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True North
Stories of discovery & innovation.
Encouraging usable designs for a better customer experience.
Discussions about the importance of usability & UX in technology & the world around us.
UX has a usability problem.Chris and Carla are on hand to help you navigate through the jargon, user flows and mind maps so you can concentrate on designing great things for users. **Disclaimer** The views on this podcast are ours and don’t represent the views of any former or current employers or clients.
Boagworld is a podcast about digital strategy, service design and user experience. It offers practical advice, news, tools, review and interviews with leading figures in the web design community. Covering everything from usability and design to marketing and strategy, this show has something for everything. This award-winning podcast is the longest running web design podcast with over 380 episodes.
Encouraging usable designs for a better customer experience.
I'd Rather Be Writing features regular podcasts with experts in the field of technical communication.
Digital Insights
Need some inspiration for your digital strategy or website, but don't have time for reading endless posts? Struggling to keep up with the latest innovations in web design, user experience and service design? These bite-sized digital insights from UX designer and consultant Paul Boag will keep you up-to-date. Typically only a few minutes long they are ideal listening when on the move.
CSS-Tricks Screencasts is focused on showing you tips, tricks, techniques about web design. Code samples can be extremely helpful, but sometimes it is even more helpful to watch someone as they code. In CSS-Tricks Screencasts will show you real live CSS and HTML code being written and tested right on the screen. Topics will vary but will always center around design and usability.
Join us for exciting conversations about UI/UX design, SaaS products, marketing, and so much more. My awesome guests are industry experts who share actionable knowledge — so that you can apply it in your business today.
Security. Some assembly required. Security is HARD, and 'real security' is a compromise between usability and security while knowing you're still accepting risk. This podcast alternates between interesting interviews and news analysis every other week - tune in, subscribe and join the conversation on REAL security issues relevant to your enterprise. Follow us on Twitter: @DtSR_Podcast Check out Rafal's SecurityWeek column:
User Experience Discussions with Gerry Gaffney
Each week, the Kaspersky Lab team will break down some useful cybersecurity stories and offer usable tips in 20 minutes or less.
User Experience Discussions with Gerry Gaffney
"Meditation is not just for Relaxing." An awesome step by step guide on how to correctly achieve our dreams. Mysticism Debunked! This is a practical and usable guide for accessing the power of your mind in an extremely easy and guided way to accomplish your goals.
Want to make your digital content stand out? Want to reach a bigger audience and really engage your users? Content design is the answer. Combining content strategy, UX, user research and copywriting, find out how content design can help you meet your users' needs. We chat to content and marketing experts about everything from using data to make better content decisions to improving usability and SEO with the right words for your audience. Got a content design question? Tweet @DigiContentPod ...
Web usability, user-testing, UX philosophy, UX basics, and a weekly usability podcast too!
So, you’re finishing school or you’ve signed a contract. While other new band directors are just trying to survive that first year, what can you do to thrive? Each episode will give you direct, usable information based on actual experiences relevant to your needs as a future or beginning band director. So grab your earbuds or turn up the car stereo, and let me give you some great program notes for success. Episodes release on either the 2nd or 4th Thursdays of each month (sometimes both).
Flip Talk Rookie Playbook is a no BS podcast with the specific goal of giving real usable and solid information that you can use to start or grow your real estate business.
Learn essential user experience design skills and get your questions answered with UX Mastery. Join Luke and Matt as they answer your questions and sift through practical tips, tools and techniques to help you really master UX design.
The Grape Nation
The Grape Nation is your weekly wine journey…where, we will enlighten, inspire, and motivate the listener to enjoy and drink more wine. WE BRING WINE TO THE PEOPLE! The show will take a straightforward; “un-snobby” approach to wine through usable information and guest experts in their field. Each week we will delve into a relevant wine topic, speak with a wine notable, and ask our guest to answer our weekly “Wine List”. We will taste, and discuss a different wine on-air each week and invite ...
The Testing Show
The Testing Show is sponsored by Qualitest. Deploy Software that You and Your Customers Trust with Qualitest Software Testing and Business Assurance Services. Learn more about Qualitest at
The only podcast exclusively about user experience professionals in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. We talk about usability, interface design, user research, and anything else that comes to mind. Part of the local ux network.
