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Look fit and Fab
Badger has Tara Hammett in the studio to talk dropping weight and feeling fab
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Tara explains how important you time is and how to achieve itBy (Andy Parry).
Sometimes the all over body work out can be beneficial but one question Tara often gets asked if how to reduce the size of specific body parts. Have a listen to this weeks episode.By (Andy Parry).
Tara has a recipe of what to drink instead of Gin. Plus your weekly dose of keep on soldiering on - YOU ARE AMAZINGBy (Andy Parry).
Shift workers are constantly in a state of Jet Lag and motivating yourself to get up and work out can feel like an impossible task. Tara explains how to get past thisBy (Andy Parry).
Many find it difficult to carry on the good intentions of the early part of the week into anything past Wednesday. You're not alone. Tara will explain how to do get more out of your good intentionsBy (Andy Parry).
Tara has a routine but not everyone does. Download this weeks podcast for a few tips and advantages . Episode 151 has some great info but don't forget the massive back catalogue of info available here. Plus you can checkout more info by following Tara at Follow Tara on Insta @tarahammett or Badger @Badgersupdate…
This weeks questions from you 1) This may seem like a silly question and I probably already know the answer, but should I focus more on weight or inches? Samantha2) Hi, thank you for doing this show. I’ve listened to you both for a long time and just listened but I really need to do something and I think I’m ready. The only thing is I really do ...…
There's also the time limit on exercise and how as a busy mum Tara organises time for everyone (Super mum theme required)By (Andy Parry).
Make an informed choice on how to lose weight, Vegan Keto or Paleo - there's so many to choose from.By (Andy Parry).
You can get more energy by day if you follow Taras tips plus we talk Supplements and if you need them what should you be topping up on?By (Andy Parry).
If you're snacking during the day (and sometimes that's not a bad thing) then what should you be snacking on? Plus Tara has some advice to those who are 5 weeks into the fitness regime and are starting to get aches and painsBy (Andy Parry).
Badger gets asked should you eat the same breakfast every day? Tara has the answers in this weeks 5 minute podcastBy (Andy Parry).
Tara has advice on eating healthy and will doing crunches help slim down my tum?By (Andy Parry).
Tara explains the positives and negatives about a home gym experience - Badger just talks about the negatives (mostly) plus how your mindset is the first exercise we should all be doing every day.By (Andy Parry).
The theme of this years weight loss seems to be going vegan but will it really work?By (Andy Parry).
Let's do this people, let's make this year the New You Year. Tara's got some tips on howBy (Andy Parry).
Replace rice and love your gut this Christmas. Plus if you are turning the page on January the first then there's a great chance to get a plan in place with 12 minute workouts that really work. Who's not got 12 minutes a day?By (Andy Parry).
When the party is in full swing it can be very easy to overlook that at some point there's someone who really needs your help, Tara and Badger explain how lending a helping hand can be the right choice if you're in danger of feeling low this Christmas. is the place to go for one to one help 24/7. They pledge to be th ...…
You can do it too.By (Andy Parry).
Should you begin to think about starting to lose weight in the month with the biggest temptation.By (Andy Parry).
Supermarket ready meals - are they ok to eat? What about losing tummy fat? HELP Christmas is coming. Tara answers your questions with Badger pretending to know what she's talking about ....By (Andy Parry).
Don't get caught out in the cold. Tara has some great recipe ideas for a cold winters night for you.By (Andy Parry).
In celebration of Beaujolais day we show you how to help with a hangover and how to have fun without binge eating the carbs. Plus the myths of peanut butter explainedBy (Andy Parry).
Tara explains how you can feel like a million dollars as you get to the Christmas Party season. Got a question for us? get to tarahammett.comBy (Andy Parry).
Tara explains the reason why she chose to go organic (ish) Plus how to beat the fussy eating from stopping you eating a healthy dietBy (Andy Parry).
Tara is an experienced mum and fitness coach so we posed the question many pregnant women ask plus we have the calorie counting debate to discuss.By (Andy Parry).
Winter is coming, Tara has some great tips for staying motivated and some great meal ideas.By (Andy Parry).
Tara explains how to use them to work for you instead of against you.By (Andy Parry).
