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Best Zimbabwe podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Zimbabwe podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Podcast by Pastors Tom Deuschle & Bonnie Deuschle
Radiant Culture
Every week Radiant Culture seeks to be a voice that speaks into, confronts and influences modern day culture. We ask questions, provide insight and challenge the status quo from a christian perspective. We are young, fresh and exciting, and we will get you thinking about the choices you make in life
2 Broke Twimbos
What do you get when you combine two Zimbabweans with absolutely no financial muscle nor any real life influence? When all they possess is body odour & Twitter accounts? Welcome to 2 Broke Twimbos.
Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4
Insight, wit and analysis as BBC correspondents, journalists and writers take a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. Presented by Kate Adie and Pascale Harter.
Web Crawlers
A body found in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. A UFO sighting in rural Zimbabwe. The mysterious deaths of nine Russian hikers in the Ural Mountains. Internet sleuths Melissa Stetten and Ali Segel will go down every online rabbit hole possible to understand these strange occurrences and uncover new truths. No message board will be left unturned!
Digital Planet
Technological and digital news from around the world.
NPR's top stories about business, money, Wall Street, companies and the economy that you can't miss. Subscribe to the Business Story of the Day RSS feed.
Studio 7 for Zimbabwe provides comprehensive and reliable radio news seven days a week on AM, shortwave and satellite, and the Internet.
WALK The Talk
Walk the talk is an online show which has started off as a podcast and will eventually evolve to video with a YouTube Channel. We will be profiling everyday Zimbabweans from diverse backgrounds who have taken the initiative to better their lives by pursuing their goals, dreams and passions and in the process inspiring all of us. We will cover stories of people and their endeavours in areas that include entrepreneurship and business, entertainment, music & the arts, and sports. Join me on thi ...
In-depth, hard-hitting interviews with newsworthy personalities.
This is a program that airs on www.visionsradio.com every Wednesday 12pm GMT. Its aim is to catch up with Africas influential individuals.
Romeo's Podcast
HOuse Music DJ and Producer
A podcast about nothing
Welcome to the Simon Mugava podcast, How To Become A Millionaire In Zimbabwe.
Ablant Mixes
The home of the best International Pop, Hip Hop, Club, Dance and Electronic music
The Snow Plow Show
Radio Kunakirwa is podcast all about Zimbabwean music. Since 2007, we’ve been giving Zimbabweans all over the world exclusive access to a different dimension of Zim music. We have always believed in the uniqueness of the Zimbabwean sound. When we started, the aim was to create a platform for artists to market themselves beyond Zimbabwe's borders. The diaspora needed a connection to home in that way. A lot has changed since then but we are still serving the Zim music industry and the wider ma ...
All the best from Radio Rhodesia
Media solely focused on the liberation and empowerment of Afrikan people.
So... Chyll & MJ are back with something new and different with that Zimbabwean inclination! Tanga tamborova... So what is the Passport yeGreen podcast about? It's about empowering each other as Zimbos to nemazano especially out here in the diaspora where it can be very tough and challenging! We put issues on anything and everything about being Zimbabwean on the table through an engaging discussion to share knowledge and ideas. Some of these issues may be apparent and obvious to some, but ma ...
Eye on Africa
All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.
This the nonsense we talk when ain't nobody sensible or sober enough around to tell us... PACK IT IN.
A Podcast profiling influential Africans
Podcast yevanhu
Talking everything Zimbabwe, from music to nostalgic sometimes sad stories of back when we were young and knew nothing about the ruthless country we live in. I try to be positive most of the times, okay some of the times, alright alright just a tiny bit.You can find me on twitter : @GreatZimbabwe2
Africa Today
Africa news and analysis from the BBC's Focus on Africa. The Africa Today podcast contains the day's top stories from African news - available to download Monday to Friday from 1630 GMT.
History Time
Travel back in time with me to some of the most fascinating moments in human history. Witness colossal sea battles involving tens of thousands of men, take part in pagan blood rituals in the mysterious forests of Northern Europe and engage in highly orchestrated tribal warfare within Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. All this and more from the comfort of your own living room/bus to work/toilet throne
Biznews Radio
Welcome to BizNews Radio where we interview top thought leaders and businesspeople from South Africa and across the globe.
An in-depth look at an important story affecting the African continent today.
Subtle Beast
Subtle Beast W/ Steve N Foltz Is A Podcast That Covers Several Different Topics That Range From Everyday Things To Out Of This World Topics
Radio-like reports on various facets of transportation, hosted by Bernie Wagenblast. Most reports are interviews with transportation newsmakers with an emphasis on transportation communications.
Money Talks
Dedicated to helping our audience navigate the bumpy economic road ahead. With in-depth reports and analysis, Money Talks makes the news your business.
From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.
