Best Typography podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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On Overtime, Dribbble's official podcast, we share in-depth interviews with your favorite designers. Twice a month we'll be speaking to Dribbblers about their process, the tools they use, and we'll get the stories behind their most popular shots. Overtime is hosted by Dan Cederholm, designer and Co-founder of Dribbble.
Obsessed Show
Obsessed Show host Josh Miles interviews some of the hottest designers—from branding and illustration, to industrial design and architecture, to learn what makes them tick.
Feasting On Design
Design influences the world around us every day. We chat with designers, illustrators, photographers, and others to find out the stories that made them want to get into the creative world as a career, and talk with chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs and anyone else that uses their creative talent about how they use their creative talents to design their menus and restaurants. If you have suggestions for guests or questions about the show, please reach out to us on Twitter @feastondesign.
Station 13
Dani Wright and Alex May used to make games together in Kyoto. Now they live continents apart. Join them as they meet once more at Station 13.
Just My Type
Calling all typography snobs: Just My Type is a podcast that covers the history, uses, and look of a different typeface each week!
Typography Dojo
Typography Dojo is the place where we explore the traditions and techniques in the practice of type and typography with lessons and insights from visual design masters. Join me to learn more about typesetting, readability, hand lettering, editorial design, type design, Calligraphy, logo design and how they improve graphic communication.
Neon Moire Show
The Neon Moiré Show is the podcast of, an online curated design conference calendar of the world's most interesting design conferences and events on our digitized world. The agenda will focus on graphic, typography and interaction design conferences, not to forget design film festivals and an overview of the top design summer schools. The show is hosted by Thomas Dahm.
Rich Tu is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NYC. First Gen Burden is a series of conversations with immigrants and the children of immigrants. For more, go to FirstGenBurden.comAvailable on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Stitcher and wherever you get podcasts.
Relax and Be Inspired
Podcast by DesignChat
A Design and Typography related podcast
Artist, designer, speaker and proud Canadian... James White is the 1-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio. He travels the world speaking at various design and art events while making neon-infused artwork for personal projects and clients around the globe. These are his stories and advice.
Hello, I'm a freelance graphic and editorial designer located in the lovely Alps of Innsbruck and work for national as well as international clients with different business backgrounds. I focus on brandings / corporate designs, infographics, print editorial design and digital, fully interactive magazines/brochures for iOS and Android apps.
Thought Starters
Produced out of White City Place, Thought Starters is a podcast about the relationship between business and creativity.
An international and interdisciplinary series which explores the interaction between the history of the book and other areas of research. Oxford, Weston Library, Visiting Scholars' Centre (VSC) - Hilary Term, Fridays 2.15. Convenor: Cristina Dondi (Lincoln College and 15cBOOKTRADE)
The Overlap
The Overlap is a podcast that explores the intersection of Design and Front End Development. On the show, we discuss all things design and development in a fun and easy-to-listen-to way. Some topics we cover are typography, React, productivity, focus, designing for print, freelancing tips, and much more.
The Big Web Show
The award winning Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters. Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman.
The Big Web Show
The award winning Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters. Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman.
The Big Web Show
The award winning Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters. Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman.
A fun podcast devoted to celebrating/commiserating our ridiculously overabundant world. Each episode features a guest expert to wax philosophic on how there's too much TV, movies, typography, politics, time, choices -- whatever!
An "interesting" podcast about art and design. We explore stories ranging from the topics of animation to typography.
HEYWHATSUP™? GUNWASH is the future of talk radio; a weekly 90 minute explosion of dark humor, eye-opening interviews, dancehall reggae and psychedelic sounds. Tune in for unguarded insight from the artists, musicians, troublemakers and curators shaping culture in the 21st century. Design, typography, astrophysics, dancehall reggae, conspiracy theories, illustration, drums, nuclear engineering, disco, Polo Ralph Lauren, crime, the 1990's, iconography, iced coffee, late night downtown, drummer ...
