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Biden's Briefing
What Joe wants you to know. Every day, Vice President Joe Biden looks to the news across the nation that's sparking conversation, sharing the articles and opinions that he's reading and might be of interest to you. Entertaining. Informative. Thought-provoking. He doesn't always agree with them, but they've got something to say.
Kakra Baiden
Daily Audio broadcast provided by Kakra Baiden
Selected speeches from the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. More information at
Podden på Tiden
I den här podden samtalar och filosoferar Staffan Dopping och Christer Sturmark om sådant som är aktuellt i samhället eller som kommer upp i deras sinne ändå. Det handlar om politik, nyheter, medier, vetenskap – det är vad de själva tror i alla fall. Poddens hemsida är
Enjoy Refreshing Video Messages By Kakra Baiden.
The 405 Radio
The Talk Alternative! radio from the left coast. Super live talk - righteous podcasts.
Kakra Baiden
Java, Java EE and Web oriented discussions with Adam Bien
"As the heart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God." This thirst for an intimate relationship with God, claims A.W. Tozer, is not for a select few, but should be the experience of every follower of Christ. But, he asserts, it is all too rare when believers have become conditioned by tradition to accept standards of mediocrity, and the church struggles with formality and worldliness. Using examples from Scripture and from the lives of saints who lived with this ...
Welcome to the Aiden podcast, where we are going to explore this digital growth world
Traditional Scouting for All in the United States
Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown
Subscribe to hear new music every month ranging from the most melodic future bass melodies, down to the grooviest techno beats. Follow Aiden Jude on Instagram and Twitter @ Aiden Jude and like him on Facebook @ aidenjudemusic.
Widen Podcast
The Widen podcast is a series of discussions with people who have selected and implemented the Widen Collective. Each episode will offer new perspectives on the buying process, ways customers can prepare and execute their digital asset management roll out, customer experience and Widen's events. The customer interviews and associated soundbites are catered to help current and future Widen users by giving them insights and tips into getting more from the Collective
Aiden Mvr
Podcast by Aiden Mvr
Learn the real issues behind the headlines of legal hot topics with internationally-known faculty at Widener Law Commonwealth. Legal scholars break-down complex legal issues and provide insight about immigration, business law, and sustainability. Looking to go to law school? Valuable tips on topics ranging from law school admissions to financial aid and Bar exam preparation will be given by our team of dedicated administrative staff. Widener University Commonwealth Law School is the Pennsylv ...
DJ Aiden Schmidt
Widen Your Senses
Only the best of house, progressive, techno and trance !
Aiden Pyne's Podcast
Jackin House MIX!!!
Lalo portate bien
Welcome to the Lalo portate bien podcast, where amazing things happen.
John and Peter Boden provide the latest movie reviews from sunny Sheffield.
Podcast by De Bien Belles Idées
My best Podcast
Conversations on confessional Lutheran theology between a Pastor and layman from Crestview, Florida
The Made for Success Show with Chris Widener is your home for success! Get motivated from the top minds in the field of personal development and hear classic self-help messages from legendary speakers. Join Chris Widener and Bryan Heathman, President of Made for Success, as they develop potential in every area of your life and help you live the life of your dreams. the least of these...
Cultural Connections: exchanging knowledge and widening participation in the Humanities
Cultural Connections: exchanging knowledge and widening participation in the Humanities
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Adam Winkler is a professor at UCLA School of Law and an expert on the Constitution. On the podcast, they discuss the left’s attack on the founding document. They also explore some of the language in the Constitution, considering the historical time of the Founders and its application now.They differentiate between individual liberties and the ...…
Topics discussed Easter Sunday, Six9ine interview/will he be dead next year, Student walkouts/March for our lives, Killer Mike NRA, Austin Bombings? Are we still using amazon, Lil Xans Tupac comment, Logic’s split with his wife, Chance VS Heineken, Micheal Bennett’s book(Things that make white people uncomfortable, What are actual things that w ...…
On this episode of BJ Murphy 360, I sat down with Algenon Cash. He's a sought-after political commentator across the state, has chaired the North Carolina Energy Forum, and is the owner of Wharton Gladden - where they are now investing in the new Zesto restaurant in the Triad.We've done this at least once before and had great feedback, so here' ...…
United States Census questions, Count Dankula, Trump vs Biden, New CIA director Gina Haspel, Tomb Rader movie review, Space, etc.
