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Business stories you can tell at work
Business stories you can tell at work
One reluctant guest comes over to the grateful host's apartment, tells a story, and ends up having a really nice time.
Discovering our "Why" through inspiring life anecdotes
Join us in our breakfast nook/recording studio as we meet and have real conversations with real people. We believe that each and every person has a story to tell, a concept to share, or and idea to express. Listen to raw dialog as we get to know a new human being each week.
Tired Nighttime Anecdotes is a podcast, brought to you from the fine stable of talent at Panic Moon Productions. Join married hosts Trayce Zimmerman (@TrixieCanuck) and Adam Canuck Zimmerman (@ItsAdamCanuck) at their dining room table as they talk about such topics as their week, their kids, school supplies, mismatched socks, terrible music, and stepping on Lego.
PG Anecdotes
Join a Latino immigrant and a proud black man on their search for answers, new questions but most importantly THE TRUTH. Influenced by public and private schools in the suburbs of the midwest and the third world experience all the way to living it up downtown Nashville. Higher education is on the horizon. You might agree or disagree, but the entertainment is a guarantee. This is the PG Anecdotes.
Surreal tales through the eyes of an impassive observer.
anecdotal podcast
Hi. I'm Aaron Tsuru and this is my podcast, Anecdotal.I'm a photographer, zinester, writer, videographer, artist, painter, singer, illustrator, momma, father, spouse, cat owner, runner, cyclist, agender genderqueer atheist liberal romantic with vitiligo in New York City. Let's share each other's stories!Love,Aaron Tsuruhttp://tsurufoto.com
Anecdote Podcast
A podcast full of stories you haven't heard before.Subscribe here:
"Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends." The character, sensibilities, and intellectual faculties of animals have always been a favourite study, and they are, perhaps, more strongly developed in the dog than in any other quadruped, from the circumstance of his being the constant companion of man. I am aware how much has been written on this subject, but having accumulated many original and interesting anecdotes of this faithful animal, I have attempted t ...
Our lives as we live and experience them can be thought of as the stories we're writing every day. In his work as a psychiatrist, Daniel Johnson, MD has been deeply moved by the healing stories that have been shared with him over the years. Join him from his home in Asheville, NC where he shares long-form conversatons exploring the interesting and inspiring aspects to life's growth. His guests include practitioners of the healing arts as well as clients and others with compelling healing sto ...
The Known World
This podcast contains the essays of David Alan Grier, which discuss the ideas, the culture, and the stories of the digital age. The podcasts come from the column of the same name in Computer, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society. Copyright 2011, IEEE, Inc. All rights reserved. Some of the music provided is from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at "".
Some things are terrible in the moment, but time can offer a new perspective. In this podcast series, Matthew Onuki Luke recounts various incidents from his life, and finds that, no matter how terrible they might have been, there's always something to laugh at.
Excess Baggage
Travel magazine, featuring travellers' tales, experiences and anecdotes
Hear stories, advice, anecdotes, and more from actors throughout France's startup ecosystem
Beast Fitness Radio is an educational based bodybuilding podcast that heavily emphasizes research and anecdotal evidence as it relates to physique enhancement!
Bringing you the strangest anecdotes, innovative technology, and most significant events of Military History.
In which we speak of our obsessions with film music, including anecdotes, factoids, and personal views on the film music world and industry.
Historical Figures
Big Lives. Little-known Facts. Great, unknown stories hide inside history—every Wednesday, we dig up what you don't know about the icons you do know. Hosts Carter and Vanessa bring history to life, telling unexpected anecdotes, describing the real personalities behind big names, and examining each individual’s lasting impact on the world. A reboot of Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. (iTunes “Best Debuts of 2016”) Historical Figures is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.
A podcast dedicated to collecting the anecdotes of Broadway's greatest legends.
From the Nobel Prize to Making Aircraft from Seaweed, listen to these useful podcasts all about the world of Chemistry. Anecdotes read by Philip Robinson and Samantha Cheung.
A podcast for Dads covering parenting techniques, expert interviews, encouraging commentary, and entertaining anecdotes about the wonderful world of Fatherhood. This podcast is conservative in nature, but we believe there is something here for all Dads. New show goes live every Monday at 12:04 am EST. Special guests include Steven Maxwell, Dr. Meg Meeker, Reverend Tony McGhee and many more. If you are a Dad looking for a leg up in this crazy parenting world, this podcast is for you!
