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AppleInsider launched in 1997 and quickly grew to become one of the Internet's premier sources of information for all things Apple. Each day you'll find the most in-depth coverage and analysis of the latest Apple rumors and insider news surrounding the company, its partners and adversaries.
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AppleInsider Podcast
Victor and Neil talk about the latest iPhone rumors, ARkit, and more on this week's AppleInsider podcast.
Is password manager 1Password treating its customers unfairly? Are autonomous cars driving us around the bend? And what is this Net Neutrality thing anyway? All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by Michael Hucks f ...…
Neil and Victor talk about the "will-they-won't-they" inconclusive rumors surrounding the rumored new iPhone and Touch ID.
Neil and Victor talk 10 years of iPhone, Qualcomm's patent on an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, and more.
Neil and Victor review the latest Apple hardware, discuss Apple and what it could mean to be at the center of health, and also where Amazon could go based on buying Whole Foods.
This week: More of the powerful new iOS 11 features you’ve never heard of. The talented app which will harnesses the power of Apple’s new augmented reality features Scott Forstall is back, and he’s sharing the bizarre story of how the original iPhone really came to be. Everything you need to know about HEIF, the JPEG-killing format Apple is ado ...…
Victor and Neil discuss some of the things announced at WWDC now that we have our hands on them.
Dan, Victor, and WWDC Scholarship winner Kenny Batista talk about iPad Pro, iOS 11, what you learn at WWDC, and more on this week's AppleInsider podcast
Dan and Victor talk about what to expect at WWDC, Siri, HomeKit, and Swift programming for all ages.
The latest in iPhone 8 rumors, iPad rumors, DJI drones and homekit
Victor goes to Moogfest and interviews people including DJ Lance Rock, Dave Hodder of Focusrite / Novation, Tlacael Esperza of Sunhouse, Jason Salzman of Universal Audio, and Mark Boyd of Audulus, all makers of the tools we use to make music.
Neil and Victor discuss the things that happen on the road to producing an iPhone, the Apple watch losing apps, and USB-C on iPhones.
Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek. Special Guest: Nathan Littel. Show Notes: Govt to introduce legislation for broadband tax [iTnews] Telstra and Optus off the hook as ACCC recommends no change to mobile roaming [ABC News] Victorian government pledges AU$25m for mobile, broadband, Wi- ...…
Dan and Victor speak to a group of Pro Apple users in NYC at Adorama, covering the history of pro hardware, pro software, and what the vision of the future looks like according to Apple.
- Apple Expected to Report Cash Reserves Over $250B - KGI Analyst: >50% Chance of Siri Speaker at WWDC - Survey: Customers Exceedingly Happy with AirPods - Apple Adds Sources to TV App; Apple TV Universal Search - Apple Insider: High Profile Apps Dropping Apple Watch Support - Apple Partners on New Coding App for Kids - Power Mac OS Ken through ...…
Neil and Victor talk about the rumors around 'iPhone 8' wireless charging, HomeKit and a possible Siri-driven Echo competitor, the Apple Watch at 2 and more.
Once upon a time, Apple used to charge for nearly all its software, and especially productivity apps like the iLife and iWork suites. However, back in 2013, Apple made those apps free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device (see “New Free iLife and iWork Apps Share across Devices and Platforms,” 22 October 2013). Now, with no announcemen ...…
Geeks Interrupted: An Australian Tech News Radio Show
Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek. Show Notes: This $400 appliance that squeezes juice out of a bag appears unnecessary [Ars Technica] TPG savaged in $1b sell-off after mobile network plans revealed [The Canberra Times] Volkswagen just got slapped with the largest fine f ...…
Victor and Dan talk about the uncharacteristic rumors moving TouchID to the back of the 'iPhone 8', Mac Pro hardware rumors, the Mac Gamer, Thunderbolt GPUs and more.
En este episodio Flavio y Fede hablan sobre problemas con Touch ID en varios dispositivos, datos interesantes de un representante de Samsung, como bajan los precios de Mac Pro de segunda mano, sorteo de copias de PopClip, no mejora Mapas de Apple, En Tu Mac, En Tu iDispositivo, Programas Recomendados, Twitter y email de Fede y Flavio, Apple rec ...…
- Credit Suisse Ups Apple Target to $170 - Bloomberg’s Gurman Backs Three-iPhone Talk - Report: Apple Adding Second Manufacturer for Apple Watch - Apple Insider Sees Possible iPad Pro Refresh for Mid-May - Apple Makes iWork, GarageBand, and iMovie Free for All - FB Messenger Getting Apple Music Sharing Soon - Pandora Premium (Finally) Launches ...…
Neil and Victor talk about the iPhone, rumors about the placement of its Touch ID, Apple's work on non-invasive glucose measurement, and more on this week's AppleInsider podcast!
Geeks Interrupted: An Australian Tech News Radio Show
Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek. Show Notes: Fake blogger Belle Gibson faces jail if she fails to pay $30k [ABC News] ACCC takes action against Apple over alleged misleading consumer guarantee representations [ACCC] ACCC to monitor Australia’s broadband performance [AC ...…
Mikey and Dan talk about Apple's uncharacteristic pre-announcement of next-year's Mac Pro and branded monitor, MacBook Pro hardware rumors, Imagination Technologies, the new Clips app and more.
Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek. Show Notes: April Fools 2017: All The Online Gags And Pranks [Gizmodo Australia] AFP raid on Conroy’s office was ‘improper interference‘ [ABC News] Virgin Australia to begin inflight wi-fi trial in April [iTnews] World’s biggest solar + ...…
Mikey and Victor talk about the newest iPad, the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, and iOS 10.3 and the end of 32-bit apps.
- Apple Releases iOS 10.3 - Apple Insider: New File System Likely Cause of Long Installs for iOS 10.3 - Apple Releases Updates for Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV - Apple Updates Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for macOS and iOS - Apple Adds iPad Support to TV Remote App Update - JP Morgan Ups Apple Target to $165 - FBR Reiterates $155 Apple Target ...…
Neil and Victor catch up on the latest iPads, iPhone, and Apple acquisitions on this week's AppleInsider podcast.
Victor and Mikey talk about the evidence of new iPads and the rumored event, the concept of removing large numbers of apps from the App Store, and the idea of Swatch making a smart watch.
Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek. Special Guest: Nathan Littel. Show Notes: 2STP Authenticator [Apple App Store] Census chiefs unprepared for website crash, FOI documents show [ABC News] Amazon shares data with Arkansas prosecutor in murder case [The Big Story] Elon Musk: ‘I’ll fix S ...…
Neil and Victor talk about the 'iPhone 8' and delays, healthcare and HealthKit, and mostly-solved vulnerabilities in iOS.
- Rumor, Speculation, and the Anticipated iPad Event - Apple Insider: Not Buying the Speculation it Also Calls Rumor - Munster Muses Over the AR Race - Wikileaks: CIA Tools Target iOS - Wikileaks: CIA Tools Targeting iOS Lost by CIA - Irelands Fourteenth Country with Apple Pay - LG UltraFine 5K Display Ships in 1-2 Business Days in North Americ ...…
Neil and Victor talk about USB-C and iOS devices, iPads as computer replacements, and what the definition of 'Pro' is.
Phil Edwards and Andy Blume are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek. Show Notes: Piracy crackdown: Village Roadshow launches legal action to block 41 websites [Computerworld] Optus switches on 1Gbps ‘4.5G’ network in Sydney [iTnews] Holden prepares to launch connected cars in Australia [iTnews] Major Cloudflare bug leake ...…
Neil and Victor talk 'iPhone 8' rumors, the iPad event coming up, and Airpods vs Powerbeats3
Mikey and Victor talk about an 'iPhone 8' with no home button, Malware on the Mac, fake news in Apple News, and more, on this week's AppleInsider podcast!
Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek. Show Notes: Watch Player [App Store] Faulty batteries cause fire at Samsung factory [SMH] ACCC publishes guidelines on how ISPs should convey broadband speed information [CRN] Demand ‘still not there’ for 1Gbps: NBN Co [iTnews] Australi ...…
Scout Talks about Apple, Android, Home Automation and The Future! 00:00 In this episode, we talk about mobile OS preferences, Home Automation, and how some of these things we rely on came to be.
Neil and Victor talk about the 'iPhone 8', weather apps for Apple Watch, wireless charging, and more.
Neil and Victor talk through Apple's earnings call, Wall Street raising price targets, and what it's like to use HomeKit at Tim Cook's house.
Victor and Mikey talk about what's new in macOS and iOS betas, the rumors surrounding 'iPhone 8' and TouchID, and a series of Qualcomm lawsuits with Apple.
This week Jason makes the case for a new size of iPad Pro and an external Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor. We also discuss Samsung's explanation for the exploding Galaxy Note 7 and Apple's updates to Logic and GarageBand. This episode of Upgrade is sponsored by: Incapsula: Secure and accelerate your website. Upgrade listeners get one month free. ...…
Robots will replace all of us, Harambe is in the news again, and Trevor and Eric agree on a movie. Stories – FARTS & BALANCED Quick headlines: Tom Hardy may want to be the next Bond The Star Wars crawl is now a fashion statement in the form of a scarf Star Trek discovery is delayed as they have cast Spock’s father, no release date announced. Tw ...…
Victor, Dan, and Mikey talk about whether the culture is changing within Apple to one that has more difficulty innovating, and the latest rumors about iPads and Apple Pencil.
Lee and Joe discuss follow-up to last week’s MacBook discussion. Seems Lee was prepared to invest in a 12" MacBook to supplement his iPad Pro and 5K iMac. For the main topic, the guys celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Macworld 2017 Expo iPhone announcement. Good times! Buy gear to support the show (affiliate links) Black earbuds alternativ ...…
Neil and Victor talk about 10 years of iPhone, all the HomeKit things introduced at CES, and what's going on with Apple and transportation.
Neil and Victor discuss some of the best and worst of CES, and why we're talking about products that haven't shipped, and may never ship.
Victor and Dan discuss impressions on the AirPods, iPhone activations in light of the Note 7, and more on this week's AppleInsider Podcast.
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