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Yo Videogames
A commentary on gaming lifestyle: its history, its news, and all things hype!
Welcome to a weekly gaming podcast where Brad Gallaway (Editor of and Corey Motley (Writer at discuss what they've been playing recently. SVG features a thick games discussion for the first segment and some non-games banter for the last section of each show. Timestamps for all games, topics and potential spoilers are listed in each show's notes.
The bi-weekendly pop culture round table for geeks, nerds, and dorks. Join the Rocket Punch crew as we discuss games, movies, books, and dork culture. Unite!
Discussing My Love for Everything Video Games Related
Videogames, programming, and videogames.
A podcast of a radio show about videogames.
Keep Calm and Read On presents the Books and Videogames Podcast. Danielle plays various videogames and talks about books. Simple concept. This podcast features the audio from these episodes. Watch here play videogames on Youtube via this link,, or visit her at
A kinda weekly show about videogames, movies and all things geek based in Singapore. Join our hosts Shafique, Mr Toffee and Eccentric Tom on their podcast journey and pray their livers hold up as they traverse the pop culture landscape.
Quit or Continue - dissecting videogames new and old in the world's first gaming 'book club'. Join Mike, Jack, Andy and Dave and have your say.
A podcast about videogames and life by two people old enough to know better.
Join Matt, Aaron, and freinds for a weekly discussion of what games they've been playing, industry news, and other dumb stuff.
An interview podcast hosted by Dr. Michael Mallen, a licensed psychologist who enjoys in-depth conversations with guests about games (tabletop RPGs, videogames, boardgames) and psychology.
Horrible Gamers
We promise we are not as Horrible as you think at video games, well maybe. This is a podcast based on current video game culture and much more. Join us for a whole new experience with gaming, we're not your average gamers we are Horrible Gamers!
Rob Gisbey, Tom Kewell, Ant Pring, & PJ Belcher discuss all the latest news in gaming...
Trying to make sense of things, and sometimes even succeeding. A podcast about videogames, music, books, movies, television, theater, gallery art, and life as (mostly) proud citizens of the Internet.
We discuss videogames, real life, current news and everything else with no filter and no quarter given. Got something to add, contact us at or Angrycentaurgaming on youtube.
Opinions May Vary
Join Jayare, Alex, and special guests every week for discussions on the latest news in comics, movies, television and videogames!
There comes a time, friends, when your favorite MMO ceases to sparkle, when even new videogames lose their luster, and the computer room becomes a prison; and all that is left are two gamers (who happen to be nuns) with a very large axe to grind. Come join Julie Whitefeather and Frances Kosac as they go to War - and along the way discuss the events of the week in the MMO industry.
My main focus is reviewing manga and anime, but I also review Japanese literature, movies, and videogames. Basically, if it has anything to do with Japan, I'll talk about it, along with a dash of Korea and China.
A new fortnightly Podcast. Two friends, Lee Popey (Chris and Lee's Failure to Communicate) and James Harverson (Not liking Rec) bonded over the best and worst horror movies..Video nasties, TV movies/shows, Videogames... all the hits.Listen as they share their favorites with each other and some 'classics' they have yet to watch.
Join the Guild as they tackle their favorite videogames, films and tabletop.
Everyone plays. Kids and adults. Men and women. Uptight or relaxed. Tall or short, from any place on the Earth and with any skin colour. We play with our hair and our food. We play when we tease our friends and family about their weird habits. We play videogames and boardgames. We roleplay as practice for a big interview or new job, or just for fun. Play is a natural part of being human, and even if we don't realise it we all spend at least some of the time every day playing.Ludiphilia is a ...
Join Kewlio in his quest to play video games and discover the weird and geeky things of the world! Listen to chiptune artists you may never have heard of! Broadcasted live on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, or on everywhere, at 5 PM Atlantic Time every Friday. Podcast updates the following Sunday.
Anything that we consume through a screen we discuss it in this podcast ( Movies, TV shows, Videogames and more)
Just Cool Enough
Just Cool Enough is a weekly nerdy podcast by Eric, Joe, and Ike at It's just a few friends sitting around and talking about the geeky and nerdy things they love. Videogames, Movies, Music, Cars, and everything in between.
