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Best WBHM DB Birmingham podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best WBHM DB Birmingham podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Paranormal experiences, investigation techniques & favorite locations shared by our guests to help entertain & educate our listening audiences! We include spiritual paranormal as well as ufology, cryptozoology & all other anomalous fields in our coverage.
Live interviews from the Haunted Old Paulding Jail with owner Shelly Burke Robertson & members of her paranormal team 187 P.I.
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Rick McCallum joins Kat tonight for a fun episode of Paranormal Experienced. He has decided that he wants to turn the table on her & do the interviewing.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A great discussion with the best parapsyological & noetic science partner on the planet! Frank Lee is a brilliant investigator, researcher, analyst, & protocol developer. This discussion will be GREATBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of this popular episode. Some interesting stuff Shelly brings to the table!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of Kat's converstion with Ginette Lucas, a very interesting & diverse psychicBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Gregg TJ Justice is Owner & Events Manager of Paranormal Adventures Events Management. The guests he brings in as lead investigaors are great & his events are showing up at some of the best paranormal locations in the country. His following is growing & he has himself been featured on the Travel Channel. He is absolutely rocking the field!…
Kat Hobson, co-founder of American Noetic Sciences Research Studies ANSRS, owner of WBHM-DB Paranormal Experienced Radio, the Voice of Fate Magazine, host & owner of Paranormal Experienced with Kat Hobson, paranormal researcher with Central Alabama Society of Paranormal Investigations & Research, joins Shelly tonight as they discuss haunted locatio…
Fringe & fortean researcher as well as host of This Uncanny Earth Robert Solomon Joins Kat for a fascinating discussion tonight. You just never know where their conversation is going to flow!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Join Shelly Robertson as she discusses our brains on a quantum level in relationship to the paranormal, kenetic energy and how it may possibly relate to the paranormal. She will be sharing a theory she has relating to paranormal activity.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A great discussion with Jeff Konkel, a brilliant paranormal technology designer who is finding ways to utilize robotics in his work. I love that! We've all been in locations where safety of floors could be an issue. This new technology allows access to investigate practically everywhere!.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A re-broadcast of Shelly & Kristin's wonderful show on Haunted Woods & Forests!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
I so enjoyed this conversation with Nick! Since I can't talk tonight I'm going to listen along with too!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Join Ghost Talk Radio Host Shelly Robertson & her Co-Host Kristin Boyd as they discuss a few of the many haunted woods and forests here in the USA. Take that dark, lonely walk through some of the most paranormally active forests and experience the hauntings as shared by them.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Scott Gruenwald of the STU, Paranormal Paparrazzi, Paranormal Challenge joins Kat for a great discussion about his work, his experiences in the field, his fabulous humor & his plans for the future. He is so funny & just brilliant in his work, this is going to rock!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Join Host Shelly Robertson as she tells some fantastic tales of Halloween Hauntings and History.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Barry Gaunt, KY MUFON State Director, Managing Director of NightStalkers Paranormal, co-host of Into the Fire Radio, full-time volunteer & Director of the beautiful & haunted Octagon Hall Museum joins Kat to discuss ALL these things!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Christopher DiCesare, the Ghost Boy of Geneseo, survived an extreme haunting in his dorm room C2D1 at SUNY Geneseo. He was fortunate enough to have a support system of family & friends who were able to help him through it. Chris joins Kat tonight to share his experience & what he gained from it.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Kat Hobson, paranormal researcher, owner of WBHM-DB, host of Paranormal Experienced with Kat Hobson & the Voice of FATE Magazine on FATE Mag Radio, joins Shelly to discuss questions & answers, paranormal thoughts & ponderings.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Steve DiSchiavi of The Dead Files on the Travel Channel joins Kat tonight to discuss how he traveled through his life from Marine to NYPD Homcide detective to television personality. It's been quite the journey! I love that through his current work he is still helping people.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of the wonderful Haunted Cemeteries episode from July 23, 2019.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
David Glidden has been researching in the paranormal field wtih his team Four State Paranormal for over a decade. His passion crossed with his interest in filming when he started the web series "Haunting History", now in it's 5th season. in 2017 he branched out further by creating his documentary film Into the Light: An Exploration of the Spook Lig…
