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Best UHOU5E podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best UHOU5E podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Music Composer/Producer. House/EDM/Deep House Music.COLLABORATIONS: Contact me here or at ghostwriter@morlund.se.
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=== PREVIEW OF NEW SONG ===Started with a bassline idea. Added some variations to it.Added a lead synth.Added FX.Fmajor and 91 BPMNo mixing and mastering done yet.By UHOU5E
=== First version ===Not mixed and mastered yet.Had some fun tonight. Using Ableton Wavetable basses and some other instruments and samples...126 BpmShare and download if you want.By UHOU5E
=== PREVIEW OF FIRST PART OF A NEW SONG ===No mixing or mastering done yetAmin 102 BpmThis sound like something that could be played in a movie sound track to me.Played on my Ableton Push 2.Lead: Found this great flute instrument in Roland SRX Orchestra.Bass: Made it in Analog synth (Ableton Live)Chords: Intrepid Rhodes preset in Electric synth (Ab…
=== PREVIEW ===Feeling inspired by the artist KiNK and made this House song pretty quick on my Push 2.Created synths in Sylenth1 from scratch (Now LD UH template)130 Bpm, AminQuick mix and masterBy UHOU5E
=== PREVIEW ===After todays seesion with Rickard Åberg.Update: Changed it to 112 BpmC# minorTemplate: EscapeBy UHOU5E
Creating a song around some Ebminor9 chords.124 BpmSynths: Omnisphere and Sylenth 1.Update: Added low and high pass filtersUpdate: Added pads and new ending.Update: Added enhancements after comments.Update: Rearranged song. Added lead trumpet.Update: Added 3 random ping pong delays to pad.Update: Added Sweeps and FXUpdate: Mixing and mastering the …
=== PREVIEW ===New chord progressionDeep bass6D-1X Pan Rack with LFOs on EQs120 BpmUpdate: Added lead instrumentUpdate: Changed intro and added EQ to strings and bassUpdate: Adjusted ending (of the preview)By UHOU5E
=== 2nd version with new F9 instruments ===120 BpmUpdate: Added a flip gate reverb, more bass EQUpdate: Changed mix volumesUpdate: Changed endingUpdate: Added vocals and F9 rack effectsUpdate: Added noiseBy UHOU5E
Preview of a new song with piano lead120 bpm. A minorUpdate: Added a reverb rack on master trackUpdate: Added sidechain to kick-bassBy UHOU5E
Playful synths for drum & bass.Cminor. 120 Bpm.Synths: Ableton Live and Sylenth1Drum kit: F9 and Ableton LiveUpdate: Added piano melodyUpdate: Rearrangement of sectionsUpdate: Added piano soloUpdate: MixedUpdate: Major rearrangement. And added rolling bass section.By UHOU5E
=== PREVIEW ===Using Deadmou5 Aella as inspiration98 BpmBy UHOU5E
=== PREVIEW ===Arpeggiated synths.128 Bpm. C major.Update: PercussionBy UHOU5E
=== PREVIEW ===Remixing the amazing song Fire by Groove Delight.125 Bpm.1st versionBy UHOU5E
New December song.Piano progression chords and solo on melody synthEminor 120 BpmUpdate: Added vocals and FXBy UHOU5E
Collaboration UHOU5E and PATOS.A Saturday in the city of Lund, exploring sounds, trix, and jamming.This is the preview of todays song. Needs som more polishing.Scale: D Dorian. 120 BpmAll instruments are native Ableton Live.Update: Shorter intro.By UHOU5E
=== MY REMIX OF THE SONG PAPER ===Wonderful original song by Konstantin. Vocal: Ayla Shatz. You can listen to the original track on streaming services like Spotify.My remix: Added drum, percussion, lead, bass, FX.Update: Added instruments and FX.Update: Changed tempo.By UHOU5E
=== This is a preview ===Pads and bass is cooperating in a sidechain. 92Bpm. Aminor.Bass is fliped sidechained on drums.Lead is sidechained on bassUpdate: Added instrumentsBy UHOU5E
=== THIS IS THE EXTENDED 7 MIN VERSION ===A remix from a contest. Including sounds from the great London Contemporary Orchestra.131 Bpm.By UHOU5E
==THIS IS A PREVIEW==Slow song with an analog synth guitar. Wah-wah effect added.96Bpm.Update: Added overdrive to guitar. Added one bass.Update: Added soloBy UHOU5E
Slow song with an analog synth guitar. Wah-wah effect added.96Bpm.Update: Added overdrive to guitar. Added one bass.By UHOU5E
Very short preview of new song.Notes: 128 Bpm. Using a flanger and an EQ8 with Stereo effect.By UHOU5E
Drums going wild in this progressive house song . 128 BPM.By UHOU5E
Remix of soundtrack Soundflower. 114 BPM.Update: New version EBy UHOU5E
Preview of new song: OneInspiration from KSHMR.1 min long. Fminor. 130Bpm.By UHOU5E
Trance Blue track with my new Console UH master audio effect rack.- Added Ableton Saturator, OTT, and Drum Buss effects.- After getting inspiration by Softube's Console 1 and their American Class A sound.138bpm.Updates:- Shorter beginning- Added some FX- Swapped solo instrument to Plucked instrument.- Added sidechain to not drown the bass.…
Short version. Credits to Duke Demont. 114bpmUpdate: Added EQ and Multiband compressor.By UHOU5E
2nd version. Deleted some synths. I love the mallets, so I added more melody to the them.By UHOU5E
Experimenting with LFOs controlling Echo Audio Effect. 118bpm.By UHOU5E
Heavy bass and sub bass. Cminor. 128Bpm.By UHOU5E
Short version. Chord progression 1-4/5. Cminor. 118Bpm.By UHOU5E
My 2nd take on this track. Added more percussions, fills, and other stuff happening. 126bpm. Fminor.By UHOU5E
Slower and more heavy. With drops. Cminor. 92bpm.By UHOU5E
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