Welcome to My podcast, in I'm just talking we will talk about movies, music, videogames, anime, into the tougher issues of race and economy. Please come on in and enjoy. 👍🏾
DJsaur relegated to a pension for retired DJs after years spent spinning the records in a lot of club all around Italian boot. Since he was a puppy he was crazy for using music software to compose many videogames soundtracks. By chance a day he bumps into music tapes and Revox, until a night he listen Ben Liebrand in a club... A jump! Since then he becomes a megamix lover and learning the art of electronic “sewing” he starts to use all the kind of music to create massive megamix. Wish in a d ...
This is the Rebellion Brewing Podcast. We want you to love craft beer as much as we do. Each week, your host Matthew Barton and guest taste and talk about beer, followed by an interview on topics ranging from beer, food, music, politics, wrestling, videogames and more.
Sean and Randy (jekyll and lotus) talk about weird stuff that happend and alot of videogames movies and tv shows
Join us as we plunge head-first into the world of videogames. Amusing, informative and a little goaty.
I want to show my passion for videogames. And I plan to talk about Sports as well. I am a gamer and a sports guy so I will appeal to both hopefully:)
This is The Wildfire Podcast, where we talk about anything and everything that might interest you. We cover topics like videogames, science, cooking, history, and many more all within the course of 30 minutes so you can begin and end feeling satisfied. Come sit by the fire and listen for a while. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Bounty Board
Bounty Board is a podcast about entertainment, most times centered on videogames. We go in-depth on topics, share some news, and then wrap it up with our suggestions for what you should be doing with your free time. Critically minded consumers and players, sharing their opinions honestly.
MP District 13
Life , music , videogames and sex
Skywalker Gaming
Where we talk about great videogames like Call Of Duty, Fortnite etc
Geek out with Mike n' S'mike as they discuss improvisational comedy, technology, boardgames, videogames and, occasionally, their skewed take on current events!
Maze of Thoughts
Ever found that thought trapped within your mind, wanting to escape and breathe freely through your mouth? That's exactly what the Maze of Thoughts does! Giving thoughts a voice, all kinds of subjects are discussed! Entertainment, Media, Education, Society, Videogames, you name it!Voices : Apollyon, DiceDracul, Misnomer & Wretched.
An official podcast, Cloud City Casino is a weekly podcast for Star Wars in gaming discussion. Hosts Michael Morris and Nathan P. Butler kick off the show with humorous improvised skits. Afterward Michael, Nathan dive into conversations about Star Wars in videogames and tabletop games from A long time ago as well current and announcements future releases. This truly is your destination for Star Wars Gaming!
Pop Culture Comedy Podcast from 5 friends that enjoy talking shit to each other, almost as much as we enjoy talking about Movies, TV Shows, Music, Marvel, MCU, DC, Cosplay, Cartoons, Comics, Comiccons, Vinyl, Toys, Video Games and More. Raw, unfiltered, very few cuts, and not PG-13. Follow us @multipoptural on FB, IG, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, Pinterest, and on Subscribe and rate us for chances to be entered in our various contest for awesome prize ...
G33ks with Issues
Hey guys and gals! You might find yourself wondering who or what is G33ks with issues? We are a couple geeks/nerds who like music, comics, videogames and various other fantasy or sci-fi worlds. Separately we are Sam and Tom, but after an odd fusion dance we become G33ks with issues. Give us a listen, you never know what you might find.
Ready Up!
Welcome to Ready Up! A podcast where two friends make up ridiculous videogames and try to pitch them as real things. Hosted by Justin Lam and Lance Crowder
Pro Kris
Here you will find everything that you need to know about the weather and social media. ( Including VideoGames!)
Two guys talking all things movies from film franchises to film history to everything in between. Join them as they discuss what razzes their berries!
