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I'm a random in and out. What ever is on my mind goes live on radio. It makes for good conversation. I'm mostly spilling the hot lipton tea on the Hawaiian Islands. Can you tell?
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It's been a year since I've had a show. Today I will talk updates on my new book and some of my favorite reality TV shows. Also, I went back to the adult industry and been managing my own tshirt line part-time. And the reason why I'm doing this show is because girls are using psychics to check up on their friends! Let's talk! https://www.facebo ...…
Just updates on me, Lilith Affairs and my book 'Drama Queens' and everything random that matter's to me. Also, Please go and check out my friend and author Red Haircrow and his books. Below is his Facebook and where you can get his books on ...…
Just doing an update on what's going on in my world and yours. We will talk online shopping and regular shopping. Plus the walmart card money scam.
What's going on with your Christmas shopping? I'll let you know what's going on with mines and other randomness.
Kicking people to side for the new year of 2013. If you had thrown dirt, salt on my name, or had it in your mouth with bad intentions, you've made that 'Kick out' list. Listen for more details as I make it know that back stabbers, shit talkers, and negative people in and around my life will be kick to the side for good. Happy Holidays.…
I have'nt been up dating for a week, due to being sick and busy. Now, lets talk about what I have been up too.
The fckury this night was, Thank goodness for beer!!!
Talking about my shoes I have recieved and other products. Plus, my partner ship with youtube.
Celebrity gossip, news, and everyday Sh*t
Of course I do a bit of Celeb gossip and my random talks about my life and day. But, today I wanted to be a bit more raw.
Plus all my randmon talks about my weekends. The walking dead, atl housewives. Plus thanks giving talks, lets chat shall we.
The daily dose of everyday shit that's going around us. My adventures around the island of Hawaii. Also, girl drama, what to do about it???? Find out what advice I give.
Halloween was it a bust for me? Find out. Also, Talking of up coming Thanksgiving and what's going down. And Random, Random, Shit.
All random, no list of segmenst and or scripts today. So, tune in and Happy halloween.
Un released songs from the group Blaque. Former member has died, Natina Reed. Also Halloween weekend talk, and how my weekend went, and what's going on for me on Halloween.
Paranomal Activity 4 review, BET hip hop awards, Sunday's Halloween party, and prank calls.
Today: Keisha Coles new reality show, Donald Trump vs Obama, LL Cool J, Rupaul's all star drag race, men, whores, bums, and ratchet women.
Former ATL Housewives update on Sheree, Bad girls club renuion review, Candy purse, Wendy Williams Secret today, Kim K's, new old looking pics, Whitney Houston and Bobby Christina.
The life of a random transsexual who know's her shit!
Going back in time and over looking my radio history. Also, I will be sharing with you my daily life, and of course it involes "Transsexual Talk." Random, Random, Random, Random, Random, Random.......SHIT!!!!!!!
All about celebrity news and my random thoughts for today.
Today's show is about reviewing T.V shows. Bad girls club, The walking dead,
Today's show I'm doing reviews on "The Walking Dead," sexy adult candy, upsetting disrespectful whores and part 2, the continuation of "Transsexual Potluck."
This segment is about the pot luck I went to last night. Let's talk about broke transsexuals, guys who act like a man whore and totally shames me because he was my guest. The food was fabulous, so was all the different cocktails and beers, so on and so forth.
Talking about paying bill, grocery shopping killing your wallet, sneaky females, online shopping, and a happy birthday shout out. Everything Random..
Just alot of random thoughts about life, the world, and things I have on my mind. Btw, I'm so Mad at my male friends on facebook. I'm going in on you today.
Just because a man sees a beautiful transgender women, they always have some kind of fantasy going on in there head. I would like to talk about it because, the messages I get on my FB, is redonkulous!! Tune in on what I have to say, keep in mind the adult language and the male bashing I might be doing.…
I will be talking about my time in transistion on hormone therapy. I also will be talking about what my family thought as I transition. Hormone therapy for transgender, what it is, and how to get them. Since I'm from Hawaii I will be talking about the "VH1 Behind the music polynesian princess Nicole Scherzinger Finally, ending the show with top ...…
Friends ask and I answere, if not I will talk about whats on my mind.
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