Rad Aesthetics
Share and discuss just the raddest aesthetics: colors and color schemes, designs, items, fashions, radwear, ideas, photos, people, animals, buildings, sizes, typography, character and characters, moods, light and lighting, awesomes, fantastics, greats, wonderfuls and all other radicals.
WELCOME TO THIS MAKES ME HAPPY, THE PODCAST This Makes Me Happy is a podcast about people and what makes them happy. Each week we’ll talk to a new guest about a topic that brings them joy. We’ll learn a little about the person, their subject, and why it makes them happy. This Makes Me Happy Podcast is hosted by Bernardo Margulis, Principal and Art Director for This Makes Me Happy, a design studio focusing on branding, typography, and patterns.
Code | Design | Micro podcast. Expect to find content about the following topics: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Sass, Javascript, Design Patterns, Jekyll, Client-Side Web Apps, Rust, Typography, Git, Responsive Design, Prototyping, Web Design, Type Design and more …The elevator pitch for this micro-podcast is to conduct extensive interviews with professional designers & developers and distill multiple small digestible knowledge bombs out of these conversations. The podcast is free of charge, leaves ...
Code | Design | Micro podcast. Expect to find content about the following topics: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Sass, Javascript, Design Patterns, Jekyll, Client-Side Web Apps, Rust, Typography, Git, Responsive Design, Prototyping, Web Design, Type Design and more …The elevator pitch for this micro-podcast is to conduct extensive interviews with professional designers & developers and distill multiple small digestible knowledge bombs out of these conversations. The podcast is free of charge, leaves ...
Tim Brown
Here, Tim Brown shares ideas about how to practice typography, and how the craft is changing.
"In From the Outs" is a weekly look inside the graduate design studio. We talk to our guests and grads. We talk about our work and attempt to provide a window into our world. With an emphasis on typography, music, interactivity and the discourse within the department.
Welcome to the Weekly Typographic — a fun podcast talking aobut this week's most amazing articles in the world of typography, keeping you up-to-date on the wonderful world of type. Each week we'll discuss the cool news we've found, what we're working on, and answer burning questions about design & fontmaking.
User experience consultant Vinay Raghu interviews a special guest each episode to learn about tools, techniques and processes involved in key UI/UX topics.
Each week I release a new episode which covers only the latest and greatest fresh out of the oven of gadgets, gizmos and rumors. You can find the image in my logo here:
Switch. This podcast talks about youth, health, teens,food,and other cool stuff that nobody cares about, but sometimes it is fun to here what other people have to say. By Interviews, and other cool stuff. But the best thing is that is does not talk about one thing over and over again like some podcast do. But it talks about different things, about other podcast, recent events. Gadgets. And even how to pet your dog correctly but the best thing is that, it involves other people. You also get t ...
Switch (Ipod)
Switch is a new way of promoting media. On the web. We named our show switch because we wanted to make, a podcast that had a lot of variety. It's never the same, you never know what's going to hit you in the face. Switch is part of Switch the podcast. A new online resource, for people with crazy ideas. You can join our network by sending a mail to and sending us a link to your youtube videos. Or any other web page and we will discuss it.
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*Purchase the NIKE "First Gen" at (Profits to FirstGenBurden will go to the ACLU to help protect immigrants' rights)Shira Inbar is a designer and educator who has worked with some of the biggest names in the creative world, but still finds the time to actively pursue social justice. Rich Tu and Shira discuss her upbringing ...…
*Special Episode*In this special LIVE episode, Rich sits down with Benjamin Evans, the Inclusive Design Lead at Airbnb. While growing up in the UK, Benjamin showed a lot of promise in the culinary arts and acting (somewhat inspired by his father, fitness personality Mr. Motivator). During his years spent as both an actor and tech entrepreneur, ...…
What do vampire slayers and broadway musicals have in common?? This typeface! It’s no accident that we cover this typeface on this week’s episode of Just My Type!
Think you know everything about Dwayne the Rock Johnson? Think again! This week we cover a slab serif and also talk about what type tastes like! FUN!