Quest Log Podcast
The Quest Log Podcast - A weekly show where we discuss videogames old and new.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Either you love it, or you've never seen it. But what exactly is JoJo? Why is everyone talking about it? Why is it so great? Whether this is your first foray into Hirohiko Araki's decades-spanning masterpiece, or you're a seasoned JoJo Opinion Haver looking for more of your kind, JoJo's Bizarre Explainer is here for you! Hosted by Elizabeth Simins, Courtney Stanton, and Darius Kazemi, this podcast will tease out the running motifs, fascinating weirdnesses, occasiona ...
Archaeology and Gaming covers not only the study of archaeology in video games but also the study of games as material culture. Some of our hosts you already may know, Andrew Reinhard – who featured in the documentary ATARI: Game Over, Tara Coppelstone – who studies how games are made through an archaeological lens, and Meghan Dennis – a PhD candidate at University of York who is studying ethics in videogames, plus many more interesting and insightful players in the archaeogaming world are r ...
Danny and Stian share stories from a lifetime of playing videogames, with an emphasis on retro games and retro gaming. We talk Nintendo, Sega, PC, and more, and how gaming has changed through the years.
More than videogames.
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show series
Friends, I'm dropping part two of our Spider-Man extravaganza a little earlier than usual as I'm due to be on a plane to Texas in about 6 hours. I'd like to think this is a welcome thing as I'm hoping you're all eagerly awaiting the finale of our Spider-Talk, but if you haven't had a chance to finish up part 1 yet, don't worry. This will be her ...…
Today we talk the scummy ish that happened in the last week. From Randy Pitchford to the dangers of some creep at ALA. Let's go!
After a rousing 3-hour GOTY show, Brad and Corey chill out with some unscripted games and life chat. Brad brings most of the games and Corey (suffering from a cold) talks mostly life updates and recent adventures. Timestamps:Resident Evil 2: 1-Shot Demo: 13:04Corey's Wizard World Con Adventures: 36:58Genesis Alpha One: 56:20Vane: 01:04:55Crashl ...…
Are you looking for a way to get fit that's not just lifting weights and hitting a treadmill? Virgil Lea runs an Aikido dojo and teaches in a traditional, Japanese style. He also teaches a women's, and co-ed self-defense courses for health, fitness and protection. We also taste and talk about Black Bridge Brewery's, Cold Pressed Cream Ale. Link ...…
Xbox’s monthly subscription service Game Pass launched on June 1st, 2017. When it launched people were curious what the gaming company could offer gamers with what looked like it aimed to create a Netflix for games. Over the last year an a half, Game Pass has become one of the most valuable services available to gamers. Today the service has gi ...…
Briefly discuss my top 3 and eventually overall favorite game of 2018. What were some of you favorite games from last year? For gaming photos posted regularly, check out my instagram jogamer7.
What if Hell had a TV channel and what shows would be on it? We asked our listeners and came up with some shows. Have a listen to see what we came up with. We explain the Dirty Book saga and Jack Black’s new YouTube channel Jablinski Games. Have a listen and enjoy! #youtube #jablinskigames #jackblack #gaming #podcast #trending #itunes #spotify ...…
It's time to talk about Spider-Man. We hope you're ready to listen to us talk about Spider-Man because apparently we had a lot to say. So much that we needed two episodes to contain it all hence the whole "Part 1" thing. Be on the lookout for part 2 later on. We spent the majority of Part 1 discussing the recent, Golden Globe-winning "Spider-Ma ...…
Holy Moly 2019 starts a bit strong, doesn't it?Even if we end up in a barren desert of releases after the first 3 months this year is already an embarrassment of riches! AND Shenmue 3!!Oh, sorry, there's a bit more: ...and Shenmue 3 is not coming out in 2019.
Welcome to a new year as we talk new and old games. Join Jesus, Gunny, and Johnathan AKA Penpointred as we discuss more Playstation VR games. Vampyr, Xcom2, Resident Evil 2 demo, Kingdom 2 Crowns and PC tower case BS. Some Interesting news and much more. Intro Music by FWLR & Twistex - Breakout (HGP Mix) - Outro ...…
ETAO Podcast, Episode 47. Gabby DaRienzo stops by to talk about her work as one half of the core Laundry Bear Games team, from A Mortician’s Tale (and Tracktoons) to their still-in-its-early-days next project—as well as her excellent, now-concluded podcast ...…
Le feste sono finite, abbiamo mangiato, bevuto e ballato. Ritorniamo alla notra quotidianeità, glorificando il Venerdi! Nel nome della Disco ballate e andate in pace!