The African Tech Roundup podcast delivers independent Africa-focused technology, digital and innovation insight and analysis.The show is produced by broadcaster and entrepreneur, Andile Masuku (www.andilemasuku.com), and co-hosted by marketing maven turned investor and startup founder, Musa Kalenga (www.kalenga.me).
Get Together
A show about the nuts and bolts of community building. Hosted by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh and (occasionally) Kai Elmer Sotto, founders at People & Company and co-authors of "Get Together: How to build a community with your people."Learn more about our community coaching services at peopleand.company or get a copy of our book at gettogetherbook.com 🔥
Techzim Podcast
Discussions about the internet opportunity in Africa, technology and business news in Zimbabwe and Africa.
Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson for an unplanned half hour every Monday and Thursday as they pull on the threads of the universe and revel in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, The Luke and Pete Show is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.
The Institute of Transportation Engineers will bring you conversations with thought leaders in transportation on the future of the industry on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
YALI Network Radio
YALI Network connects the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators, activists, and innovators with resources from the US Government and to one another.
A selection of seminars and special lectures on wide-ranging topics relating to practical ethics. The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics was established in 2002 with the support of the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education of Japan. It is an integral part of the philosophy faculty of Oxford University, one of the great centres of academic excellence in philosophical ethics.
Nick and Conner meet every Friday to discuss their week’s journey in entrepreneurship as well as news from around technology, startup, marketing and personal growth industries.
Podcast on International Development
Latitude Adjustment
A journey around the world through conversation. News reporting is heavily influenced by business & political models that capitalize on narratives of crisis, war, and disaster. As a result we get a distorted view of what life actually looks like for large segments of the planet, as we’re conditioned to accept stereotypes, political narratives, and judgements that have little basis in reality. Through open conversation and personal stories, Latitude Adjustment will highlight places & communit ...
Cyrus Says
Broadcasting twice a week with a rotating panel of guests, Cyrus Says is the definitive show on life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.
FT World Weekly
Each week, we focus on one of the major international stories making headlines, drawing upon the Financial Times's team of foreign correspondents and analysts to make sense of world events. Presented by Gideon Rachman and produced by Hannah Murphy.
Nomwe is the Shona word for number 7. In numerology The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth, mental analysis, alchemy, genius, a keen mind, the inventor, the written word, logic, understanding, knowledge, discernment and discerning, knowledge seeking, learning, and ahead of the times. The Nomwe podcast embeds all these attributes, with your host Reenie Chimangah - a Zimbabwean Creative Consultant, content creator, digital media savant and editor in chief of cutting edg ...
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More than a year after President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government came to power, it's still struggling to bring Zimbabwe back from the brink. And severe droughts have only worsened conditions for the agriculture-based economy. On Wednesday, hundreds of doctors went on strike, demanding higher pay and better facilities. Columbus Mavhunga reports ...…
In today's headlines: SA is staring down a recession, says Bloomberg. South Africa’s economy contracted for a second quarter this year economy hasn’t expanded at more than 2% annually since 2013. SAA is on the brink of collapse. Its bosses are trying to buy more time by asking all the big lenders to help it with a cash crunch, while unions repr ...…
In this podcast, Pastor Tom Deuschle shares a message titled "Willing In The Day Of Power - Doing Mighty Exploits".By Pastors Tom Deuschle & Bonnie Deuschle
In a special edition of HARDtalk, Stephen Sackur is on the road in Zimbabwe to witness the effects of change in Southern Africa’s climate. Zimbabwe in the post-Mugabe era is wrestling with an economic crisis, endemic corruption and widespread poverty, which leaves Zimbabweans extremely vulnerable in the face of prolonged drought. Crops have fai ...…
This episode features, Rachel Nyaradzo Adams, Founder of Narachi Leadership, mentor and Speaker. Rachel Nyaradzo Adams is the founder of Narachi Leadership, a leadership consultancy aimed at developing deep benches of leaders for the African continent. In this work she offers her expertise as a leadership practitioner, ontological coach, mentor ...…
In tonight’s edition: Activists protest outside a UN building in eastern DR Congo. It comes amid intensified militant attacks and growing anger at peacekeepers and authorities for failing to protect locals. Also, over half of Zimbabwe's population faces starvation. According to the UN, continued food insecurity could sow the seeds of civil unre ...…
It’s now two years since Robert Mugabe was pushed out of office by the military and replaced by Emerson Mnangagwa. For many Zimbabweans economic conditions- already dire - have actually got worse. Now to add to their misery, there are water shortages and alarming evidence of the negative effect of climate change. But corruption and mismanagemen ...…
BBC — Opposition leader said the incident was proof the government was scared of the people.By BBC
This week on Cyrus Says, Cyrus is joined by the man who writes the famous Amul hoardings- Manish Jhaveri. He talks about his life in advertising, living with a wife who is a beauty queen & stand up comedian and bonds with Cyrus over their love of Bappi Lahiri. Follow Manish on Instagram at @amulmanish Do send in AMA questions for Cyrus by tweet ...…