In the Pod today, a curator and a designer in praise of the prototype.
SEASON FINALE! Gavin Alaoen is the Social Art Director at MTV. He also created the "McKayla is NOT IMPRESSED" meme, and was the last person to Boomerang Bobby Shmurda before he was incarcerated. He is also a fellow First Generation Filipino-American who grew up on the West Coast, only to find himself in the hallowed halls of Music Television. G ...…
Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Kyle Courtright, Founder of Logowave. We chat about picking up and moving to Albuquerque shortly after college with no job lined up, going to work in a non-design company while building his freelance business, finding business by focusing on the SEO on his website as a way to drive traffic to it, th ...…
Alex and Dani recount their various travels over the summer! Dani likes camping now, and Alex came to a variety of realisations: about himself, about airport food, and about his taste in watches. Reddit: /r/Station13 Twitter (Alex): @protracker Twitter (Dani): @danielpwright Twitter (Station 13): @Station13FM Mastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon ...…
You’ve probably (definitely) heard of this typeface. It’s a controversial and comically typeface with a whole organization dedicated to making sure it is never used. Think you know what it is?? Listen now!
Today on the Obsessed Show Podcast, I'm chatting with the co-founders of O'Kelly + Kasprack Architecture, Belinda O'Kelly & David Kasprack From tacos to motorcycles, to the proper pronunciation of Versailles, this is a widely-ranging conversation from two architecture firm principals. If you'd like to help support the show, you can check out ou ...…
Purchase the NIKE "First Gen" at to FirstGenBurden will go to the ACLU to help protect immigrants' rights)Kervin Brisseaux is a first-generation Haitian-American whose illustration style incorporates fashion, music, and other facets of pop culture. He's also a Design Director at the world-renowned brand design agen ...…
Today I’m talking with Roy Clarke, Bartender and General Manager at the Haberdasher, a craft cocktail bar in Mobile Alabama. Roy and I sit down over a beer and talk about designing a bar with everything from the décor and lighting to how the back bar is organized, how to create a balanced craft cocktail menu, and Mobile’s Tiki week – which is c ...…
Do you have an image and something funny to say that you would like to overlay on that image and post on the internet to get satisfaction from making strangers lightly chuckle through likes and retweets but don’t know what font to use? HAVE NO FEAR! We have just the font for you! Listen to our episode today for all the meme tips you need!! BONU ...…
Today on the Obsessed Show Podcast, I'm chatting with fellow podcaster, Andy J. Miller, AKA Andy J. Pizza. Andy hosts the Creative Pep Talk Podcast, and has authored multiple books on creativity. We had a blast recording this one, so I hope you enjoy this conversation! If you'd like to help support the show, you can check out our new page on Pa ...…
Designer and Typographer Ksenya Samarskaya has an amazing story to tell. Rich and Ksenya talk about how she, her mother, and her grandmother fled Russia as Jewish refugees during the fall of the Soviet Union. They lived among various refugee communities overseas before eventually settling in the Pacific Northwest, where Ksenya began her creativ ...…
In this episode we cover CSS Grid, a new layout tool for the web. When it comes to positioning elements on the web, CSS Grid marks a huge step forward for developers. It's easy to learn, with lots of parallels with the grid in other design practices so designers will love it too. And hey, quit using table elements to create your layouts! Questi ...…
Meet Ekua.PM (also known by her initials EPM). She hosts a podcast called Afrolit, highlighting the stories of metropolitan Africans, like herself. Ekua's also a media personality, a DJ, and co-founded her own collective called The Faro, known for curating fun cultural experiences for the public and private sector, having worked with Africa Fas ...…
Buckle up for a wild ride uncover all the mystery’s of this typeface. It’s full of symbolism, history, and.... conspiracy theories?! Listen now!
In this episode, a conversation with architects Alex Gore and Timothy Smith about the impact of the smaller details.
