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Antman Verses
Support your scene. That's a phrase that some like to throw around and never deliver on. Anthony "Antman" Shafer has always been one of the few people that takes it to heart. Many would have a hard time remembering a time when Antman wasn't there to lend a hand, give an encouraging word of advice or was there to help share and promote one of Columbus's many local rock bands. After transending life changing injuries, Antman has harnesed that inner fire and has begun working tirelessly to ligh ...
Ant-Man: Meet the Filmmaker
Paul Rudd discusses Ant-Man. The sci-fi action film from Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Scott Lang (Rudd)—a master thief with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength. Scott must embrace his inner hero to help his mentor plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.
It's All Connected
It's All Connected is a podcast that is focused on the Marvel Studios movies and TV shows. Join us weekly as we dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The Swervey Jones Show
The Swervey Jones Show is a little slice of Friday for any day of the week. Hosted by Swervey Jones and now co-hosted by Trey Siwek they try to engage in fun conversation (while having some drinks) about adventures, stories, life and interesting topics. All while entertaining themselves and listeners. Along with them is Krystal with K and a slue of interesting guest. prepare to have fun, laugh, and get a little giggly. This is where grownups get giggly.
Geek Street with Adam & Jake
A podcast with best friends Adam Jeanneret and Jake Williams talk about everything in geek culture. Movies, comics, TV, games
Rising Tide: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast
Welcome to Rising Tide: An Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Podcast. Join Tim K.A Trotter, Adam B, Robert C and occasional guests as we take you in-depth into the show. What do we bring you that the "other" podcasts don't you might ask? Well for one awesomeness. Second, we balance our show with 30minutes of in-depth discussion about the show as it exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and try to keep it that way for those who just want to hear about the show. Then, at the break, we launch Secret Inv ...
Discerning Consciousness' Podcast
Join Antman and his guests as we journey from the shadow lands of conspiracy research towards the expanding light of conscious evolution. We discuss a wide variety of subjects that are pertinent to the 'awakening' process currently unfolding on planet earth.This includes an eclectic mix of psychology, philosophy, science, history, religion, politics, culture, spirituality and esotericism. Testimonials:Hey Ant! I absolutely love your podcast with Mike. The way you and Mike converse with one a ...
Geeking Off Podcast
It's one thing to love Geekery, it's another thing to know why. We cover geeky subjects from Ant Man to Zod.
Aesop's Fables: A New Revised Edition by AESOP
Remember the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper? the Fox and the Sour Grapes? The Boy who Cried Wolf? These wonderful tales and hundreds more have been passed down to us over the centuries. The man credited with writing them, Aesop, was an Ancient Greek slave born about 620 B.C. Aesop is known as a fabulist or story teller credited with a number of fables shining glaringly true light on our human foibles now collectively known as Aesop's Fables. Although no writings by him survive, numerou ...
Faust II by GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von
Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend; a highly successful scholar, but also dissatisfied with his life, and so makes a deal with the devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust is a tragic play in two parts. It is Goethe's most famous work and considered by many to be one of the greatest works of German literature. Rich in classical allusion, in Part Two the romantic story of the first Faust is forgotten, and Fau ...
Let Us Tell It Podcast
Classic Stylez (@ClassicStylez) & Ant The Renaissance Man (@Ant_Nixon)discuss a plethora of topics from Sports, Entertainment to the latest and greatest world events as well as everyday life situations as they see it.
Creeping With Armstrong
Creeping With Armstrong is a podcast by two childhood friends hurtling towards their 40's. With a love of all things geeky from Ant-Man to Zardoz, with many a tangent on the way. Tune in to hear two buddies talk rubbish about the trivial things in life that they love.
THE DJ BE EXPERIENCE DJ BE (Diversifiedsound / ATL House Notes) Home Base: Atlanta, GAStyles: Deep Soulful Afro House + Lounge & Soul.Much can be said of a DJ that plays to win. A DJ, much like a point guard running his team’s offense on the court, brings their A game to any environment, home court advantage or not. This is the playing field for one of Atlanta’s “hardest working house music DJs.” DJ BE, AKA BEasy, electrocutes the atmosphere with pulsating charged particles of electrons and ...
