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The Wantok Program is 30 minutes of news and current affairs broadcast on Radio Australia twice a day Monday to Friday in Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin, Solomon Islands Pijin and Vanuatu Bislama pidgin languages.
ABC News Daily is the podcast that helps you understand the issues affecting your world. Every episode, host Samantha Hawley walks through one story with the help of an ABC colleague or expert in under 15 minutes. When you want coverage you can trust, listen to ABC News Daily.
Earshot is going seasonal, welcome to our first season Promise Me. How easy is it to make a promise? What happens when you don't deliver? In these eight deeply personal stories you'll hear promises made, broken, kept, and stretched. Come ride a rollercoaster of trust, hope, betrayal, love and loss: from the funny to the devastating. Eavesdrop on life as it's lived.


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Making sense of a changing world, Extra with Geraldine Doogue explores the risks and possibilities of big shifts in power, puts events with our neighbourhood and overseas into context and explains how this affects Australia’s place within our wider world.
A weekly conversation about Australian politics guided by you. Every Friday, host David Speers and a rotating cast of ABC journalists from around the country answer listener questions about the week’s major stories, and the things they’ve never quite understood about Australian politics. Join the conversation and send in your questions by email on


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AM is Australia's most informative morning current affairs program. With key political interviews and stories about the Australian way of life, AM sets the agenda for the nation’s daily news and current affairs coverage.
Download This Show is your weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology. From social media to gadgets, streaming services to privacy issues. Each week Marc Fennell and a team of people far smarter than him (his words, not ours) take a fun deep dive into how technology is reshaping our lives.
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The Socceroos have dared to dream, dashing all expectations and defeating Denmark to qualify for the Soccer World Cup's final 16. Former Socceroo Captain Paul Wade joined couldn't contain his excitement at the reality of Australia advancing to the knockout stages.By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Integrity in politics has been in the spotlight again, with the former Prime Minister Scott Morrison censured by the Parliament over his secret ministries, in the same week a national anti-corruption commission was passed. The commission will begin operating next year, but who will be hauled before it first? Today, RN Breakfast host Patricia Karvel…
With sumptuous design and a clever use of modern pop songs, Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge was a tremendous success, consolidating his reputation after Romeo and Juliet.Almost two decades later, the stage musical, based on that film, created its own legend: packing out its Broadway theatre and winning 10 Tony Awards.Justin Levine is the show's music s…
Have you recently seen a photograph of gangrenous toes or perhaps an image of a face with a missing jaw? Or maybe you've seen a dissected lung? You certainly would have if you're a smoker - or if you know a smoker - because they're the very images printed on cigarette packages here in Australia. Tomorrow will mark ten years since Australia became t…
When Cameron Smith joined the LIV golf league in the wake of his British Open victory, many asked if he would alienate golf fans in his home nation. It seems the Queenslander is having no such issue. Smith enjoyed rapturous support as he won the Australian PGA and the indications are he can expect more of the same at the Australian Open. Why is he …
There is a growing firestorm over two ad campaigns by one of the world's most influential fashion brands. Balenciaga is now suing the production company behind one of the ads, featuring a US Supreme Court decision on child pornography, while its BDSM teddy bear ads have been pulled.By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Former Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt says he's "extremely disappointed" to hear the Nationals oppose the Voice to parliament.He says he took a "detailed" report with a model for a Voice to parliament to the former Coalition cabinet, twice.By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The ABC is reporting the government will likely cap wholesale gas prices, demand a guaranteed domestic supply from producers, and enforce a mandatory code of conduct. Minister for Industry and Science says we need to see '"lower" input costs, as the current prices are "unsustainable".By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
As the debate over a Voice to Parliament heats up, Australia hasn't held a referendum for more than 20 years - and one constitutional expert says we're out of the habit.History shows even when we do hold one, it's very rarely approved - so what makes for a successful referendum?By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
In Venezuela, a lack of work, sky-high inflation and crumbling infrastructure has pushed 7 million people to leave the country.But there's faint hope that a deal struck between the country's authoritarian government and opposition party will see billions of dollars released for humanitarian use.By Australian Broadcasting Corporation
In the most significant dissent in decades, protesters are taking to the streets across China to vent their frustrations over COVID-19 lockdowns.They’re not only demanding their freedom back but in some cases in incredibly rare defiance they’re demanding President Xi and the Communist party stand aside.Today, ABC East Asia Correspondent, Bill Birtl…
A leader in the work that led to the detection of gravitational waves, Distinguished Professor Susan Scott is one of the world's leading physicists.A childhood interest in mathematics and gravity has led to remarkable discoveries around black holes and neutron stars.Distinguished Professor Scott has become the first Australian to win the prestigiou…
The Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek says the Federal Government's new attitude towards climate change should prevent UNESCO from formally listing the Great Barrier Reef as 'in danger' next year. She says that if the Great Barrier Reef is listed then that should mean many other world heritage sites should also be given the same classification.…
Have you been thinking about your next holiday but been shocked at the cost of a return flight? Would you ditch air travel for rail travel?Guardian Australia reported that bookings for journeys between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have more than doubled, as travellers are turning to cheaper train travel to reach their destinations.…
Ravaged by injury, full of exciting talent, plagued by ill-discipline, prone to brilliance, unable to string wins together, the Wallabies spring tour showed us a team with many personas. With just six games remaining to the Rugby World Cup in France have we seen an Australian side that can contend or merely pretend? Are they gold or fools gold? We …
Five years on, has the NT royal commission into youth detention achieved what it set out to do? Why do some children commit crime? Research reveals calls for more government support for Indigenous kinship carers in WA. Also, when you are fighting with your neighbour over things like noise, trees or pets, whose side is the law on? In the third part …
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