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A diverse Doctor Who podcast with a unique take from three friends who love all things Whovian
Come listen to a group of Doctor Who fans that range from recent enthusiast to long time followers . We brake down and analyze the most recent episodes trying to figure what could be happening in the future as well as explain the references to the past. Join us in the fun that is Doctor Who.
This is a radio show broadcasted via Nerve Radio from the Bournemouth University Whovian Committee, where we discuss all things 'Doctor Who'.
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A man by the name of Lazarus has decided to change what it means to be mortal. On the brink of death he figures out how to rejuvenate himself some seventy odd years (Oh Lazarus! Ha ha! I see what you did there). Unfortunately he also becomes part giant fleshy scorpion with a (sorta) Lazarus like face. Join us as we discuss The Lazarus Experiment.…
It’s another episode in New York! It’s another episode with pig aliens! It’s another episode with Daleks! Are you as tired of the Daleks as we are? Do you think we’re crazy for being tired of the Daleks? Come here us rant about them, while also giving them a fair shake, and then give us your input.
Welcome back to New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York in the year 5000000053. Turns out that the entire planet was ravaged by the plague and now the only people left are the people on the Motorway who have been stuck in a 24-year traffic jam.
First space zombies, ghosts, werewolves, gargoyles, vampires and now witches. It’s kinda ridiculous at this point. At any rate space monsters or not, tune in to hear clean laughs and more.
New companion! New aliens! New series! Join us as we crack open a brand new Doctor Who and discuss Series 3, Episode 1: Smith & Jones.
Christmas time is here, and brides are impossibly appearing in TARDIS’. Wait, what? And guess what they also had to bring the return of an old enemy of the Doctor who is supposed to be dead so obviously, there are millions. But that won’t stop us from recording.
This week we're not talking about Doctor Who. This is the third wibbly wobbly and we're discussing the Back to the Future trilogy. Yes, the whole trilogy which means you have some serious homework. See you when you're done.
Today we talk about... well the entire series so far. This episode is full of favorites (and other superlatives) with a few theories as bonus.
When worlds collide (Literally) the Doctor finds himself protecting Earth from two of his biggest enemies. Daleks and Cybermen fighting in the ultimate battle with no limits. So listen in to this episode to see what’s happening in the world today (and in other worlds to).
What’s scarier than a demon-voiced boogeyman in your closet? How about a cute little girl who can trap you in her drawings? Oh c’mon, it’ll be fun, she’s just looking for a few billion friends! We discuss this as well as the soon-to-be-revealed fate of Rose Tyler.
A forest springs up overnight and the rest of the episode makes about as much sense. Enough said (except not really because there's a whole podcast about it).
Love and monsters. Boy doesn’t that sound like an awesome date night horror combination. But maybe not if said monster is absorbing you and stuff. Maybe we should rethink this. And where’s the Doctor this whole time. Oh well, listen in to find out.
The world is flat: let's round it out by stealing some third dimension! Monsters are coming out of the walls...literally. Can the Doctor grow up in time to stop them? Can the world be saved by a painting? Can anyone think of a better name for the killer graffiti? WHO knows?!
The world is flat: let's round it out by stealing some third dimension! Monsters are coming out of the walls...literally. Can the Doctor grow up in time to stop them? Can the world be saved by a painting? Can anyone think of a better name for the killer graffiti? WHO knows?!
Are you my mummy? Have you ever been coerced by a powerful computer into studying an undead serial killer, and then seen a mummy appear? Sorry: you've got 66 seconds left to live. Thanks a lot, Gus. Shelby and Michael discuss this thrilling murder mystery in space.
The Devil is real(and looking as cliche as ever). There is an impossible planet with a lot of impossible things happening. Quite the episode for philosophical conversations(but there was none). So join us as we discuss the Doctor the Beast and more in this impossible podcast.
What if TV’s actually turned your brain to slush. And took away your face when it did. Poor Gramma. Plus it’s our twentieth episode(not sure if that super important but it feels like an accomplishment). Joins us as we discuss electricity trying to reincarnate really bad looking TVs and more.
We’ve done the impossible, AKA the highly unlikely, and have fallen out the vortex into a empty void, AKA London, England current time. When the Doctor and company find themselves in a parallel universe, they have to figure out how to get back home. Listen in as we talk about this amazing two-parter.…
Is it possible for your great great great great great great grandkids to be as old as you are? I guess so! Join us as we discuss the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode The Children of Time on this special Wibbly Wobbly episode!
Mickey gets to come along. Rose gets to feel like the boss. The Doctor gets to snog with Madame de Pompadour. We get to talk about balls of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff. You get to listen!
Carnivorous alien teachers that sleep at school, actual brain food, and the school exploding - the things kids imagine every day. And now it’s happening for real. Join as we talk about all this and more in episode 16: School Reunion.
All hail the queen Victoria, and that alien werewolf standing next to her. Wait what! When werewolves attack in Scotland 1879 The Doctor must get to the bottom of it. With ninja monks and alien werewolves at every corner you better be watching your back(and your front).