When Russian forces took over parts of Ukraine in spring 2014, much of the world held its breath. Would Western countries side with Ukraine, and could the fighting spread further into Eastern Europe? While that kind of escalation did not happen, life in Eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed rebel forces and Ukraine’s army are still facing off, ...…
When Russian forces took over parts of Ukraine in spring 2014, much of the world held its breath. Would Western countries side with Ukraine, and could the fighting spread further into Eastern Europe? While that kind of escalation did not happen, life in Eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed rebel forces and Ukraine’s army are still facing off, ...…
When Russian forces took over parts of Ukraine in spring 2014, much of the world held its breath. Would Western countries side with Ukraine, and could the fighting spread further into Eastern Europe? While that kind of escalation did not happen, life in Eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed rebel forces and Ukraine’s army are still facing off, ...…
In today’s episode some apartment managers get the most exciting days of their careers, dealing with perpetual motion machines, frictionless apartments, non-existent cats, unauthorized urinals, and double beams. This week’s long hiatus is brought to you by Billy S, Delorean J, MistaJohn, ArbitraryAlex, Audi Love. Intro song by Beagle Dude Prank ...…
This week we look into the strenuous relationship between maroja (tenants) and landlords. Personal experiences have made me feel a certain way about the two and I hope you relate with some of these stories. Munya made our lives unbearable 😂. You can find me on twitter : @GreatZimbabwe2
Tonight we take you to Algeria where the country's first ever presidential debate is being overshadowed by hundreds of thousands of protestors demanding the elections be scrapped. We also have the latest on the building collapse in Nairobi that has killed a handful of people, and we meet the nomadic Fulani people whose way of life is being thre ...…
Today we’re talking to Jay Herratti, the Executive Director of TEDx. TEDx began as an experiment. Ten years ago, Chris Anderson, the CEO of TED, made a big decision. He took all the videos from the exclusive, private TED conference and put them up online for free. That decision had huge consequences for TED, and Chris recalls from that moment, ...…
An ad meant to put exercise bikes on Christmas wish lists has sparked a social media backlash. Spin bike and treadmill maker Peloton's latest advertisement has been criticized as sexist and dystopian. Some say twitter users have overreacted, but as Sibel Karkus reports, reactions may not be all that bad.#Peloton #Treadmill #Advertisment…
Malawi is trying to tackle child labor on its tobacco farms after the US imposed an import ban in November. The country's one of the largest producers of the leaf globally... and according to official figures, it accounts for 60 percent of export revenues. Farmers fear the ban could put off other international buyers. As Adesewa Josh reports, i ...…
A debate is currently under way in Hungary over whether to adopt the euro. The head of the central bank says the euro is a strategic mistake. But the finance minister says otherwise. Despite being a member of the European Union, Hungary is yet to join the bloc's exchange mechanism. EU members undergo a two-year transition phase before being eli ...…
France has been brought to a halt by nationwide protests against proposed pension reform. 90-percent of trains have been cancelled, most public transport in Paris is down and hundreds of flights are grounded. Unions have walked out over plans to create a unified pension regime for all retirees. Currently there are 42 different systems. Elena Ca ...…
The UK General Election is fast approaching, top of the agenda are the political parties green ambitions and one particular initiative is garnering a lot of attention, tree planting. The Labour Party has the most ambitious target – a whopping 2 billion trees planted by 2040. How much land would this take, how does it stack up against other part ...…
In a much-anticipated public offering, shares are available in the world's most profitable company. Saudi Aramco's IPO comes as OPEC members meet in Austria to discuss further oil production cuts. They're trying to keep prices stable -- even raise them. But as Reagan Des Vignes reports, Saudi Arabia may be less interested in cutting production, ...…
The U.S. economy is still growing, but trade tensions have taken a toll — especially on factories and farms. The trade war's impact on the overall economy is being debated.By NPR
Eighteen years since the 9/11 attack on the United States, and the impact still reverberates even as memories fade. The US Government responded by adopting a counter-terror strategy embracing ‘enhanced interrogation’, a euphemism for torture. Stephen Sackur interviews Daniel Jones, who led a six year investigation into the CIA’s darkest secrets ...…
Eighteen years since the 9/11 attack on the United States, and the impact still reverberates even as memories fade. The US Government responded by adopting a counter-terror strategy embracing ‘enhanced interrogation’, a euphemism for torture. Stephen Sackur interviews Daniel Jones, who led a six year investigation into the CIA’s darkest secrets ...…
In tonight's edition: Heavy rain in more than half a dozen east African countries has killed at least 265 people in the past two months. With more rain forecast, there are now fears over waterborne diseases and the prospect of hunger as crops are destroyed. Also, a former Nigerian governor and current senator is sentenced to 12 years in jail. H ...…
BBC — The President of France Emmanuel Macron has called for a summit with leaders of west African countries of the Sahel region. The meeting will assess African leaders' support for the French-led anti-terrorism mission Barkhane. We hear what the president of Burkina Faso had to say in regard, and the United Nations International Organisation ...…
A panel of eminent satirists canvasses the comedy fodder offered up in the past year.
