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Baking With Bertha
Join Bertha Mason as she bakes up treats and shares her bizarre and hilarious stories!
Bene & Berta – As duas velhinhas paupereiras!
Um Podiquésti do peru!
Daily Daf Differently: Masechet Beitza
Join a wonderful group of liberal rabbis and teachers as we take part in the cycle of the Daf Yomi. Each week a different teacher presents short episodes on the daily daf “differently”. Masechet Beitza
F@*k Dick and Bert – A Minnesota Sports Podcast
A Journal Gonzo in Nature
Social Enterprise 101
Social Entrepreneurship is a growing movement in South Africa as a way of connecting business and 'doing good'. Knowledge-sharing about this sector forms part of the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s mandate. This series offers case studies and practical guidelines for social entrepreneurs. This podcast series is developed by the Bertha Centre, a specialised unit at UCT's GSB, and Primedia Broadcasting. For more on the Bertha Centre, visit ...
Stamped-Beatz Podcast
The ultimate hardcore Podcast. Presented by Stamped Beatz. A division of Sector-Beatz. Switzerlands leading label in harderstylez...
Our Little German Cousin by WADE, Mary Hazelton Blanchard
This book is part of the "Our Little Cousin" series, written for North American children to tell them about their 'cousins' from other parts of the world. Embark on a journey to 19th Century Germany with Bertha, Gretchen and Hans. They live in a toy-making village in the Black Forest. Learn about their work and customs; get to know facts and lore, hear about architecture, music and more. ( Claudia Salto)
BLOOD IS RED by Scott Sigler
A collection of eight horror stories created by New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler, author of INFECTED, CONTAGIOUS and ANCESTOR. This eBook-only title features seven tales from Scott's six years of free audiobook podcasts, plus the brand-new novella "Hunter Hunterson & Sons.” Scott still gives away his audio stories -- for free -- every week at Stories in BLOOD IS RED: Number One with a Bullet In the high-stakes world of the National Football League, a wasted d ...
Rilla of Ingleside (version 2) by MONTGOMERY, Lucy Maud
Rilla of Ingleside (1921) is the final book in the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, but was the sixth of the eight "Anne" novels she wrote. This book draws the focus back onto a single character, Anne and Gilbert's youngest daughter Bertha Marilla "Rilla" Blythe. It has a more serious tone, as it takes place during World War I and the three Blythe boys -- Jem, Walter, and Shirley -- along with Rilla's sweetheart Ken Ford, and playmates Jerry Meredith and Carl Meredith -- ...
Lifted Veil (Version 2), The by ELIOT, George
George Eliot’s 1859 novella, The Lifted Veil, departs radically from the grounded realism of her longer and better known works, such as Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda. Its tone calls to mind the works of middlebrow Sensationists, like Wilkie Collins (The Moonstone), and of some of the better known authors of Victorian era horror writings, such as Bram Stoker (Dracula) and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein). Eliot here explores mystical themes, considering the world of phenomena which are felt but n ...
Music and the Church
Join church musicians Sarah Bereza and Crawford Wiley for insight into today's diverse worship landscape, tips for a happier, healthier ministry, and interviews with organists, choir directors, and other worship leaders.
Hello and welcome to GEEKS! Production House TESSELLATE's official entertainment podcast, where every Tuesday we run down the latest movie and game news, look at the box office and future releases, talk over hot topics, play a bizarre quiz, and just hang out.Hosted by Al White, with co-hosts Alexander Chard & Nate Hertz as well as weekly special guests.TESSELLATE is an international film production house based in L.A., London & Tokyo and run by Al White & Tanroh Ishida. We make this podcast ...
Hedda Gabler by IBSEN, Henrik
Hedda Gabler is a play first published in 1890 by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. In it, Hedda Gabler, daughter of an aristocratic General, has just returned from her honeymoon with George Tesman, an aspiring young academic, reliable but not brilliant, who has combined research with their honeymoon. The reappearance of Tesman's academic rival, Eilert Lovborg, throws their lives into disarray. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia by wildemoose) Characters: George Tesman - Read by mb Hedda Tesma ...
Ron Lester
Ron Lester’s loss of 348lbs is BlogTalkRadio’s gain. Since undergoing dramatic duodenal-switch surgery in 2001, the "Varsity Blues" moive star, not only has a buff new bod, but a new lease on life, too. And now he’s bringing his inspirational and funny attitude, along with co-host Scott Berta. A way to listen to not only inspirational conversations with LIVE callers about weight-loss, Troop support, or whatever topics are thrown at this comic duo. But New Music and interviews with bands from ...
