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The United States will no longer play global policeman, and no one else wants the job. This is not a G-7 or a G-20 world. Welcome to the GZERO, a world made volatile by an intensifying international battle for power and influence. Every week on this podcast, Ian Bremmer will interview the world leaders and the thought leaders shaping our GZERO World.
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By the end of this episode, you're going to feel 10% less crazy about the world. Ian makes his case and then sits down with a man who's worked everywhere from Moscow to Mumbai, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Tom Pickering.
Mexico's new president is having a moment. Since his election last year, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO for short, has enjoyed sky-high approval ratings. But can he deliver on his lofty promises? And how will he handle his neighbor to the north? Ian will dig into it and then talk to Mexico's former Foreign Minister, Jorge Castañeda.…
The war in Afghanistan has gone on so long that people born after 9/11 can now enlist. So how do we get out? Ian digs into it and then talks to someone who knows the country better than most: Retired General Stanley McChrystal, who once commanded all NATO forces in Afghanistan.
The development of 5G, or 5th generation mobile networks, is such a big deal that it's been compared to the invention of electricity. There's only one problem: China's cornering the market. Ian explains and then digs in deeper with Keyu Jin, China expert at the London School of Economics.
The global order is fraying...and it's not entirely Trump's doing. In this week's episode Ian charts the unraveling of key global alliances and sits down with Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations.
In a special edition of GZERO World, we offer a ground view of Caracas to explain the crisis engulfing Venezuela. Then Ian speaks to a man born just over the border in Colombia, Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Moreno.
President Trump used to love a man in uniform but these days he's soured on his generals. This week, Ian looks at how the President's cooling relationship with his top brass has affected U.S. foreign policy and then he'll talk to Michèle Flournoy, who was the highest-ranking woman at the Pentagon.
Across the world, but especially in the Middle East, young people are using technology to connect like never before. Ian will get into it and then sit down with Emirati Youth Minister Shamma Al Mazrui, who became the world's youngest government official when she assumed office at the age of twenty-two.…
Soon Ukrainians will head to the polls to a pick a president. And Putin is paying attention. Ian will dig into it and then dig a whole lot deeper with former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul. And of course, we've got your Puppet Regime.
What's the biggest geopolitical risk in 2019? Ian breaks it down and then talks with Woodrow Wilson Center director Jane Harman about national security, women in congress, and that old dream of bipartisanship.
This week Ian takes a close look at today's polarized political environment and asks a simple question: who is to blame? Republicans? Democrats? The media? Then he sits down with former CNN bureau chief Frank Sesno, a media veteran himself.
This week Ian talks trade wars and TPP. Then he sits down with U.S. Senator Chris Coons to discuss the politics of instability around the world and in Washington, DC.
In April 2016 nearly 200 countries including the US and China signed the Paris Climate Accord. But that was then. Trump came to office and backed out of the deal. Now other countries are starting to follow his lead. Ian will break it all down and sit down New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin, who knows a thing or two about the business co ...…
This week it’s all about J-O-B-S and how automation (yes, robots…kind of) is changing the future of work in America. Then I’ll chat with a man from the heart of America’s rust belt: Governor John Kasich. And of course, i’ve got your Puppet Regime.
Ian talks with Sigmar Gabriel, formerly Germany’s Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor and currently an outspoken member of the Bundestag. That’s like the U.S. House of Representatives with a two-beer minimum. And of course, we’ve got your Puppet Regime.
Ian talks with Sigmar Gabriel, formerly Germany’s Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor and currently an outspoken member of the Bundestag. That’s like the U.S. House of Representatives with a two-beer minimum. And of course, we’ve got your Puppet Regime.
This week Ian talks to Joaquin Castro, U.S. Congressman from Texas, to find out what will happen in the days and months after millions of Americans head to the polls to vote in Tuesday's midterms elections.
What happens if there are no consequences for murder? Does it make it easier for it to happen again? The killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi consulate in Turkey may put those questions to the test. Ian examines them with a man who came to know Khashoggi personally over the past 15 years: Two-time Pulitzer prize winner Nicholas Kris ...…
The U.S.-Europe divide is deepening and institutions are crumbling. Today we dive in deep with EU Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager.
Civil war has raged in Syria and Yemen for years. Ian talks with journalist Jane Ferguson in depth.
Are the U.S. and North Korea moving toward conflict or a lasting peace? This week Ian Bremmer talks to Professor Victor Cha, the man who was nearly U.S. ambassador to South Korea, until the White House thought otherwise.
Ian talks with comedian and New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz about how he views satire in the age of Trump, and why it's never been harder, or more important, to get it right.
Georgetown University's Melanne Verveer talks about how global leadership for women is changing in a #MeToo era.
Ian sits down with The New Yorker's Adam Davidson, who follows the money around President Trump and tries to separate fact from fiction.
This week Ian talks all things China with Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
This week with Jigsaw CEO Jared Cohen:"The first attack on any society is going to be an attack on the conversation."
Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Victoria Nuland talks with Ian about why Europe must lead where Trump will not.
Ian brightens things up by talking cyber warfare with Pulitzer prize winner David Sanger.
Ian dives into the swamp to talk geopolitics with Senator Marco Rubio.
Ian travels to Rome, Italy to understand both sides of a truly dysfunctional political system. He sits down with former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (who resigned after holding a failed constitutional referendum in 2016) and Beppe Grillo, founder of the populist upstart Five Star movement, which surged to first place in recent elections. Let's g ...…
Welcome to the GZERO, Season 2! Ian goes around the world (geopolitically speaking) with U.S. Senator (R-KY) Rand Paul and he previews Monday’s remarkable little summit in Helsinki between The Donald and Vlad.
How does a democracy die? In stops and starts – says our guest this week – and usually, from within. Steve Levitsky is a professor of politics at Harvard and the co-author of the recent bestseller How Democracies Die. Drawing from history and present day (think: Venezuela), Levitsky makes a compelling case for precisely how an autocrat could br ...…
It was the best of times for US-North Korean relations. It was the worst of times for the US relations with its G7 allies. The average geopolitical observer would be forgiven for feeling more than a little bit of geopolitical jetlag. Or whiplash. Plus a fascinating conversation with WIRED editor-in-chief Nick Thompson about Mark Zuckerberg’s ne ...…
Trump. Brexit. 5Star. Marine Le Pen. Something, to coin a phrase, is happening here. But what’s not happening, says Princeton Professor and populism scholar Jan Muller, is the will of “the People.” Unless we’re talking swamp people…
This week Ian interviews Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel and the most highly decorated soldier in the country’s history. Given the news out of that part of the Middle East this week, his timing could not be better.
National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg admits that he is not pure (a pure conservative, that is).
In this week's episode, Anthony Scaramucci opens up. Fair warning: he goes Full Mooch.
Trump and Macron. Moon and Kim. Love, it seems, is in the air. Sure is preferable to nuclear fallout. On the show this week we cover these budding romances and sit down with NPR's All Things Considered cohost, and veteran intelligence reporter, Mary Louise Kelly.
Following an overnight round of US-backed airstrikes in Syria earlier this month, President Trump famously declared via tweet fiat, “Mission Accomplished!” Lara Setrakian, who founded the independent news site Syria Deeply, could not agree more…if you’re Bashar al-Assad and his cohort of allies.
Nine out of every ten Venezuelans live in poverty and the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds in the past year alone. This is not what democracy looks like. In this week's show, Venezuela expert Moisés Naím explains how this oil-rich country fell so far and why, as a former government official himself, he takes that personally.…
President Donald J. Trump is on the cusp of waging three wars at once: political, economic, and boots-on-the-ground real. So says Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass in a remarkably chipper interview.
Peter Maurer, the president of the International Committee for the Red Cross personally visits many of the most desperate regions of the world on a regular basis. His job, over the past few years, has not gotten easier.
"If you look at the eve of 9/11, the full membership of al-Qaeda was 400 people. But today the people who adhere to bin Laden-ism, to the ideas of Osama bin Laden, are thousands upon thousands. Some estimates put them at forty to fifty thousand." The New Yorker has described former FBI agent Ali H Soufan as the person who came closer than anyon ...…
Remember when President Trump allegedly referred to many African nations as "shhole countries"? Soon after in Davos, he met with a prominent leader of one of those countries: Rwandan president and head of the African Union, Paul Kagame. In a wide ranging and candid interview, President Kagame recounts that somewhat...sensitive...conversation ...…
The Beach Boys aren't the only ones picking up good vibrations. According to former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, Russian surveillance of his Moscow residence was so intense that officials could eavesdrop on his private conversations by monitoring audio vibrations on windows. And when it came to meddling in his home country's 2016 ...…
The worst time to have a global crisis of diplomacy is during a global crisis of refugees. In today's show, David Miliband, the president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, talks about humanitarian aid in an age of polarization and the countries who are getting it right. P.S. They're not the ones you'd expect.…
What do Mike Pence and Kim Jong-un's sister have in common? They're both trying not to piss off their bosses at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics. On today's show, we get into the #sportsdiplomacy spirit with a podium-topping episode on all things Olympics, featuring Korea expert Sue Mi Terry. Throw in some Russian meddling (note: that's 'meddling, ...…
The night before this episode posted, The New York Times' star White House reporter Maggie Haberman published a bombshell scoop that President Trump wanted to fire Mueller as early as June of last year. On our show today, Haberman talks about Trump's obsession with the Russia probe, the challenges of covering the most unusual White House in mod ...…
"Every decision is made not based on principle or truth, but rather whether or not it is good or bad for Donald Trump." Sometimes getting fired can be a badge of honor. Especially if the Trump Administration is doing the firing. Former US Prosecutor Preet Bharara comes on the show to talk about President Donald J. Trump's combative relationship ...…
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