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Counting down the most successful films of the 1980's one beer at a time. Also jokes...and insight...and insightful jokes. Updates every Monday!
The podcast where we love to hate movies! Every week, comedian Jay Light sits down with a guest to talk smack about the week's box office results and movie news before dissecting a movie the guest wishes they hadn't watched. New episodes every Monday!
The second iteration of Andrew and Zac's podcasting career - with more of a film focus, but also being more or less the exact same thing as before, this podcast is sure to be a podcast. Ambition is overrated.Please subscribe.
Join Ben and Friends every Monday as they discuss everything in the world of movies with our main focus on big name titles: Comic book movies, Star Wars, etc. Email us with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss
A podcast that examines those odd films that had no business being released in the blockbuster summer months.
Blockbusted is a totally off-the-rails podcast where we attempt to carefully review and discuss blockbuster movies but end up ranting about all kinds of geeky nonsense. It's kinda like if you took ADHD, combined it with nerdy superhero fans, and then created a web-show.
We like movies. We like drinking. We like being stupid.
Two former employees of Blockbuster Video who still love renting and watching movies. We reminisce about the Blockbuster experience and do spoiler-free movie reviews of new releases and old favorites.
Blockbuster Clerks
In our first edition of our new podcast, we tell our origin story and then quickly go off the rails and touch on more subjects than you can shake a stick at.
Blockbuster Night
A movie podcast with no late fees.Join Mike Will Brandon and Justin as they take a look back at some of the silver screens greatest hits and misses.
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We talk movies that are supposed to be talked about. Whether it's jedi, superhero, aliens, dinosaurs, or wizards.
Blockbuster's Podcast
A Blockbuster apresenta o seu video podcast.
Steadman reads reviews of some of Hollywood's greatest films, by those who failed to see what all the fuss was about.
This is the site for the Cinescape Magazine Podcast, where we review everything from the latest Hollywood movie to great Independent and Foreign films. Totally Useless Movie Trivia - Just like it sounds, the worst trivia for movies that we could find. This Show Sucks - We watch good and bad TV Shows (and Movies) and "comment" on them.
The fiercest competition on the internet. Four, self-proclaimed, film gurus battle it out to see who can become Blockbuster Pick-ems Champion. Week by week they have to rank the top 5 highest grossing films in the box office. Who will win and who will be humiliated?
Hello everyone and welcome to Next Summer Blockbuster! Follow Jake and Garrett, in their quest for Hollywood stardom. But, in order to make it to the stars, you gotta have your movie idea first.'s film critic, Vince Leo, delivers a la carte movie reviews, featuring the latest releases, covering blockbusters, independent films, foreign titles, and VOD.
Join hosts Matt and Tiny (and occasional guests) as they talk about their love of movies and television. Each episode covers a specific topic (be it genre, trope, movie or show) and then ends with a "Potpourri" section where the hosts discuss what they've been watching lately or are looking forward to watching in the future. Past topics include Nickelodeon in the 90s, Notable Movie Theater Experiences, TV One Season Wonders, TV Dads, War Movies, Car Movies, and Teen Coming of Age Movies. The ...
Free Interviews with the cast of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Get exclusive behind the scenes gossip on the making of the film and what it's like to be part of the world's biggest movie blockbusters.
The Top 10
Each week @mattknost and @therochasays breakdown a top 10 that coincides with that weekends biggest movie release
Is it a bicycle?
Best ever TV and Movie podcast from Ireland
Hans-Peter Zimmermann (, Swiss best-selling author, interviews Screenwriters and Screenwriting teachers. These interviews can also be watched as videos on
The best movie conversations only happen one place: in the car, with your friends, on the way home from the theater. The Drive Home Breakdown captures all the passion, excitement, and intensity that we feel as soon as the credits roll and the lights come up. Each episode we bring you insightful discussion, absurd humor, and fan-insight during the only movie conversation that matters: The Drive Home Breakdown!
Runaway Franchise
a podcast about movie franchises
Reel Spoilers
Powered by, Reel Spoilers is a podcast that talks about movies in-depth. If you are listening, you have either: 1. already seen the movie, or 2. you don't care if you find out what happens in the movie. Hence the name, Reel Spoilers.
That Podcast Thing
That Podcast Thing is a UK based podcast network that is building up an interesting portfolio of shows. We start with Home Movie Club, where, for each episode, we take an irreverent (and many times irrelevant) look at the highest grossing movies since 1930.