Knight of Molokai by BETZ, Eva K.
Hurricane! Volcano eruptions and fire! Leprosy! Nothing deterred Father Damien from doing the work to which he had been called. Outstandingly big and strong as a boy, he was notably kind as a young man. He needed all his strength and kindness when he went to live at the leper colony of Molokai. This children’s biography of Father Damien of Molokai was written by Eva K. Betz, a prolific Catholic writer of history and biography books for children. (Introduction from an original dust jacket and ...
Father, The by STRINDBERG, August
The Father is a naturalistic drama by Swedish playwright August Strindberg. The central conflict is between the Captain and his wife Laura about their daughter Bertha's future. In order to gain sole custody of her daughter, Laura tries to convince the Captain that he has gone mad. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast A Captain of Cavalry: Bob Neufeld Laura: Elizabeth Klett Bertha: Charlotte Duckett Dr. Ostermark: Algy Pug The Pastor: Bruce Pirie The Nurse: Arielle Lipshaw Nojd: Alan Mapstone An ...
Fair Mystery, A by BRAME, Charlotte M.
(Written by Charlotte M. Brame under the pen name Bertha M. Clay.)Honest Mark Brace is about to lose his farm, land of his ancestors, home to his wife, Patty, and small daughter, Mattie, when out of a dark and stormy night comes the answer to his prayers. A tiny babe, tender and fair, left on their doorstep with a note asking Mark and Patty to bring the child up as their own, to raise it to be good, like themselves, and to accept for their troubles a hundred pounds a year. The farm is saved, ...
Cricket on the Hearth (Version 2), The by DICKENS, Charles
The tale of John Peerybingle, the good-hearted carrier, and his young wife Mary ('Dot'), interwoven with the story of poor toymaker Caleb Plummer, his beloved blind daughter Bertha, and the harsh old toy merchant Tackleton, who is due to marry May Fielding, a childhood friend of Dot. Comic relief is provided by Tilly Slowboy, the disaster-prone nursemaid of John and Dot's baby, and Boxer, the family dog. The cricket who chirps on the family hearth assumes fairy form to save the day when disa ...
Cricket on the Hearth, The by DICKENS, Charles
John Peerybingle, a carrier, lives with his wife Dot (who is much younger than he), their baby, their nanny Tilly Slowboy, and a mysterious lodger. A cricket constantly chirps on the hearth and acts as a guardian angel to the family, at one point assuming a human voice to warn John that his suspicions that Dot is having an affair with the lodger are wrong. The life of the Peerybingles frequently intersects with that of Caleb Plummer, a poor toymaker employed by the miser Mr. Tackleton. Caleb ...
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Tipps, Hinweise und Ratschläge, um Willenskraft zu kultivieren. Was aber ist der Wille überhaupt? Gibt es so etwas wie den freien Willen?Willenskraft ist eine Schlüsseleigenschaft im Raja Yoga und im Jnana Yoga. Zwar wird im Bhakti Yoga mehr Wert auf Hingabe und Liebe gelegt. Aber am besten kombiniert man Willenskraft und Liebe, Hingabe mit Sel ...…
Awesome Science Media on - Audio
In the 1920s J. Harland Bretz, a secular geologist proposed a massive flood across eastern Washington. He was rejected by his colleagues because the flood seemed too biblical. He was shunned, for forty years, until satellite images proved him right. Scientist Michael Oard explores the Missoula Flood, demonstrating how the geologic features are ...…
In the Field: Should you organize your music alphabetically or by acquisition number? If you keep a spreadsheet, what categories should you use? Crawford and I discuss the pros and cons of various organization systems. Resources we mention: the cubby-style shelving unit that Crawford bought to store choir member's binders and books anthem colle ...…
Try This At Church: If your church serves alcohol at functions (like a Christmas choir party!), make sure there's something non-alcoholic that's equally festive to drink. In the Field: The Four Weeks of Advent—have recurring themes! Crawford and I discuss what hymns fit which each Sunday's themes, including one that delighted my son in utero. I ...…
Living to Serve Network-Missouri FFA
Try This at Church: Invite people to join the choir for just Christmas or Easter. They get the opportunity to sing without a long-term commitment, and you get a strengthened choir on days of the year when many regular choir members are likely to be traveling. In the Field: The acoustics of a church building can make or break your music. Crawfor ...…
