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Comedians Godfrey (@GodfreyComedian) and Alex Edelman (@Alex_Edelman) have a podcast. To sponsor, email
Welcome to Once Upon A Time in Wakanda, a podcast series that explores the characters and themes of The Black Panther movie and comic universe. Powered by The Witness, this one of a kind Wakanda Podcast talks you through the lore of Wakanda both on the big screen and in the panels of the Black Panther comic books. From season to season we aim to bring you the Black Panther podcast you've been looking for. Wakanda is a fictional African nation appearing in American comic books published by Ma ...
Socialist Ian Schlakman & former Black Panther Rev Annie Chambers (Rogers) discuss everything from the American History that Rev Chambers lived through to modern day political news. We record the show from Douglass Homes Public Housing right here in the East Side of Baltimore, Maryland.
Epicradio brings listeners together from around the 🌎 and discuss hot topics in music, sports and entertainment.
Black Nerd Power
Black Nerd Power is a weekly podcast hosted by Markus Seaberry and Richard Douglas Jones. They discuss the worlds of Sci Fi & Fantasy from a black POV.
Commentaries by the award-winning journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal
A POWERFUL discussion on topics that effect the Original People of the Planet Earth in general, and the Black/brown men and women of America in specific.
Retcon Commentary
Every week, Rus and Tokunbo voice their dangerously uninformed opinions on comic books. And movies. And the news. And sometimes TV- it's kind of vague.
This is the voice of the Kala Nation.We are an African-American unity movement dedicated to a new cultural,moral,and spiritual revival.
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Comic Slobs
Comic book news, reviews, and discussion to get new readers into comics.
The Rorschach Test is a roundtable podcast taking a deep look at the hidden meanings, inner truths, and amazing details of the comic books, movies, and tv shows we all love. Join podcast veterans Brion Salazar and Chris Marshall as they welcome talented rookie Andy Tom to the table each week to discuss the latest stories, opinions, and controversies in pop culture.
Hosted by yours truly J-Gunz getting into all the hot sports topics in the DFW.
Commentaries by the award-winning journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal
HarlemSon & Based Panda God are Cashmere Thoughts & Polyester Pockets. Talking about movies, music, sports, culture, and our own crazy lives & adventures!
Off The Record
Off The Record” is Forth’s unfiltered roundtable podcast where Forth’s staff and special guests come together to discuss all things life, art, and culture.
A family of dorks and rockstars talk about comic book characters.
All This
Val and Kendra comment on pop culture and current events, from their popular website, while providing a historical and intersectional context.
Brandon Herbert
Carolina Panthers fans get ready for a fun new way to look at our favorite team. Join your host Brandon Herbert AKA the black cat SC discuss all the Panthers news.
Welcome to Rising Tide: An Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Podcast. Join Tim K.A Trotter, Adam B, Robert C and occasional guests as we take you in-depth into the show. What do we bring you that the "other" podcasts don't you might ask? Well for one awesomeness. Second, we balance our show with 30minutes of in-depth discussion about the show as it exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and try to keep it that way for those who just want to hear about the show. Then, at the break, we launch Secret Inv ...
From Iron Man to Black Panther, and everything in between, join Ray, Becca, and Chris as they rewatch every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading to the release of Avengers: Infinity War on May 4, 2018.
A podcast with best friends Adam Jeanneret and Jake Williams talk about everything in geek culture. Movies, comics, TV, games
At NerdCorp we have two amazing shows. WrestleCorp, where we talk all the goings on in pro wrestling, and then ComicCorp, our weekly look at all things comicbook related. Join Chad, Zach and Marcus as they talk about the nerdiest things in Nerdom!
Wakanda Forever
This podcast will be discussing the 2018 movie "Black Panther" and the social, racial and political effect it had on the people who watched it.
Welcome to The Hyperbolic BurgerMilk Lounge Re:POP, a combination & collection of everything MOVIES, TV, TECH & POP ENTERTAINMENT in the UNIVERSE, and the Lounge is our void in spacetime to sit around and talk about it all.Kick back, tune your frequency and vibrate into the Lounge with:Host- Duuglay and Co-Host- Christian Dilorean***Video Version via: Youtube & Twitch*** **Twitter: @HyperBurgerMilk*Youtube: HyperBolic BurgerMilk Lounge Re:POP
Welcome to Marveling at the Movies, a new podcast for Multiversity with Alexis Perry, Matthew Meylikhov and future internet superstar Matt DiChiara. In this show, Alexis and Matthew (two people very fluent in movies, comics, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe) make their friend Matt (who has never seen any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films before Black Panther) watch every single Marvel Cinematic Universe film that came out before Black Panther. To quote Matt, ""
Having reached the age of sixteen winters, Running Fox, the son of Black Panther, a famous Delaware war-chief, determined to establish his reputation as a warrior. He knew, however, that before he could gain admission into the gallant company of fighting men he would have to prove his courage and ability in some daring exploit. - Summary by Elmer Gregor
Was It Good?
