Best Vr podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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The New School VR podcast is a show about learning technologies so powerful, they transcend the limits of reality itself. Imagine atoms the size of your house, or billion-star galaxies at living room scale. To our eyes and ears, these visions are real, and the implications for the future of learning are beyond imagination.New School VR is a weekly interview-style podcast, helping parents, teachers, instructors, artists and engineers navigate the vast potential of VR and AR-assisted learning.
Rev VR Podcast
Reverend Kyle discusses current Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We also take a look at software and peripherals, and do interviews with gamers, developers, and VR enthusiasts.
Everything VR & AR
Everything VR & AR is a weekly podcast covering technologists, enthusiasts, and companies with real world deployments of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Learn from interviews with the leaders in gaming, entertainment, productivity, enterprise, social, education, medicine, software, hardware, psychology and more. This podcast covers everything that is VR and AR including the hottest topics and news in virtual reality and augmented reality. Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder of the V ...
Enter VR
At the intersection of gaming, technology, business and society
Virtual Reality News and Discussion Podcast
"There is no spoon" Presenter Kneels Bores gives his unique and irreverent take on the Sony PlayStation VR (PSVR), with the occasional guest. Kneels is an artist and AI researcher as well as a lifelong gamer, and likes to a dig a little more deeply into the consumer virtual reality experience and what it means for entertainment as well as the nature of personal reality. Sometimes rambling, sometimes incomprehensible, each 30 minute episode features News, Rotten Meta, IMHO, Trips and Ticks, U ...
Inside VR & AR
A deep dive into virtual and augmented reality, with special guests, the latest news, and lots of exciting new stuff. Hosted by Robert Scoble, in partnership with Jason Calacanis.
Weekly virtual reality and augmented reality news wrap-up featuring a revolving roundtable of VR and AR revolutionaries.
DeREZD has been reborn as’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) focused podcast! Your hosts Lloyd Hannesson and Will Kelley run down the latest in the PlayStation VR universe.
VR Enclave
The podcast dedicated to bringing VR news, game reviews and interviews straight to your brain. The early focus of the podcast will be on the Gear VR but we will expand to other platforms as we get those awesome new devices.
News and views about the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset, the PSVR. This weekly podcast focuses on the new experiences that virtual reality has to offer with software, hardware, and peripherals. Danthol and Schleis are passionate about VR gaming and seek to engage in discussions with the new global community that the Playstation VR is creating.
VR Hacks
Thought Exercises
How To Create VR
Listen to weekly conversations with VR professionals who work day in and day out creating VR and AR experiences. Learn all about the latest technologies, tools, techniques and tips for VR creation. If you are a VR professional and want to be a guest on the podcast, contact!
Is This Real Life? - A podcast for the virtual reality enthusiast where we discuss the latest games, tech and VR news.
VR Pimp Podcast – An independent blogger and sex tech purveyor extraordinaire. Topics covered include virtual reality, porn and high-tech sex.
VR Gamerz
VR Gamerz was started by three VR and gaming enthusiasts to facilitate the discussion of Virtual Reality, gaming, and whatever else is on our mind when we hit record.
Want to discover more about virtual reality and augmented reality? The Real Virtual Show is a talk show focused on all things mixed reality: we have epic conversations with leaders in the exciting VR/AR industry and discover the endless creative, business, entrepreneur, and development possibilities in our exciting new world of mixed reality technology. Where real people talk about virtual - #RealVirtual
VR Inside Podcast
Podcast by VR Insiders
VR Hermits
A podcast about virtual reality development
This podcast is the audio extract from the Deep Dive series of videos on the VR Roundtable YouTube channel. In these short episodes, one of the hosts of VR Roundtable picks a Virtual Reality related topic to discuss and share opinions on. You can view the full videos at
VR Mastery
VR Hacks
Thought Exercises
Is This Real Life? - A podcast for the virtual reality enthusiast where we discuss the latest games, tech and VR news.
VR Gamers Podcast
Podcast by Brent Burpee
Welcome to VU Dream's Official Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Podcast for all of your audio news & information desires in the world of VR/AR/MR.
The home of virtual reality flight simulation
Stories about video games and the people who play them.
VR in Education
VR in Education will provide tips and explore topics related to using immersive Virtual Reality in the classroom.
quick thoughts on AR & VR
Teach in VR
Teach In VR is a site committed to Teaching and Learning about Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. Here on this podcast I connect with leaders in the EdTech community who are using big ideas and this new technology to reach students. Visit to connect and learn more!
We discuss everything that's happening in the Virtual Reality industry to keep you up to date.