A different kind of Deeper Digs this week. Rock N Roll is fueling a new wave of musicals both on and off Broadway and one that caught our eye was the recent opening of 'Red Roses, Green Gold'. The musical is a comedic tale of a family looking to con its way to fortune in Maryland in the Twenties, featuring songs by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunte ...…
Interview: Dr. Swee Hong Lim and Dr. Lester Ruth discuss their new book Lovin' on Jesus: A Concise History of Contemporary Worship. It's an exploration of the origins of contemporary worship—including contemporary worship music. In our conversation, we discuss the implications their research has on church music today: What should traditional ch ...…
Is the secret to Love, Sex? This week on Mindset Transformation Radio Podcast, I interview Love Coach James Green. James answers the question "Is Sex the most important factor in a relationship? Tune in to find out the answer. So, let me ask you. What do you think is the most important factor in a relationship? In my research for this interview ...…
Interview: Dr. Yun Kyong Kim, organist and choir director at Christ Episcopal Church in Dayton, Ohio, discusses her approach to directing a choir while also playing the organ, planning her repertoire and hymnody, and crafting organ recitals to make the most of an instrument's unique sound and acoustic space. Check out Yun's website, where you c ...…
In this Music and the Church Moment, Dr. Jonathan Dueck discusses the relationship of congregational music-making with being the Church together. For the rest of our conversation with Jonathan, check out Episode 1. Listen to a Music and the Church Moment You can listen from this webpage by clicking the play button above. You can also listen and ...…
Try This at Church: Does your church like brass on Easter Sunday? Don't wait to book your musician(s)—schedule them now! Interview: Jonathan Dueck, Vice President Academic and Academic Dean at Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg, Manitoba), discusses his new book, Congregational Music, Conflict and Community. It's about the worship wars in ...…
The Movie Gang Podcast
Main Review: Geostorm (2017) As a man heads into space to prevent climate-controlling satellites from creating a storm of epic proportions, his brother discovers a plot to assassinate the president. When the network of satellites designed to control the global climate start to attack Earth, it's a race against the clock to uncover the real thre ...…
Good Morning Tribe! On today's episode of Artists of Morality, I ask my good friend Meg how traveling influences her art. Enjoy and stay tuned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new episodes! Until next time! Peace, love, and light. ~ Jasmin Rhia ----------------------------------------------------------------- For No Instrument Left Behin ...…
In Vancouver, BC Tune in every Wednesday 6 – 7 PM to CFRO – 100.5 FM Anywhere in the world by Stream, Satellite, TelusTv - How to Listen Only last 10 shows are available to listen to for free - REGISTER NOW. Supporting Members have unlimited access to this and hundreds of other life changing programs - Click Here to sign-up Oct 11, 2017 – In th ...…
Good morning tribe! Happy Friday! In this episode of Artists of Morality, Charlie Chaplin's 1940 speech rings true to present day. Love is the answer. See you at Atlanta Pride :) Enjoy and stay tuned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new episodes! Until next time! Peace, love, and light ~ Jasmin Rhia -------------------------------------- ...…
Jim and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy Hour
RSS / Apple Podcasts / Overcast / Pocket Cast It's mind over matter! It's man over machine! It's Jimi over Tommy!!! (No, not like that. Ew.) This is Unsung Heroes – a new segment that pits our two hosts against each other in a battle of wits and unknown musicals. Vote! Rob Roy: The Train Conductor of 16 Wheel Bertha (Tommy's made up musical) Ro ...…
If you can't stop thinking about islands these days, chew on this: would island-girl-turned-attic-dweller Bertha Mason or quietest man alive Tim Duncan make a better frozen yogurt sundae? Join Janelle, Tami, and Chef Boyardee as they argue about appropriate toppings, and then use the links below to donate to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Isla ...…
Club Megamix Radio Presents: DJ BertG Welcome to Club Megamix Radio hosted by DJ AL B BAD. Today we present to you, in association with DJ's Producers and Remixers, (DPR), The 2017 Labor Day Mixathon: and up next is DJ BertG. Please spread the word about Club Megamix Radio ( and DPR ( as ...…
Super Mario Bros. Minute
Andrew, Emily, and David love Big Bertha. Follow us on Twitter: @MarioBrosMinute @VeryCoolEmily @PodcasterAndrew @ScarySauce
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