Bad Tacos Pictures presents a podcast where Krishna, Ravi and Arjuna answer the most important question to the latest movie/tv show/video game/whatever; Was It Good? From tv shows like Star Trek Discovery and Star Wars Rebels, to movies like Black Panther and Deadpool 2, they focus on the mainstream. But their interests are diverse and a little random, so sometimes you might see some more abstract subjects. Give it a listen and let them know; Was It Good?
Black Cat Podcast
The Black Cat Podcast is a weekly talk show for fans of the mighty Penrith Panthers and the NRL.
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In our final pop-up podcast recording from Silicon Valley Comic Con, we welcome Evan Narcisse, senior writer at io9 and writer of the current Marvel mini-series Rise of the Black Panther! Evan talks about how he went from being a fan to writing comics, his take on the origin story of Black Panther, and collaborating with artists to tell this ne ...…
We’re back with Black Panther review! And Comics talk! Ian, Brent, Brandon, and Donovan return! Listen to how Brent and Brandon take on Donovan in an epic clash over how T’challa has nothing to do! Did T’challa lose both waterfall fights? Find out, on Comic Timing! You can e-mail the show at and be sure to Like us on Faceb ...…
This episode, The Guys are back for a two hour episode! Misinfo Studio 2.2 gets its first official run in order to bring you Zac and Eric’s review of Black Panther. It might make you mad. If you don’t want spoilers, you should probably skip to the thirty minute mark. The Misinformation Technical Minute that you didn’t ask for is back thanks to ...…
Booking Pop Culture - Episode 35 - Avenging SoloPool Too!! Good Lawd, It's going to be a huge spring and summer for super awesome movies!! We wanted to run through what we're looking forward to, as well as review a couple of things we've watched lately. Of course there are the completely normal and sane segways into comic books and Rocky movies ...…
Avengers Infinity War is almost here and Josh and Gerald start the speculation on who dies who lives and just how much money the movie might make Plus Josh breaks down his time so far with God of War we reflect on Black Panther and his importance for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Rob McCallum stops by to talk rumors of wha ...…
Thanks for joining us for Episode 81! We hope you can join us in the live chat feed - but leave us a comment if you watch later or are streaming us on iTunes. For questions, ideas or just to say hi, email for find me on twitter @comicsjlsHere are tonight's topics:1. Jessica Jones renewed for Season 32. The Fox / Sky News and ...…
The African nation of Wakanda is finally explored on-screen in 2018's Black Panther. Having long been teased, how does T'Challa's first solo film live up to the hype? Does the social commentary help or hurt the film? And why has it become one of Marvel's most successful movies? Journey to Africa and find out with us as we discuss Black Panther!…
I finally got around to reviewing a Marvel Studios finest, BLACK PANTHER! Zeke The Freak reviews the happenings in Geek culture. Zeke The Freak rants about current events and politics. Zeke The Freak finds interesting ways to mash it all up!
This week, we go over Black Panther to VR to the anime Code Geass. Opening Song: "Loping Sting" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Published on 26 Feb 2018. Marvel’s Black Panther is out and it’s time to see what Ivan thinks and if his friendship with Red will survive. This episode is sponsored by Casper! Get $50 towards select mattresses by visiting and using promo code bgs. Support Ivan & Red!-> Check out Ivan & Red’s politics po ...…
In this Episode we talk more about FarCry 5 and Black Panther. Joe covers the news and Miguel goes over next weeks release dates. We have F#ck Microtransaction, WTF, and Rando Sh!t topics. Sit back hit play and game on!
Langston Hughes Film Festival Art Museum My Favorite Things Tour feat. Stas Thee Boss Naturals Expo Black Panther Party 50th Anniversary Celebration ...…
It's chapter 18 of our Road to Infinity War and we are finishing our MCU journey in Wakanda with Black Panther. Can this amazing cast along with Coogler and co behind the camera push this into the top 3? Make sure you tune in every Tuesday & Thursday as we go through each chapter of the MCU so far.@MandHSociety @DCEU_Society @MaskandHammer#Mand ...…
The crew returns after a brief hiatus. Duch filled in for Payne as they discussed Tristian Thompson cheating, men’s ego, Cardi B and more. The shining star was The Black Panther movie and the battle was if you hear this song you know it’s over.
The Geekset crew is back after a long hiatus discussing what they've been up to, the future of Geekset, A Quiet Place, Gotham getting it's hype back, Marvel Universe, DC failures, What Makes Black Panther an elite Black Movie & More.DON'T FORGET NEW MERCH AND ITEMS NOW FOR SALE ATwww.GeeksetPodcast.comFollow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook@ ...…
Iberia and co-host Johnna D and Pastor Radonte (PR) candidly discuss hot topics: Black Panther continues breaking records and barriers The “Challenge” Generation Charging Bill Cosby This Week’s MKE Treasures Feature – Bishop Walter Harvey of Parklawn Assembly of God This Week’s Music Feature(s) – Courtney Epps – Howard Stay connected on faceboo ...…
On this episode of the WDW Happy Place, Ashley Kennedy Turner and Sam talk Disney news including: Lemon Dole Whip, Black Panther has another solid week, and pregnant woman not allowed on Disney cruise. We then close the show with a Tiki Talk.