The rebroadcast of the fabulous Witches, Hauntings & Legends episodeBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
The rebroadcast of the Witches- Facts Legends & HauntingsBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A Rebroadcast of the fabulous Hauntings from Around the WorldBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Shelly Burke Robertson shares the realities of Paranormal Activity VS Mental IllnessBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Josh Heard, owner of Malvern Manor, Author of A Brush With Evil as well as the maker of the film trilogy A Brush with Evil 1, 2 & 3, Patience, The Spirits of Malvern, Into the Light, Interconnected & the two Spook Light films. He is just wonderfully creative & a brilliant filmmaker.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Ronnie Dee, owner of Old South Pittsburg Hospital, joins Kat to discuss ongoing updates & changes at his haunted location & the upcoming Full Moon/Friday the 13th Public Investigation & LIVE Broadcast this Friday night!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Join Ghost Talk Radio host Shelly Robertson as she discusses a recent trip to Ottawa, Canada along with some interesting hauntings abroad!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Joe Hawk is an outstanding investigator, Founder of the East Coast Para Con, a former K9-Officer, a Mason, co-host of Paranormal Science & an all around excellent person. I enjoy getting a chance to see him when I can & am looking forward to a great conversation with him this evening!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of the fantastic Haunted Hospitals & Asylums show Shelly & Kristin created last week.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Jordon Jones is a serious paranormal investigator. He is the Co-Founder, Case Manager & Lead Researcher for Oculus Paranormal Team. I can't wait to hear about his research, locations he's visited & the experiences he's had!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Join Host Shelly Robertson with Co-Host Kristen Boyd as they bring you to some amazing haunted hospitals and asylums LIVE from the Haunted Old Paulding Jail!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Tim Woolworth, CEO & founder of Paranormal Study, ITC Voices, Paranormal Researcher, Writer & Public Speaker joins Kat to discuss his research, his work & theories he has developed after working most of his life researching these fields.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of the 8.2.19 episode of Ghost Talk Radio covering the Most Haunted Places in America. It's briliant.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Bloody Mary, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, owner of the Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum and Bloody Mary's tours, author of Hauntings, Horrors & Dancing with the Dead joins Kat for a fascinating discussion.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Join Shelly Burk Robertson, founder of 187 P.I. & owner of the Old Paulding Jail as she brings information on the Most Haunted Places in America.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A recap of the highlights of the 2019 Gettysburg Battlefield Bash!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Sasha Klanott psychic, medium, author, entrepreneur & event coordinator joins Kat for some great discussion!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Kat Hobson, owner of WBHM-DB, the Voice of Fate Mag Radio, host of Paranormal Experienced with Kat Hobson, paranormal researcher & investigator & psychic intuitive joins Shelly for an interesting conversation!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Frank Lee, founder of Central Alabama Sociiety for Paranormal Research (C.A.S.P.I.R.) paranormal researcher/investigator, tech developer & a great source for all things paranormal joins Kat for a great conversation!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A great discussion with Ronnie Dee, owner of Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Research Center about owning one of the premier haunted locations & his experiences there. We will also be addressing para-drama & how to lessen it.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of the interesting information shared 6.21.19 about Haunted Bridges & TunnelsBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
The Gettysburg Battle Field Bash, sponsored by the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, is a fundraiser for the Pennsylvia Wounded Warriors, Inc. Pam & Steve Barry with a host of volunteers do a fabulous job of bringing great vendors, lecturers & fun to a wonderful event. I'm looking forward to enjoying this year's as well!…
Shelly & Kristen bring us some great new information about haunted bridges & tunnelsBy WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of the Nick Redfern interview from 11.14.18By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
A rebroadcast of the brilliant show from 6.7.19 Hauntings from Around the World.By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Dennis Stone, owner of America's Stonehenge, joins Kat for a great discussion of this prehistoric site. This is going to be an amazing show!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
Join Ghost Talk Radio host SHelly Robertson as she brings you Haunting Tales from Around the World! Travel to some of hte most haunted places without ever leaving your chair!By WBHM-DB Birmingham, AL
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