The Music Mentor
The Music Mentor Podcast, hosted by professional musician and educator Demian Arriaga, has the purpose of Motivating, Inspiring, Challenging, and Empowering young musicians, and people from all walks of life, through opinions, anecdotes and interviews.Drummer and Percussionist Demian Arriaga was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He has had the privilege of working with: Iggy Azalea, Gary Cherone, Victoria Justice, Richie Kotzen, The Jonas Brothers, Cobra Starship, Demi Lovato, Streetlig ...
Japon, ethnologie, petites histoires et anecdotes
Lance Armstrong shares his incisive perspective on the 2017 TDF with a new daily podcast, Stages. Co-hosted by longtime Austin radio personality JB Hager, Stages airs about an hour after each stage finish, from July 1-23. The podcast features special guest appearances, insightful course previews and race analysis from Armstrong’s distinct point of view, which takes listeners deep inside the world’s most iconic cycling race. In addition to a daily recap of all the action, Armstrong, who also ...
Appalachian History
Stories, quotes and anecdotes from Appalachia, with an emphasis on the Depression era.
The Intersection
Every fortnight, The Intersection narrates stories that meld culture, science and history in India. Through interviews, anecdotes and original research, Padmaparna Ghosh and Samanth Subramanian bring alive the rich breadth of human imagination and knowledge, making for a riveting listening experience. The incessant punning — well, that's just a bonus.
Join Bill Thompson, III, and Ben Lizdas from Bird Watcher’s Digest for their light-hearted and humorous podcast, Out There With the Birds, where they discuss the latest news, trends, and anecdotes about wild birds and the bird watchers who enjoy them. Listen in to find out just how wonderful and weird the world of birding can be when you’re Out There With the Birds.
GK and F
Behind every face is a story, behind every story is a lesson and underlying each lesson is a way of being that longs to be shared with the world. Join GK and F as they traverse the the paths of the many faces and seek to draw meaning from the words like lesson bounty hunters. Tune in to hear two mates learning on the fly, who love a yarn and hearing of life through the eyes of their guests and 'colourful' friends.
An unholy amalgam of politics, historical anecdotes, cocktail recipes, performances by talented people, and interviews with people who are doing interesting things with their lives.
Ty Talk
Welcome to the official Ty Guys podcast titled Ty Talk. In this podcasts you can expect discussions in current affairs, whether it's gaming, politics, Films or innovative ways to commit suicide. The line up is usually Saul, Ross and Oscar. If you found us even slightly entertaining then we would appreciate a cheeky sub on Youtube, iTunes or even Podomatic.
Ramble On
Ramble On is a podcast of nonsensical proportions, one mans journey of uncertainty and a mass collection of ideas, thoughts and experiences sewn together.
Jazz Inspired
What inspires the people who inspire you? How do creative people create? World-renowned jazz pianist Judy Carmichael explores these questions with her guests every week on her public radio show Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired. Celebrated artists discuss their creative process and how their passion for jazz has inspired their work. They share their favorite recordings with the listener as well as insight into their life and art. Witty, anecdotal, informative, Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired g ...
Steve In The Raw
a solid podcast
By That You Mean
*tearing families apart since 2011
FOX News Chief Legal Correspondent Shannon Bream enters the podcast universe. Hear inspirational stories, personal anecdotes and an insider’s perspective on actions and rulings from the high court.
Stories from General Conference features some of the best anecdotes shared during various General Conference addresses over the past several years, each tied to a specific topic or theme.
From the relative safety of Gonarch's Lair comes a podcast that will take you on a nostalgic, anecdotal, and honest romp through the past, present, and future of video gaming.BYOB.
Ferment About It! (Fuhmentaboudit!), aims to demystify the art of home fermentation with a primary focus on home brewing beer. Chris and Mary take listeners on a journey through fermentation, sharing history, practical methods, recipes and anecdotes from personal experience as well as from those of guest fermenters both amateur and pro.
Wildly Inaccurate
Hosts Geoff Ward and Billy Jaeger wander through conversations about living in New Orleans, film, video games, and anything else that strikes their fancy. They promise to do as little research as possible. Cheers.
The award-winning podcast for learners of Spanish worldwide. "Hi! My name is Karo Martínez. Español Automático is based on my own experience that learning a foreign language is NOT difficult. I speak fluently 4 languages and I want to help anyone who dreams about speaking Spanish to achieve it in a natural, fun, stress-free and automatic way. Learning a foreign language may be a very satisfying experience if you do it the right way. So if you want to switch from learning Spanish to actually ...
Letters from a Brisbane doctor posted to the Western Front from 1914 to December 1915. He tells anecdotes of World War I including stories of "de-lousing" an entire regiment, the precise arrangements of the urine trenches and his eyewitness accounts of the battles of Neuve Chapelle and Ypres and a contemporary comment on the Gallipoli campaign. He describes how the enemy rains shells on the ambulances and the retrievals of the wounded from the trenches at night. This was also a time of great ...
