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True Crime Garage
Each week Nic & The Captain get in the garage and talk true crime and drink beer.
Casefile True Crime
Fact is scarier than fiction.
True Crime Historian remembers the famous and forgotten scandals, scoundrels, and scourges of the past through newspaper accounts in the golden age of yellow journalism.
A UK true crime podcast with a comedy twist. 30 somethings Lucy and Emma tell each other true crime stories, whilst injecting a little dark humour along the way. Nominated in the true crime category in the British Podcast Awards 2018. Lucy and Emma pride themselves on being well researched and telling you everything there is to know about the crime in question. So listen, enjoy, and remember, listening to S'laughter doesn't make you a psycho, killing people does.
Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempt to solve the case. With many surprising plot twists, it’s important you start listening from the first episode of a cold case. New episodes are released every Tuesday. Unsolved Murd ...
True Crime and Mysteries is a true crime podcast where we select a state every week and discuss unsolved crimes and murders and reexamine special missing persons cases.
Felon True Crime
The underbelly of the land down under.
True Crime Brewery
Jill and Dick invite you up to the bar for a great beer and true crime discussion.
True Crime Island
True Crime stories from around the world.
The weekly UK True Crime Podcast is the home of UK true crime. We examine lesser known UK cases in depth, talk to true crime authors, review products/shows and interview other experts in the field of UK True Crime to offer you the very best insight and analysis.
True Crime Guys
True Crime Podcast with two Sin City smart-asses. We dissect compelling crimes, everything from small happenings to the worlds most notorious killers. Interesting conversation and speculation as well as the occasional of-the-wall theory, is sure to ensue.
Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details and delves into what makes these killers tick. Join us for a good mix of lesser known cases as well as our take on what we call the "Big Timers". We don't take ourselves too seriously but we take true crime very seriously.
True Crime Asia
Join us each week as our host walks you through one crime from one country in Asia.
True Crime Sisters
Two sisters discussing true crimes from Australia and New Zealand. We aim to explore the case in a way that is sensitive to the victims of the crime and true to the facts.
THE podcast for the true crime addict. True crime stories are told chapter by chapter - kidnappings, murders, mysterious disappearances, serial killers, celebrity crime and more.
A native Tennessean exploring historical and contemporary true crime in the South.
Let yourself be wined and crimed!
Welcome to the Two Girls True Crime Podcast, just two girls talkin' murder, true crime, lore and other phenomena.
They Walk Among Us is an award-winning weekly UK true crime podcast covering a broad range of cases from the sinister to the surreal.
The official website for the True Crime Fan Club Podcast
misconduct. is a true crime podcast hosted by Colleen and Eileen (who also happen to be related). Each week we will be discussing the facts, the theories, and our opinions of resolved and unresolved crimes, wrongful convictions, and miscarriages of justice.
Each week, the Most Notorious podcast features true-life tales of crime, criminals and tragedies throughout history.Host Erik Rivenes interviews authors and historians who have studied their subjects for years, and the stories are offered with unique insight, detail, and historical accuracy.
Crawlspace is a true crime podcast from the guys who brought you Missing Maura Murray. Lance & Tim continue to dive as deep as possible into missing persons cases, murders, robberies, and family mysteries; while filming a documentary about their quest.Current cases:Brianna Maitland's 2004 disappearanceThe 1918 unsolved murder of William DeanThe John Giuca wrongful conviction caseThe Vanishing Men of Boston
Each week Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting unsolved true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details. We tell the stories of the victims, the facts surrounding the cases, and look at all possible suspects. We don't take ourselves too seriously but we take true crime very seriously.
An investigative discovery, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind which cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things….
True Crime Brewery
Jill and Dick invite you up to the bar for a great beer and true crime discussion.
*Season 2 is coming LATE SUMMER 2018!The Fall Line Podcast is a true-crime audio serial focused on marginalized communities in Georgia, and covers one story per season. Sometimes we investigate, sometimes we reveal--but we're always telling stories of people who have been passed over by mainstream media.All seasons are numbered by season. For example, Season 1: Episode 1, etc. Updates are also labeled by season. There is additional parenthetical designation (Millbrook Twins or Bennett Siblin ...
