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Federalist Society Event Audio
The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. This podcast feed contains audio files of Federalist Society panel discussions ...
Ever Increasing Faith Network on
Welcome to the Ever Increasing Faith Network, the global outreach of Crenshaw Christian Center. Join Apostle Frederick K. C. Price, Dr. Betty Price and Pastor Fred Price, Jr. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as we bring to you The Power of Faith to Transform Your Life by learning how to live the abundant and overcoming Christian life.
The Danny Morel Show
The best way to describe this podcast is for me to tell you what to expect. Every single week you can expect to learn the system needed to enable to grow your business. You can expect the process needed in order for you to reach your goals and your ultimate destination. You can expect to learn the skills set needed in order to learn to communicate in a powerful fashion. The entire show will have minimal editing..... I do this on purpose because I challenge myself to be the type of communicat ...
Amber Leitz
Amber is a Sensuality & Sacred Sexuality Coach who focuses on helping women to awaken their sensuality, pleasure and sexual energy through various rituals, practices and private coaching. She helps women remember that they are sensual and erotic by nature and to connect back to their pleasure potential and the ecstasy of their orgasm. She also sells the jade egg in her online shop on Etsy, The Erotic Woman Shop. She is the creator of Jade Egg Sexual Mastery, an online course for women who de ...
The Freedom Formula for Physicians | How Doctors Cut Debt & Slash Taxes | Business Of Medicine | Financial Education
My name is Dave Denniston. I started podcasting in 2014 as my way of paying back physicians for helping my family with our miracle child, Evangeline, who was born at a mere 12.4 ounces/ 23 weeks gestationally. Through this journey, I've had the honor of interviewing Dr. Jim Dahle (The White Coat Investor), Dr. Kevin Pho (KevinMD), Dr. Pamela Wible, Dr. Dike Drummond, Dr. Nii Darko, and so many more. This is my personal podcast, dedicated to physicians. It is focused on “financial freedom” an ...
CREATE U | Personal Growth Podcast
CREATE U is a personal growth and development podcast that will help you breakthrough to better results in your life, work and relationships. Life Coach and Author of “Your Best Is Next", Jeremy Flagg, will share with you his best tips and strategies for self-improvement and bring you breakthrough conversations with listeners, coaches, and other experts that will give you what you need to take every area of your life to the next level.Jeremy's own breakthrough came on the heels of a massive ...
The WHOLE Athlete Podcast
Welcome to "The WHOLE Athlete Podcast" with your host Debbie Potts. Learn how to transform the WHOLE you with the WHOLESTIC Method we teach you how burn fat, optimize health and improve performance from the inside out for athletes of all levels. A podcast committed to discussing the eight elements of "The WHOLESTIC Method" to perform your best from the inside out for daily life and sports. From nutrition that promotes fat loss to digestion tips or methods to reduces stress- find out what mai ...
Qool Marv Aural Memoirs and Buttamilk Archives // MusiQuarium Of Wonder // Instruments Of Mass Construction // Music4Winners // Intelligence'n'Music // Notes To Self // Low Profile International
There is a method to the magic in the way Qool DJ Marv presents and plays music. He tunes into the atmosphere of the venue and the energy of the people, and then he blends what he sees with what he hears. Intertwining many styles for many faces from many places, Qool DJ Marv captivates you with his blend. The fluid flow and continuously ascending momentum of his wide-ranging sets is inviting, hypnotic, and breathtaking. Qool DJ Marv crafts an unforgettable feel good, get down party where eve ...
Twice Bought by BALLANTYNE, R. M.
This story is set in the gold fields of Oregon, where Tom Brixton, and his best friend, Fred Westly, are digging gold to try to “make their pile”. Before leaving England, the steady and God-fearing Fred had promised Tom's mother that he would do his best to take care of his friend, but in spite of all his efforts, Tom had fallen in with bad companions and taken to gambling. He was convinced that he could make his fortune quicker by attempting to increase it at the dice or card table, and all ...
