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show series Recorded on 2017-03-19 In our fifty eighth episode, we talk about Samsung Gear VR 3dof controller, social accounts and VR, Steam VR headset from LG, HTC closing phone factory, Oculus price drop, Matt gets touch, Vive accessories, Windows Holographic headsets, Steam Link, eye tracking, NVidia 1080 TI, VR… Recorded on 2017-02-26 In our fifty seventh episode, we talk about Valve working on VR games and no longer requiring $3k training for 3rd party lighthouse development, Samsung Monitorless, missing killer app, VRChat, RecRoom, is AMD back?, Superbowl in VR, Google Earth VR, Bob’s book recommendation, and… Recorded on 2017-01-22 In our fifty sixth episode, we talk about Vive add-ons from CES, sensor mounting options, smart phones, smart speakers, CamSoda OhRoma scent mask, freedom locomotion, Bob cancels his Virtuix kickstarter, AR in Action, NextVR, HypeVR, BlazeRush, Thumper, Rooms, Halt and Catch Fire,… Recorded on 2016-11-13 In our fifty fifth episode, we are joined by dev and VR enthusiast Andreas aka BOLL, and talk about TPcast wireless VR for the Vive, Windows Holographic speculation, Sound Stage, VR Accounting, Feral Rites, Killing Floor Incursion, World War Toons, Lone Echo, No Man’s Sky, Climbey… Recorded on 2016-10-16 In our fifty fourth episode we are joined by VR porn star Ela Darling and talk about Santa Cruiz, Ela gets touch, Rock Band VR, Dead and Buried, Killing Floor, Cam4VR, Teledildonics, Social VR, Reverend Kyle, PSVR, Reality Virtually Hackaton, Bob’s Book Recommendation, and User Fe… Recorded on 2016-08-28 In our fifty third episode, we talk about PokemonGo, Microsoft Hololens, Suicide Squad, GearVR, Rift & Vive platforms, Wand, NBC Sports 2016 Olympics on GearVR, DOTA 2 – The International 2016, Mountain Goat Mountain, Absolute deadmau5, Mobius Final Fantasy, GhostBusters Dimension… Recorded on 2016-07-30 In our fifty second episode, Matt returns to give his Rift vs Vive review, and we talk about Vive controllers vs Oculus Touch, A Legend of Luca, Omega Agent, Spectacle VR, NVidia Fun House, Hover Junkers, Waltz of the Wizard, Sound Stage, MR Robot on Within, Stranger Things, Light… Recorded on 2016-05-28 In our fiftieth episode, we list all the things that have happened since out last podcast and talk about Reverend Kyle departing RoadToVR, pascal, PC components, V, Daydream, mobile VR for B2B, making money in VR, our views on advertising and sponsorships, positional audio, what h… Recorded on 2016-03-16 In our forty ninth episode, we talk about OptiTrack, PlayStation VR, Loading Human, BlazeRush, Time Rifters, Starwars VR stuff, Minecraft VR, Eve Gunjack, GearVR annoyances, Oculus Social Trivia, Werewolves Within, OpenVR, Meta 2, Hololens, and Minecraft on GearVR… Recorded on 2016-03-12 In our forty eighth episode we cross-cast with Reverend Kyle and talk about Jason complaining about STEM, being annoyed at misspelling words to put VR in them, Tactical Haptics, Project Torus, Hover Junkers, PSVR, Apple bashing, Rift VS Vive, Sisters, Kyle’s GDC agenda, and User F… Recorded on 2016-03-06 In our forty seventh episode we talk about VR commercials, Vive Pre, Modbox, Water Bears, Space Pirate Trainer, Hover Junkers, Leap Orion, issues with hand tracking, MineCrift, permission issues, SteamVR Performance Test, and User Feedback… Recorded on 2016-01-22 In our forty sixth episode we are joined by Jon Hibbins from Psytech Games (Crystal Rift & Windlands) and talk about jump scares, Crystal Rift, VR in theme parks, on rails shooters, Kitchen, multiplayer, our predictions on Valve produced content for the Vive, different types of in… Recorded on 2016-01-03 In our forty forth episode, we talk about GearVR, Eternal September, consoles, Steam controller, Oculus Touch, managing expectations, crowdfunding, STEM, Samsung rink, Oculus Rift consumer release, CES, excercise machines, tesla suit, Windlands, Elite Dangerous, Kapture, past Bost… Recorded on 2015-11-07 In our forty third episode, we are joined by Reverend Kyle and talk about a bunch of nonsense, e-cigs, Vive, Ela Darling, we all turn our webcams on and show stupid toys to each other, Cilia, TechnoLust, Sixense, Nod, VRGO, Theta S, firsts in VR are probably not, GIF pronunciation… Recorded on 2015-10-08 In our forty second episode, Jason jumps across the pond to attend Oculus Connect 2. We talk about OC2 community party, the beach house, Proto Awards, Oculus Connect 2, Jason gets a GearVR and goes on a shopping at Frys, Minecraft, the rest of the talks, Altspace, roomscale vs sta… Recorded on 2015-09-18 In our forty first episode, Jason gets a Vive and we talk about TheBlu, Job Simulator, Tiltbrush, Aperture Robot Repair, Fruit Slash VR, Jason going to Oculus Connect 2, Vive shortcomings, how the touch controllers compare to the vive controllers, OC2 predictions, /r/vive kerfuffl… Recorded on 2015-08-13 In our fortieth episode, we celebrate Left-Handers Day and talk about Time Clickers, new phones