Enjoy the complete keynotes from the UXLx: User Experience Lisbon conferences.
The UIE Book Club
The UIE Book Club is a live interview show featuring in-depth conversations about usability, content, and more, with the authors themselves. Hosted by Jared Spool.
Mixed Methods
A podcast interested in the how's and why's of user experience research. Through interviews with industry experts and hands-on trial and error, we indulge and celebrate curiosity. Expect to test assumptions, examine methods, and engage in some old fashion experiments.
Anchors Aweigh
Welcome to the Anchors Aweigh podcast blog. This is a space where I recap our great conversations about boating and distill them into usable, linkable information. Each episode will feature a conversation with a boating expert. Many people can be intimidated to get started on the water but as we learn in each conversation, learning to boat is half the fun. I want beginners to come away with some tips and tools to get started, and experienced boaters to continue learning and growing their boa ...
A weekly podcast about the business of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. Hosted by Derrick Harris.
A weekly podcast about the business of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. Hosted by Derrick Harris.
A show that tries to solve the challenges faced in industry by having an open conversation between the two.
Craig Jarrow’s Time Management Ninja Podcast, providing you with usable productivity, organization, goals, and technology tips.
Man In The Mirror
Welcome to the Man In The Mirror podcast, a space where we reflect together on our different journey’s in life. I know you have read many books, listened to audio programs, attending conferences and seminars, participated in workshops; but sometimes this is just information which is difficult to convert into usable knowledge. Hence we go back deciphering the life lessons and practical advise from stick situations and material we’ve all been through; translating it into golden nuggets of wisd ...
As Liv Tyler said in EMPIRE RECORDS, "There are 24 usable hours in every day." Not one of us has any more time than the other one - but some of us are making better use of our time than others, therefore seemingly having everything together. This podcast supports a theory that your work/life balance directly impacts your productivity: if you're sleeping 8 hours a night and working ONLY 8 hours a day, then the rest of those hours are what you wanna Elevate. Hence, "elevate your 8." The goal o ...
Dartmouth College and Landmark College join forces to present the annual World Usability Day New England conference as part of the Usability Professionals Organization’s World Usability Day event. The conference theme is “universal usability to enhance learning, effectiveness, and understanding across people of all abilities.” This video podcast contains several of the conference sessions from the November 2007 conference, including the keynote address given by Ben Shneiderman.
Software is eating the world, as Marc Andreessen put it. Unfortunately, software is also eating our wallets. Billions of dollars a year are lost on software projects that are basically unusable. A staggering amount of value lost for companies, individuals, and our economy. However, there is a better way. This is thoughtful software. Where we discuss why these projects fail, industry trends, and we talk to experts for insights in building usable and thoughtful software.
Spot On!
Welcome to Spot On! hosted by Dr. Joan Salge Blake, Nutrition Author, Media Expert, and Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University.Spot On! covers the latest topics, hijacked from media headlines to give you accurate, usable health and wellness information geared towards college students, soon-to-be college students, or anyone who knows a college student. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Voice Tech Podcast
Interviews with voice technology professionals, boosting your knowledge and technical skills. Voice interfaces, voice assistants, data science, machine learning and much more. Hosted by Carl Robinson. Subscribe now! is the home of Jeff Holmes. User-Centered Design Practitioner, Trainer and Writer
Blockchain-related episodes of Software Engineering Daily.
User Experience Design, Interaction Design und Usability für Industrie und Business
Your App Lady
Do you love apps and technology? Or are you a little intimidated by them? Your App Lady is here to help! This podcast delivers easy to digest, small chunks of tech information and incredibly usable apps that will improve your life. Betsy Furler, AKA Your App Lady, wants you to love tech as much as she does!
DevRel Radio
A show about things of interest to developer relations leaders, practitioners, and the executives who love them.
The intersection of technology and the liberal arts
A podcast for web geeks and website owners
Welcome to AccessAbilities, a podcast from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Assistive Technology Center (ATC). Your hosts, Kelsey Hall and Josh Pearson, present new and innovative assistive technology reviews, as well as in-depth interviews with leading experts in the assistive technology and accessibility fields. We’re glad you could join us!