This week we have a lot to say about Rohan, mostly because Araki is physically incapable of creating side projects about any other character (only a slight exaggeration). We have a new opening credits animation to dissect at length. Josuke and his friends are the kind of committed delinquents who will never set foot in a classroom again. Half t ...…
On the season finale we take a crack at one of the most popular characters in gaming.... Spoiler alert, it just ends up being a normal Mario game with dinosaurs.
Hey guys the first review for 2019 is here. And like i said the individual segments are up and ready to go! An improvement i must say from past episodes. Music credit goes to Nintendo and the incredible producers who worked on this song very nice job love it! Dire Dire Docks: Casade Kingdom: htt ...…
Hey guys today we talk about cooking, how to get into cooking, and how to up your game with some simple ideas. Thanks for listening and if you like the show support me on anchor or by buying some merch Become a supporter of this podcast:…
You voted and it's now time to be heard! As we wrap up our first season of multiPOPtural, we asked you to vote on your favorite (and some least favorite) movies, tv shows, songs, albums, video games, cartoons and more! We appreciate all that voted, and look forward to Season 2 of multiPOPtural. Subscribe to us on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Sound ...…
Corey and Brad are tying a bow on 2018 with their annual Game of the Year show!Strap in as they warm up with some Category Awards, go through their individual Top 10s and then read off some listener picks for favorites and disappointments.Thank you for sticking with us through the ups and downs of 2018, and we wish you all a happy and healthy 2 ...…
Let's talk Next Gen. Specifically what quality of life improvements we want to see.
Happy New Year! How did Tom get a hole in his finger? Hear about the G33ks' Christmas and eventful New Years. Also Tom reviews his first 40k game with his Death Guard and the guys discuss their killteam campaign. In the News Corner: Who's pulling DB Fighterz from the tourney scene? Epic Games opens their own online game store, Super Sayans in N ...…
The Maze of Thoughts has returned with Season 2 now available for listening! 2018 was the year that brought Maze of Thoughts to life and 2019 is expected to boost the MoT podcast throughout the interwebs to get to many people as it possibly can. We want to help those that listen to us, by either providing them with good insight on several subje ...…
Karak, Abssii, and Takedownkd sit down to discuss games, life, funny stories, and everything else. Its called Aimless for a reason:) Enjoy
Welcome to 2019 lovely people! We had a really great 2018. Thank you so much for your support! But now it is time for 2019. We have a lot of big plans this year and we cant wait to get into the good stuff. To start the year out Bounty Board wants to welcome @SergeantSodium as our third co-host. Ryan is a longtime friend of EIC Caleb (@LubWub) a ...…
Sharing and discovering great beer is a huge part of craft-beer culture. An OG Rebel, Ashley Kirsch, took our Sour Red to a beer-lover's wedding in California and you'll never guess what happened! She's also traveled across North America in pursuit of rare and hard-to-get ales and returned to share some tips for finding great beer when you're t ...…
New Year New Show! Or is it? Join Jesus, TheyCallMeIams and BrinkofEternity in a old school style HGP. Don’t you worry the crew will be back next week but this is one hell of a ride. Join us as we discuss rap, games, and news stories like The Mad Box announcement and so much more. Enjoy! Intro Music by FWLR & Twistex - Breakout (HGP Mix) -http: ...…
Let's take a look back at some of the music featured on the show through 2018! The podcast version also includes a song which had to be cut from the radio broadcast for time! Also, News of the Weird and what's new at LowBiasGaming.By (KewlioMZX).
Eren continues to learn the truth about how his father came to be found wandering outside the walls all those years ago. Then the government must decide if the common people should know the truth about the past.
