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TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE WORLD is where you can explore the cities, countries, and people of the world as presented in the most creative, beautiful, and interesting travel videos on Vimeo.The video count for this channel will be kept at 100 or less. With that in mind, videos will be rotated in and out on a regular basis in order to keep things fresh, and so there will always be something new to explore and enjoy. Therefore don't be surprised or offended if your video comes and eventually goes ...
Bringing you stories of wonder and adventure, from world travel tales to digital nomad life to backpacker fun, Travel Stories Podcast seeks to inspire.
Life Lessons is about testing everything in life and keeping what is good. Our dream is to create a nation of mentors that unleash the full potential of humans. To date, we have over 2 million mentors and proteges well on their way to a transformed life. presents tales of the strange and bizarre, the weird and the wicked. Stories not necessarily of the supernatural, but of the unnatural. Join us for Strange Tales, featuring radio drama at its most mysterious and unusual. Abnormal old time radio!
Women Who Travel
Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey dissect the realities of traveling as a woman today, high-fiving all those shaking things up in food, hospitality, adventure, and travel journalism, and celebrating all the reasons why we refuse to stay home.
Travel Videos
Explore the best travel videos from around the world.I also frequently feature videos from here at the If you have a video that you would like me to consider to feature on the site, feel free to email me at :, and include "Vimeo Travel Group" in the subject line.Thanks!Matt
Amateur Traveler is an award winning audio travel show that focuses primarily on the question: "where should you go next and what should you see, do and eat there?". Amateur Traveler won its creator Chris Christensen a Travel+Leisure SMITTY award as the best independent travel journalist and a Society of American Travel Writers Lowell Thomas Award. It is also used to teach English at Oxford University.
Welcome to JUMP Podcast, formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler. I’m your host, Traveling Jackie, and I’m here to explore travel, adventure, and lifestyle in ways meant to motivate YOU to move and get out and see the world. Let this show be a source of travel advice and inspiration, and remember that in the end, it’s YOU who takes the leap.
Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is spontaneous, organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths with unexpected people. Come hang with comics, porn stars, bank robbers, drug smugglers, scientists, authors, and world travelers.
Travel Brigade
All Things Travel
Urban Wine Life
This show intent is to taste, educate and visit places that has anything to do with wine. Not a sommelier but a lover of wines. this show has video and audio podcast so you can see the wine on youtube or listen on the podcast. An ordinary guy, talking about wine pairing with food. Wine accessories as well as vineyards around the world. Join me on my journey and hopefully I can get you to a point that you can learn something or at least agree with what I have experience.
I am a Dreamer and a Traveler, journeying in this realm with you. Let's enter the Age of Aquarius together.
supporting introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive feminists and social change makers to improve their mindset, gain emotional intelligence, thrive and shine, and make a difference in the world!
If you’re ready to become the best version of yourself, take the action steps to live a healthy active lifestyle with a no excuse attitude and find ways to self develop and become the best version of yourself then you’re in the right place. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dusty Slay and Hannah Hogan, comedians and a married couple, talk about life on the road, advice for younger comics, comedy clubs and conspiracies. They like talking and they'll talk about anything.Dusty Slay- husband- Stand Up Comedian- born in Alabama- dustyslay.comHannah Hogan- wife- Stand Up Comedian- born in Ontario-
Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries
Motorcycles and the community around them.
Pat King providing you with tools, resources and advice for small businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups or anyone wanting to start a business with little to no budget. Committed to Collaboration, Innovation & Excellence to serve the greater good. Pat has 25 years of experience building and managing successful businesses. He has built 3 businesses with no capital, leveraging many free tools and resources which he will share along with the latest available resources in technology, marketing and ...
Simple tips, tricks, and hacks for a life well lived.
Ortho Marketing Live
The marketing pros at Ortho Marketing share tips, tricks and best practices to enhance marketing efforts for your practice.
We are a couple guys with full time jobs who love talking about games in our spare time. We hope to bring a realistic and non-exaggerated gaming discussion.
You'll get fun and friendly doses of writing advice in three short chunks: a Quick and Dirty Tip, a meaty middle, and a final tidbit. Grammar Girl covers everything from punctuation and grammar to style and voice.
Musician and host Laurie Gallardo recaps tonight’s best bet for a great Austin music experience.