from Samsung, Meta, OSVR, Virvana Totem, Jason is going to Oculus Connect 2, Boston VR Dev meetup, MergeVR, Gameface, Nvidia buys Ouya, Matt buys a new video card, USB type C, Windows 1… Recorded on 2015-07-17 In our thirty ninth episode, we celebrate our one year anniversary and talk about social media, London Vive jam, the Vive, theBlu, Tiltbrush, VRMT, Jason tries a GearVR, are 360 videos VR?, a look back at the last year, Portal Stories Mel, Windows 10 release soon, Irish slang, and… Recorded on 2015-06-30 In our thirty eighth episode, we talk about Matt getting a new phone, game jams, smart watches, hardware kickstarters, Fallout 3 pipboy edition, Vive setup, Steam and the Steam Box, some new headsets, social VR, The Void, and Matt reminds us about his feelings about mobile VR… Recorded on 2015-06-16 In our thirty seventh episode, we talk about video cards, our reactions to E3 game announcements, StarVR, Oculus Touch, Cyberith Virtualizer, Stompz, future HMD feature predictions, Trewgrip keyboard, Gameface, Meltdown, and mod supported Minecrift… Recorded on 2015-05-16 In our thirty fifth episode, we talk about GearVR being anti-left-handed, Oculus suspending OSX and Linux support, pre-SVVR, mobile VR game jam, eMagin, retro computing hardware, Matt’s making a new game, Portcullis 2, Oculus minimum system specs, Otoy contest, Konami changing to … Recorded on 2015-05-19 The night after the 2nd SVVR Expo, we talk about comparison to last years expo, Vive, Crescent Bay, Morpheus, the uncanny valley, light fields, porn, Feelreal VR Mask, Oculus input predictions, VR audio solutions, bad VR, nod ring, Wearality, drones, other HMD… Recorded on 2015-03-20 In our thirtieth episode, we are joined by Benjamin Taylor and talk about Alien Makeout Simulator, why we got into VR, Descent Underground, Lucky’s Tail, old school consoles, why Jason and Matt hate mobile VR, our views on the future of VR platforms, and listener feedback… Recorded on 2015-03-16 In our twenty ninth episode, we talk about the HTC Vive, review of our GDC predictions, listener feedback, VR Casters GDC VR Mixer live cast, Nuren, Apollo 11 VR Experience, and Stompz kickstarters, Unity 5 free, Magicka 2, Bob tries Crescent Bay and Albino Lullaby at PAX East, an… Recorded on 2015-03-02 In our twenty eighth episode, Bob butchers the open, and we talk about the history of VR, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, mobile VR pricing, Bob’s Minecraft Adventures, Oculus vs Valve, Voxel Farm, and UE4 vs Unity Recorded on 2015-02-14 In our twenty seventh episode, we talk about Strafe, Xibalba, Minecrift, what to get games on the cheap, Giant Life, Apollo 11, Firma, Vox Machinae, Asteroid Racer, VR Karts, a reminder about our Time Rifters give-away contest, and listener feedback. New listeners tweet us questio… Recorded on 2015-02-08 In our twenty sixth episode, Jason is Riftless for a good cause and we talk about our issues during the AltSpace beta test during the super bowl, Toybox Turbos, BlazeRush, Grid Auto Sport, TF2, Elite Dangerous, Minecrift, Albino Lullaby, 2d games we’re playing, InMind VR, Time Rif… Recorded on 2015-01-12 In our twenty fourth episode, filling in for Matt are two fellow Canadians Nick and Brandon from ITRL? Podcast. We talk about what is worse AntVR or 3dHead, GearVR, 3d scanning, games we’re playing, our ringtones, wetware, teledildonics, all the kids are playing Miecraft, mice, gu… Recorded on 2015-01-06 In our twenty third episode, Bob is out sick and Matt is continuing to work with the NPC band, so joining Jason are Blair Renaud and Nick Pittom. We talk about CES including the new Omni design, OSVR announced by Razer, 3DHead, we also talk about VR content delivery platforms, wil… Recorded on 2014-22-14 In our twenty second episode, Gunter returns and we are joined by Ruuubick. We talk about Gunter’s VR journey to California & his move into the RV, the December Boston VR Meetup with Altspace, VR Chat, living through the eyes of another person, watching meetups streamed in VR, is … Recorded on 2014-12-14 In our twenty first episode, Reverend Kyle fills in for Matt. We talk about NewRetroArcade, Dolphin emulator, Gear VR, stupid users, VR input, VR hygiene, He-man, what kind of storytelling we want to see in VR, Teddy Bears vs Land Sharks the animated series, and our usual nonsense… Recorded on 2014-12-07 In our twentieth episode, Cris Miranda from EnterVR fills in for Matt. We talk about the VR Awards, a message from Matt, KOR-FX vest, Oculus 0.4.4 runtime, Darknet, Combat Helicopter, GTA series. Valiant, then we head down the rabbit hole and talk about strong AI, sentient beings,… Recorded on 2014-11-10 In our eighteenth episode, After last weeks mocking, Bob tries a new open, Jason gets his Myo, and we talk about Dumpy Going Elephants, kickstarter cancellations, Synthesis Universe Maze demo, updated VR Chat, new show Feedback with Reverend Kyle, VR Awards, Space sims, and Mech s…
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