind her upcoming presentation at TestBash Germany, entitled "Doubt Builds Trust". Among the discussions, there are debates about the challenges of saying "I don't know", stories about exploring doubt within interview situations, an ...…
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Louise Perold – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
In this episode I talk with Josh about the process of building the honeybadger-ruby gem and what was involved in testing it. Links: Honeybadger Josh on Twitter Josh's personal site honeybadger-ruby gem UpgradeRails.comBy (Jason Swett).
The Guilty Tester Show notes: The Guilty Tester Episode 4 – Maaret Pyhajarvi – Working Together Is Hard
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Santhosh Tuppad – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Ever wanted to provide evals for university students? Dr. Ed Martinelli has worked in both the university setting and in a private practice providing evals for university students for nearly 10 years. Today, he’s talking with us about both sides of the coin. Some topics we cover include: Differences between K-12 evals and university/college eva ...…
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Saurabh Vij – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Kyle Siemens is the CEO of a global software testing exam provider called Brightest:
Joe Colantonio Show notes: 218: Driving Innovation in Testing at Mabl with Lisa Crispin Some books by Lisa Crispin Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Cohn)) Book by Joe Colantonio The UFT API Testing Manifesto: A step-by-step, ha ...…
Listen to DJ 2mmy´s current favorite club tunes.By (Tommy Nilsen).
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Kornel Hamula – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Joe Colantonio Show notes: 217: Selenium Above and Beyond with Andrew Krug Book by Joe Colantonio The UFT API Testing Manifesto: A step-by-step, hands-on testing guide for the masses
Me and Adam Hawkins talk about where, what and how to test. Adam brought up some interesting ideas I hadn't thought about before including not only testing your code but testing your deployment pipeline. Links: Adam's blog Adam's website Rediscovering the joy of design Developing with Rake & Docker TeamCI…
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Johan Jonasson – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Ash Winter is a learning tester & conference speaker with an eye for an untested assumption or claim. Veteran of various roles encompassing testing, performance engineering and automation. As a team member delivering mobile apps and web services or a leader of teams and change. A co-organiser for the Leeds Testing Atelier, a full day testing wo ...…
Rex Black Show notes: Two Points of View at Two: Short High Impact Talks about Testing, with Nivia Henry Books by Rex Black
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Ryan Dowdle – the Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Management Consultant Digital Assurance & Testing at Sogeti Nederland. Rik is an accredited trainer for ISTQB, TMap- and TPI- certification training courses, but also he has created and delivered many bespoke workshops and training courses. Rik is a contributing author to TestGrip (2007), TMap NEXT BDTM (2008), TPI NEXT (2009), PointZERO (2012) ...…
Brent Jensen and Alan Page Show notes: AB Testing – Episode 88: Testing Isn’t Dead (Testers, OTOH…) Book by Alan Page (although he no longer recommends it…)
The Super Testing Bros talk to Michele and Pete about owning and improving office culture in the August edition of our monthly MoT podcast, 2018. Ministry of Testing and Super Testing Bros are partnering up for 2018 to bring you regular pods on the last Monday of the month. You can listen to and subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and SoundClou ...…
Listen to DJ 2mmy´s current favorite club tunes.By (DJ 2mmy).
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Caroline Arkesteijn – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
What is school neuropsychology? Dan Miller is here to tell you. He also has many thoughts on current and historical identification of learning disorders. Oh, and he’s written some software to help make report writing more efficient for clinicians. We dive into all of these things and more – check it out! Cool Things Mentioned in This Episode Da ...…
Rahul Verma @rahul_verma In a career spanning 15+ years, I've handled 75+ projects as an individual contributor in the space of test automation architecture, web performance engineering, web security and skilled test design. I am the founder of Test Mile through which I offer my services as a testing consultant, speaker and coach. I am the auth ...…
This week's interview comes courtesy of Michele Playfair, discussing some of the ideas which form the foundation of her forthcoming TestBash Australia talk, "A Tester's Guide To Changing Hearts And Minds". In an episode themed around trust, communication and collaboration, we talk about how testing overlaps with programming, teaching and market ...…
Joe Colantonio Show notes: 216: TestCafe to Automate Hard To Test Web Controls with Julian Bucknall Book by Julian Bucknall The Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms and Data Structures Book by Joe Colantonio The UFT API Testing Manifesto: A step-by-step, hands-on testing guide for the masses
Careers in Software Testing Show notes: Asim Noaman Lodhi – Book by Johan Steyn The Business of Software Testing
Paul Mowat is a Technology Delivery Lead (Senior Manager) at Accenture UK specializing in Test Consultancy/advisory as well as managing the end-to-end delivery of technology transformation. Paul currently leads the UK Test Consultancy Practice. He was one of the first globally to gain the Accenture Master Test Architect certification. Since 201 ...…
Kostis Kapelonis and I talk about some of the testing anti-patterns he discusses in his comprehensive article, Software Testing Anti-patterns. Links: Software Testing Anti-patterns Kostis' Codepipes Blog Kostis Kapelonis on TwitterBy (Jason Swett).
We're sharing some early results of our Tricentis Testing Heroes 2018 election; who is currently in the lead for Tester of the Year? Who is battling it out for Performance Tester of the Year? We give a sneak peek into all 6 categories on this week's episode!
The Testing Show Show notes: The Testing Show: Conferences and Conferring with Anna Royzman, Claire Moss and Mike Lyles Book by Matthew Heusser
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