Minority Korner
Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Sounds like you need MINORITY KORNER! Nnekay & James dish out your weekly serving of pop culture, social commentary, nerdy stuff, politics, empowerment, celebrity feuds, zanny anecdotes, mispronunciation of most names, and things they left out of the history books, all from a ...
D'épisode en épisode, Aïcha et Yann apprennent à se connaître en se racontant leurs histoires. Getting To Know You mêle anecdotes subjectives et parenthèses musicales.
Torah Tidbits Audio offers an uplifting discussion of the weekly Torah parsha and Jewish holidays with a smattering of modern hasidic music. Phil's special persona shines through with his personal anecdotes, love of baseball and old-time radio, and a commitment to Israel and Aliyah. It airs every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Israel time.
Join Wa and Foot on their quest to read through all 124 Philip K. Dick short stories. Tangents, foul language, and overly personal anecdotes are expected.
Every #WineWednesday, we bring you a different topic in a show filled with history, fun facts, trivia and anecdotes, all while enjoying wine and cheese. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you.
Appalachian History
Stories, quotes and anecdotes from Appalachia, with an emphasis on the Depression era.
The Jinx Podcast
The Jinx Podcast is the fan-created show dedicated to the hit HBO show "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst." Each episode will feature recaps, analysis, theories, clips, sound bytes, anecdotes and jokes. This is for entertainment purposes only and we do not own any of the footage or audio from the show, nor are we in any way affiliated with HBO.
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Berk Brown has spent decades in the world of poker and seen it from the perspective of a floorperson, a dealer, and a professional player. He’s full of great anecdotes and insights about staking, longevity (of games, rooms, and professional careers), game integrity, and more. You can follow Berk on Twitter @BerkBrown, and you can listen to our ...…
Mai shares encounters with sexism and discrimination through anecdotes of her childhood in Vietnam and her teens in Minnesota.
X-Fest 2018: The Lowdown On March 3rd, X-Philes from across the globe gathered in Illinois to attend the first X-Fest convention hosted by This Con Life, filled with guest stars from the show, panels, screenings and more. In this episode, guest host Matt Latham talks to Paige Schector about her experience attending X-Fest, and Paige regales him ...…
With Mad Moolah co-host Bill Cella it's never business as usual. From Wall Street to Washington and Hollywood, Bill always has plenty to say about the current state of our economy and our nation sprinkled with a dash of personal anecdotes. Disclaimer
What'd you think?? * Thank you! Listen along as Natalie answers some listener questions, shares some fun anecdotes, goes over the weirdest places we've had sex and tells the tale of Two Minute Tyler. The awesome Venus Envy jingle was written and performed by Nalani Proctor Episode 2 is sponsored by the lovelies over at Bleed Geeks, the handmade ...…
We sent Alex off to talk to TMTWNBBFN, what we got in return is 20 minutes of anecdotes, jokes and insider info on the new album.Check out this podcast to hear from the band with a live show so spectacular that Alex said "no one is leaving disappointed"!
Recorded on February 25, 2018 “On Election Day in 2016, Donald Trump carried Ohio by eight percentage points. Our guest today carried the state by twenty-one. Senator of Ohio Rob Portman joins Peter Robinson at a special live taping of Uncommon Knowledge. They discuss the 2018 tax bill, the opioid crisis, the Parkland shootings, North Korea, an ...…
In this week's episode of the Cyclingnews podcast – brought to you in association with Prendas Ciclismo, Pinarello and Floyds of Leadville – we look back at the action from Dwars door Vlaanderen and Gent-Wevelgem, before turning our attention to this weekend's Tour of Flanders. We hear from Peter Sagan, Greg Van Avermaet and Marta Bastianelli o ...…
Noah Efron, Allison Kaplan Sommer, and Don Futterman discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week. Looking for this week's extra segment? It's available on The Curious Case of the Constancy of Bibi Boosters and Believers How and ...…
A heated hypothetical debate about commanding respect and birds, nerdiness abound, Cross Kirkland Corridor on beautiful days, an interesting interview and a new job, dipping into our funny anecdote coffers, a visit from shitty podcast past/present/future. Spoilers: The Sopranos, Seinfeld, God of War 1, Seinfeld again Thanks to Royalty Free Musi ...…
The Triduum is the three days leading up to Easter and it is lit!!! Shannon and Marcia (well, Shannon) break it down and offer some personal anecdotes about these super Holy days!