This week Alex and I decided it would be fun to welcome our dear listeners into the new year with a nice round of "Wait, that was this year??" because for whatever reason 2018 was just one of those instances where everything felt like it actually happened 3 years ago. And in a break from all the other "Best of" lists that you're probably being ...…
Starting the new year off right, with an in person episode! Its been a while since we recorded in person, so we wanted to start the new year off with a positive (mostly) and fun free form conversation of what we are looking forward to this year. Shine on doods!
This is one crazy episode. Everything from Half life 3 rumors, to new consoles, to everything in between. My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG Podcast Link 👉 More PC Game Reviews ...…
♪At the conclusion of every year there must be a Top 10 and so it is with great excitement that The Unlikely Herocast share theirs! This week it is up to Paul to share his favorite, as well as least favorite, games of 2018.♪
nothingh to declare
Are you horny for manga? Then do we have a character for YOU. This week we meet Araki's self-insert fanfic character, and he's perfect. Rohan's stand...h-how does it work? Is there someone we *won't* ship Rohan with? (Spoiler: yes, and it's Josuke.) Is there an animal that Rohan *wouldn't* torture? (Spoiler: ...probably not.) Koichi canonically ...…
Eren and the Scouts find that the nobility and the Military Police might be bigger enemies of humanity than the Titans.
Today we talk about diversity in popular media and my thoughts on it, plus an example of a well written, and inclusive story. Thanks for listening and if you want to support the podcast check this shit out: Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Just a little bonus episode to recap the past year. In this episode we give out favorite movies, games, and moment of 2018 and plan a bit for the year ahead.
For our second to last episode of a memorable first season of multiPOPtural, we are reviewing Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and Aquaman! Warning, spoilers ahead, and we've given you a few weeks to watch both movies. Jerry, Jordan and Brian talk about the highs and lows of each film, and give it a rating with our new Pop-O-Meter we'll be using ...…
SPOILER ALERT: Brad and Corey discuss all the ins and outs of side-scrolling adventure game Gris from 01:12:10 - 01:37:07 in this show. If you don't want to be spoiled, please avoid this section. We give an audio warning on the show before we deep dive.Happy New Year! New Year, Same Us as Brad and Corey record a New Year's Eve show and discuss ...…
♪At the conclusion of every year there must be a Top 10 and so it is with great excitement that The Unlikely Herocast share theirs! First up on this quest is Brad with his favorite, as well as least favorite, games of 2018.♪
This is a Red Dead Redemption 2 spoiler show! If you have not played it we recommend you do not listen to this show if you plan on playing it. If not then join Big Gun Jesus, Evan The Kid and The Rose of Alabama Alyssa White in a ride through the Wild West. Music By Adventure Western Music Join us in our group on Facebook Like our Page Follow u ...…
My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG Podcast Link 👉 More PC Game Reviews 👈👉 More Console Game Reviews ...…
My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG Podcast Link 👉 More PC Game Reviews 👈👉 More Console Game Reviews ...…
Ultimo giorno dell'anno. Tirando un pò di somme è stato un anno complesso. Tanta gioia, tante soddisfazioni qualche nota amara, amici e parenti che ci hanno lasciato... Ma dobbiamo gettare tutto dietro le nostre spalle e guardare sempre avanti. Che sia per tutti un giorno di gioia e che questo mio lavoro possa riempire i vostri cuori. Buon anno ...…
Another year has come and by. Sam and I reflect on the year as far as films we saw together, as well as animes we have seen. Be sure to tell us about how your 2018 was and what movies you really liked or didn't like in the comments.We are available on the following platforms:Pocket Cast: ...…
In this episode, we're joined by Blazewing Firebird, who brings us some ghost stories! Also, video game releases for January, and the best of News of the Weird for 2018.By (KewlioMZX).
There might be more here later. Maybe. It depends on how exhausted I am because I'm literally about to run out the door to watch some of the best people I know get married to each other. (Congrats Hannah & Will!) But, we figured since it's the end of the year it would be a good time to put together a fun compilation of our Year 6 b-sides. So th ...…
Last review for 2018 happy new year!
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