The Best in True Crime, Conspiracy and Alternative History from Seattle Guests include Marcia Clark, Robert Kennedy Jr., Jesse Ventura and cases from JFK Assassination to Making a Murderer
Dark Topic is a True Crime Podcast created to ensure that the people Stay Paranoid.
A podcast devoted to true crime and mysteries from Japan.
True crime stories investigated one at a time. Crime Scene takes in-depth looks at murders, both solved and unsolved, and the process of investigating, litigating and living life after those crimes.
2018 Finalist Best Comedy & 2018 Finalist Popular Vote - Aust. Podcast Awards. Barney Black and Tara Sariban discuss the dark details of lesser know true crime stories from Australia and around the world. As avid listeners of true crime podcasts they aim to add to the conversation by talking about murders that haven't been done to death on other shows. Their humour comes from some rather unusual places but never at the expense of the victims or their families.
Think nothing ever happens in your town? Australia's suburbs are home to some of the most mysterious and disturbing true crime cases in the world.Meshel Laurie is a true crime obsessive. Emily Webb is a true crime author. And together with expert interviews with writers, victims, investigators and perpetrators, they probe the underbelly of our towns and suburbs, and uncover the darkness at the heart of Australian life.
True Crime Obsessed
Have you listened to "Serial" Season One more than once? Do you have notes in the margins of your copy of "Zodiac?" Could you have watched seven MORE episodes of "The Jinx?" Us Too! Each week hosts Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle break down one of these true crime classics in the funny, engaging, and interesting way that only two gorgeous theater nerds can.
True Crime Finland
The land of the midnight sun has a darker side not many know of.
Nominated for the BEST TRUE-CRIME PODCAST award at the British Podcast Awards 2018, Murder Mile is a weekly true-crime podcast and audio guided walk featuring 300+ of London’s untold, unsolved and (often) forgotten murder cases, all within one square mile
True Crime Couple
We are a couple out of the New York City area that has always had a fascination with not just true crime but human nature in general. What drives a criminal to commit a crime? What makes a person's crimes escalate? Is evil something one is born with or does it manifest over time? On this podcast we want to discuss some of the crimes we have discussed for years. We hope you enjoy!
Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.
True Crime Sweden
True Crimes from Sweden, told in English!
Unravel True Crime is a podcast where, each season, some of Australia's best journalists investigate unsolved crimes. Season 1 is Blood On The Tracks.
Welcome to The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast, which started off life as a weekly written blog in 2016 and has now made the jump into a weekly matter of fact straight talking podcast. In it, the host Paul looks at and recounts in-depth true crime cases from the UK - solved or unsolved, but always the lesser known and obscure.Follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram ( ...
Welcome to Guilty: A True Crime Podcast! Join Colin, a recent law school graduate who is preparing to take the bar, and David, a licensed professional counselor, while they discuss some of the most disturbing and horrible crimes and criminals of the past and present. Each two part series will contain an episode focused on the facts of the case(s) and an episode focused on the psychology of the criminal(s).
Let yourself be wined and crimed!
Canadian True Crime
Stories of cruel people who committed heinous acts. Hosted by an Australian living in Canada.
Every story has a message...
A true crime podcast focussing on lesser known cases.
Every story has a message...
Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.
True crime scene cleaning stories from your host, Vanessa Phearson. She takes you on a journey of her experiences cleaning up the aftermath of some of the grisliest, most heartbreaking and most intense cleanups a crime scene cleaner can face.