This week on PKA, Twitch streamer & fantastic troll, Kitboga joins the guys and they go over his hilarious performance trolling & wasting the time of terrible Indian tech support and IRS scams, the guys debate who would win in a fight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and lastly we touch on UFC 223 that is coming up!…
In this episode we talk about My recent trip to Indiana. We mull over the original nightmare fodder, Alien. We, most importantly, Discuss the Trump Biden fight that is making the Vegas odds makers wet their pants. We also meet Emily (Jeff's Girlfriend is real!) All this and more, in this episode. Enjoy!…
CNN's latest poll shows over half of Americans think Trump will lose in 2020. But that doesn't mean he can't win.
International friendly week so we look further down the leagues for value, snooker players championship and a look at ronnie for the worlds, changes to value in the masters over the years; Aussie cricketers in a pickle, trump vs biden, edges in MLB and World Cup #thisisBig
International friendly week so we look further down the leagues for value, snooker players championship and a look at ronnie for the worlds, changes to value in the masters over the years; Aussie cricketers in a pickle, trump vs biden, edges in MLB and World Cup #thisisBig
President Trump and former Vice President Biden threaten to go blow for blow, while Stormy Daniels has a cute sit down with 60 minutes. Roseanne Barr tells Jimmy Kimmel to “Zip that F**king Lip”, while Facebook sells us all down to river… straight to Russia. New York creative, Europe Angelique joins Tadzy and De De on this tea-spilling episode.…
A Scottish man teaches his dog to salute Hitler so Bill Morgan tries to teach his dog, General Lee, that the Civil War was about States' Rights! Trump faces off against Crazy Joe Biden at WRESTLEMANIA 2020! And a firefighter foresaw that Trump would become President - and Bill Morgan sees who will be the next President!!...hint: it's Herman Cai ...…
U.S. politicians like Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden have entered a new era of global corruption, and the amount of money involved makes Hillary Clinton look small-time. Nate interviews Peter Schweizer, the author who brought you “Clinton Cash,” about his latest book, which takes on some of the swampiest, shadiest dealings on BOTH sides of the p ...…
Donald J. Trump's Tweets and other communications. You can't be on Twitter everyday but I can.. The Donald has shade for the Parkland students and Joe Biden. social Very Stable Genius Podcast on Facebook On Twitter @StableGeniusPod and Instagram
Deputy Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini asked to form a new government.
Eric and Nick talk Trump, Biden, and Bundo. Look for Micro Mini Lightning Newscasts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday PUC podcasts come every Monday
Chad and JT dive deep into the split between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, the debilitating effects of rain on your soul, the beef between and Joe Biden, and then answer some fire questions. Check it out and go deep! Check out our patreon at
In this episode, we discuss our collections and why Joe Biden should be allowed to punch whoever he pleases!
AFTERBUZZ TV — The Trump Report edition, is a special series that follows, discusses Moderator – Christian Bladt @christiandmz Panelists – Brooke Soliz @brookesoliztv Tamra Brown @heytamra_ Michael Clouse @theonlymc Cheslea Galicia @ChelseaGalicia Show summary: The United States presidential election of 2016, constitutionally prescribed to occu ...…
Today’s show : Big Announcements for The Rory Sauter Show, Host of the Josh Bernstein Show, Josh Bernstein calls in, Owner of ‘Team Veteran Foundation’,Gordon Brown calls in, Moderator of ‘Bikers for Trump’, Steve Emery calls in, Director Gianni Rodriguez-Parris calls in, Mike Zollo calls in, March For Our Lives, Armed protection was provided f ...…
We're back at it for lucky episode seven. Here's what's on deck: Who would win in a fight: Donald Trump or Joe Biden? The president raw dawged a porn star (Stormy Daniels) Shy Holder from Pretty Okay Takes (Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show) sits in all show long Taking the guns might not be so bad? March Madness Artist of the Week Vill ...…
EPISODE 4 of the Our Best Life Podcast with Dylan and JaredDylan and Jared talk Final Four, Lebron, Self Driving Cars, Trump vs Biden Battle Royale... Segments this week include Mount Rushmore of Fast Food Chains, Dumbest Things We Saw This Week, Dumbest things we DID this week, MVP of The Week, Our Weekly Would You Rather that you won't wanna ...…
In Which We Discuss: 1. Daring teenagers to do anything is your funeral, a PSA from Brain Trust Live 2. "60 Minutes" gets its ratings money shot with Stormy Daniels interview 3. Your info isn’t safe online. We knew it, and now we know it again. 4. H.R. McMaster is out, and the question on everyone’s mind is: Will we soon be seeing a new, mustac ...…
Our special friend Will joins the Cold Ones: A Power Hour Podcast crew to talk about NFL free agency, Wrestlemania, TV shows, and we pose the question: Who would win in a fight - Donald Trump or Joe Biden?