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While Reject Reef takes the week off, engineer Antman joins The Bastards as they talk Tyrese, mental health within black men, getting drunk with your white friends, and E-Hos shares an awkward moment during his younger years. Subscribe now!!Follow The Bastards on IG:@E_Hos@elijah_tell_davis@RejectReef@JSprat1120@ANTMAN2KFollow The Bastards On T ...…
Sojourn Network Podcast
Transcript: My name is John Stark. I'm a pastor of a church called Apostles in New York. We have a church there. I'm married to Jenna. We're gonna celebrate 15 years coming up in a few months. We have four children, and yes we live in Manhattan with four children. And we get a lot of weird looks, but that's okay. People get over it pretty quick ...…
K2Z Word Spew
#K2Z #WordSpew #Marvel #Movies is this weeks #discussion. We talk mostly things from the #year #2017 We talk #Thor #Ragnarok, #CaptainAmerica, #Spider-man, #Avengers, #BlackPanther, and #AntMan to name a few.Standard Survey: Survey: ...…
The strange loop phenomenon occurs whenever by moving upwards or downwards through the levels of some hierarchical system, we unexpectedly find ourselves right back where we started. Godel Escher Bach is one of the most complex books Neil and I have ever read. It will have you thinking about minds, intelligence, AI, and reality in an entirely n ...…
In Da Street Radio
Tracklist: 01. One More Chance (Remix) – The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Faith Evans [0:00] 02. Still Not A Player – Big Pun ft. Joe [3:02] 03. Microphone Fiend – Eric B. & Rakim [7:14] 04. I Got It Made – Special Ed [10:38] 05. Ante Up (Remix) – M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes, Remy Martin & Teflon [13:14] 06. Shook Ones Pt. 2 – Mobb Deep [16:43] 07. Hypnoti ...…
“The master commended the dishonest manager.” What?!? What is Jesus teaching in this unusual story? } Trascript October 28-29, 2017 Pastor Joe Wittwer Jesus on Money #3—Be Shrewd Money Managers Luke 16:1-13 Introduction and offering: ILL: One of my friends recently told me that he bought a scooter that wasn’t running for $100, spent $100 to get ...…
Wake Up Late with Dougie Show
Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show Join Dougie & today's guest, Clayton Fletcher, as the Open the Show disucssing such things as; Dougie welcomes Clayton in from New York City, Dougie has a Facebook Feud defending fellow comic & co-host of the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show, Ciro Dobric. Un-Friending & De-Friending on Facebook, & Some ...…
Sermons – St. Brendan's Anglican Church
Irenaeus and the Gospel Pentecost 18A Rev. Doug Floyd Remember your people Lord! Look with mercy. A cry rises from the land of rebellion. Ephraim and the northern tribes turned away from the Lord after the civil war with Rehoboam. The Kingdom spilt in two: Israel in the North and Judah in the South. Jereboam, king of Israel, built his own templ ...…
In this episode, Travis and Chris conclude their breakdown of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This time they gush over Guardians of the Galaxy's debut into the MCU, try to balance out the pros and cons of Age of Ultron, and get entertained by the "little" surprise hit, Ant-Man. After all that, they give their rankings for their favori ...…
How would you rank Phase 2?SUBSCRIBE for more on YouTube: Also on Vidme: week I ranked the MCU Phase 1, this week time to do The Ranking of the MCU Phase2! Phase 2 is filled with films like Iron Man 3, Avengeres: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: The Dark World, Ant-Man, and Captain ...…
Today we talked about somethings that people would consider questionable. We spoke about stupid media coverage as well as some silly Hollywood secrets. We lastly went through advice for something that thinks their girlfriend is using them for his money.Podcast structure:Intro 0:00News Pitbull Saves the day in Puerto Rico 05:24Meghan Markle appa ...…
Popcorn & Pickles
Today's episode: Links Popcorn & Pickles pages on: Growler Media Facebook Don't forget to Subscribe to Popcorn and Pickles!