Behind True Crime
Podcast by Behind True Crime
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And just like that, the SUMMER OF BAY(!) is upon us.For the rest of the summer, or until Mike and Andrew get really tired of explosions, we will be talking about films from one of the most divisive directors on the planet: Michael Bay. And we're kicking it off with his mid-budget true crime thriller: Pain & Gain. Will we fully transition into a ...…
This week, Reverend Jess brings Altar Server Jonathan back to the Fat Chapel and Deacon Sam is missing in action, so we call upon the all knowing Fickle Fanboy himself: RPM, to join us in the absurdity of Japanese monsters, kids who attempt comedy, the importance of cleaning your new tattoos, and the only real Super Saiyan.SEGMENTS INCLUDEUnhol ...…
Today we look at Bolivia's "Elephant Cemeteries" and hero dogs of the Syrian War! Elephant Cemeteries The Scandal Behind La Paz's Unbelievable Elephant Cemeteries ...…
Paige's fascination with true crime and the macabre is shaken to its foundation after she convinces her parents to flip the house that has become her spooky obsession.
This case has fascinated me since I first heard about it a few years ago. Robert William Fisher is an American fugitive on the FBIs Most Wanted List for the murder of his wife and children. Is he really responsible for their deaths? Where is he?
True Crime author Vikki Petraitis joins us to talk about The Frankston Murders in the wake of their 25th anniversary, as well as provides an insight into the now jailed perpetrator, Paula Denya.
Today we talk about spiders, gullibility, and the longest running reality show of all time: The Simpsons The Simpsons is an American classic, and one of my favorite shows. But is it possible that it is not a cartoon but actually a glimpse into the real life nuclear catastrophe that took place in the US during the 80's? Then we switch gears to s ...…
In The Skorzeny Papers, the author reveals the details of the post-World War II activities of former SS Commando Otto Skorzeny. Considered by British and American Allied forces as “the most dangerous man in Europe,” Skorzeny planned and led numerous daring missions throughout the war. The story in this book was extracted by Major Ganis from Sko ...…
We know you love true crime podcasts, so in this episode, we bring back Matt who "allegedly" got arrested coming over to hang out for the weekend and how he survived his night in jail.
Tonight Gloark Novels had the pleasure of interviewing David Perlmutter about his book, Wrong place, wrong time.IN HIS OWN WORDS:I started writing when I lived in Portugal about four years ago. My first book WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME I started as a blog, and then my friend and then editor read the first couple of posts and came back to me and said ...…
Chaz and AJ had true crime writer Michael Bouchard in studio, and he shared everything he just learned about a cult in Connecticut during the '70s and '80s.
Today we look at the mysterious origins of oil and the magical properties of water. Petroleum is generally thought of as a byproduct of the decay of biological matter. Pressure plus hundreds of thousands of years creates the bubbly black gold that makes cars drive and hillbillies rich. But is there another way oil can form? Was it always there, ...…
Mindhunter (2017-), Netflix TV Series, Created by Joe Penhall. How to Learn to Catch a Serial Killer.
Paracoustics: Paranormal Acoustics From the chain-rattling ghost of Pliny's first century Athens to things that go bump in the night and 21st century electronic voice phenomena sound has always fascinated paranormal researchers. This unique book examines that fascination and presents a selection of the leading research in paranormal acoustics t ...…
In episode nineteen, Whitney kicks of the true crime portion of the show with a story about John David Terry, who was not only a man of the cloth, but also a murderer most foul! After that, Ty gets super jazzed about the Ancient Ram Inn, in Gloucestershire, England. The notoriously haunted inn dates back to 1145 C.E. and was built on an ancient ...…
Check out my new episode just released! This is part 1 of a 2 part breakdown of District Attorney Ray Gricar's Disappearance.
Forensic Psychologist, Kerry Daynes discusses murderers, detectives and true crime series leading to future career prospects.
This week, the girls get into it in full true crime style while discussing the troubling history of Torono's Old Don Jail. Hangings, murders, polka-dot gangs, escapes, and - most chilling of all - did we catch a ghost on audio? We discuss all of this, and more, in our longest episode yet! Original Theme Music by Ethan Reid. (Instagram @ethanare ...…
Come join us in the crime life of Michael Alig, famous party promoter in New York!
