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Best Acfe podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Acfe podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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ACF Church Sermons
ACF Church Sermon Podcasts
Fraud Talk
Fraud Talk is the ACFE's monthly podcast. In these sessions, we break down case studies, talk with the industry's leading experts and give you more tools to spot, fight and prevent fraud.
ACF Sunday Morning Sermons
ACF is a non-denominational church in Austin, Texas. Will Davis, Jr. is the founding and senior pastor. For more information, please visit www.acfellowship.org
ACFmovie podcast
Podcast by Titus Techera
It's about WooCommerce, and of course, eCommerce. Co-hosts BobWP and Brad Williams talk everything Woo plus other news in eCommerce that might affect your WooCommerce online store.
Auburn Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational campus ministry based in Auburn, AL. ACF is home to college age students at Auburn University. A place to feel welcomed no matter what background, a place to ask questions big or small, a place to get poured into by others and to love one another and share God’s love here in Auburn and around the world.
African History stories are seldom told; in cases where they do get told, it is seldom by Africans themselves. The African Camp Fire Stories’ Podcast is created and narrated by natives of the continent. It is very important for us to note that we are not professional Historians. And we appreciate very much the work that Historians have done in covering the stories that we make use on this podcast. The objective of the podcast is to bring to the fore African history in an engaging, interestin ...
Podcast Reviewing Asian Films, Movie Reviews, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bollywood, South Korea
Every Earthwise programme features a discussion on conservation, environment or peace with justice. The interview might be with a local Cantabrian, with someone in a different part of the country, or a distinguished person from overseas.Broadcast on the first and third Monday evening at 9pm repeated the following Wednesday at 9:30am.The choice of topics varies considerably. Earthwise hopes that people who are especially interested in conservation will also find peace with justice issues inte ...
CVQO Podcasts
CVQO is an education charity, accredited by Edexcel, City & Guilds and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), that provides life-changing opportunities to young people and adult volunteers to improve their prospects in education and work through internationally recognised vocational qualifications. CVQO delivers a range of qualifications and encourages learners from all backgrounds and abilities including those with learning difficulties, special educational needs or physical disa ...
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ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Rev. Brian Cook
Titus & Henry Olsen discuss the angry democracy of our times--very high turnout in elections, parties & politicians that cannot get a hold of their electorates, much less represent them, increasing distrust in elections that seem to not even lead to the formation of stable governments, much less sound policy, & the possible path, by way of cris ...…
Summary of Special Episode IV – How Is History Written, Part 2 We continue to look at the nature of History sources. They say History was written by winners. But does that mean that its incorrect? How can you decide if a history source could be used. We present five points you can use to judge history writings. These points are not the only fac ...…
John Gill, J.D., CFE, ACFE VP-Education, sits down with Art Markman, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas to discuss how and where we all draw our ethical lines.By ACFE
When humans sinned that created division between us and God. This separation required reparation that we couldn’t create apart from Jesus.
In episode 32 of our podcast, we are chatting with Chris Lema as he celebrates his 3-year anniversary at Liquid Web, where he has led his team in building one of the most popular WooCommerce managed-hosting platforms around. Chris Lema and WooCommerce Managed Hosting Chris shares some thoughts and reflections about his last three years of build ...…
ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Rev. Brian Cook
Regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves in, thanking our Father is always an appropriate measure. His body was broken for us and his blood was spilled for us—thank the Lord for the life-giving gift of salvation!
Titus & Scott Beauchamp discuss his new book on his war experience, on becoming a man & a writer, & on what the military taught him about what's wrong with society in an age of individualism & consumership. We talk about community & honor, about the need to make sense of uncertain times & to know on what to rely, as well as the difficulties wit ...…
ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Nick Stumbo
ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Nick Stumbo
SUMMARY of Xenophobia and Hatred Series – Episode 3 – Rome and Carthage For a while now we have been teasing the Rome and Carthage discussion. We have done so in our three articles on Xenophobia (see our website: www.africancampfirestories.com ), and also on Episode 1 of this series. So it is about time that we truly get into the story of Rome ...…
Having a grateful heart can do more than change our mindset, it can improve our health and wellbeing. What steps can we take to become more grateful?