This is a the second part of our conversation with Juan Carlos Pagan and Ahmed Klink, the co-founders of Sunday Afternoon. This time we talk about pettiness and haterade in the creative industry (of which there is A LOT), the pros and cons of the perception of youth, the toxicity of fear culture, and sacrifices of opening your own studio. Also ...…
I’m excited to announce that I will be the MC of DesignXL, a new design conference taking place November 9th in beautiful Pensacola, Florida. DesignXL is the Florida Panhandle’s FIRST design conference. Join me in this beach town as they feature both local and national talent to excel your skills, grow your network, and further your design educ ...…
Design and development can get messy. Real messy. Downloads folder messy. On this episode, we talk about how to manage the mess and make it easier to collaborate with other people. Elle also realizes just how far-reaching her obsessive compulsive tendencies can go. Whether you work alone or with a team, keeping your files tidy and logically org ...…
Listeners will be familiar with our guests Ahmed Klink and Juan Carlos Pagan. Ahmed and Juan Carlos are co-founders of the studio Sunday Afternoon and collectively have worked with the likes of Vanity Fair, Bacardi, The New York Times, Nike, Adidas, Travis Scott, Migos, Pinterest... the list goes on. Rich has a free-flow round table discussion ...…
Today Rich talks to Leyla Rosario. Leyla is an award winning Producer, Director, and Film Maker from The Bronx. We talk about her Puerto Rican heritage, growing up in New York, and how she first broke into the film and advertising world, where she’s worked with clients like Rolex, Hennesy, Cadillac, and most recently the director Michel Gondry. ...…
Along with being type nerds, we are also well versed in the celebrity typography gossip! This week we reveal Tom Hanks favorite typeface. A typeface for typewriters made by a great guy. Listen now!
What is UX? An intro to User Experience (No, UX is not UI) What is User Experience? How is it different from User Interface design? What if all buttons were now alpacas? In this episode, we introduce the field of UX design and some of the basic principles you should know to design and develop great experiences. We discuss the fundamentals of go ...…
This week, Rich talks to designer and typographer Wael Morcos. They discuss Wael’s upbringing in a small suburb of Beirut in Lebanon, and how he began his creative journey, from getting his undergrad at Notre Dame in Lebanon to receiving his MFA at RISD in Rhode Island, and co-founding the studio MorcosKey. Also, they get into the intersection ...…
Today on Obsessed with Design I'm chatting with Hrag Nassanian. Hrag Nassanian is a Portland, Oregon based product designer / design director of performance-based soft goods (bags) and accessories. Hrag cut his teeth with a little brand called Nike, and just weeks ago launched his own brand called Wayfinder. We were connected on Instagram... I ...…
Let’s get fancy, artsy, and a little strange this week! Excited about the new Stranger Things? Well this typeface will have you looking pretty cool during the title sequence... you can thank us later.
Dribbble's very own Director of Design Noah Stokes chats with Figma co-founder Dylan Field on all things design process and collaboration. Learn more about Figma’s mission to give everyone—including non-traditional designers—the power to communicate and collaborate visually using tools that are highly intuitive. Don’t miss Dylan and Noah talk a ...…
Today I’m talking with Taylor Cashdan, a Raleigh, North Carolina based design lead for Fidelity. We chat about transitioning into doing more digital design after working in traditional media while he was coming up, building design systems, how he discovered his addiction to stress after it lead to a heart condition and how he’s learned to manag ...…
This is a special collaboration with $6.99 Per Pound Podcast and First Generation Burden. Rich Tu sits down with Jaeki Cho and Joann Park to talk about their origins in South Korea, the commonalities between Korean and Filipino culture, and what it means to be the "other". We're gettin' real #immigrantexcellence up in here.$6.99 Per Pound is a ...…
Today on Obsessed Show we're chatting with Conor Brady. According to their website, "Conor Brady is a passionate believer in the power of great storytelling and experience design, no matter the channel or medium. In his role as Chief Creative Officer at Critical Mass, he oversees the agency’s work and drives creative excellence on a global scal ...…
Dani and Alex finally manage to get back together for a bumper episode with all your favourites: Alex has a new pen, and Dani’s lusting after a new watch and has just bought some old books. Naturally, this leads to a deep discussion on the ephemeral nature of modern storage media, the perceived value of domain names, colonialism in the age of t ...…
Today we take things proper as we learn about one of the most important women fonts in typography. Many claim this typeface was their babysitter! We also discuss important topics like what Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s favorite font is!