Dr. Matt's Golden Beats
Dr. Matt's Golden Beats is a sound and music-focused rhet-comp podcast. Stay tuned for the inaugural episode: the CCCC 2017 Hot Power Workout Mix, "Electric Sweat."
THE DJ BE EXPERIENCE DJ BE (Diversifiedsound / ATL House Notes) Home Base: Atlanta, GAStyles: Deep Soulful Afro House + Lounge & Soul.Much can be said of a DJ that plays to win. A DJ, much like a point guard running his team’s offense on the court, brings their A game to any environment, home court advantage or not. This is the playing field for one of Atlanta’s “hardest working house music DJs.” DJ BE, AKA BEasy, electrocutes the atmosphere with pulsating charged particles of electrons and ...
Double Digested: A Riverdale Recap Podcast
Take a trip to CW's Riverdale with Rebecca and Jonathan as they deep dive into the dark and dreamy television world of Archie and the gang. Tune in each week to hear thoughtful recaps, spot on criticisms, and even personal tales. From Archie's existential crisis, to Blossom twincest, to Betty's mom's eyebrows, no topic is off limits. Also look out for poignant segments, like f*ck, marry, kill, character power rankings, and who done it.
One Day More by CONRAD, Joseph
A one-act play. Eccentric (crazy?) Captain Hagberd has been waiting for years for his son to come home from the sea. He has scrimped and saved, outfitting a house for Harry to inherit upon his return, which will be in only "one day more." He has also planned that Harry will marry Bessie, the repressed maiden next door. Note: The recording was done outside, so there will be some ambient noise (airplanes, lawn mowers, birds, children... etc). (Summary by TriciaG) Cast Captain Hagberd: Rat King ...
Debbie Pokornik
MONDAYS 2:30 PM PT Vibrant, Powerful Moms with Debbie Pokornik - Helping Everyday Women Create Extraordinary Lives Often it is the simple, little things you do every day that will have the greatest influence on your overall life experience. Your host, Debbie Pokornik, will share thoughts, tips and stories from her own life to help you become aware of things you might be doing to hold yourself back as well as to inspire and guide you to create a life you love. Debbie's shows will cover topics ...
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The Other F Word: Conversations About Failure
Comedian known for her Irreverent character Betty Bowers, shares her practical approach to life and her strategies for staying happy. Find out more about Deven at:
Kitchen Party Ceilidh
Our fortieth episode, which aired on April 25, 2014.NEW TO YOU: Maxim Cormier - The Cape Breton Medley, Maxim Cormier 2Éamon Doorley, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Julie Fowlis & Ross Martin - Tha'm Buntàta Mòr/An Bairille/Boc Liath Nan Gobhar, DualGerry O'Connor - Back To The Millwheel/Swans Among The Rushes/Derryvilla Hill, High Up Low DownEoin Dui ...…
No Label Roundtable
We’re joined this time by our friends Betsy and Erin, who were present for the Casper Women’s March. They shared their personal experiences, insights, and opinions about what the demonstration meant to them and to several of Casper’s local communities. Betsy Bower has appeared on the podcast before, making her our first revisiting guest! Please ...…
If you want to talk to us, feel free to call us at (866-873-5579) or email us at Michael Bower: Hello folks, and welcome to eCommerce QA. This is the podcast where store owners, directors of eCommerce and eCommerce managers can stay up-to-date on the latest tools and technologies in eCommerce. I’ll be joined on the show by my ...…
The Remake
It's a family affair on Remake this week as Rob and James welcome new guest Rob's Uncle Greg and Aunt Betsy, Bob Singer and returning guest Rob's Dad Ken! Also, they discuss the Quentin Tarantino classic RESERVOIR DOGS. Remakes begin @ 29mins: Rob uses the cast of a TV show; Dugan brings in some old friends; Aunt Betsy updates the cast; Uncle G ...…
The Wendy Experience with Wendy Ho
