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Retro Junkies Network
The Turtle Power Podcast is your audio source for all the news, reviews, and insight into the world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Editor's Note Comics has a weekly show that covers geek news, reviews for movies, comic history, and reading recommendations!
Benjamin and Sami are two journalists who take a weekly look at the funnier side of the automotive industry, the cars they drive, the places they go, and the weirdness that surrounds the industry at all times.
Dave Campbell's Texas Football — the leader in Texas high school football and Texas college football for more than 57 years — discusses football topics across the Lone Star State. Watch the show live every weekday at noon on
Comedian Adam Blank and his guests reminisce about their favourite retro video games
Chasing Turtles
Who is making this definitive history of the TMNT? What are they doing? Where are they going? Are they really doing in themselves? How do they deal with long hours of spending time together in planes, cars and hotel rooms without crying? The answers to these questions and many more that you haven’t yet asked can be found in this ongoing video podcast that takes you behind the scenes as our tiny crew delves deep under the shells of your favourite crime fighting ninja turtle team.
MilkMan & Revren
In the begining there was MilkMan & Revren. In the end there will be MilkMan & Revren. In the meantime... they'll just chat about geek stuff that you'll probably dig. You dig?
Two Packs is the trading card comedy podcast! Join host Geoffrey Golden and a special guest as they crack open packs of bizarre, retro trading cards from The A-Team to Xena: Dangerous Liaisons. While they discover what’s inside, they discuss forgotten pop culture, geeky childhood memories, and a thoughtful exploration of the human condition through a post-post-modern lens. (Or, y'know, Garbage Pail Kids.)
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Avengers: Endgame is almost here, so we look back on Thanos' first major defeat! 4:35 News 32:43 Sports Report 48:30 Why Didn’t Terrence Howard return for Iron Man 2?
Scores like chuffin’ telephone numbers, that wazzock of a game Gigawing! This and more Yorkshire reviews on this episode of Ten Pee Arcade podcast. Shaun shouts at Jeremy and remembers his first band – ‘Resistor Array’ DOPE FLUTES!!! TIMESTAMP: What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0m 0s Arcade News – 23m 35s Pickups – 37m 43s Feedback ...…
The guys talk to Al PIckett about his book "Brother's Keeper" that is about to become a feature-length film, recap the Texas high school football season on the South Plains, and more.By (
StarTropics is the little game that almost could. Developed by Nintendo of America and released exclusively in North America and Europe (most NES games made their way to North America after being released in Japan), this game gets an awful lot right. And the stuff is gets wrong can be overlooked or chalked up to system limitations and industry ...…
This week on the show we start off with a new song from MC Kate and Iceberg 13. He takes on another cooking produce infomercial. The song is called "Kicked Up Hot Dogs" and I think it's pretty great. Thanks Iceberg! From there we talk about the latest Marvel flick. It's called Captain Marvel, it stars the delightful Brie Larson and Sam Jackson. ...…
The guys break down the latest in recruiting news across the state with Greg Powers of Next Level Athlete, recap the TXHSFB season in Austin, and give away another of Dave Campbell's new books.By (
The guys review what was a tremendous season of Texas high school football in the Rio Grande Valley, discuss the latest TXHSFB coaching changes (including absolute chaos in Class 2A) and more.By (
The guys talk to Troy coach Ronnie Porter about his Trojans' breakout 2018 season (and why 2019 may be even better) and unveil the bracket for the All-Star Inflatables Texas High School Football Inflatable Run-Through competition.By (
"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in". A very ironic line from Godfather Part 3. Today on GeekFest Rants, join Carlos as he takes an unexpected trip back into the Star Wars toxic fandom Rebel Force Radio Controversy from last year. It would seem that the last time we covered this news story it ruffled enough feathers to actually ...…
When is a crossover not a crossover? When it's the 2019 BMW X2 M35i, a hot hatch contender disguised as an SUV. Benjamin and Sami each spent a week with BMW's quickest compact and have dissenting opinions on how it compares to its less-mighty xDrive28i predecessor. Things get weirder with a lightning round focused on the Geneva auto show's supe ...…
In this totally tubular episode, we discuss Archie TMNT comic issue #10 over a mega slice of bacon and gummy worm pizza! Thank you all for listening and cowabunga! Links: Email – Turtle Comm Hotline – 865-309-4875 Facebook and Twitter – @TurtleFlakes Turtle Flakes Website Josh’s Turtle Tracks Blog Anthony’s “Totall ...…
The guys discuss the piece on breaking down the 10 most improved Texas high school football defenses in 2018, recap the year in review in the Coastal Bend, and offer a giveaway for podcast listeners!By (
Today on GeekFest Rants we are going to take a trip back to a planet ruled by talking apes. Join Carlos Perrone as he again welcomes back writer Andrew E.C. Gaska to chat about his latest book, Death of the Planet of the Apes. If you ever wondered what happened to Taylor between the first and second film, his military war experience, and his in ...…
Captain Marvel has finally arrived! We look at it with a nonspoiler and spoiler review! 2:26 Pop Culture News 22:22 Sports Report 27:02 Captain Marvel Review 49:39 What Characters Would You Cross Over?
