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Men of Torah
Bella Torah is a Torah submissive fellowship of believers in Messiah Yeshua. Look for our podcast in the iTunes Store.
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Is abortion an issue of choice? Privacy? Morality?By Joseph Squicciarini.
Socialism is the new favorite form of government. Was Jesus a socialist?By Joseph Squicciarini.
Debating the views on feminism. Let's mix it up!By Joseph Squicciarini.
Feminism and TransGender Rights - What is deviant behavior?By Joseph Squicciarini.
Toxic Masculinity: Is it something with which we agree?By Joseph Squicciarini.
Feminism and Patriarchy were discussed, demonstrating the value of women.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Introduction to Defending our Worldview in the Public Square. We review 16 points that make the giving of the Torah unique, and describe our worldview.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Remember the Sabbath, Jerusalem, Baalam, Manna and the power to make wealth.By Joshua Spurlock.
The Golden Calf, the Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, and Amalek.By Joshua Spurlock.
An introduction to the six remembrances, why they are important and how they apply to us today, specifically the Exodus from Egypt.By Joshua Spurlock.
Charity, tzedakah, is like fertilizer to income. Giving builds wealth. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched.By Gregory Bartos.
Humility, then wisdom, then wealth.By Gregory Bartos.
How does G-d bless us with wealth? Through hard work. Does America help?By Gregory Bartos.
Is wealth bad? What's the Jewish perspective? Review from The Jewish Approach to Wealth by Avraham Avi Schwartz.By Gregory Bartos.
Final class! What about the 1290 days? How about the 1335 days? Could a leap year be involved?By Joseph Squicciarini.
Timeline Review Two considering the Tanakh and Apostolic Writings, including the Olivet Discourse and the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls in Revelation.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Timeline Review One considering the Tanakh and Apostolic Writings, including the Olivet Discourse and the Seals and Trumpets in Revelation.By Joseph Squicciarini.
The Trumpets of RevelationBy Scott Martin.
Finished the Seals and examined the Interlude. Why the silence?By Joseph Squicciarini.
We begin the final stretch with the Revelation to John. Tonight we review the Seals.By Scott Martin.
The conclusion of the Olivet Discourse.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Fireworks as we wrestle with the timeline and the introduction to Matthew 24, the Olivet discourse.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Peter's review of our topic to the Gerei Tzadikim.By Scott Martin.
Paul's introduction to our topic to the Thessalonians.By Scott Martin.
What do the Sages of Israel have to say about the coming of Messiah?By Joseph Squicciarini.
Timeline review and Ezekiel, with a third temple.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Our introduction to the Day of the L-rd from Joel.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Scott brings us through Daniel 9 and our introduction to The Gap!By Scott Martin.
Scott brings us through Daniel 7 and our introduction to The Beast!By Scott Martin.
The opening session for our new study. Imminence? Y2K? The basics reviewed.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Last class tying up the hope of believers. To which supper are you invited?By Joshua Spurlock.
Who is the light?By Joshua Spurlock.
A complete summary of our salvation and relationship with the Almighty.By Joshua Spurlock.
Joshua brought us through a great review of the Messiah's work and the Messianic era.By Joshua Spurlock.
The Word of G-d and true sustenance.By Joshua Spurlock.
Our Messiah is not wimpy, but a caring, strong Savior!By Joshua Spurlock.
We have returned from our summer vacation and kicked off the seven part series on the Seven Shabbatot of Consolation.By Joshua Spurlock.
A lovely conclusion and summary to a very long and profitable study.By Joseph Squicciarini.
And that's a wrap. It was tough going through the remaining chapters of Revelation without digging in!'By Joseph Squicciarini.
What a great discussion on 2 John, 3 John and the first three chapters of Revelation.By Joseph Squicciarini.
We covered 2 Peter, Jude and 1 John, finding some great truths!By Joseph Squicciarini.
A nice finish to 2 Timothy.By Joseph Squicciarini.
A nice finish to Hebrews.By Joseph Squicciarini.
Hebrews 9 and 10 explained wonderfully. Nice job by the men!By Joseph Squicciarini.
This was probably my favorite class in this series! We nailed Hebrews 8.By Joseph Squicciarini.
What a great class opening up Hebrews!By Joseph Squicciarini.
We lost the audio from Lesson 52, but tonight's class on 1 Peter was super.'By Joseph Squicciarini.
We dove into the spirits in prison and Messiah's work.By Joseph Squicciarini.
We examine the parallels between 1 Timothy and Titus.By Joseph Squicciarini.
We had a rousing discussion of the opening of 1 Timothy and broached Titus.By Joseph Squicciarini.
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