Do you often find yourself speeding through life, not taking the time to really appreciate what life has to offer? In this episode, Ms. Fabulous Jacque Weiss, an Enrichment Expert, joins me to help you slow down. What she loves to do is discover the magical treasures of life by incorporating creative joy, social artistry and authentic personali ...…
Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show In this show, we will talk about the magnificent diversity of humanity, the joy of human language and probably several other subjects that will bubble up as we get creating! Humor and anecdotes will be included for sure, all supporting our theme of magnificent diversity. It will be a wild ride with lots of ...…
- Behind the scenes look at the games including medal winners, controversies, gossip, etc. - Covering hockey; the women's national team craziness. Mingling the elites of the hockey world. - Medalists and historic achievements outside of the skating events. Skeleton, snowboard, bobsled, etc. - Short track disappointments. 심석희. 황대현. 최민정 mixed res ...…
This week Cj, Nate amd Fabio explore their weeks in detail with a few funny Anecdotes as well as speculation about an iconic rapper that seems to have vanished without a trace. Remember if you enjoy the show please like and share. Every beet helps. Join the discussion on the private facebook group and sypport the show on Pateron. "Now join us i ...…
How long to keep it on / other TQ concerns and myths?I want to alleviate any fears people may have about keeping a TQ on too long.-Transport times in America? At a Level 1 Trauma Center with a surgeon easily within an hour in most places. We aren’t in the Hindu Kush.-NAR’s own guidelines state that there is an extremely low risk of limb damage ...…
I got my start in journalism covering John Bolton when he was the US Ambassador to the United Nations. At the time, I was a reporter for the political monthly The American Prospect. I sometimes quip that I owe my career to Bolton because covering his time at the UN was my entry point into covering the United Nations more broadly. My reporting a ...…
MARCH 27 - LAST DAY TO ENTER THE BIG GOD BOOK GIVEAWAY WITH 24 BOOKS! ENTER HERE: Episode 49 features an interview with Rev. Peter Bush. Peter is serving a one year term as the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. He is the minister at Westwood Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg and the ...…
This week, Malik and Ren discuss lesbian reality show ideas, the gay General who saved America, and who deserved the Allstars crown. (Spoilers: it wasn't Trixie.)------We have podcasts out every second and fourth Tuesday of the month on SoundCloud and iTunes Podcasts. We speak on queer media, literature, and any other stuff that affects the com ...…
'Guideline number one is if it feels wrong, it is.' Joe Dolcetti Click To Tweet Joe Dolcetti is a futurist and an innovator in the field of human performance with an intimate and innate understanding of human movement and flow. He has a conditioning training, coaching and sport science career that has spanned over 31 years around the globe and ...…
Episode 6: Sno Balls (Theme: Power) We discuss the power dynamics of the sugar baby relationships. Ruby and the Brit have sex on a giant beanbag (crunch, crunch, crunch). Are male and female roles evolving? More sugar daddy anecdotes. Books mentioned: Just F*ck Me! - What Women Want Men to Know About Taking Control in the Bedroom (A Guide for C ...…
We’re talking to ex-Googlers, Konstantin Samoylov and Adam Banks, about their findings from conducting research on voice assistants at Google and their approach to building world-leading UX labs. This episode is a whirlwind of insights, practical advice and engaging anecdotes that cover the width and breadth of user research and user behaviour ...…
Ep 16 Hillary Can't Cheat by Guillermo Sanchez and Phillip Dixon
It has been a wretched week for the American technology industry last week. There is the big story: the double revelation that Cambridge Analytica, ostensibly a voter-profiling company, used data from 49.5 million Facebook accounts without securing users’ permission; and that thousands of third-party developers who once built seemingly innocuou ...…
This industry anecdote from the days of the pulp magazines has a lesson about achieving your sales goals.
Christina Alford had over a decade of nonprofit experience when she came on as senior VP of development at Susan G. Komen. She shares a few of the lessons she’s learned along her journey, including why diversified revenue is key to successfully forecast and innovate, how to prioritize tasks in a resource-constrained environment, anecdotes about ...…
Matt talks about some important tips we can focus on when we are writing persuasive essays, especially for tests or in a classroom setting. He does introduce a few new words/phrases: anecdotal, infrastructure, stay on topic, rack your brain.Direct questions and comments to bitesizedenglish@gmail or on Twitter @bitesizedengpod.…
A Daily Dose of Chassidus with Rabbi Shmuel BraunA strange anecdote the explanation of which teaches us what real growth constitutes.
A wonderful and resounding anecdote on dealing with the naysayers at a very young age. Enjoy.