The guys talk with new Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells about taking over the Red Raiders and his plans to turn Tech into a winner, and celebrate Dave Campbell's 94th birthday.By (
In early 2001, the Nintendo 64 was running out of gas. The Playstation was in full swing, and Nintendo was looking vulnerable for the first time. Their new console, the Gamecube, was only months away. The 64 was about to be left behind. But before that happened, it had one last hurrah. And that hurrah was a gorgeous RPG called Paper Mario. Not ...…
Alex and Ryan are back to cover all the latest TMNT news including big updates in TMNT collecting, comics, and 3, yes 3, new TMNT movies in production! Which film are you looking forward to most? ------------------------- News: ------------------------- TMNT: ABC’s for a Better Planet (1991) ...…
Which would you rather have when fighting the supernatural: the total anonymity of a rental-counter Taurus, or the off-road cool of a convertible Blazer? We get to the bottom of the mystery on this Star Car Faceoff bonus episode.By
This week on the show we start off with a tale of our aborted trip to Lake Tahoe and what I did with the week instead of sledding. I saw movies basically. There, I saved you ten minutes. From there we head to At The Movies where I talk about some of the movies that I took in, Fighting With My Family, Arctic, Alita: Battle Angel and more. It's a ...…
Matt Stepp is our special guest host as he and Tepper discuss the latest Texas high school football coaching moves and Stepp's picks for the 10 best TXHSFB games he attended in 2018.By (
Another international episode! Dude Nick comes back on the show (by himself!) to present you with a Nintendo Switchup on Tetris 99. How fitting! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Is the 2019 BMW X5 capable of elevating itself to the top tier of luxury SUVs? After a week behind the wheel of the twin-turbo V8 model, both Benjamin and Sami have a definite opinion on the X5's place in the performance truck pantheon. Switching gears, the two also delve into Benjamin's sub-zero session in the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace EV, a ferociou ...…
With Captain Marvel comics out in cinemas, we look at one of the story arcs that influence the film! 3:14 News 29:20 Sports Report 32:38 Kree/Skrull War 41:20 What snack cake would you use to save the world?
In this totally tubular episode, we discuss IDW, Issue 91 with wonderful artist, Michael Dialynas over a mega slice of vegan pizza! Thank you all for listening and cowabunga! Links: Email – Turtle Comm Hotline – 865-309-4875 Facebook and Twitter – @TurtleFlakes Turtle Flakes Website Josh’s Turtle Tracks Blog Anthon ...…
The guys continue their series reviewing the "Friday Night Lights" TV show, exploring what the show got right — and got wrong — from a Texas high school football perspective, with the help of special guests David Ubben and Teri Adams.By (
(Ugly) Monkey see, monkey do. Join us, as we yap about a gibbon based Rastan clone and how Kate Bush is the queen of the North. TIMESTAMP: What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0m 0s Arcade News – 16m 50s Pickups – 21m 50s Feedback – 29m 38s Shout Outs! – 39m 19s Mysterious Japanese Lady – O hayai kaifuku o negatte orimasu! Arcade Quiz ...…
When you think of platformers, Super Mario Bros jumps to mind as the most influential to the genre. First Person Shooters, that nod might go to Wolfenstein or Doom. And when you get into the world of horror video games, the undisputed king is the Playstation classic, Resident Evil. Admittedly, I'm a wuss when it comes to horror and scary things ...…
The guys talk with Next Level Athlete's Greg Powers about the latest in recruiting around the state, recap the sensational 2018 Texas high school football season in the Panhandle, and discuss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for some reason.By (
Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with a new little bit from Engineer Emily and The Ensign From Pod-B.. It's fun from there we have the return of A.B Silver and we find out what dude was wanting to talk with me about. It's well worth the wait Then we talk about a movie I saw called Th ...…
The guys take a look at the 2018 Texas Longhorns — what went right, what went wrong and what's ahead in 2019 — and announce the Texas high school football teams of the year that will be honored in the 2019 summer edition of DCTF.By (