Pod as a Service
Pod as a Service is a podcast on emerging, trending, and state-of-the-art advanced analytics, software, and hardware technologies. The pod also covers entrepreneurship and business topics as they relate to these technologies. Episodes feature Alex Castrounis and his guests discussing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, IoT, and more.
Podcast from the Usability Professionals' Association 2010 conference in Munich, Germany
Discussion about the Windows Phone ecosystem from the All About Windows Phone (AAWP) team. Covers the key stories: device launches, apps, games and services.
Daily Dark Horse
Building you up to be your own Dark Horse. Practical, real, usable... all to improve your own life, live with passion, and be who you want to be.
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Dylan Zwick is the Chief Product Officer at Pulse Labs, a Seattle-based startup that offers a remote testing and analytics platform for voice app developers. The Pulse Labs team are leaders in the field of voice application testing, and are official partners with both Google and Amazon, helping them to define and improve the state of the art in ...…
SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) is a large suite of software products best described as being an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Many large scale companies use SAP to cover a variety of processes related to accounting, finance and commerce, as well as a variety of other functions. While a tester may not be ...…
Austrian born Maximilian Riedel is an 11th generation glassmaker. He interned at the family business at the age of 12 eventually rising to his current position of President and CEO of Riedel Glassware. His innovation, eye towards design, and expansion has made Riedel the premier glassware maker in the world. Photo courtesy of Sam Benrubi. The G ...…
This week, Rafal gets the rare occasion of sitting down face-to-face with someone and do an interview in person. Andy Green is a great if not sharky fellow, who helped me get over my PG rating for this podcast. So ... it's probably PG-13. Highlights from this week's show include... Andy talks about BSides Atlanta and the labor of love that is g ...…
For the 92nd edition of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I hit on some new topics. Apologies in advance for those of you who are all in on the Facebook flogging. To kick things off, we start with perhaps the creepiest story we have had in a while. Over in China a “Superhost” on Airbnb was caught taping renters while in th ...…
Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus returns to talk with Tim Keirnan about labels for our field. This continues our long-running friendly discussion about what we call our profession and why, and is there a difference--or should there be--between User Experience and Customer Experience? Dave appreciates the terminology differences whereas Tim wonders why w ...…
Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus returns to talk with Tim Keirnan about labels for our field. This continues our long-running friendly discussion about what we call our profession and why, and is there a difference--or should there be--between User Experience and Customer Experience? Dave appreciates the terminology differences whereas Tim wonders why w ...…
The D&AD New Blood awards are for students, grads, and aspiring creatives between 18 and 24. Real briefs, set by real clients, judged by top creatives. Carla interviews two fellow judges from the DNDA awards – Sila Nur Isik and Daniel Hirschmann. They discuss new technology trends, advice for young designers and recommendations for the next gen ...…
This episode is a live recording of a clinic presented by Dr. Marta Frey-Clark and myself at TMEA 2019. In this presentation we discuss both general theories underlying recruitment and retention as well as specific strategies to help directors grow their programs. ©2019 John M. DenisBy John M. Denis.
Virginia born Matt Crafton received a degree in Economics from the University of Virginia, then wine at UC Davis. He worked the vineyards of Virginia before moving west to continue his pursuit of wine. Ultimately Matt landed at storied winery Chateau Montelena where he has spent over a decade. In 2014 Bo Barrett appointed Matt to head winemaker ...…
With the success of Endgame, it's not only Hollywood pundits taking notice, but also scammers. If you are looking to try to watch the movie without going to the theater, please beware of this scam. From there, we look at how little folks in the UK trust news when it comes to news from social media and their want (need?) for more regulation. Fro ...…
In the first of a two part episode we take a look at culture and diversity and explore what they are and how they can be viewed differently. We speak with Farai Madzima, A UX Lead from Shopify, and Atlassian’s Global Head of Diversity and Belonging, Aubrey Blanche. We learn that both of these important topics are much more nuanced than you migh ...…
Each episode of Digital Insights is based on the articles of Paul Boag. To read the post related to this post go to: Paul Boag.
