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Best Universal Declaration Of Human Rights podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Universal Declaration Of Human Rights podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly. It defines the fundamental rights of individuals, and exhorts all governments to protect these rights. The UN has translated the document into over three hundred languages and dialects. This audiobook includes readings in 21 languages.
A collection of readings in the readers language of choice
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly. It defines the fundamental rights of individuals, and exhorts all governments to protect these rights. The UN has translated the document into over three hundred languages and dialects. This audiobook includes readings in 21 languages, by LibriVox volunteers. (summary by David Barnes)Section 14 was recorded by Jennifer LarsonSection 22 was recorded by Jacek Wojski
Pellowe Talk
Interviews and editorials at the intersection of culture, politics and Truth“Being taught to avoid talking about politics and religion has led to a lack of understanding of politics and religion. What we should have been taught was how to have a civil conversation about a difficult topic.”
The British Academy is the UK’s national body for the humanities and social sciences – the study of peoples, cultures and societies, past, present and future.
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In callous contradiction of Articles 2, 3 and 6 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the contemporaneous Physician’s Oath, the abortion industry treats some living humans as disposable private property and brazenly discriminates against people based on the status of their birth having not yet occurred; even though science is unambig ...…
https://sanctityoflifesunday.com.au/https://vision.org.au/radio/shows/20twenty/By Dave Pellowe
"Both Welcome to Country—said by an indigenous person—and Acknowledgement of Country—which is said by someone who is not indigenous—have become a popular practice in the media, government and even in business. What’s more, Aboriginal smoking ceremonies to ward off evil spirits have become an integral part of the opening of the Australian parlia ...…
We have had a huge victory. The Queensland Supreme Court has just determined that universities have no jurisdiction to adjudicate criminal complaints.Bettina Arndt has been conducting a University campus tour, exposing the worrying goal of the campus scare campaign, namely to achieve more convictions by bullying universities into getting involv ...…
There's a mature alliance of religious leaders who are being listened to by politicians as the legislation for protection of freedom of religion is being drafted and considered. What are they saying on your behalf?What's your opinion? Join the conversation with a comment on https://DavePellowe.com/meet-dr-con-kafataris-the-australian-christian- ...…
Shameless activists inciting racial division & hatred have disrespected a grieving family’s wishes for calm & peace while investigations into the death of an Aboriginal man shot by police continue. | Nov 11, 2019 | https://davepellowe.com/jacinta-price-implores-activists-to-not-exploit-her-nephews-killing-by-police/…
There are many examples of utter absurdity presented as indisputable fact. How have they talked themselves into actually believing these lies? These folks are serious. They seem to really believe what they’re saying. We can either continue uselessly shouting across the impassable ravine of logical & linguistic contortionism at those who see the ...…
Bill Muehlenberg The Case Against Socialism by Dave PelloweBy Dave Pellowe
Either you’re “pro-choice” or “there’s no justification for abortion”. Make your choice, but at least be ethically consistent.READ & COMMENT: https://davepellowe.com/rita-panahi-killing-babies-is-wrong/By Dave Pellowe
Hurrah! SBS News will be delighted – I’m almost sure – to learn the accidental deletion of their moment of balanced journalism has been recovered, is copied in full and without alteration here for posterity, just in case.READ & COMMENT at DavePellowe.com/sbs-news-mysteriously-loses-their-article-about-bushfires-having-almost-nothing-to-do-with- ...…
Before you swallow the leftist media's force-fed diet of dire doomsday descriptions, take a moment to chew on the objective facts about a fire no one alive today heard about in the benighted news.Read along & leave a comment at DavePellowe.com/australias-worst-ever-bushfire/By Dave Pellowe
Evidence abounds that extreme environmentalists are creating the largest ground fuel loads seen since humans first inhabited this continent by obstructing responsible forest and vegetation management.READ & COMMENT at DavePellowe.com/extremist-environmentalists-are-the-real-arsonists/By Dave Pellowe
The NSW Liberal Party lead by Premier Gladys Berejiklian won a convincing victory over the Labor Party in March this year. Just a handful of months into their term they supported radical laws liberalising abortion being rushed through Parliament without campaigning on this radical leftist policy and without consultation.Pro-life advocates and v ...…
Former High Court justice Kirby’s nasty & hostile opinion letter warns religious freedom will let people publish opinions which are… nasty & hostile.READ & COMMENT DavePellowe.com/former-high-court-justice-complains-ordinary-people-cant-be-trusted-with-freedom/By Dave Pellowe
Angela Forker is the woman behind the camera at Precious Baby Photography and founder of the Precious Baby Project. She is melting hearts around the world capturing the beauty of children with special needs and celebrating their precious lives.Inspired by Adele Enersen's similar floor setups, Angela is calling her elaborately designed setups "B ...…
The inconvenient fact easily discovered by anyone with an internet connection is pro-lifers take the lead in providing vital services to vulnerable women and children.READ at https://DavePellowe.com/are-pro-lifers-only-pro-birth/PS: You are not alone. Here are some pregnancy resource centres in Australia where you can find real support without ...…
"The sex soaked culture we now all swim in requires us to think again about this very important aspect of human existence and to stand strong on our Christian convictions and to be pro-active and to have a plan to help our children, teenagers, young adults and our families navigate these treacherous waters." - Alan Vink, Leadership WorxWhat's y ...…
Seasoned interviewer and culture commentator, Dr Michael Brown, was moved to tears when Sandra Merritt's lawyer told about the testimonies being heard in her case against abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.READ, WATCH & COMMENT at DavePellowe.com/butchery-at-planned-parenthood-defies-belief/By Dave Pellowe
Viewer asks, “A few months ago I starting getting the feeling that little Jimmy was questioning if he was a girl, so I asked him directly. He responded with yes, because he plays with girls at school rather than boys.”https://DavePellowe.com/help-my-kid-is-being-taught-gender-theory/By Dave Pellowe
We've heard it said often, "The Church should be apolitical." But does God agree?Dave preached this message yesterday at Moree Baptist Church. Originally posted on their website at http://MoreeBaptist.com/2019/10/13/13th-october-2019-should-the-church-be-apolitical-dave-pellowe/By Dave Pellowe
There is an inherent danger of wandering beyond Biblical authority when preaching absolute positions on environmental policy. Don’t pretend there’s no debate when God’s Word is not authoritative on it.By Dave Pellowe
Why should Australian churches wait any longer for a national leader to declare a national day for awareness about the single largest cause of death in Australia, bigger than the top 3 causes of death combined, but easily preventable?Read along at https://DavePellowe.com/australia-needs-a-national-sanctity-of-life-sunday/…
Sonia Hornery MP launched an extraordinary attack on a local church this week when the evangelism they’ve been doing most weekends for several years coincided with an LGBTIQAX+ Pride Festival. The state MP for Wallsend, just West of Newcastle, NSW, accused the church of “hate speech” because they were preaching the Gospel to people attending th ...…
There is one label frequently thrown at me and like-minded people which is totally accurate, and in fact I wear it as a badge of honour. I am anti-abortion.By Dave Pellowe
I tell myself regularly that if I’d been in 1940s Germany I would have voted for anyone but Hitler. I’m certain I would have spoken out against the holocaust though it cost me friends, career or my life. Would I though?By Dave Pellowe
I see only a difference of scale between the horror of daily murder in the streets of America and her abortion clinics. The common thread is not white supremacy, but self supremacy.By Dave Pellowe
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