The Dudes are joined by Dude Hickman of the Genesis Germs (why!?) to discuss the often overlooked (in it's day) and arguably underrated game... Clash at Demonhead! Become a supporter of this podcast:
The guys recap the Texas high school football season in the Piney Woods, talk to new Frisco coach Jeff Harbert about his Raccoons, and more.By (
It's that time of the year...New York Toy Fair 2019 time. The time we get to see all these new cool toys but cannot buy them just yet. This year we are going Retro in more ways than one. From Hasbro producing a Retro line of Kenner Star Wars figures, to new additions from Reaction, like They Live and Planet of the Apes. Plus. look out, The Warr ...…
Sami's supercar streak continues with a drive of the 2020 McLaren 720S Spider, which now holds the podcast record for 'fastest thing Sami has ever been inside of.' Benjamin races too, this time on ice in a rear-wheel drive Lexus IS 300 at the Lexus Sport Cup studded tire challenge - but he had to drive the 2019 Acura RDX SUV to get there. Which ...…
Cowabunga! Welcome to the premier episode of Turtle Tales, a monthly miniseries dedicated to the Tales of the TMNT comics brought to you by Turtle Flakes! In this episode, Rob discusses the very first issue of Tales, Volume 1, Issue 1 over a mega slice of mushroom and anchovies pizza! Thank you for listening! Links: o Turtle Tales Blog – turtle ...…
In this Episode Scott and Willie! discuss VideoCart #3 Blackjack and have a special guest host on the show for Willie! to challenge at a game :) Download Here:
In this Episode Scott and I discuss VideoCart #3 Blackjack and have a special guest host on the show for Willie! to challenge at a game :) Download Here: Here is the video supplemental :) Links: FND Collectibles website - Great Channel F Info here! Video Games Magazine Fairchild Channel F Article The Channel F Podcast webpage on RetroGamingRoun ...…
In this episode Scott and Willie! talk about one of the first board games to be programmed on a home console! Backgammon and Acey Duecy! Download Here:
In this episode Scott and I talk about one of the first board games to be programmed on a home console! Backgammon and Acey Duecy! Download Here: Video Supplement:
In this episode Scott and I discuss the game Space War! plus get derailed many times during the episode :) Scotts rating - 7 out of 10 Willie!'s rating - 4 out of 10 Download Here: Links: Scotts Arcade Party Video Games Magazine Fairchild Article CGE Adventures Free Rom for the Atari 2600
The Channel F Files - The MultiCart! interview with Fredric Blaholz. A great cart for the Channel F, includes some really fun homebrew games and demos! Download Here:
In this episode Scott and Willie! discuss Desert Fox and Shooting Gallery (what? Again?) We also discuss the new Channel F Files Website and a few other interesting things :) Download Here:
Join Scott and Willie! as we discuss VideoCart #1 for the Fairchild Channel F System. Classic Topic deviations abound in this episode :) Download Here:
In this episode I talk about the Fairchild Channel F console and its Creator Jerry Lawson. Download Here:
In this episode we take a look at Dodge It on the Channel F, a fun electronic version of Dodge Ball! Download Here:
This week we look at one of the influences on the Captain Marvel movie, HIgher, Further, Faster, More 4:20 News 35:07 Sports Report 45:29 Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster, More 54:07 Who will die in Endgame?
For my money, there may not be a game in the NES library (at least, not without "Mario" in the title) that has aged better than the masterpiece that is Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Punch Out!! was one of the first sports video games to really nail it. The controls are snare drum tight, the graphics are still gorgeous today, and the gameplay mechani ...…
The guys talk to DCTF high school insider Matt Stepp about the latest news and rumors from the TXHSFB coaching carousel.By (
This week on the show we start off with a brand new song from DJ Iceberg 13. It's called "Melt That Cheese" and it features a sample from some infomercial Iceberg was watching the other day. It's pretty fun. From there we take a call from Hollywood Agent A.B Silver about Johnny 5's upcoming project. Let's hope that we can find something out. Th ...…
The guys take a look at the 2018 North Texas Mean Green — what went right, what went wrong, and what's ahead — and take a look at the latest Texas high school football coaching changes.By (
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