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Best Trek10 podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Trek10 podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Learn about the world of serverless computing in less time than it takes to run an AWS Lambda function to run.
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Special guest Sean Mare from the Gemological Institute of America discusses the serverless architecture GIA and Trek10 built for the high-stakes world of diamond grading.By Trek10, Inc.
You can call me crazy but it's how my momma raised me: Servers make me nervous but serverless never fazed me.By Trek10, Inc.
Some serverless designs just don't feel quite right. Forrest helps you develop an intuition for when it's time to go back to the drawing board.By Trek10, Inc.
Can you realize the benefits of serverless in a legacy system? Yes, says Forrest in our latest episode, where we break down some tried-and-true strategies for moving outdated architectures onto cloud-native services.By Trek10, Inc.
Yan Cui joins Forrest to unpack the idea of FinDev. What should the finance department and the engineering org have in common, and why is serverless a catalyst for this transformation?By Trek10, Inc.
Yan Cui joins Forrest to discuss serverless adoption challenges and goals in 2019.By Trek10, Inc.
Yan Cui joins Forrest to share best practices for running serverless apps at production scale.By Trek10, Inc.
Jared and Forrest return together for a special fifteen-minute episode discussing the future of FaaS and Jared's new gig at the Serverless Framework.By Trek10, Inc.
In this, one of a series of Think FaaS talks recorded live at A Cloud Guru's ServerlessConf in San Francisco, Botcopy Lead Developer Mike Sylvester tells us how he scaled a serverless chatbot for two million fans.By Trek10, Inc.
Recorded live at A Cloud Guru's ServerlessConf in San Francisco, here's a special Think FaaS episode from Atlassian Statuspage's Ellie Day.By Trek10, Inc.
Recorded live at A Cloud Guru's ServerlessConf in San Francisco, here's a special Think FaaS episode from Walmart Labs engineer Leslie Pajuelo.By Trek10, Inc.
Trek10's ThinkFaaS series (recorded live at A Cloud Guru's ServerlessConf in San Francisco) continues with special guest Emily Young from Cloudreach.By Trek10, Inc.
Recorded live at A Cloud Guru's ServerlessConf in San Francisco, here's a special Think FaaS episode from Indevelo cofounder James Beswick.By Trek10, Inc.
Recorded live at A Cloud Guru's ServerlessConf in San Francisco, here's a special Think FaaS episode from growth hacker Andrea Passwater.By Trek10, Inc.
In the wake of ServerlessConf, here's a special condensed version of Forrest and Jared's main stage talk, just for Think FaaS listeners!By Trek10, Inc.
Let's look at the serverless landscape and changes we've seen!By Trek10, Inc.
You've also heard some of the buzzwords in this area like structured logging, tracing, observability, anomaly detection... let's talk ops.By Trek10, Inc.
Forrest answers listener questions about testing serverless applications and breaks down some ways to streamline your test workflow in the cloud.By Trek10, Inc.
Serverless has huge strengths in the area of security. Forrest has some best practices to put that natural advantage to work for you.By Trek10, Inc.
Our topic for this episode is laying out a Serverless project and what we have seen work well in the real world for Trek10 and our clients.By Trek10, Inc.
Serverless is not a silver bullet. Forrest explains several edge cases where serverless computing doesn't (yet) make sense, and introduces the principle of "least compute possible".By Trek10, Inc.
The Multi-cloud vision, since the early days of public cloud, has been built up to be a promised-land at the intersection of scale-economics and vendor-agnosticism.By Trek10, Inc.
Forrest helps you navigate the murky waters of service discovery for serverless apps in AWS (and learn why Lambda environment variables can be so dangerous)!By Trek10, Inc.
Forrest looks past the hype to provide real talk on 'walled gardens', scalability, and more common misperceptions about serverless technologies.By Trek10, Inc.
Forrest breaks down AWS AppSync, the death of the 'middle tier', and the future of back-end development in the serverless world.By Trek10, Inc.
AWS had about 9,000 people in house, a packed expo hall, and a whole slate of new feature and service announcements for the San Francisco Summit. Let's break down some key takeaways.By Trek10, Inc.
Serverless is often used hand in hand with building APIs whether they be RESTful, GraphQl, or what have you. While this is a typical use case, let's look at other useful ways we can leverage serverless.By Trek10, Inc.
AWS SAM and the Serverless Framework go head to head in our latest five-minute episode, where we discuss the challenges of deploying complex serverless apps on AWS.By Trek10, Inc.
Cold starts, concurrency limits, traffic spikes, or database connection pooling, everyone at some point has to at least consider performance in serverless systems at scale.By Trek10, Inc.
If you want to go serverless, you have to show why it helps your business win. And one way we can answer that question, not the only way, is by looking at cost.By Trek10, Inc.
Are containers dead, is FaaS a fad? It's a confusing world out there, with new abstractions for containers and container management only being out paced by the the releases of JavaScript frameworks.By Trek10, Inc.
How do you build the kind of team that will set your serverless projects up for success? What does a serverless team looks like?By Trek10, Inc.
You'll often hear that FaaS "functions" are stateless. While this is somewhat true, there are caveats that can get you in to trouble in a hurry if you aren't aware of them.By Trek10, Inc.
Vendor lock in. Scary words. You'll hear people hyperventilate about this a lot when it comes to the cloud in general and serverless in particular. So should you be concerned?By Trek10, Inc.
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