Super Action Bros.
Two movie nerds who love explosions: Ian and Ryan are the SUPER ACTION BROS! Action Movies are easily the most popular genre in cinema in this day and age, so the SUPER ACTION BROS talk about the classics, the hidden gems, the cult hits and kid-friendly flicks. Listen as the SUPER ACTION BROS apply their film-nerd skills to the cinematic equivalent of junk food to see what bubbles to the surface. Tune in every Saturday to smell what the SUPER ACTION BROS have cookin'! SUPER ACTION BROS, wher ...
For the people, By the people
Back to the Movies
Hosted by Caleb Masters and Alexandra Bohannon, Back to the Movies is's movie review podcast covering all of the latest releases with a more analysis driven review conversation. We're not just talking about the pros and cons, but also diving into the deeper ideas driving all of the latest films at the theater. Come for the recommendation, leave with the food for thought.
What are the The Best 1980s & 1990s Movies? Do you find yourself asking if the movies we loved while growing up were really that good? Have you caught yourself thinking, “why don’t make movies like they use to?” Can you still remember spending your Friday Nights searching for the perfect movie rental at Blockbuster Video? Do you know what Blockbuster Video is? If you answered yes, then this is the podcast for you! Website: Email: hosts@shatth ...
Comedian Michael Yo spends his days talking up celebrities for THE INSIDER. Film journalist and movie critic Tara McNamara (Fandango, TODAY) analyzes movies.
Wasting Time
We talk about stuff and ignore the passage of time..
I've seen tons of movies, and since everyone says Hollywood is dead and can't come up with new ideas then that means it should be fairly easy to review movies before I see them. That is exactly what I intend to do. Sit back, relax, and listen as I pass judgment on this week's upcoming movies based on nothing but the trailer. Follow me on Twitter @Baconknight
NerdEXP: Cinecast
Each week go through the top entertainment headlines in movies and television, plus a discussion for the week. Why? To start a conversation and help you level up your nerd IQ.
The Avengers explode on movie screens this May after a massive multi-movie strategy begun with Iron Man in 2008. In anticipation of this blockbuster film, Now Playing's reviewers watch and review all The Avengers films, including their early appearances in film and television, all the way through a weekend of release review of The Avengers this May!
Read it and Weep
Read it and Weep is a good podcast about books, movies, and TV hosted by Alex Falcone. Each week, we discuss something from pop culture with an emphasis on blockbusters, failures, and nostalgia.
Are you interested in a holistic or metaphysical career but don’t know what’s available or where you can go for training?Deb Hanneman, M.S.Ed. of BlockBust Your Path will be hosting a new radio show for those interested in finding out more about holistic/metaphysical careers. Each week Deb will interview various schools and organizations that provide degrees or certification in alternative careers. Show will air every Wednesday at 4pm CST. Deb has over 20 years experience as a career counsel ...
A podcast for movie lovers, cinephiles, geeks, nerds, film junkies and anyone else that loves to talk about all things cinema.
It's Sho Time!
A movie review podcast, where we talk about every genre from blockbusters to indie dramas. (Formerly known as 'Houston, We Have a Podcast')
Doc Rotten and The Black Saint from Horror News Radio recap and review the best and worst horror films from the 1970s. Grindhouse. Blacksploitation. Hollywood Blockbusters. B Movies. Films like Exorcist | The Car | Phantasm | Halloween | The Incredible Melting Man | The Manitou | Beyond the Door | Vampire Circus | Dawn of the Dead
Mitchoy Chats!
Dive into every film, from the dusty corners of cinema to the smash-hits of today, all reviewed from the perspectives of three life-long, movie-loving friends who love to discuss movies but rarely all agree. Tweet your responses @MitchoyChats and join the conversation!
When the movie ends, our conversation begins. The Next Reel features in-depth reviews of classic films and contemporary blockbusters with ratings, rankings, interviews, and analysis.
Get breaking news from the entertainment industry to learn about new bands, rising stars, the next blockbuster and the hottest shows on television. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Wanna know what's coming to your local US theaters each week? Then spend a few minutes and find out with Subject:CINEMA's "Three Minute Weekend". Host TC Kirkham gives you the rundown on all the films hitting the US market each week - from blockbuster to indie darlings and everything in between - Check us out every Friday morning! Now also includes our new "Tuesday Digidex" show featuring the latest in DVD and streaming releases!
KSL Popcorn Report
Reviewing upcoming movies, recommending TV series, and offering a parents' guide to all the big blockbusters.