Ozman The Wizard's birthday was this past weekend, and he and Na'imah talk about how he celebrated (along with Ariana celebrating her third birthday). They also discuss the lineup for this year's Lollapalooza, Black Panther reaching another milestone, the trailer for "Avengers: Infinity War " (and the HOTEP response), Loyola reaching the "Final ...…
Follow us @exroommates | email - HIGHLIGHTS: Pepperspray in Elementary school (3:30), Woman Cooks her Chihuahua (7:25), Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump (12:10), Girl accidentally shoots roommate (18:00), First autonomous car death (27:00), 200 Roosters in jail (31:45) SPOTLIGHT: Austin Serial Bomber. What happened and is ...…
This time the Squids welcome ‘lant fleet squid Marc Benton. The four of them talk about the upcoming bout between Creepy Joe Biden and Donny OrangeHair Trump. They have another look at freebleeding and give their opinions on that military hating ex-teacher in California, the demise of the Austin Bomber and discuss what is up Jimmy Kimmel’s ass. ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss the banning of videos on YouTube for gun pages. Plus democrat party says Joe Biden is frontrunner for 2020.
I talk about rugby player eating slug, toys r us going out of business, joe Biden and Donald trump. Plus the fundamentals of cheating and our top three movies for the week!
Hurricanes have had names since the 1950's but now even winter storms are getting names. So while "Winter Storm Toby" is lashing the eastern seaboard, Elizabeth saw a news story focusing on people stranded together at an interstate rest stop. That led to the idea... "wouldn't that be a great Reality TV show?" Is Russia our enemy or our friend? ...…
Today’s Show :Political Activist & Founder Of ‘Unite America First’, Will Johnson calls in, Moderator of ‘Bikers For Trump’, Steve Emery calls in, Mike Zollo calls in, President Trump wants to meet with mueller, President Trump signs the China tariffs into place, Congress releases the 1.3 trillion, 2,232-page omnibus spending bill, H.R. McMaste ...…
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers acquired Jason Pierre-Paul on Thursday and former Bucs offensive lineman Ian Beckles applauds Bucs General Manager Jason Licht for revamping the teams defensive line on this week’s episode of “Flava In Ya Ear.” Along with discussing the move made by the Buccaneers to acquire a pass rusher, Ian talks about other topics i ...…
On this Podcast we start off with Burke's big gambling weekend(1:00 - 17:00) Talk a little Tiger and the upcoming Masters(17:00 - 23:40) Go through our tournament and gambling picks(23:40 - 27:38) talk a little NBA playoff picture and how the matchups are shaking out (27:38 - 37:10) and end the sports segment with our official Thursday/Friday t ...…
Annie joins Jamie Allman and Allman in the Morning to discuss the Biden/Trump smacktalk, the mainstream media's reaction, and more.
This week! Johnathan and Sean are joined by Brent, another friend of the show. The boys dive into healthcare, the latest BLM protests in Sacramento on I-5, socialism, the GOP spending bill and Senator Rand Paul's opposition to it, the latest privacy controversy with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and the fight between Donald Trump and former ...…
This week! Johnathan and Sean are joined by Brent, another friend of the show. The boys dive into healthcare, the latest BLM protests in Sacramento on I-5, socialism, the GOP spending bill and Senator Rand Paul's opposition to it, the latest privacy controversy with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and the fight between Donald Trump and former ...…
In this episode of TIHYW Radio, we discuss Joe Biden vs Donald Trump, Trump wanting death penalty for "some drug dealers", 2 people resign from the Trump Camp, and....FACEBOOK ROYALLY SCREWING UP!
The full broadcast of Boston Public Radio from Friday, March 23, 2018. Chuck Todd of NBC's Meet The Press joined Boston Public Radio to give his predictions for what would happen in a fight between former Vice President Joe Biden and current POTUS Donald Trump.We took your calls about whether or not the salacious details coming out of the White ...…
For the 16th Episode of The Straight Blunt Podcast the team sits down to discuss the past weeks topics. The crew starts off with the Sacramento PD shooting of unarmed Stephon Clark who was shot in his own backyard. Austin terrorist bomber Mark Anthony Conditt killing himself before being caught, Trump vs Biden, Trippy Red vs Bow wow, Trey Songs ...…
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