Titus & Oliver Traldi talk about the origins of the Intellectual Dark Web--online culture & wokeness in academia clashing to produce a backlash of academics calling bullishit on Progressive pieties, tactics, & habits.We talk about the attempt to create a new etiquette & ideology for a class that defines itself by TED talks intellectualism--& th ...…
In episode 31 of our podcast, we are chatting with Kathy Darling, a WooCommerce extension developer and a prominent supporter of the WooCommerce Slack channel. Kathy Darling. Building and Maintaining Extensions We start the conversation with a dive into the extensions she has on the WooCommerce Marketplace. Name Your Price Brad asks her more ab ...…
Jeremy Clopton, CFE, CPA, director of Upstream Academy, sat down in our studio to discuss the top five areas where we typically see conflict arise from generational differences in the workplace. But, he didn’t stop there; he shared advice for overcoming these conflicts and how we can move forward in 2020.…
Two stories:The trial and guilty verdict of the King's Bay Plowshares 7 in Georgia+ US Torture, in Camp Bucca and Abu Graib, helped create ISISA discussion on conservation, the environment or peace with justice.
ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Rev. Joshua Talbot
ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Rev. Joshua Talbot
Summary of Cold War Pawns – Episode 13 – Lumumba and Mobutu We continue to discuss The Democratic Republic of the Congo. We talk about the chaos in The DRC. We talk more about Lumumba. We introduce and explain the Evolues. We discuss the problem of tribalism in The DRC. We introduce the Lumumba-Mobutu dynamic. Starring: DRC; Evolues; Kasai; Pat ...…
When we first think of pruning, Christians often think of pain and suffering—is that accurate? How does the vinedresser use pruning and why should we desire it in our lives?
In episode 30 of our podcast, we are chatting with Darren Eithier, Software Engineer at WooCommerce/Automattic about WooCommerce blocks, now and in the near future. WooCommerce Blocks and More Blocks Darren tells us about his involvement with the block team and we look at what was recently released in WooCommerce 3.8. The conversation takes us ...…
Summary of Special Episode III – How Is History Written, Part One “Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters”….these are words are from an African Proverb. This is the first episode on the topic of How Is History Written. This short series will explore the nature of history sources. And various other ...…
In our culture, isolation can be masked as independence and even be seen as a strength, but what does living in authentic community have to offer us that is so important and unique to our journey? Let us uncover the benefits and dissect the examples that scripture has left for us to find.
Titus & Terry Teachout discuss L.A. Confidential, another story about the origins of Los Angeles & the modern America of glamour. We have a reversal of the noir--the femme fatale helps redeem rather than damn protagonists who were corrupt before they came to make a serious moral decision. Curtis Hanson's movie makes for a revision a heroism awa ...…
Queensland has the world's largest coal mine. It's owned by the wealthy Adani family of India.A discussion on conservation, the environment or peace with justice.
ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Rev. Brian Cook
SUMMARY of Xenophobia and Hatred Series – Episode 2 – Rumors of Fear and Mistrust. This episode tackles the issue of rumors in times of crisis. There were a lot of rumors during the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. But there were rumors during the French Revolution as well. There were rumors in Rwanda. Rumors are capable of spreading crisis ...…
God loves to call us to places unknown—places where we have to trust and rely on him. Practically, how can we do this, and what is there to gain from it?
Titus & Steven Fairchild discuss Red, the conclusion of Kieslowski's Colors Trilogy--the movie where the disjunction between what people want out of life & what modern society is arranged for is most shocking. Kieslowski treats his theme, abandonment, through desire this time, its fickleness & the way it is aroused & disappointed by technology.…
Summary of Cold War Pawns - Episode 12 – Enter Lumumba The DRC eventually gains its independence from Belgium, after a superlative resistance. Then…chaos ensures in the country. The Belgian army is left in the DRC, in order to ensure smooth transition to freedom and independence. But then this army begins to do the opposite of what it is meant ...…
Fear is a liar. What does it take to combat it and how can we live in the freedom that God offers?
October 2019 In this episode, asset recovery lawyer Martin Kenney, CFE, shares stories from his decades-long career in finding money lost to fraud and corruption.By ACFE
Tecber Ahmed Saleh from Western Sahara talks about the impact of Phosphate fertiliser exports to New Zealand.A discussion on conservation, the environment or peace with justice.
ACF Church Sermon PodcastsBy Rev. Brian Cook
SUMMARY of Xenophobia and Hatred Series – Episode 1 – Introduction On this episode we introduce the Xenophobia and Hatred series. We provide you with many heart-rending backgrounds/intros - including stories about Greece, Rome, Carthage, and South Africa – and people like Cato, Julius Ceaser, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander The Great, the Persian ...…
Just live a good life, right? After all, we all are just trying our best. What does forgiveness offer and how could it even change us?
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