This week Wendy celebrates her birthday and sits down with 2 of her entertaining friends! Award winning comedienne: Deven Green also known as America's Best Christian: Betty Bowers! She also chats with Seattle Drag Maven: Kristie Champagne about being pulled up onstage with Adele at her concert! Check out more Deven at: ...…
Trump, Port Arthur conspiracy theorists, Cardinal Pell, Jerry Hall – the world is full of seriously deluded people! As Balls Radio explains … http://ballsradio.comRUNNING ORDER00:00 Introduction01:25 The Port Arthur Conspiracy Nutters09:41 When Republicans were moderate12:49 White, Old and Stupid – Trump’s supporters21:30 Trump, authoritarianis ...…
Hey Frase, a DC Podcast featuring Sarah Fraser
Inspiring! What would it take for you to stand up to a bully and tell the truth? Meet Betsy Andreu, she went up against a true Goliath - Lance Armstrong. Here's her story on sticking to the truth at all costs and being a whistle blower on Armstrong's doping and a cheating.By
Podcast Old Time Country Shots
Programa en la onda de LA AVENTURA AMERICANA RADIO, correspondiente al sábado 19 de Diciembre del 2015. Este programa tiene una misión muy simple, desempolvar los viejos discos del desván y recuperar toda la música pionera del country actual, viajar hacia atrás en la máquina del tiempo hasta los años 30, 40, 50 y 60 para escuchar buena música h ...…
We're thrilled to speak with the team behind YouTube sensation Mrs. Betty Bowers.Andrew Bradley is the creator and writer for If you haven’t seen the videos, Betty is American’s Best Christian, and she has a lot to say about traditional marriage, abortion, the upcoming elections, and so much more. She’s a hilarious parody of ri ...…
Joan Hamburg
Founder of Betsy Bober Polivy joins Joan to talk about the hidden gems in New York City and how you can find them!!!
Goodnight Universe
Wednesday December 17th 2014Bad show quality last ten minutes last nightRichie The CCole Attends ShowCole - Matchmaker to the GaysCole at 31 in 2014Comedy CoachGong ShowComic MomBetty Bowers
Good Grief with Cheryl Jones
Betsy Rose has long used her music to express her deepest experiences, and has sung for others in order to open their hearts. So it was only natural that the loss of her father inspired her to create and compile songs she wrote for comfort in her own losses. A prolific recording artist and performer, her latest recording, Long for This World so ...…
Recorded LIVE from ourMt. Shasta Visionaries in Light Convergence... Join us for 22 minutes each from the following visionaries: Betsy Bower - Energetic Alchemy: We all envision a better world for ourselves, our loved ones, for everyone and everything on the planet. That is why we are here, being human at this time and in this place. Cris Olson ...…
This week on Native, host Briana Kurtz sits down with the Executive Editor of Saveur Magazine, Betsy Andrews, to talk all about the magazine’s Culinary Travel Awards. Briana opens up the interview asking Betsy how the awards came to be and what Saveur hopes to accomplish by bringing the food stories in every country, city, and street to light. ...…
Join us for 22 minutes each from the following visionaries: Kathleen Farrell - Energetic Healer: You'll receive conscious tools to help you learn to hear and follow your guidance. Kathleen also is an expert in sound vibration to balance the body & spirit, creating instantaneous and profound transformation, relaxation, and release. Ann Skladanek ...…
Award-winning comedienne Deven Green honed her comedy genius at Second City in Toronto. After landing several national commercials, voice overs, TV and movie roles, she moved to LA and won Comedy Performer of the Decade. She is the creator/voice of the "Welcome To My...Comedy Parody" series and is "America's Best Christian - Betty Bowers." Note ...…
Minnesota and 3 other states currently have an amendment up for vote in the 2012 general election, defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Coochie just doesn't understand the reasoning behind these laws. Gay Rick makes Laura Rad tear up talking about his unstable emotions. The gang brings up some fancy research that shows gays and l ...…