Super Action Bros.
Two movie nerds who love explosions: Ian and Ryan are the SUPER ACTION BROS! Action Movies are easily the most popular genre in cinema in this day and age, so the SUPER ACTION BROS talk about the classics, the hidden gems, the cult hits and kid-friendly flicks. Listen as the SUPER ACTION BROS apply their film-nerd skills to the cinematic equivalent of junk food to see what bubbles to the surface. Tune in every Saturday to smell what the SUPER ACTION BROS have cookin'! SUPER ACTION BROS, wher ...
A Variety / iHeartRadio co-production, PLAYBACK is a weekly film-focused podcast that brings you exclusive conversation with the talents behind many of today’s hottest movies. Hosted by Variety Awards Editor Kris Tapley, new episodes of the show air every Thursday.
Ciné OUATCH, c'est le magazine des amoureux du cinéma, présenté par Geoffrey Chavance, sur OUATCH TV ! 1ère diffusion : tous les mardis, 22h-23h. Ce podcast (LARGE) est optimisé pour l'iPad original et l'iPad 2 (résolution 1024 x 576 pixels).
Join Mr. Hart as every week he is joined by a special guest to discuss their favorite movie! They will review and rate the movie while talking about the emotional impact this movie has had on them and how it still shapes them!
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How about this for a movie idea: a main character has to prevent a new contagious strain of Ebola spreading around the world. She’s the best of the best. So good in fact, that her work on early detection systems contains the strain at its source. Ten minutes into the movie, we see the results of her work – nothing happens. Life goes on as usual ...…
Now the guys are legally able to rent a vehicle! Episode 25 is here. It's Diego's birthday(was his birthday), Upcoming summer blockbusters and more!!
Table of Nonsense: Intro: Office Space 2:30 - 18 year old John working at Blockbuster & Best Buy 6:50 - Chris suggests a really shitty way to quit 7:50 - Divine gas 9:00 - John’s Best Buy interview 10:20 - Chris thinks he can make his farts smell like blueberries by eating 5 pounds of blueberries. 14:27 - “Bad Girls” takes over our podcast for ...…
As a classic gaming podcast, we get so few chances to be on the cutting edge of anything, so when the opportunity arises, you know we've gotta jump on it. This week, we played two versions of the arcade classic RAMPAGE (World Tour and Universal Tour), and then, in a bit of a break in format, we take a group trip to the movies to see, and review ...…
Again, straight issues, no chaser! Check out the latest installment of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review (MWIR) podcast airing this Wednesday at 7pm ET. Listen to the Afronerd Radio team discuss the following issues: it appears that a FOX affiliate analyzed young Black scholar, Michael Brown's 20 colleges' acceptance feat differently than jus ...…
Our first drink of the podcast takes us back to the first drink we had when we met. This, which also takes us back to the very first film we ever saw together; the groundbreaking, blockbuster hit known as Drinking Buddies! Drunkenly deciphering what point this movie was trying to make, we try to make heads or tails of the plot, awkward kissing ...…
Welcome to Futility Belt, a Superhero Re-watch Podcast! In this episode--our origin story--longtime friends and contentious superhero fanpeople Pat and Sarah try to figure out exactly why they're doing this. Reason: movie-yelling is a fun and enlivening activity all friends should enjoy together! Each week Pat and Sarah will be re-watching supe ...…
David, Devindra, Jeff, and Kristy discuss director Steven Spielberg's latest blockbuster entry, "Ready Player One." What We've Been Watching: David: American Assassin Kristy: Unfriended: Dark Web, Won't You Be My Neighbor? Featured Review: Ready Player One You can always e-mail us at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or call and leave a voicemail ...…
David, Devindra, Jeff, and Kristy discuss director Steven Spielberg's latest blockbuster entry, "Ready Player One." What We've Been Watching: David: American Assassin Kristy: Unfriended: Dark Web, Won't You Be My Neighbor? Featured Review: Ready Player One You can always e-mail us at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or call and leave a voicemail ...…
We discuss Steven Spielberg's newest film "Ready Player One" based on Ernest Cline's best-selling novel of the same name. Was this the blockbuster we were anticipating or filler between Black Panther and Infinity War? What are all the book nerds mad about? Spoiler-free for the first 22:22.Join the conversation on Twitter: @MACandGUpodcast…
This week, Matt and Nick trade notes on Harry Brown and Troll 2. Nick also gives us a quick review of the blockbuster of the moment, “Ready Player One”
In this week's episode we become O.J. Simpson's publicity team. What better way to revive the man's public image than a presidency?! Given 3 random prompts, on genre, location and a title word, they have an hour to come up with the next Hollywood Blockbuster. So sit back, do up your seatbelt and grab your defibrillator in case we need to revive ...…
The world is going crazy right now, so why not listen to two fine-ass young ladies get drunk on vodka & talk about an even crazier movie? The Fits is a compelling glimpse into the life of a young Cincinnati native who is trying to withstand the trials of growing up while trying to fit in, a story we can all relate to.P.S. Drinks were spilled in ...…
On this episode, we welcome Reel Tim of Reel Hooligans to talk about two smash 'em up blockbusters, "Ready Player One" and "Pacific Rim: Uprising"