Quest Monthly Magazine
Here’s a quote that I really love: “Vulnerability is the core of all emotions and feelings. To feel is to be vulnerable. To believe vulnerability is weakness is to believe that feeling is weakness. To foreclose on our emotional life out of a fear that the costs will be too high is to walk away from the very thing that gives purpose and meaning ...…
(Insert music track # 1 – “Horror Game Menu” by Eric Matyas) Due to mature subject matter, parental discretion is advised… The New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents Hungry Eyes in the Darkness Directed and produced by Asclepius Written by Gabriel Nightshadow with additional writing by Amber Raine and Jakdaw Foxlauden Director of Public Relation ...…
Geek Wolfpack Podcast
It’s Episode 45 (Holy cow, it’s episode 45!) and we’re excited for all of the upcoming movies. In this episode, we talk Blade Runner, Kingsman, Maze Runner, Ant-Man and more. Our sci-fi TV shows are coming back this month. We’re prepping for Halloween. Momma Wolf is all about her writing and sappy Hallmark Channel movies. Thermal Wolf is slayin ...…
Active Travel Adventures : Curated Multi-Day Active Vacation Ideas
Hiking the Active Volcanoes of Nicaragua Think Costa Rica without all the tourists! And forget about Sandinistas – they’ve been gone for decades and today you can have a super cool hiking adventure without the crowds — and it’s significantly cheaper! As Costa Rica’s northern neighbor, you’ll find similar flora and fauna in Nicaragua, and LOTS o ...…
Episode Notes ways to watch Rebels Season 4 Rebels Season 4 schedule Fire JJ Petition Antman Director want original cut of Star Wars Eat Porgs? Warwick davis a Killer Robot? Han goes Spicy? Become a Vader Nation Member Support Rayjays World Podcast by donating to the tip jar: This podcast is powered by ...…
Lord, open my lips. — And my mouth will proclaim your praise. Ant. Let us approach the Lord with praise and thanksgiving. Psalm 24 The Lord’s is the earth and its fullness, the world and all its peoples. It is he who set it on the seas; on the waters he made it firm. Ant. Let us approach the Lord with praise and thanksgiving. Who shall climb th ...…
Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. III: Ordinary: 668 All from the Psalter: Monday, Week I, 716 Liturgy of the Hours Vol. IV: Ordinary: 632 All from the Psalter: Monday, Week I, 680 Christian Prayer (single volume) Ordinary: 694 All from the Psalter: Monday, Week I, 723 Evening Prayer for Monday in Ordinary Time God, come to my assista ...…
Kenobi's Corner
Episode 77:Not Shaken, but stirred. This week we review Kingsman in all it’s not so secrecy. We discuss some girthier DC news and a new series developed by HBO. Also are you ready for all the Star Wars news? Well our cup runneth over. We still have some time as we discuss the latest trailers from comic, video game and a board game from years pa ...…
When we create something more intelligent than we could ever be, what happens after that? We have to teach it.Read more at Big Think here:YouTube: http ...…
In this episode Eric is joined by the man behind The Power Principle, Mr. New Mutant himself, Alan White! In this episode and the episode next week, the two of them will get Eric all caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First up we’re talking about the films Ant Man and Captain America 3: Civil War. As a reminder, we still have our Ama ...…
Free Your FN Mind with Jonesy
Drunk lady swims away with fisherman’s bait in her mouth. Friend airdrops Subway sandwich from a plane to other friend on the farm. Ratpocalypse is real and it’s happening in our nation’s largest cities. Woman on meth calls cops to report her meth is bad. A memorial in Florida for dead Carnies. Island of fire ants floating down a Texas street w ...…
Movie News It opening weekend predictions/Thor trailer comic-con impressions/Black Panther comic-con trailer impressions/Justice League comic-con/ready player one trailer/Spawn remake/Star W trailer impressions/Star Wars Han Solo director change/RIP George A Romero and John Heard/Lion King opening scene news/Hell Boy actor drops out/Neil Armstr ...…
This week, Michelle, Emerald, Joseph and Jasmine cover Antman and The Wasp production, Venom Delay, WestAllen and more Rating: PG13 for Language Warning: Possible Season 4 Flash Spoilers Topics discussed: The Wasp Costume Change Venom Delay Sailormoon Cafe Flash Season 4 plot and West/Allen relationship You can listen to this podcast and more o ...…
Pimz and Whiteshadow001 are joined by Caribou, another TRUsponsored streamer! This week they discuss more AMD, Intel's new processors, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds new items and weather, movies and more! Whiteshadow's's on's links:discord ...…
We are back to our normal weekly podcast schedule. Remember to Email for business or advice!Podcast Run Schedule:Intro 0:00What is the brand? 3:30How was America, Tim? 6:00Current News Hurricanes Harvey & Irma 10:05Website mentioned in show: earth.nullschool.netDestiny 2 18:20Setup is on twitterMovies 27:15Potential joker ...…
Kenobi's Corner
Episode 75:This week we take a break from the big screen and review all things small. Antman and Wasp, CW’s viewers, and of course Star Wars! So, none of that was really that small, but we do cover all the interesting Fall Shows about to drop and some that already have. But first some news we missed from last week and the latest Star Wars buzz. ...…
Track list in order of play=================================Dj DB405​ - All That ft. 1K Phew​ and Parris Jerrell Golden - artist page​ - Dat Bla Bla Selfless music​ - Son of Man ft. Verse and JR RAY G​ - Let it Clap ft. Praize​ Illsamar​ - On My KHAM​ - Incognito Kelvin Cornell​ - Rise Up ft Rare of Breed​ JeVo'n Spokin Jones​ - Listen ft. Just ...…
Marvel Sucks vs. No it doesn't
Big talk about the little guy and some long awaited Marriage advice from bachelors in their mid-twenties.
Watch. Review. Repeat.
Welcome to Watch. Review. Repeat. This is the podcast where two best friends discuss the latest in film and television and then do it all over again the following week! On episode five, Colton and Andrew dissect the IMAX debut of Marvel's latest television offering, Marvel's Inhumans. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:35 - Ed Skrein Exits 'Hellboy' Reboot ...…
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