From a life raised on travel, Andy Steves connects with friends and experts across the globe in seeking out the ultimate tips, tricks and tales. Whether you're a digital nomad, aspiring entrepreneur, budget traveler or wanderlust-er, this is for all of us who crave that next adventure.
You'll get fun and friendly doses of writing advice in three short chunks: a Quick and Dirty Tip, a meaty middle, and a final tidbit. Grammar Girl covers everything from punctuation and grammar to style and voice.
Bard & Bible
A conversational devotional as a tabletop gaming missionary reflects on scripture, life, and the games we play
Kotaku Splitscreen
Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton and Jason Schreier talk about all things gaming and maybe more.
Roads From Emmaus
Exploring the Intersection Between Place, Communion, and Revelation - Produced in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, this podcast features sermons and other talks about the exploration and engagement of Christian faith with the world. Jesus Christ both journeyed with His disciples on the road to the Biblical Emmaus and broke bread with them, thus revealing Himself as both our fellow traveler and the incarnate Word of God
Chris it is
From the life of a photographer, author, traveler, podcaster.
Earth Ancients
Earth Ancients chronicles the growing (and often suppressed) evidence of known and unknown civilizations, their ruined cities, and artifacts developed from advanced science and technology. Erased from the pages of time, these cultures discovered and charted the heavens, developed medicine and unleashed advancements that parallel and, in many cases, surpass our own. Join us and discover our lost history.Armed with the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which have not been covere ...
The Loudini Rock 'n Roll Circus brings you News, Music, Business Tips and Great Rock and Roll by the best emerging Artists. If you like what you hear, please tip!
Irish Fireside
The Podcast on Irish Travel, Irish Customs and All Things Irish. We take you to some of the best Irish towns and villages. As we explore Ireland's most popular destinations, we offer our suggestions to get you off the tourist trail and in to the "real" Ireland. Sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable at the Irish Fireside, and feel free to use our Episode Guides for maps, destination recaps and links to the sites and topics we discuss.
Peru Travel Podcast is an entertaining and fun way to hear stories and learn everything you need to know about travel in Peru! Your hosts walk you through the dos and don’ts, must-sees, what to expect, and the culture of Peru. Your ears with thank you for listening if you’re an avid traveler.
Video Games Weekly
Paul Charchian talks about the week in gaming in the latest installment of Video Games Weekly.
My job and passion is to help others heal themselves. On this program, I give sound, practical advice on how live a healthier, happier, greener life. My goals are to raise awareness about how you have an impact on the environment, to encourage involvement in social causes, and making educated choices about your health . I will cover a variety of topics, including mental health, weight loss, vegan living, plant based eating, nutrition, addiction, detoxification, cancer, and so much more. Heat ...
Do you want to learn how to travel the world for as long as you desire, on your terms while spending less money? Whether you're a travel newbie dying to figure out how to explore the world, an occasional traveler longing to make your holiday everyday, or an experienced globetrotter seeking unique ways to keep traveling full time, you're in the right place. Travel expert Jason Moore from chats with adventurous people living life on the road so you can discover new ways to tra ...
Author and radio personality, James L. Paris, discusses news, politics, Bible prophecy, Bitcoin, UFOs, conspiracy theories, survival and preparedness, and a wide array of Christian financial issues. Paris' popular books are Executive Order 11110 - Did The Fed Kill JFK, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle, And Exposing The Ponzi Masters.
Tired of the everyday Pod Cast? You have entered the land of Confusion! From witch there is no escape! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Living by Experience is a weekly Travel, Lifestyle and Photography Magazine. Living by Experience shares my story of living the dream and following my passions - not based on any particular model or structure, but by trying out and experiencing different things and see what sticks. Follow me and join me on my journey!
Empowering you to know that you know, Stephanie Richardson and Heather Smith, facilitators of Access Consciousness®, co-host this vibrant show that gives you tools to get where you're going and have fun along the way. We'll be laughing more than is appropriate, talking about things we shouldn't, and using tools that sound funny... but work.Join the good girls today!
The show covers the world film festivals, indie film makers, producers, actors, along with TV personalities.