Minnesota and 3 other states currently have an amendment up for vote in the 2012 general election, defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Coochie just doesn't understand the reasoning behind these laws. Gay Rick makes Laura Rad tear up talking about his unstable emotions. The gang brings up some fancy research that shows gays and l ...…
Summary of today’s show: Kicking off a series of on-location profiles of parishes implementing the New Evangelization particularly well, Scot Landry and The Good Catholic Life travel to St. Albert the Great Parish in Weymouth to talk about the new vigor in the parish since it was almost closed in 2004 and how that led to a greater sense of comm ...…
From Maui With Aloha
Come explore the magic of BIG IDEA Thinking with Betsy Wiersma, Founder of CampExperience™, and annual retreat for amazing women in Keystone, CO. Betsy created a “purpose-built” life to support her adoption of a one-day-old daughter and now ten years later has touched the lives of thousands with her events and programs. Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) Wi ...…
A True "All-American" Betsy Metz Exposes "Treason in America"!A Visibility 9-11 Podcast Interview by John BursillIn this motivating interview I talk to organiser, activist and philanthropist Betsy Metz. We ask Betsy about the highly successful conference she organised and facilitated this month. The March 2010 "Treason in America: 9/11, the War ...…
Question Reality Radio
COMEDIENNE | VOICE-OVER ARTIST | PROFESSIONAL FIGURE SKATER - This week our guest is DEVEN GREEN. Deven is the creator/voice of the "Welcome To My..Comedy Parodies" series and is "America's Best Christian" as character "Betty Bowers." Deven started out as a professional figure skater whose triple-gold medal status is memorialized in her hometow ...…
The Hellbound Alleee Network
Stuff from Betty Bowers, world's best christian, and more
Croncast - 2008-05-14.mp3 Show: #491 Length: 19.7 Size: 28:40 mb Format: mp3 Show us some love and leave us a review at iTunes Special note: Betsy and Jeanie are having a meetup in San Francisco May 21, 2008 at House of Shields 39 New Montgomery St., Time: 6:30 p.m., stop and have a drink or two! Betsy "Classified Ads" Smith That is your new na ...…
Croncast Season 18 | Life is Show Prep
Croncast - 2007-10-31.mp3 Show: #427 Length: 31:53 Size: 21.9mb Format: mp3 Betsy and her husband Kris Oct 31, 2007 Show us some love and leave us a review at iTunes It's Halloween here in the states Betsy points out my illness of the past few days It feels like something is eating my guts Pop upstairs and see Betsy is watching PBS HD That's ok ...…
Croncast Season 17 | Life is Show Prep
Croncast - 2007-10-05.mp3 Show: #418 Length: 30:21 Size: 20.8mb Format: mp3 Betsy and her husband Kris Oct 05, 2007 Show us some love and leave us a review at iTunes It's TFF . . . Tell a Friend Friday Here's what we got going on Tons of comments coming in Today will not be typical show . . . we're reading comments Lots of entries in my haphaza ...…
Croncast Season 17 | Life is Show Prep
Croncast - 2007-08-27.mp3 Show: #402 Length: 26:33 Size: 18.4mb Format: mp3 Betsy and her husband Kris Aug 27, 2007 This podcast is brought to you by Palegroove Studios This is a cantankerous show Betsy goes away for the weekend as another person She returns crazed No I had an urge Mr B It has nothing to do with you "I hung out at Jeanies" "Wel ...…
Croncast Season 16 | Life is Show Prep
Croncast - 2007-08-03.mp3 Show: #393 Length: 32:41 Size: 22.4mb Format: mp3 Betsy and her husband Kris Aug 03, 2007 Join Croncast Cronies . . . thanks to all those signed up already!. Kris is losing his voice The most emotional day of Jeanie's life ensues Jeanie wakes up hammered Betsy woke up and rubbed her feet all over Jeanie It is the curse ...…
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