Static Site Generators are way cooler than they sound! Learn about the coolest way to build a fast website and save your money. Plus, we talk about Alex's new rug in everyone's favorite podcast game: Guess The Rug. Questions? Email us Tweet us @lovelettersco or @mistertrost For more episodes + show notes, visit overl ...…
Creative Director at Google Christopher Morabito shares insight on what goes into working on Google’s oldest and newest products, Search and Assistant. We dig into the weight of designing products used by billions of people around the world, and Chris explains to what extent the team uses data vs. a human point of view to inform major design de ...…
A notoriously fast-moving industry, the world of fashion seems to be changing like never before: a hyper-quick metabolism for images which drives down our attention span, eco-consciousness, and the breaking down of the gender binary. In this episode, a designer whose brand has transitioned effortlessly from menswear to gender neutrality, and a ...…
Meet Paulina Kacprzak and Olga Rafalska. Co-founders and organizers of design conference Element Talks in Warsaw, Poland. In this episode, recorded during the sixth edition of Element Talks, Thomas, Olga and Paulina talk about how it all started in 2014. How the conference has grown, what they have learned over the years and give a peak into th ...…
Today on Obsessed Show I have the unique opportunity to interview YouTuber, storyteller, and founder of the #nosmallcreator movement, Cody Wanner. Cody and I chat about what it's like to get fired from your own company, daily vlogging for a year, and why his mission is to inspire the makers and the doers. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, Please enjoy my ...…
Tune in this week to hear all about a serifish typeface that has been featured on business cards and basketball team logos! Go Warriors!
Show notes: Typography: so hip right now, but what is it? This week, we are talking type. It's more than just clickity clackity typey typey onto your keyboard. It's part science, part art, part dumb jokes about fonts. Join us for our spooky typography party! Questions? Email us Tweet us @lovelettersco or @mistertrost ...…
Today I’m talking with James Rose, co-founder of Content Snare - a software platform that streamlines the process of gathering content from clients. We chat about how he went from running a web design agency to building a too the help other agency gather content from their clients, developing ways to effectively communicate with clients, learni ...…
Byron Elliott is a UI designer at Element Three. He's also an illustrator and runs his own apparel company, Blacksheep Collective, alongside his wife. He's worked with clients ranging from the NCAA, Eli Lilly and Company, and Rolls Royce, and is an active member of the Indianapolis design and fashion communities. Byron and I unpack the origins ...…
You either love it or hate it but odds are you’ve unknowingly used the typeface we cover this week! Though it’s default, this typeface comes with a guardians of the galaxy character and controversy including prime ministers and foreign countries! Intrigued?? Listen NOW!
In the immortal words of Bon Jovi, explore this weeks typeface that is WANTED by many including Sony and Tonga trucks!
Creative briefs, design briefs, brand briefs, project briefs...whatever you want to call it, the goal is always the same: Successful design + development projects. On this episode, we talk about the creative brief, an essential document that can position you as an expert and help you get buy-in from your client at the beginning of a project. Ki ...…
Today we have an interesting topic to explore as we chat with Johnathan Grzybowski, is the Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Penji, an on-demand graphic design service that delivers fast turnaround, simple, and affordable. Some of you listening might have shivered a little when I said that, and some of you might have been energized... a ...…
Episode 29 of the Neon Moiré Show is with curator of moments Kali Nikitas. Kali is Chair of the Communication Arts of the MFA Graphic Design Program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She has curated international design exhibitions, has facilitated Typo Berlin and Typo San Francisco. Kali has and host workshops and special event ...…
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