I am of the view that we appreciate our mother's but don't really understand the impact they have in our lives
This week on the podcast, Rafal gets some one on one time with Raffael Marty ... and it's #RaffCon. Highlights from this week's show include... Raf & Raffy discuss the origins of #RaffCon Raffy talks through Artificial security Raf and Raffy dive into "risk management" Guest: Raffael Marty - ( @raffaelmarty ) - Data analytics ...…
It's that "B" Word. Not THAT "B" word. I'm talking about the word BUSY. We all use it as an excuse, a badge of honor, and a motivator. And frankly, it's a bullshit word. Today's episode, Four Ways to Banish "Busy" from Your Vocabulary, is designed to help you get that word off your tongue and be more intentional in how you approach having lots ...…
There are so many design methodologies available these days — lean, agile & design thinking being the most popular. Could you use them side-by-side? Our guest today is Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX and Sense & Respond, and co-founder of Sense & Respond Press. You'll learn how to make the most out of these frameworks, help teams talk to each o ...…
| About this Episode | This is the last episode of season one of Spot On! We take the highlights from all 13 episodes to give you some quick health and wellness tips. Go back and listen to any episode after getting a taste from this recap. Host Dr. Joan Salge Blake thanks all Spot On! listeners for supporting throughout season one. Stay tuned f ...…
This week, Rafal is joined by the man, the myth, the Aussie legend - Troy Hunt. We basically talk about whatever is on his mind - which, as it turns out is a lot. Take a listen, we may publish an English translation later (joking, Troy!). Highlights from this week's show include... Troy gives a run-down on HaveIBeenPwned We talk through some of ...…
Today marks the 90th episode of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast in this episode, we touch on fraud, cybercrime and a pair of reports mixed with some innuendo, shaken not stirred. To start things off, we look at the annual IC3 report from the FBI, what stands out is the staggering amount of money that was stolen in 2018 in the US. ...…
Each episode of Digital Insights is based on the articles of Paul Boag. To read the post related to this post go to: Paul Boag.
Everyday millions of choices have to be made. And they create the path of life you walk on. How can you sharpen your choice making capability? Find three steps to do this in today's episode.
The same basic idea as the cards on the homepage of v17 of this site. See the Pen Moving Cards by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen.… Read articleBy CSS-Tricks.
Design systems or design languages are a holistic set of instructions that help Designers and product teams understand how to build their products, and why to build them that way. This is more than your bog standard pattern library or style guide and is intended to give direction to your design. They come in all shapes and sizes so join Chris a ...…
Dr Chris Mitchell is the CEO and Founder of Audio Analytic, who develop sound recognition software that adds context-based intelligence into consumer technology products. In our conversation, you'll learn what the state of the art sound recognition systems can do, the types of sound events that are typically recognised, which consumer products ...…
On this week’s edition, we start by checking the ticker with “Days since latest Facebook issue.” Unfortunately it hasn’t been THAT long, and the latest issue involved the Hoovering of contact lists from unsuspecting users. From there, we offer tips to enhance your privacy online. For the third story, we jump over to the realm where the real wor ...…
This episode is a live recording of a clinic presented by Dr. Marta Frey-Clark and myself at TMEA 2019. In this presentation we discuss both general theories underlying recruitment and retention as well as specific strategies to help directors grow their programs. Slides can be found on ...…
All good things must come to an end, and it’s no different for the Rookie Playbook series. It’s been an amazing 48 weeks, and we believe if you’ve come this far, you are now fully equipped with the knowledge on how to run your own real estate business. This isn’t a goodbye from your hosts as much as it is a see you soon, however, and we want yo ...…
Each episode of Digital Insights is based on the articles of Paul Boag. To read the post related to this post go to: Paul Boag.
The world loves a winner, and to be one you have to know yourself.
This week, on a riveting edition of Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast Raf sits down with Richie Etwaru, a human data ethicist and Founder and CEO of What's a human data ethicist, you ask? Listen to the podcast, and find out. Highlights from this week's show include... Richie walks us through data ownership as a fundamental huma ...…
The fist version of Adobe Acrobat was released in 1993, alongside the newly created PDF format. What has changed since then? Our guest today is Liang-Cheng Lin, senior design manager at Adobe. You'll learn about the philosophy behind their platform, how PDF has evolved into a powerful editable format, and UX challenges they face as one of the m ...…
We are all familiar with stress testing when we put an application under load or negative conditions but what about when we put ourselves under those same conditions? Rachel Kibler and Elle Gee join Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen to talk about this more human element of software testing that often gets overlooked and how applying it to our ...…
Episode 18: Thoughtful Industrial Automation with Kyle Reissner at Rockwell Hosts: Fahad Shoukat and Andrew Wolfe Today's Guest: Kyle Reissner, Head of Digital Customer Experience Leader at Rockwell Automation Kyle Reissner is a connector, innovator, and persuader that loves technology. Kyle has more than 20 years of diverse industrial product ...…
You can find a complete transcript of this week's show, as well as all of the links mentioned, by going to: Paul Boag.