Its time for the finale of our Jack the Ripper series...enjoy the fun!! Mercado Airwaves​ #TrueCrime #JacktheRipper #England #MurderMysteriesandMore #PopCulture #Podcast ...…
Today we take a look at two interesting stories and learn how to craft the perfect conspiracy theory. There are conspiracy theories about everything nowadays. Some are true, most as false, but there are three key things every good conspiracy theory contains: 1) A limited amount of people involved, 2) Involve groups people naturally find suspici ...…
A true crime episode full of questions, twists and turns! Mackenzie talks about the murder of Roseann Quinn, a Brooklyn teacher brutally murdered in 1973, and Olivia covers the 1998 death of Ronda Reynolds, finally labeled a homicide in 2011. This episode contains explicit language, graphic details of sexual assault and murder, and a brief fant ...…
Subscribe! In this episode Jake and I take a ghost tour of our hometown Saint John New Brunswick. It's ... exactly what we expected. find us on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube to see useless behind the scenes rubbish. Jake and Dan are educated men who do stupid things. First up, ghost tours. We will delve into the darkest corners or our citie ...…
Two encounters with Bigfoot. Neither one is what we might call an "ideal" situation. Clipper Mills Bigfoot video via ParaBreakdown The Puyallup Screamer Featured image by Sam Shearon via David Weatherly's 'Wood Knocks: Volume One' You can now subscribe to iTF on YouTube! Have a story you’d like to share? Please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE ...…
This week we tease a potential meet up, celebrate out of this World, American Heroes, & discuss the film that left beaches desolate and oceans out of the question, Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic, Jaws.Watch Joe Bob Brigg's The Last Drive-In with us, July 13th on Shudder.Don't have a Shudder membership? No problem! Use promo code FRIGHTDAY for ...…
Today we look at the reality of a star war, try to catch ghosts via streaming video, and tell a 2nd hand ghost story! Links: Space Wars Will Look Nothing Like Star Wars Paranormal New Zealand Library Ghost htt ...…
In Part 2 of the thrilling case of Emma Ledoux and Albert McVicar, we focus on the excitement surrounding her trial and delve deep into the publicity at the time. The world was ready to convict her on the first day but 112 years later we search through the information and try to decide if we agree. Join us as we discuss the trial, alternate the ...…
Conclusion of the Archie McCafferty story. In this episode i cover his arrest, court hearing and aftermath.FB@truecrimegrappleTwitter@TCG3286Insta@truecrimegrapple
Christian and Trevor cover the Ark of The Covenant in this weeks episode of What Lies Beneath. They cover the back story of the Exodus, as well as go in to the powers of the ark. They also cover some of the theories on the Ark's whereabouts today. Connect with us at Lastly, if you loved the show... share it ...…
This episode looks at a different type of true crime, as two firework-related tragedies are explored. The Scottown Fire in 1996 claimed nine lives, while the Paterson tenement fire of 1901 killed seventeen people.
Eagles! This week on the Varmints we’re presenting a rerun of our episode on the 4th of July, because EAGLES! The Bald Eagle has been an official symbol for America since 1782, and is one heck of an interesting animal, so today we’re going to take a look at the whole gosh darn species. Swoop in and enjoy! “Did somebody say “eagle”?” But first, ...…
Introduction to one of our loves, true crime. Jonbenet, OJ, Amanda Knox, The Staircase.
Episode 10 is our 2nd minisode where I share some my favourite crime related podcasts with you! If you’re into true crime, any type of prison documentary or anything similar you will want to check these out! Mentioned in this episode are. Canadian True Crime My Favorite Murder Ear Hustle A Drug Dealers Dream Know any other similar type of podca ...…
Jack the Ripper terrorized Whitechapel in London's East End from August to November in the year 1888. Join the crew for the first part of our conversation as we talk about his horrifying crimes and the victims infamously named "the canonical five". Mercado Airwaves​ #TrueCrime #JacktheRipper #England #MurderMysteriesandMore #PopCulture #Podcast ...…
When I choose the first case for Targeted Podcast, it was Melisha Gibson’s story that called to me. I knew the impact it had on me and I was intrigued to see what we could learn today, in 2018, from her death. I had planned on this season being about 6 or 7 episodes, thinking that would ample time to fully investigate the pertinent issues. But ...…
This week Shea describes the life and early death of Dimebag Darrell Abbott and three others in a tragic 2004 concert shooting. This episode is dear to our hearts and became a tribute to both Dimebag and his brother Vinnie Paul Abbott due to Vinnie's recent passing. So pour yourself a Blacktooth Grin, take a seat, and throw up the horns as we t ...…
The latest worldwide crime news - and an update on that Alcatraz escape! PATREON Support us on Patreon and get some cool rewards... And thanks for listening.
