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Spitfire Radio
Spitfire Radio, promoting powerful preaching from women in Christian ministry. A division of Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries. Featuring the Kingdom Now broadcast with Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino.
Programming sponsored by Apostolic University, including Power For Today with Chancellor Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino, Shadows of Christ, Apostolic University Presents (a broadcast sponsored by Apostolic University featuring discussion, education, and insight into vital spiritual, Scriptural, religious, and philosophical topics for our times), and broadcasting for Apostolic University news and updates.
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March Madness is here, but it's also Women's History Month. Discover who was Perpetua and Felicity? The rebel with a cause Joan of Arc; and who in the world was Apostle Margery Kempe? Come journey with Tabitha Vinson as she interviews Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino, author of Surrounded by So Great Cloud of Witnesses to discover these remarkable wo ...…
Join us tonight as we hear from the anointed Apostle Dr.Lee Ann Marino. Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D. is an apostolic theologian, Bible scholar, women's advocate, cultural analyst, university chancellor, and Apostle in Office for Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries. A graduate of Apostolic University in Philosophy, Theolo ...…
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