Emergency Medicine Cases – Where the Experts Keep You in the Know. For complete episodes please visit
Nintendo Dispatch
Nintendo fanboys Michael and James breakdown the latest news, game releases, and happenings in the Nintendo universe. No topic or game system is off limits as we discuss at the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo's mobile games, theme parks, merchandise, and whatever else awesome Nintendo is doing. Join us each week for a new episode of awesome. Now you're playing with power!
Just a few of the folks that we’ve interviewed on Chicago’s Black Business RADIO Network: Reverend Wheeler Parker (Emmett Till’s Cousin), Tuskegee Airman (The Original), Actor and Producer Charles S. Dutton, Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown, Mayoral Candidates William "Dock" Wall and Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, Illinois Senator Donne Trotter, Ms. Chantay Bridges (Real Estate Agent to President Clinton), Jimmy Lee Tillman II (Candidate for Congress), Turtel Onli (Father of da Black Age of Comic ...
Stories that have the power to inspire
On this Reel Travels podcast, professional travel writer and self-proclaimed film/tv buff Lisa Iannucci takes you across the country and around the world talking movie and television locations to visit, museums to explore, and conventions and tours to attend. Whether you're a fan of Game of Thrones, Little House on the Prairie, Downton Abbey, old John Wayne movies, I Love Lucy, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The African Queen or some other show/movie we'll talk about where you can travel t ...
Celebrating the greatest songs in modern music history.
Elevate Your Energy with Evelyne Lambrecht is the place for women who want to eat better, feel better, and live better. Join us weekly for the best in functional medicine and nutrition.
IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!
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show series
In this podcast, Dean Steinman, President of Ortho Marketing, talks about how important it is to be transparent with your patients and prospects.
This week, we're sharing an episode of Travelogue, the other podcast at Conde Nast Traveler. In it, our editors walk through our gift guides and give a few hints as to what they're giving this year (and what they're hoping to get). There's a little bit of everything: luggage (Away, of course), stocking stuffers to help reduce your plastic consu ...…
Dusty Slay and Hannah Hogan are husband and wife and also both comedians! They discuss life on the road, conspiracies and childhood stories. In this episode Dusty and Hannah talk about The Animated Movie "Ivan in the Incredible," Advice on how to record your own comedy album, Dead Crow Comedy Club in Wilmington, NC, Gary Gulman, Zanies Comedy C ...…
On a short trip to England in November 2018, we made the spontaneous decision to visit Hatfield House and the old royal palace there. Sadly, we forgot to check the opening hours before we started and arrived to find everything was closed, but we were still able to enjoy an hour stroll through the grounds and a nice cup of tea.The palace was bui ...…
Nintendo titles swept The Game Awards, and even more great games are headed our way including Mortal Kombat and a new Marvel Exclusive. We have all the great Nintendo news, released, and a full breakdown of the new Flip Grip accessory for your Switch. Follow Us Michael: Twitter, Instagram, Blog James: Twitter, Blog, YouTube Nintendo Dispatch: T ...…
Today’s Austin Music Minute was fun thanks in part to having the chance to say Cervezalandia. That’s just damn funny. And, if you’re vaguely familiar with the local music scene, it doesn’t take much to figure out the reference. Your AMM host got it from San Saba Records. The sister label of Super Secret Records here in the ATX specializes in mu ...…
CEO in 10 presents Shelly Zalis, founder of The Female Quotient. CEO in 10 welcomes Shelley Zalis is an internationally-renowned thought leader for advancing equality in the workplace. As the first female chief executive ranked in the research industry’s top 25, she changed the game, helped elevate feminine values in the workplace and has devot ...…
Nisyros est une toute petite île d'origine volcanique. Disposant d'une superficie de 41 km2 et d'un sommet de 698 mètres, elle est même le plus jeune volcan de la mer Égée dont la dernière éruption, géothermique, date de 1887. La caldeira du volcan a un diamètre de quatre kilomètres et présente deux cratères.…
As another flu season rapidly approaches, the need for fast, accurate flu testing is more important than ever. Dr. Douglas L. Ambler, internal medicine physician at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and medical director of quality for Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group, will be available alongside Norman Moore, PhD., Direc ...…