Into The Deep is a podcast from all about PlayStation VR! We love virtual reality as a whole, and we know that Sony is pushing the boundaries forward with PSVR! Join us as we explore PSVR news, games, experiences and more!
IGN Tech Fetish
A weekly dose of technology news, gadget discussion, and science wonder.
We are a couple guys with full time jobs who love talking about games in our spare time. We hope to bring a realistic and non-exaggerated gaming discussion.
The Podcast behind the Science and Design of Virtual Reality and Spatial Computing. By combining our background in Cognitive Science and VR Research, we break down important Neuroscience to extract Design principles. Each week, we feature the companies, founders, and researchers that are shapers of this Immersive Tech Industry.
CG Garage
Interviews that focus on the CG creative in visual effects, architecture and beyond. Christopher Nichols of Chaos Group sits down with directors, artists, photographers and developers for candid discussions on technology and art, all with a focus on computer graphics. Visit for more information and an archive of past shows.
The Podcast behind the Science and Design of Virtual Reality and Spatial Computing. By combining our background in Cognitive Science and VR Research, we break down important Neuroscience to extract Design principles. Each week, we feature the companies, founders, and researchers that are shapers of this Immersive Tech Industry.
The team behind Official PlayStation Magazine-UK bring you a delectable podcast every fortnight with the latest news and views on your favourite games. We cover everything PlayStation, with expert opinions from the editorial team. We also make some jokes.
Virtual reality podcast hosted by Matt Carrell AKA Matt Stompz and Brian Bullard AKA Bullardo from the Oculus subreddit. We discuss our experiences and news in the fast growing Virtual Reality universe and our place in it.
The Boost VC Podcast
Join Boost VC’s Founder & Managing Director Adam Draper, to learn about emerging technology from leading figures in the industry. Each episode we interview founders and investors to explore topics like startup strategy and venture capital, as well as incredible technology like bitcoin, virtual reality, AI, exoskeletons, drones, space and more.
The PSVR Podcast
Thoughts, news, and reviews on all things PlayStation VR.
Bread Time
A micro-podcast about design and technology with Gabriel Valdivia and Charlie Deets.
Hello! And welcome to Uncle Jonny’s Virtual Reality Podcast, where we talk about what’s happening in the emerging VR tech world, and how to develop VR experiences.
Film is changing. Business models, audience behaviour and technology are all rapidly evolving - transforming the way stories are told, sold and consumed. FILM DISRUPTORS is all about deconstructing these changes and championing the new players making it happen. In focused and inspiring interviews, senior film executive of over 17 years, Alex Stolz talks to leaders in the field to bring you essential ideas, techniques and strategies from the cutting edge. Whether you are an emerging storytell ...
Future Grind explores the future through science, technology, entrepreneurship, and philosophy. Hosted by television producer, entrepreneur, and futurist speaker Ryan O’Shea, Future Grind features interviews with innovators and thought leaders that are working to build our future. Biohacking, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, and robotics are frequent topics of conversation. Show notes and more can be found on Questions, press inquiries, and speaking requests, can be e ...
Bring more light to the great new innovations that will impact the world.
Ryan Thomas, an army Captain veteran, has conversations with experts that range from VR Porn, and sex parties, to buddhist monks and transpersonal therapists. The Intimate Lifestyle uses sex and relationships as a means to uncover the unconscious factors that drive desire and fear, and keep us stuck in unhealthy relationships.
A show about virtual reality, the people playing in it, and the people creating it.
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Blank History Month is a podcast where Melissa Meli and Tristan Miller explore a period of history with hopefully hilarious results. This week Tristan and guest host Herbert Miller discuss the life and legacy of Jackie Robinson. Song Referenced The Jackie Robinson Story Us on Twitter!
I round up of the last few days of gaming talking about Mario + Rabbids and Skyrim VR
The Top Tier Podcast Community Discord is here!:, Behr, and Ben are back for Episode 92 of the Top Tier Podcast!In this episode we talk about shows that ended on cliffhangers, the movie theater experience, music, VR and lots more! If you like the show, consider supporting us on Patreon! ...…
Today we are headed up near Chicago with Listener Karen to talk about her trip to Walt Disney World for Spring Break just a couple of weeks ago! Hear about her experience staying in an off-site 8 Bedroom house with extended family, the new Star Wars VR Experience, planning with a large group, and some runDisney talk to get you ready to the Star ...…
A few minutes on Trackmania in VR followed by Skyrim talk as I take the boat to the Dragonborn DLC:s location of Solstheim
This week we have special guest Jordan to discuss how inspirational the internet can be, prison battle reform, cyborgs, VR sex, things we already know and trading cards.