There's all kinds of celebrities endorsing tea that can help you to lose weight. We talk tea and which one does what. Also as a vegetarian it's tricky trying to up the protein intake but here are some hints and tips.By (Andy Parry).
Lucy Heavens manages the Swansea Wellbeing centre, the doors are always open but this Saturday there's a chance to start working on being a healthier you in mind and body. Tara explains how to beat the stage of weight loss - the plateau when the fat just won't budge - you're working hard but are your muscles? Plus some great recipe ideas.…
Badger wants to know, do you need it? Who buys what and what is the benefit of using protein powder. Tara explains all.By (Andy Parry).
Tara and Badger discuss Coconut oil, is it good for you or not and how to beat those sugar cravings between meals.By (Andy Parry).
Tara has the answer to losing 'Back Fat' (Badger said he'd Googled it and they were a band in the eighties. Tara has a little more constructive info. Plus 'Are you OK'? It's OK to say no and figure out how to get yourself back together. Tara explains how to build a tool kit to get your mind back onside so your body can follow…
There's always the question of how to lose weight quickly but efficiently is more important. Tara explains what we should be thinking when it comes to taking time out for us. Also how to figure out which vitamins you need and when to eat what.By (Andy Parry).
We've all been on holiday and then just carried it on into October. Tara explains how to stop all that . Plus we have a special guest. Kim Davies explains how to get into Nordic walking and a new FL exercise class.By (Andy Parry).
we back talking bout shit like the passing of the old man the terrible steam summer sale more north korea shit and more drake shitBy
We also get the info on how Tara dropped the baby weight, Should we get an activity tracker and if so which one? A buying guide plus how to get the kids away from Fortnite and into the sunshine this summerBy (Andy Parry).
What can you lose by drinking skinny teas? Tara tells us why kids don't want healthy food and the Golden rule of a healthy diet for the little ones is all explained in this weeks podcastBy (Andy Parry).
Tara has been in Schools across South Wales talking about healthy eating and finding ways to get a decent BBQ. Those £5 BBQ deals may not be the healthy option you're looking for. Also Can you have a BBQ drink ? Tara explains all - while being interupted by BadgerBy (Andy Parry).
Tara helps us get into the holiday bod in our heads and our swimmers. Plus is calorie counting going to work to lose weight? All will be explained plus, it's hot so here's what to doBy (Andy Parry).
Tara explains targeted weight loss. We talk about how to get self help without reading endless books. How can it be that some of our listeners are eating clean but not losing weight?By (Andy Parry).
From Biccys to home bakes everyone has an office with a feeder in there. Here's how to beat that, Plus Tara's been on holidays and has some tips on how to stay healthy and not be a holiday party pooperBy (Andy Parry).
The World of social media is destroying our mind set. There's a way to battle it. Wherever you are in your routine. You may have just completed a marathon or fallen off the wagon and lost your way a little. Tara will help you get back on track. Stop comparing yourself to others and find your own road.…
Tara is getting us fitter for summer and double quick timeBy (Andy Parry).
Anyone who knows Tara will know she's a chocoholic and that can cause problems for anyone trying to lose weight. There's lots of ways of combating it. Some of them are not always the answer. Tara explains how to give i if you have toBy (Andy Parry).
Gemma won our Diet Tribe competition a couple of years ago and found she had to get back into the habit after the wedding she'd trimmed down for. Here's how to lose 14lbs safely in 12 weeks.By (Andy Parry).
Sarah Cadogan is a mum who works at Gwalia Housing in Swansea and has had a tough year. Since meeting up with Tara she's managed to beat the catastrophic effect of grief and get back to thinking about herself. She didn't need to lose much weight but the feeling of confidence and contentment was important. Let's find out how she got there and wh ...…
We answer the question of how to lose more than a pound a week, it's tough we know but here's what you do nextBy (Andy Parry).
Plus we have some tips on how to keep yourself motivated. Building a plan to beat the bulge, How Doctors suggest beating depression and can you drink hot Chocolate ?By (Andy Parry).
Just a few months ago Badger went to the doctors with some stomach problems that just seemed to be ongoing for quite some time. After some tests and checks it was the words that the Doctors at Singleton used 'We're putting you on an Urgent Suspected Cancer Pathway' that struck with a horrendous chill. In this weeks podcast we talk about the eff ...…
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