"Curbside pickup" is quickly gaining traction in online grocery shopping, and it may be preferable to delivery.By NPR
We have all been told our whole lives that Fluoride is good for our smile & to prevent cavities...What if it was the complete opposite & could be endangering your life & the lives of your loved ones.By Matthew Foltz & Steve Apostolopoulos
Radiant Culture — In this episode we discuss polygamy. Is it biblically approved? Does the fact that God allowed polygamy in the bible necessarily mean he not only condones it but encourages it? Have a listen and join the conversationBy T-Mak & Kuki-Monster
In the last of our much-vaunted, hugely well received Hands Across The Atlantic trilogy, Luke takes Pete through yet more Vermont news, including a story that is so far up Pete's street it might as well invent its own infant chip bowl helmet. Elsewhere, there's news from the World Sauna Championships, Pete tells us all about a £1 a night hotel, ...…
On this week's Cock & Bull the gang of Cyrus, Amit and Abbas are joined by stand up comic Sriraam Padmanabhan. The 4 of them discuss Rahul Bajaj confronting Amit Shah about the atmosphere of fear, the falling GDP and MP Nishikant Dubey's comments, Uddhav Thackeray waving off cases against Aarey activists as he takes the CM's seat, and Trump twe ...…
In tonight's edition: UNICEF issues its largest ever emergency funding appeal. It says it needs $4.2 billion to help close to 60 million children across the globe, including several African nations. Also, the United States is moving toward a normalisation of diplomatic relations with Sudan. For the first time in 23 years, the US will have an am ...…
There's a new culinary trend in Singapore: a one-off, exclusive feast that takes diners on an exotic journey. A burgeoning community of self-proclaimed food geeks, who infuse art, history and music into a unique dining experience, is leading the trend. Sandy Huang reports. #Foodies #Brunch #Singapore…
As global demand grows for natural and organic products … goods containing shea butter have become increasingly popular. It's not only found in food like chocolate, margarine and cooking oil. Shea butter is also used in cosmetics and body treatments because it's a natural moisturizer. As Natasha Hussain reports, Nigeria is cashing in on the b ...…
Europe's environment is at a tipping point. That's according to the region's Environment Agency. It's released a new report that shows the bloc is experiencing higher temperatures and a loss of biodiversity. The organisation predicts the EU will not achieve the climate and energy targets set for next year and 2030, unless urgent action is taken ...…
US President Donald Trump warned the American trade war with China could go beyond the 2020 US presidential election. His comments threw the Dow and Asian stock markets into a tailspin. Reagan Des Vignes reports on why investors are anxious, as Trump seems to be using levies as a weapon against not just US enemies, but allies too. For more, pol ...…
Fellow comrades-in-alms, 2 Broke Twimbos continues its purple vein of form with a brand new episode of the only podcast you can eat without soup, featuring not just the Zimbabwean Instagram comedy sensation Ray Vines, but ALSO, an interview with South African hip-hop star Nasty C. Ray Vines hilariously speaks on his story, and how the now defun ...…
BBC — This year's Komla Dumor debate focuses on the effects that the build up of global carbon emissions in the earth's atmosphere are having on the planet, and how that is affecting every living creature. What should governments do? And what's the role of scientists and civil society in helping people adapting to a changing climate? Leading th ...…
Are the evangelical supporters of Trump hoping he will bring on the apocalypse and with Brexit remaining an ongoing issue, what can we learn from the Irish Civil War of 1922.
In the search for alternatives to coal and gas, some European countries have turned to a very old fuel. They're importing wood from the United States. Some environmentalists say it makes no sense.By NPR
In Gabon, the former chief of staff to President Ali Bongo and two ministers in the energy sector are arrested - we bring you the latest on a crackdown on corruption in the West African country. Also, as the latest UN climate conference kicks off, pressure is increasing on Nigeria to tackle the toxic process of gas flaring in its oil industry – ...…
In 2013, the Australian Government adopted a draconian anti-immigration policy, which involved sending all sea-borne would-be asylum seekers to de-facto detention camps in remote Papua New Guinea and Micronesia. Stephen Sackur interviews one of them. Behrouz Boochani is an Iranian Kurd who has written about his extraordinary six-year experience ...…
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