Also available on YouTube #VitaIsland is still standing! Dylan and Tom go over two brand new PS Vita titles. Ranbite’s Reverie has Tom explaining the New Zealand humour and references in the Zelda inspired adventure game. Then, Dylan explains why he had so much hope for Behind the Stones Sir Eats A Lot, but was left majorly frustrated and disap ...…
This week, it's Max, Brian, and Zach discussing (without spoilers) where Far Cry 5 ranks for them compared to the previous games, as well as this month's PlayStation Plus lineup. Then, Caleb Lawson joins us to talk about Wipeout Omega Collection's PSVR update, and another unceremoniously launched Planet of the Apes game. This episode of Beyond ...…
We're talking Spiderman, haptic gloves, vr, the uncanny valley, Old and new tech, George's college game courses, and new asian treats. Oh and whiskey of course. Links: Spiderman into the spider verse: Haptic gloves Unreal engine demos: ----------------------- ...…
Some thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey followed by a run down of todays session of Skyrim VR
The future of VR storytelling will be immersive and interactive. Yelena Rachitsky is an executive producer of experiences at Oculus, and she’s been inspired by
Join this session to learn how to use your Unity skills to create experiences for immersive (VR) headsets. We will give you a quick overview of the development process, introduce you to the most interesting VR concepts (like headset tracking, motion controllers and play areas), and our best references on how to port existing desktop or VR exper ...…
The April mix is now available, featuring tracks from The Advent, Oscar Mulero, Luis Flores, Rebekah, Marcel Dettmann, Alexander Kowalski, Lester Fitzpatrick.Follow us on social media:Apple Podcast the artist and bu ...…
Welcome back to another episode of the Gamescast, where a tired weary Joe and Adam, recap the week in games. This week the guys played a bunch of games, including the new Co-Op prison escape game, A Way Out. While Joe finally finished Call of Duty: WWII, Adam tried his hands at PUBG mobile, and celebrated opening day with MLB 18 The Show. Adam ...…
Reviews! We had so many that we promised you a bonus episode, and here we are! Our takes on the final season of Star Wars Rebels, Annihilation, Jessica Jones season 2, Tomb Raider, A Wrinkle in Time, Pacific Rim Uprising, Love, Simon, Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves, all leading up to the main event- Ready Player One! And to top it off, where do we s ...…
The dudes nerd out about video games and share their experiences with them growing up, which leads them to talking about Trump's recent statement about violent video games. Then Watson writes an empowering letter to Jordan Peele to congradulate him on his recent Oscar win. Then the dudes pitch some more flicks and try to come up with their own ...…
Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 150): Ready Player CosmoI love having repeat guests, especially when it's Cosmo Scharf. Let's talk about Ready Player One, VRLA, Mindshow, and more.First of all, I want to announce that I am officially changing my name to Reverend Blockchain. It's fitting that Cosmo has also decided to change his name to Cosmo Blockchain at ...…
Read more! Click the link to sign up for Blinkist and get 20% off today My Second Channel - First let me say Simone Giertz is great and her videos are awesome but she is just another person leading a campaign against a company based on her personal feelings and this is the high ...…
Is It Possible that Meryl Streep Could Play Princess Leia?There’s another Star Wars fan petition circulating. This time, it’s to try to convince JJ Abrams, Lucasfilm, and Disney to recast the character of General Leia with Oscar winning actress, Meryl Streep. The idea seems to have risen from the fact that Streep played a character patterned af ...…
​Episode 70 of the PSVRlife is live! This week we talk Wipeout VR, Young Dumb and Broke, and No Heroes Allowed! VR.