Make sure to activate the subtitles while watching.This is a an episode from a season we directed and produced for The Traveler, a new travel series broadcasted on Al Jazeera Arabic.originally launched and broadcasted in June 2018Check the whole portfolio: time: Albania!“H ...…
Syrian-born songwriter and musician Azniv Korkejian knows about moving around a lot, so much so that the displacement made her feel as though she belonged…nowhere. Hence the moniker Bedouine – a take on bedouin, or wanderer. Korkejian’s lived in Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Lexington, Austin and Savannah, but eventually decided L.A. was the pl ...…
Sometimes you need a little "Boketto" to embrace the release of all thoughts of anything and just take in a pure moment of life. Boketto is a Japanese word that means "to lose one's thoughts"This experimental film takes some of the most dramatic skies and turns them into refelctions of themselves. Hit play and lose yourself for a couple of minutes.…
Come to a small corner lab in Rochester, NY with electrical engineer Steve Sasson. Get a sneak peek into the moment of invention of the digital camera. CEO in 10 presents a pioneer in disruptive technology with Mr. Steve Sasson, father of the digital photography. This show is presented by, publishers of America's favori ...…
This poem is quite personal. It took much time to find way to visualize it. Dark and light parts of this video have a very special meaning. We don our masks and our everyday armor, afraid of being found out. Afraid of being taken less seriously, as if happiness were a stain in our otherwise pristine, unbreakable facade. We hide our real selves ...…
I traveled to Iceland in late September and was able to see so much in just three days. Along the south coast were waterfalls, beaches, cliffs, sunsets, and even tectonic plate fissures.Shot on Sony a6500 with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and the Moza Air gimbalInstagram: @diehliciousnessContact:
Gracefully-Yours Greeting Cards presents Mentoring Monday with the Father of Digital Cameras- Steve Sasson, with host Rick Tocquigny. Steve invented the first digital camera for Eastman Kodak in the mid 1970's. Hear his story about being inventive, listen to his breakthrough moment, and enjoy his mentoring tips. visit f ...…
On today's episode of the podcast Matt sat down and spoke with Dr Eva Doherty. Eva is a clinical psychologist and lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons. Eva is also the Director of the Human Factors and Patient Safety (HFPS). On the show Matt and Eva talk about the implications of emotional intelligence, it's benefits and how it causes a br ...…
Steven Bancarz joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his new book, The Second Coming Of The New Age Movement. Modern day motivational seminars and retreats are morphing into satanic spiritualism. Dark supernatural forces are also creeping into the church as they attempt to mix biblical teaching with new age beliefs. The dangers of spiritualism, yoga, ...…
Jim shares his frustration with President Trump's apparent lack of resolve in fighting back against the Mueller probe. Why is Trump appointing another Washington insider as attorney general? Why did he allow a Justice Department attorney to interfere with the questioning of former FBI Director James Comey? Why is there no active investigation i ...… This time on Strange Tales, we’ll hear the November 10, 1964, broadcast from Theater Five titled, World Enough And Time. Download StrangeTales465
Panamá es un paraíso , disfrútalo con nuestros VES TOURS de - envía un email a ® MAYORISTAS Y MINORISTAS - (5079 67809223 #whatsapp - DISTINTAS AVENTURAS para todo tipo de gustos ! contacta , comparte , #soloseviveunavez #vestours #panama ®
S2 E1 - BUDAPEST for Rogues with Smike Letwinsky Smike the Party Godfather of Budapest makes his second appearance on AST, and he outdoes himself once more! I can't stop cracking up while catching up with him about his latest projects--from hostels to bars to bands and podcasts. We also get into sex and nightlife etiquette for today's backpacke ...…
Kos, longue de 40 km sur 8 km de large, elle est la troisième plus grande île du Dodécanèse après Rhodes et Karpathos. Elle est située à 4 km des côtes turques et de la ville d’Halicarnasse (Bodrum). Hippocrate est sans doute le natif le plus célèbre de l'île. Elle compte plusieurs sites remarquables comme son musée archéologique, la ville anti ...…
Today’s AMM invited you to pull up a chair and pour yourself a whiskey. Make it a double. You’re gonna need it. Full disclosure: Your humble AMM host has been a Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 fan for awhile now, absolutely smitten over the macabre tones of their 2007 release Murder and The Art of The Dance (bring it, “Black Coffee Night,” you sick b ...…