Never trust a cat-nun-nurse (or a talking skin flap for that matter). When the Doctor discovers cats using medicine way ahead of their time, he has to get to the bottom of it. But what does he find? See in this episode of Noobs and the Whovian, where we apparently talk about this sort of thing.
Christmas time is here, and so are the sycorax. And worst all the Doctor is no where to be found(at least not the real one). Can the Doctor save the world in time for Christmas? Find out in this episode of Noobs and the Whovian.
During the break we have decided to keep you enterained anyways. So go watch Meet the Robinsons and join us as we talk about what they got right and wrong about time travel.
This is it guys! The end of season one. But we still got one more episode full of all our favorites(and other superlitives). So stayed tuned for this final episode and season two will be out befor eyou know it.
The Big Bad Wolf is finally here! What is it? WHO is it? Will it be worth the wait? Who's way is parting? All these answered, and more on the Noobs and the Whovians!
The Slitheen are back(or should I say a Slitheen) and still up to no good. Join us in this episode as we (attempt) to talk about this epic as ever show.
Check out this thrilling two-parter asking a very important question: "Are you my mummy?" Join us as we talk about this and more today on the Noobs and the Whovian!
When you change anything you change everything. That is in time travel and specifically this episode. When it comes to the Doctor, one tiny change one single slipup, one stupid ape, could be the difference between life & death (for you and many others). Be sure you listen to this cause it's a good one and has some deep stuff (and some things th ...…
The world's greatest broadcasting satellite happens to also hold its greatest nightmare: an alien who (obviously) is trying to take over the world. Stay tuned to this episode where we talk about all the things and more. So buckle up cause we're in for the long game.
Michael and Shelby discuss the 2017 Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time
Michael and Shelby discuss the implications of the next Doctor being the first female Doctor.
"We meet again Dalek" and it's not gonna be pretty. The Doctor certainly didn't know his greatest enemy had been hiding under a rock for a few years. Listen in as we discuss the ups and downs of this episode (but mostly the downs).
The Aliens are here and they want to start a war. In this episode we dicuss the arrival of Aliens. So you'd better break out your tinfoil hats and hide in your bomb shelters because the end is near (or possibly here)!
It's the closest we'll get to a Christmas episode with the Ninth Doctor as he and Rose meet up with Charles Dickens. Is this adventure the inspiration for A Christmas Carol, or just a coincidence?Check us out on and Email us at…
Rose goes on her first official adventure with the Doctor. What better place to start than The End!Check us out on and Email us at
It's our first episode! This week, we meet the Ninth Doctor and his newest companion, Rose.Check us out on and Email us at
A Whovian Dad and his two noob sons set out on an adventure through space and time... and tv... and stuff. But who are these guys? Listen in to see who we are and what this is all about.Check us out on and Email us at Shout out to the amazing podcast, The Al ...…
All three of us share our takes on the Series 10 finale. Will the Doctor save Bill? Will the Master save herself? Will Nardole kick butt? Will Jeremy stay on topic? WHO knows?
A spaceship stretched across timezones. A master of disguise. An emergence of a new species. This episode has it all. Jeremy returns for a rousing remembrance of the penultimate Series 10 episode. Two masters, too many cybermen and not enough Bill.
Will Shelby and Michael be eaten by darkness? Will the Picts and Romans ever get along? Will we ever run out of questions? We explore The Eaters of Light and all of its gems.
No more hissing, but plenty of redcoats. Jewels are being confiscated, Queens are saved and revived, all hell breaks loose! Will Friday ever come?! We take a look at this Mark Gatiss penned tale and figure out whether or not we care about the story. Of course we do, otherwise we wouldn't be podcasting! Hope you enjoy, and let us know what you t ...…
The monks are occupying Earth and the Doctor appears to be helping them subdue humanity. Michael, Shelby and (the other) Jeremy discuss the third episode of the monk trilogy.
A 5000 year old pyramid appears overnight. The monks announce the imminent end of the world and offer to help for an unknown price.
Michael and Shelby discuss the best Doctor Who story that never happened. Enjoy!
Relax or die. The murderous spacesuits are necessary for survival when the Doctor, Bill and Nardole respond to a distress call from a ship whose crew is turning into zombies. Will the Doctor find his way? Will Bill survive the story? Will Michael ever get the opening right? Find out on this episode of The Whovian Review!…
Knock knock. Who's there? The Doctor. Doctor Who? Exactly. Michael and Shelby discuss the bugs and creepy landlord that haunt Bill's new house and fast disappearing roommates.
Before we fall through the ice and forget our own names we must get this review out (before the knocking comes and haunts our souls). This review explores the themes and fish of the Series 10 story Thin Ice. Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie are dressed for success, and so will this podcast be if we get it out in time.…
Robots bent on global happiness: it can only end in tears. The Doctor and Bill visit a city ruled by emoji-bots who kill those "infected" by grief and sadness
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