The Voice Battles are done & we're heading into the knockouts!! Mel brings in Shilo Gold of Team Miley in last season's The Voice as this week's Guest Co-Host! She updates us on life after the show & her kickstarter! Talks about the new updates to the Knockout Rounds, list their Top 5 Favorite Moments & discuss the Molly / Kelly Clarkson contro ...…
KO Cox is a 22 year old chasing his pro wrestling dreams. He's also a new wrestler to my roster with Block Buster Wrestling. Listen in and find out who he is and his unique character.
In honour of the amazing ensemble cast of Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, and also in honour of the upcoming Avengers Infinity War's frankly ludicrous ensemble cast, this week the Silver Screen Dudes are counting down... the TOP 10 Ensemble Movie Casts.From the massive tentpole movies and mega blockbusters (like Avengers) to the less known, more a ...…
In this episode we discuss latest hot topics and we weigh in on Snoop Dogg's newly released gospel album. We also take a trip to Wakanda and discuss the blockbuster movie Black Panther. Also, one of our regular guests of the podcast stops by and talks about her recent trip to the Holy land of Israel. Enjoy! Don't forget to download the new sing ...…
It's time to simultaneously head 30 years into the past and 30 years into the future, as Russ Burlingame and Zach Roberts talk Ready Player One, the latest Steven Spielberg blockbuster based on the best-selling novel by Ernest Cline. Is it great? No. Is it good? Well...!
With “Ready Player One” pixelating into our collective consciousness this week, we discuss one of the many cameos featured in the film: The Iron Giant. Do we make a new metal friend or is this one giant alien not to be reviewed?Time StampsWhat We’ve DoneFraser: Stained Class RecordsAlejandro: TwitterSean: Disney Movie Club + “30 Rock”00:09:55 - ...…
Steven Spielberg is at it wondrous characters and landscapes that dazzle and entertain on a very high level. Tune in and hear my thoughts on this blockbuster!
David Lee is a household name in South Africa where he worked predominantly in theatre and television. His outstanding performances on stage garnered him multiple nominations all around Southern Africa. In 1995, David completed a post graduate drama course at Drama Studio London, where he was nominated as Actor of the Year for his powerful and ...…
This week we're talking all about the curse of adapting video games into blockbuster films and why it has yet to go well for any franchise.. We also throw some ideas out there for video games that could potentially work as a film.1:24 - Tomb Raider: Spoiler-Free Review03:52 - Tomb Raider: Spoiler Discussion29:00 - Adapting Video Games - What to ...…
Matt, Sarah and Ezra on a new, blockbuster study on racial mobility — and whether Mark Zuckerberg should shut down Facebook. References: Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States Dylan Matthews' piece Income Mobility Charts for Girls, Asian-Americans and Other Groups. Or, Make Your Own Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for ...…
This week we watch the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster film Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo with Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo. There was a lot of pressure for Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo to out perform Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo because this was the first sequel produced by Happy Madison. Adam Sandler really loved the idea of Deuce Big ...…
On the 3rd episode of Piecing It Together, co-host David Quinones and I discuss the biggest movie of the year, the unstoppable hit film Black Panther. Marvel took a chance creating the first true blockbuster with a majority black cast, and it paid off big. Puzzle Pieces for the film include James Bond, The Lion King, The Dark Knight and Kill Bi ...…
We dive deep into surprise actress role in upcoming blockbuster, and we go into binge worthy shows you don't want to miss
An Emmy Award-Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, Esq., produces media and branded content for top thought leaders and media personalities around the world. Recognized as a leading expert on branding and storytelling, Nick has authored more than two dozen Best-Selling books (including the Wall Street Journal Best-Seller StorySelling™) a ...…
On this week's episode of The Left Wing, Will Slattery and Luke Fitzgerald are joined in studio by Irish Independent rugby correspondent Cian Tracey to preview this weekend's Champions Cup quarter-finals.Leinster vs Saracens and Munster vs Toulon headline the quarter-final line-up, and the lads feel that it will take two huge performances to se ...…
We're back with our 13th episode of The Starman/Manhunter Adventure Hour! This month we're looking at the book released in February of 1989.First up, there is Starman #9. The reintroduction to the new Blockbuster.Then at 30 minutes in, we look at Manhunter 12, the conclusion to our Manhunter Down Under story. This is another 11 page story with ...…
The 90s action blockbuster Face/Off is on trial this week with Dave trying to get it a place on the Hit List and Alex doing his best to stop him. News this week is based on the winners and losers of the Oscars 2018 with everyone happy to see Jordan Peele getting a win for his original screenplay in Get Out, but division over The Shape of Water ...…
Ben and Alfie are up to their necks in it now. Someone needs help pulling, another person is scared of their office and a prince is going to eat a cake. Is Alfie writing this right now, four glasses of whisky in? Oh, maybe.