On this episode of No Coaster Needed, I sat down with my brother, Jarrett McCourt. He is the Principal Tuba at the New World Symphony in Miami, Florida. Jarrett’s playing was recently called “warm, romantic and seamless” by the South Florida Classical Review. He has performed with a number of different high-level ensembles, can be heard on seve ...…
Chefs Like to hang out with other chefs. It’s just the way of the world. When we get together, we just start shooting the shit! Lets chat about where we started, where we came from, and where we are now! How did we get here and what drives a chef to make the move from the kitchen to the screen or to a point of consulting? Based in Connecticut, ...…
Un show qui n’est pas chiant! Introduction sur l’importance du contenu dans une émission de radio! Chronique de SYLVAIN LEMAY avec sa carte blanche et deux anecdotes! (Début: 15:12) Les nouvelles de la semaine avec PS GAUTHIER…parlons tramway à Québec! (Début: 50:19) Chronique de RÉMI REBEL qui en a assez des caves sur les réseaux sociaux! (Déb ...…
Noah Efron, Allison Kaplan Sommer, and Don Futterman discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week. Looking for this week's extra segment? It's available on Surveilling Belligerents Israel’s got a machine-learning AI system for id ...…
A professional comic artist looks through my portfolio, unimpressed. Plus another high school anecdote!
“Time Is (Not) On Your Side” is the 5th episode of The Success Factor: Unconventional Wisdom For Small Business Success!The Success Factor is hosted by author and small business owner himself, Ernane Iung.You can find more show notes and information on the podcast, and book, at Success Factor is intended for those ...…
Published on 10 Jan 2017. Part 2 where host Roman Mars talks to the 99pi producers about their favorite “Mini-Stories.” These are little anecdotes or seeds of a story about design and architecture that can’t quite stretch into a full episode, but we love them … Continue reading →
Stepping into the chair at the barbers' or hairdressers' is trickier than you think. We share our good and bad anecdotes of the ins and outs of a Black hair shop... And Femi has a stalker!Email: unadulteratedpodcast@gmail.comTwitter: unadulterated_podInstagram: unadulterated_pod
Ep 15 Nickelodeon The GOAT by Guillermo Sanchez and Phillip Dixon
After being kicked out from the local public library, vets Dr Lewis Kirkham and Dr Robbie Anderton brave the windy outdoors to discuss anecdotes on what dogs like to eat that they shouldn’t, puppy socialisation, possum identification and cat bite abscesses. We would love to know what you think of the show or ask any questions please find us on ...…
Episode 1: Welcome to The ChiroPractice Pro Podcast In each episode, you’ll find a free resource here. In future episodes we have SOAP note guidelines, example exams, and ways to dominate search results in your area. Look for it in this section in future episodes. Episode 2: SOAP Notes >> Dr. Joshua Eldridge: Welcome to episode one of the Chiro ...…
Tales From the Homestead is a podcast series created and hosted by Björgvin Benediktsson, which takes you behind the scenes of Tallsome Tales, the sixth release from The Carnivaleros. Every episode, we deconstruct a new song before playing it, giving you the inside scoop on every cut off the album. You'll learn about the inspirations behind the ...…
On this episode of No Coaster Needed, I sat down with Maureen Lucas. She is both Past President & CEO of LucasWorks and an Entrepreneur-In-Residence with the University of Windsor’s EPICentre. Maureen has been recognized for many years on the Profit W100 List for Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs and the company she founded, LucasWorks has been ...…
This week, Matt, Eli, Mike and Unoclay talk about games Eli and Matt played at EGLX, some funny moments meeting about meeting each other, and of course debating if Smash for Switch is a port or a new game. This week's GoAT fight is Pokemon Fire Red vs. Red Faction: Guerilla. A speech from the heart, and a rant from... wherever anger comes out o ...…
Hi ass-kickers! Following February’s month-long daily diary episodes, we are back with guest interviews and our regularly scheduled programming. Today, I have an amazing guest with me, Bari Tessler. Bari is a financial therapist and mentor coach. She is also the founder of The Art of Money: a global, year-long money school, which integrates Mon ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Devil Is a Gentleman: Exploring America's Religious FringeAuthor: J.C. HallmanNarrator: Charles CarrollFormat: UnabridgedLength: 13 hrs and 46 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-29-11Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 5 of 5 out of 2 votesGenre ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Kickin' Out the JamsAuthor: Sean ConradNarrator: Sean ConradFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 29 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-24-13Publisher: Black Opal BooksGenres: Bios & Memoirs, Personal MemoirsPublisher's Summary:A record spinner's mem ...…
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