| About this Episode | What would you change about your college experience if you could? On this episode of Spot On! we are joined by Betsey Goldwasser, graduate of Boston University, and Blake Bengier, senior at Boston College. They share their top tips for you to get the most out of your four years in college, no matter if you're an incoming ...…
Giampiero Bertolini began his career at none other than Proctor and Gamble, after many years at P&G, he moved into the wine business taking a job at Italian wine icon Frescobaldi, spending 16 years overseeing global sales and marketing. Giampiero left Frescobaldi last year to become the CEO of storied Brunello di Montalcino producer Biondi Sant ...…
This week on episode 342, Michael Coates joins Rafal & James for the 2nd time. Michael's first episode was way, way back in 2015 on episode 134 titled "Fundamental Security". Looks like things haven't changed much. We highly recommend you check out episode 134 first, then listen to this one. Trust us, you want the context. Highlights from this ...…
Selling your rehabs aren’t as complicated as buying a property, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park either. There are many factors to consider before letting go of your hard-earned asset for cash in the bank. From analyzing the neighborhood, computing costs and price points to creating the contract, you have to take the right steps and cons ...…
Each episode of Digital Insights is based on the articles of Paul Boag. To read the post related to this post go to: Paul Boag.
You will not reach your full potential if you do not know yourself. This episode digs into the four elements of self-awareness and how you can enhance these to be the person you are meant to be.
This week....Happy Anniversary to "Like a Prayer!" I can't believe that Madonna's landmark album is now 30 years old. I can't even begin to tell you how old that makes me feel. So I guess I know how Madonna feels. She's only 10 years older than me. Which at this point seems ancient. Anyway - to celebrate this album-versary, I thought I would fi ...…
In this week's episode Jeff has taken time out to recover from SAS 2019 and David has been joined by David Emm, principle security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. During the podcast, David and David look at a new report from Bloomberg which reveals that Amazon is using auditors to listen in to Amazon Echo recordings, in order to fine-tune Alexa. T ...…
Design thinking is a methodology that works anywhere. You don’t have to be designing an app or website to apply it to problem solving both in business and in your every day life. Chris and Carla talk about how you can apply this powerful set of tools anywhere, any time.By Chris Mears.
Carmel was sure she was going to be fired. It was clear to her that she was out of her depth & only a matter of time until someone found out. She should just quit... That's what she though, but not what she did. Carmel changed her thinking & put herself on the path to helping hundreds of other suffering from self doubt. Follow True North on Twi ...…
David Ciccarelli is the CEO of, the online marketplace where brand managers and marketers discover, audition and hire professional voice actors. In our conversation, you'll learn all about how to find and hire a voice actor to represent your brand in marketing campaigns or for use in voice development projects, how projects are price ...…
You can find a complete transcript of this week's show, as well as all of the links mentioned, by going to: Paul Boag.
Part 2 of our series with the incomparable Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser talking about becoming a successful band director. Dr. Tim is well known in music education for his expertise and uplifting attitude, and has been involved in a variety of successful publications, programs, and schools during his storied career ©2019 John M. Denis…
| About this Episode | Take a break from watching Netflix to listen to this episode of Spot On! How guilty should you actually feel about bingeing your favorite show on Netflix? Could there be benefits to this behavior? We are joined by Sarah Krongard, a doctoral candidate within the Division of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University. Sara ...…
Straight outta Hells Kitchen, Ariel Arce was a young gymnast, film student and actress before she pursued a career in wine, Champagne, and hospitality. She got her chops with Grant Achatz in Chicago and Ravi De Rossi in NYC before opening her first venue, Air’s Champagne Parlor. Ariel has since opened buzzy Tokyo Record Bar, Niche Niche, and so ...…
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