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A Moment in Transition

A Moment in Transition

Nyota K. Gordon ** NI-yota **

We dig into a plethora of topics like resiliency, leadership, confidence, and healing. Together, we go on an adventure to boldly and gracefully thrive on the other side of our moments in transition. If you want to learn to hone your resiliency skills, head over to short.transition365.com/Library there you will find The Resiliency Lab Resource Guide. Checklist, podcast, events, and our community, all kinds of stuff. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/amomentintransition/support
Podcast about Amateur (Ham) Radio Hosted by Neil Rapp, WB9VPG Twitter: @HamTalkLive Facebook: facebook.com/HamTalkLive Instagram: HamTalkLive Email: contact@hamtalklive.com Web: HamTalkLive.com Call-in Line: (859) 982-7373 Show Schedule: www.hamtalklive.neilrapp.com Thanks to our sponsors: Tower Electronics - www.pl-259.com ICOM America - www.icomamerica.com/amateur
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Frequent contributor to QST and On the Air Magazines John Portune, W6NBC is back to talk about the basics of torroids and baluns. Learn what type of mix to use, size, and where to find a winding calculator to make a balun for your antenna. Links: Toroid winding calculator: https://coil32.net/online-calculators/ferrite-torroid-calculator.html John's…
Mike Banigan, KJ4UDO and Michael Cauley, W4ORL are here from the Orlando HamCation to announce this year's award winners and bring the latest news about HamCation! Congratulations to the winners: Carole Perry Educator of the Year Co-Winners: Ken Lyons, KN4MDJ (WB4SA) & Jim Storms, AB8YK (YDXA) Gordon West Ambassador of the Year: John Bigley, N7UR h…
Salli Rosato K2RYD & Lou Maggio, NO2C are here to talk about the 12 Days of Christmas Special Event. Salli, K2RYD, came up with the idea, and they have operated and managed it together in this the fourth year of the event. Lou and Salli are members of the Great South Bay ARC in Long Island, NY. qrz.com/db/k2ryd…
Tim Duffy, K3LR, the founder and chairman of Contest University is here to give a preview of the 2022 Dayton CTU, talk about the new venue for the event, and other associated events that will all be happening at the new venue for Hamvention 2022. contestuniversity.com constestsupersuite.com contestdinner.com topbanddinner.com…
Mark Smith, N6MTS stops by to talk about a project he's been working on called SOAR. It's an FM satellite operating appliance. We'll talk about what it does, how it works, and how it was developed. Mark's newly formed company, Halibut Electronics, will manufacture SOAR and other products in the future. To find out more about SOAR on video, go to ht…
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