Victory To The Light! Today we get trapped on a plane with a rotting man, go on a journey with the Resistance of Light to their underground bunker, and we got something very cool in the mail! First off, we discuss an unfortunate incident of a Russian rock star, Andrey Suchilin, who was infected with a flesh rotting disease and hopped on a place ...…
Podcasters are an interesting bunch, especially those in the true crime world. I think we're often seen as cynical, sarcastic, potentially intrusive, thick-skinned, addicted to tragedy porn... but the truth is, we're a creative, vulnerable, diverse, mostly well-intentioned group of people who feel just as driven to create as a painter or a scul ...…
Orion Nelson has researched the possibility of the massive creature we today identify as the "Dogman," being the remnants of the long-extinct, Amphicyonidae-Lazarus-Taxa. Read his entire paper (it is the pinned and uploaded file) by joining the: 'Of Wolfmen and Werewolves' Facebook group The Art of Orion Nelson Get a hold of Orion: orion.nelson ...…
Christian and Trevor cover the infamous Tower Hill, a haunted cemetery in southern Illinois. Thanks for tuning in, I don't want to ruin it for you, so go listen!
Jellyfish! Megan from Oh No Lit Class! joins Donna this week to talk about those unusual and mysterious sea creatures: jellyfish! Thanks so much to Megan for filling in this week! Oh No Lit Class is a great bunch of fun! Once you’re done listening to this week’s show and the kiddos are not in earshot you can check this podcast out here. Or just ...…
Over the course of twenty-five years, Dr. Helen Morrison has profiled more than eighty serial killers around the world. What she learned about them will shatter every assumption you've ever had about the most notorious criminals known to man.Judging by appearances, Dr. Helen Morrison has an ordinary life in the suburbs of a major city. She has ...…
In the latest episode of Blood on the Rocks, I'm doing things a little different. Join me as I talk about one of England's most well known pranksters, William Horace de Vere Cole would return from his active service and recovery to gain a taste for hijinks. This episode I'll tell you all about them. Social Media: ...…
This is the story of Archie McCafferty, the Australian Charles Manson. He and his gang would go on a brutal murdering spree in Sydney, 1974...Please rate the show and check out the social media pages:Facebook:@truecrimegrappleInsta@truecrimegrappleTwitter@TCG3682
The KMC team tackles popular true crime documentaries available on Netflix. The NERDs are joined by special guest and true crime aficionado, Erica to weigh in on how the cases are depicted in these depraved situations. Covered in this episode are 'Making a Murderer', 'Evil Genius', and 'The Staircase'. ------------LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE. Kind ...…
February 3, 1964. Manchester, New Hampshire. The burned body of 54-year old Rena Paquette is discovered inside a pigsty on her family’s farm. Even though there are no containers for flammable substances at the scene, investigators believe that Rena set herself on fire and rule her death to be a suicide. However, many people suspect that Rena’s ...…
On this episode of the Queens of Crime, you guys have questions – and lots of them! We’ll try to answer them and give you a better peek behind the world of true crime. -Why does Bethany hide her accent? -What do you think of the new DNA testing as it pertains to GSK, Zodiac, etc? -What was your first job in the entertainment world? -Favorite tr ...…
We focus in on the new Bart Layton true crime drama American Animals. Email us @
Criiime! Today we've got ourselves a crossover episode! Kyle and Matt welcome Rich Slaton and Jon Shefsky for a discussion of the grimy world of crime. Rich and Jon have a podcast called Criiime where they in fact talk about crime. True crime. Yes, just like that other podcast. Yes, and that OTHER podcast. True crime is very popular. Criiime is ...…
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