In this episode of the Business Building blocks Podcast, hosts John Muhammad and Wazeer Review movie Black Panther.
Hi All,Here is my Starpoint Radio Show from Sunday 15th April 2018, with new releases by Ronnie Wright,Sean McCabe Ft Hanlei,XamVolo,Sir Charles Jones and Steal Vybe & Peven Everett,classic tracks by Wax,D'Bora,Muscle Shoals Horns,Komiko and GU & Black Mamba,as well as the excellent new release by local Aberdeen band JuJu,which you can find on ...…
Hey, Frankie's in town! That's both cause for celebration and cause to record an episode. We're all over the place this week. We talk about Beyonce owning Coachella, Ryan finally seeing 'Black Panther,' the new Andre the Giant documentary, Drake wearing a hockey jersey to a basketball game, alternative rock in NYC and more. And since Frankie is ...…
Episode 271: Incredibles 2 Sneak Peak At The Parks, Infinity War Tops Marvel Preorders, and Mark Hamill Hates Star Wars! (April 16, 2018) Welcome back Cast Members, to another episode here at CLOUD CITY CAST! Here are the main topics we’ll be discussing today: 3:00 – Adventures in Fandom 13:00 - Incredible 2 trailer, sneak peek in the parks 21: ...…
Pablo Gunner & JD deliver the April 11th comic book reviews. First they talk nerdy about Dragon Ball Super, Legion, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Panther Black Jeopardy, the Avengers Infinity War presales, gaming, y mas. JD
On this episode Jason covers all the nerdy stories making headlines this week. The MCU may add Eternals to its movie slate in phase 4. The Hellboy reboot casts Milla Jovovich as the Blood Queen. Black Panther finally gets a release date. Is the Teen Titans tv show in trouble? Shenmue finally gets its conclusion and a re-release of the first two ...…
Episode 106:This week, all the news you didn't know you wanted and more! Some of it may be true, and we’ll have a good time. We watched Lost in Space, Rampage, and Jonathan stepped way out of his comfort zone and saw A Quiet Place. Was he scared? Did he cry? Most importantly, was it good? Listen as we review and find out. Enjoy!Black Panther wi ...…
This week on LOLA Beck is joined by not one, but two first time guests. Youtube Star Telasaria and the lovely and talented Kelly Hopp. As usual with first time guest we 'Get to Know' the new guests as well as cover Good Pop Bad Pop where the gang talk about the Ready Player One novel, Wind River, B The Beginning, Jessica Jones Season 2, The Dea ...…
The Grinders are back for another episode of RPGrinders. A long news section but that is to be expected as we get closer to June and E3. After a long news section, the Grinders get back into politics! As long as Trump in in office, there will always be something to talk about. Now that Break has seen Thor he needs to catch up with the rest of t ...…
BHL This Week – Join Courtney Stewart and Derrial Christon as they recall the top stories of the week on This Week for April 11th, 2018. Make sure to subscribe to BHL! – HELPFUL LINKS: Website – Follow us on Twitter – Merch – http://shop.spreadshir ...…
Black Panther has a home video release, Mega Man X Legacy Collections are dated and Twitch Streamer summit1g finds that his audience isn't a fan of Jake Paul.By (IGN).
The Film Abbot Podcast is live and ready to roll. On today's episode, we discuss Black Panther, Ready Player One, and the Han Solo trailer. A news rundown happens and more rambling occurs throughout.
It’s Half Mad, so you know what that means, we don’t watch the Oscars, but you know damn well we have an opinion about it. We also talk Black Panther review, Star Wars Time Travel, and Mary Poppins y’all!
THIS WEEK: CardiB is on fire, more Black Panther Updates, and more... Also new segment: What Would You Do? We still Talkin Shit: new puppy owner edition. Tune in now and follow your hosts on ig @thedondarion @laurenthe_g
Black Panther movie review.
We’re baaaack! On this week’s episode: Phil and Tom are back together once again, discussing the first trailers for the Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish comedy, Night School. And Netflix’s father/son road trip drama, Kodachrome, starring Ed Harris, Jason Sudekis, and Elizabeth Olsen. The guys strap on their visors and haptic gloves and connect to th ...…
We have Black Panther fever! Sean and Ilan discuss everything that is Black Panther. Why is this movie important? What does Wakanda's political stance of isolation tell us about how we as people of faith are tied together. Sean opens up about what this movie means to him as a father of two young black men. As always the guys geek out about it all!!…
****THERE WILL BE BLACK PANTHER SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**** Back up in this bitch again. We start discussing our untimely children but near immediately start talking fries and burgers. Ant recreates a childhood favorite from scratch but will most likely never be able to recreate it. We finally get to discuss Black Panther as a full crew ...…
We discuss the most important relationship in every Black man’s life: the one with his barber, and how hard you’ll fight for it. WHERE TO FIND US: Come join our Facebook group: You can subscribe to the Say Something Nice Podcast at the following services: #iTunes: #GooglePlay: http:// ...…
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