During episode 223, co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed bulletproof vests for kids; the growing Cambridge Analytica Scandal involves Plantir and Peter Thiele; driving a car with VR; brands on HQ Trivia; long-forms audio; Google image optimization; Google Lens comes to iOS; a Boring development; the mountain of data you gave away t ...…
Kole, Ben. Dennis, and Jala talk about A Way Out, the Oculus Go, and we ask you to name your funniest game moment in four words or less. The Brief: Indiana school teacher gets results from gamifying education. Hori is making an actual d-pad . Occulus Go is a $199 VR entry point. alt.ctrl.GDC gives us the bartending game wii deserve. The Multipl ...…
Spoiler Free! This week on the Friday 15, we talk about the VR tech that is in the Ready Player One world. We briefly talk about our thoughts on the movie, without any spoilers and then end off with a Top 5 Hi-5 :) Enjoy the show! Friday 15 is our weekly 15 minute news show where we cover the biggest news of the week in 15 minutes. If you would ...…
Hi all, we were on VR Chat and had a blast with Pixelbot Games who helped us out to get on there! It was... an experience! Unfortunately, what was recorded wasn't necessarily a great for an audio podcast, so I'm basically just posting this to point you over to our youtube page. Look up Uncouth Tangents on yoututbe to find our channel and see ou ...…
On this podcast, Cathi Bond talks about Jimmy Wales' idea for Wikitribune: journalism that's crowdfunded, where the community decides what stories professional journalists will research and cover (via Wired UK). Nora Young talks about SK Telecom out of South Korea. They're partnering with a VR developer to come up with a hologram avatar that li ...…
Quin and Matt hit the studio to recap day 2 of #UCET18. Listen as they share their favorite moments and insights around the theme “Communication.” Some of the highlights from this episode include: The Google Trainer Demo Slam: The winner was... Ignite: The Power of Moments Matt Levels up his Arduino skills Exploring VR Bring student tech into t ...…
On this episode of the ThrillGeek Podcast, we discuss the following topics: Barry's Mardi Gras birthday at Universal Orlando The Great LEGO Race VR roller coaster at LEGOLAND Florida - Details & Video: Halloween Horror Nights 28 ticket details and dates (including a few rumors) - Details on dates: Dea ...…
Read more! Click the link to sign up for Blinkist and get 20% off today My Second Channel - David Hogg is a very public figure with nearly 660,000 followers on Twitter. It would be absurd to imply that we cannot be critical of his ideas and his use of power. In response to bein ...…
Subscribe iTunes Direct RSS Feed Stitcher Email: (Skype) Voicemail: wdt-torgo Forums Facebook Follow us on Twitter Main Account: @PSNation Josh: @PJFJosh MJC: @The1stMJC Dave: @TheDestinyDave Support Us Affiliate Store Links PlayStation Nation Merch! Video links New Relea ...…
Allo cheeky, we’ve got another episode of the Big Red Barrel UK Podcast for you to get all excited about. Your usual suspects of Dan, Tim & Coleman are all here to stimulate your ears in ways you can’t even fathom… well actually they’re just going to talk a bunch but you get the general idea of excitement we’re trying to get across here. On thi ...…
The new Dell XPS 13 9370... we've got reviews! Apple's new educational iPad... it's got a pencil! Intel's VR-ready SuperNUC for gamers... we've got benchmarks. Crucial's SSD Bargain, Microsoft's Denali, and some stupid fast memory. Hosts: Patrick Norton and Allyn Malventano Download or subscribe to this show at ...…
The new Dell XPS 13 9370... we've got reviews! Apple's new educational iPad... it's got a pencil! Intel's VR-ready SuperNUC for gamers... we've got benchmarks. Crucial's SSD Bargain, Microsoft's Denali, and some stupid fast memory. Hosts: Patrick Norton and Allyn Malventano Download or subscribe to this show at ...…
On today’s Jedi Council (March 29th, 2018), Kristian Harloff, Ken Napzok and Van William discuss the following: Star Wars Movie News Mark Hamill revealed Lucas’s possible ending for Episode IX ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ behind the scenes production drama revealed Admiral Holdo was Force sensitive??? ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ will be released a d ...…
On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Thursday, March 29th, 2018) Mark Ellis, Jenna Busch, Joelle Monique, John Rocha discuss the following: 1) ‘Narcos’ Star Pedro Pascal Lands Key Role in ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel 2) Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over This Disney/Pixar March Madness Bracket 3) Damon Lindelof, Jason Blum Developing Thriller ‘The Hu ...…
With Francine StockSteven Spielberg on Virtual Reality and his latest film Ready Player One Dan Tucker Curator Alternate Realities, Sheffield International Documentaries Festival considers the realities for VR, cinema and film directors.Actor/writer/director Julie Delpy explains why she's never lost an argument with her husband, and how that in ...…
In today’s episode we are joined in studio by Catherine Robinson, Audio Supervisor at BBC Wales. Catherine has worked in radio sound for the BBC since 2001. Her specialism is sound design for radio drama, binaural audio and 3D sound for 360 video and VR. Catherine created the sound design and binaural mix for Ring, a horror radio drama for Radi ...…
Introducing Strike a Chord, a podcast by Unstoppable Force about the Music scene. This episode we ramble about how LA may or may not suck, Crossover Doom, going fast, Battle of the Bands, the most metal little kid, and our VR life changing experience. Unstoppable Force - Orchestral Ace of Spades - ...…
Read more! Click the link to sign up for Blinkist and get 20% off today My Second Channel - Is the March For Our Lives a youth movement? Well according to the Washington Post it is not. A New survey shows that most of the attendees were around 49 years old and female, the same ...…
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