Janelle is a lot more than a pretty face. She spent months exploring Colombia while bringing attention to the problem of illegal trafficking of endangered wildlife. She's a passionate defender of the natural world and an excellent photographer. Plus, she looks real good on two wheels. Janelle on Instagram: @motogypsy Find me on Instagram or Twi ...…
Latest episode of Typical Confusion PodCast Hosted by Jim Holliday Become a supporter of this podcast:
WEEEEEEELLLLLLLLCOOOOOMME! Great news everyone, IT'S TIME FOR SMASH. That's right, all of your favorites in one game, just pummeling each other. We're dedicating the back half of the show to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but up front, we'll tell you about GRIS, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom and a few others. This week's cast: Zachary Ryan, P ...…
Street shots, visiting the pyramids and sphinx, and the Nile at night
"Spirit Traveler: Unlocking Ancient Mysteries and Secrets of Eight of the World’s Great Historic Sites" takes a unique approach to analyzing why famous historic sites, including the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Tiwanaku, were constructed. Scientists and archaeologists have written thousands of books about these sites. While this information ...…
A visit on the bridge of northbound MS Lofoten while in Rørvik. After the recent direct route from Ålesund to Rørvik due to bad weather (MS Lofoten northbound in Ålesund and then bound for Rørvik, a visit on the bridge was available in small groups. Here some from this visit.…
6th November 2018 h. 12.58 p.m.Videocamera: iPhone 7 Plus (handheld)
Hear about travel to Hong Kong as the Amateur Traveler talks to Marianne Rogerson from about the city where she lived for 4 years.
Latest episode of Typical Confusion PodCast Hosted by Jim Holliday Become a supporter of this podcast:
Latest episode of Typical Confusion PodCast Hosted by Jim Holliday Become a supporter of this podcast:
Can you solve the mystery? Become a supporter of this podcast:
A Christmas presentation From the golden days of radio Become a supporter of this podcast:
Remembering Pearl Harbor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Latest episode of Typical Confusion PodCast Hosted by Jim Holliday Become a supporter of this podcast:
The gratitude of music artists Maureen Paynter and Alejandra Cardenas (Bleached Roses) cannot be measured. In addition to making music, the two recently embarked upon a huge project that would take their work in yet another direction. The dream turned into a reality with the launch of FullNote Records, an Austin-based label specializing in book ...…
A great boat for your next Maldives adventure STAY Madivaru, shot in October.This is a stunning locally build 25m boat which has been completely refurbished recently, bringing out a true uniqueness to this boat. It is fully equipped for game fishing, accommodating up to 12 guests on a sailing cruise around the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.…
CEO in 10 with John Scroggins of The Baton Exchange with host Rick Tocquigny. Hear about John's organization that matches mentors to proteges. Enjoy listening to John's stories about his own favorite mentors and his Life Board. This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals, America's favorite. Visit www.gracefully-yours ...…
This understated and easy-drinking red wine captures your attention immediately with aromas of sweet red berries and licorice. On the palate, gentle tannins let the delicate fruit flavors shine through. 2017 James & Bell Zinfandel is wonderful with flavorful meats, especially grilled and barbecued dishes, so keep this wine on hand for the next ...…
Already two weeks in India and times has flies so fast. We started our journey in Delhi, then Khajuraho with it's amazing temples and finally Agra to see the wonderful Taj Mahal !Equipement:Canon EOS 7D Mark IILens Canon 24-105GoPro Hero 7 BlackManfrotto ElementEdit on FinalCut Pro
CEO in 10 with Jason Nazar of, hosted by Rick Tocquigny, presented by Gracefully Yours greeting cards and journals. is a new website which promises their customers a “one stop shop” in which to find out what people like you get paid at work, what they love about their jobs, and what companies have the best career c ...…
CEO in 10 honors President George Herbert Walker Bush, hosted by Rick Tocquigny. This show is presented by, America's favorite site for travel journals.
The Wurve guys have been itching to get the word out on this one. It’s finally on the way. The Austin-based band’s much-anticipated LP Memory Bleach will be coming out on the local Yippee Ki Yay Records label and Burger Cassette. Vinyl and tape equals win/win. Tonight, Wurve debuts the new video for the track “Blowout” (featured on today’s AMM) ...…
This week, we'll explore the difference between "wreaked" and "wrought," learn a trick to never misuse or misspell "crescendo" again, and answer the question: Could we understand alien beings?FOLLOW GRAMMAR GIRLYouTube: ...…
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