Episode 8 of the Khandaan Podcast features Chandramukhi (1993), starring Sridevi as a celestial being and Salman Khan as her child lover. An uncomfortable mish-mash of Tom Hanks’ Big by way of Telugu blockbuster Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, starring Chiranjeevi and Sridevi, this little viewed film was a disaster at the box office – surpri ...…
If you’re looking to spend money at an auction, the smart bet is to go with a piece of furniture rather than a painting. The market for design is booming with average sales prices increasing by 35% from 2016, according to the latest DeTnk Collectible Design Report. The annual survey also indicates a 17% overall growth from last year and that 70 ...…
Hello everyone to the 7th episode of Reel Travels and thank you for all the wonderful feedback! My guests on today's episode are David and Rena Kiehn from the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum. Silent! With all of today's loud multi-million dollar blockbuster films out, there is still a market and desire to see the old silent films. We go back i ...…
Listen To This Article - Click Play The Smoky Mountains are known for incredible shows and live performances at some of the most popular theaters. But it’s not just live performances you can see during your vacation! When you visit the Smoky Mountains, you can catch some of the latest blockbuster movies you’ve been dying […]The post Top 4 Movie ...…
Last show with feedback, tons of blabber and the boys preview this summer’s blockbuster releases. Follow the show: Facebook: The 80/20 Movie Show YouTube: The 80/20 Movie Show Pat on Twitter Gary on Twitter Please visit our sponsor, Everything funny and otherwise unique. A friendly and entertaining site ...…
The Voice Battles have begun! Mel brings in Johnny Bliss of #TeamAlicia as this week's Guest Co-Host! He spills the tea on his The Voice experience, behind the scenes details, names his favorite Battle Moment this week & shares his prediction on who might win! Johnny also takes our Talent Recap Show Quiz!Which battle performance has been your f ...…
Dave, once again, talks about some comics he's been reading. This time he's read Nightwing Vol. 4: Blockbuster, Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 4: Deus Ex Machina, Generation X Vol.1: Natural Selection, Jean Grey Vol. 1: Nightmare Fuel, Iceman Vol. 1: Thawing Out, and Weapon X Vol. 1: Weapons of Mutant Destruction. Follow Dave and follow the podc ...…
Get the scoop on the biggest blockbuster in history! "Gridiron Glory" brings the NFL Hall of Fame to Northeast Wisconsin when it arrives at The History Museum at the Castle in June 2018. We learn how it happened and what to expect when we talk with Chief Curator Dustin Mack and hear from Packers President Mark Murphy. We also hear about the wid ...…
Ray Milland stars in Dial M For Murder (1954), and we ask questions like: What are the similarities between this movie and Columbo? What invention revolutionized the telephone industry? And what are Scott and Mike's favorite Hitchcock movies? Listen now to find out! When a man (Ray Milland) attempts to murder his unfaithful wife (Grace Kelly), ...…
Welcome to this episode of Entertainment Law Update. SHOW NOTES Disney Misused ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Frozen’ Copyrights, Says Judge (in Redbox Case) ...…
Welcome to this episode of Entertainment Law Update. SHOW NOTES Disney Misused ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Frozen’ Copyrights, Says Judge (in Redbox Case) ...…
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