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We support parents who are passionate about providing breast milk to their babies. Each week, a group of experienced moms openly discuss their success, their struggles and society’s impact on how they feed their babies. The show helps guide listeners by providing an honest, natural and judgment-free approach to breastfeeding, pumping, milk sharing and more. The show is part of the Parents On Demand Network.
The Boob Tube Buddies do post-episode recaps and reviews of your favorite TV shows from HBO, Netflix, FX, AMC, Cinemax, and more. Don't get caught with your pants down at the water cooler!Check out some of our podcasts on Netflix's Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Luke Cage, The Get Down, HBO's Game of Thrones, Westworld, AMC's The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul and more!
Boob Tube
Discussing women in television, one show (and sometimes movie) at a time.
Join two Bodacious Bronxites as they get drunk, discuss life, and prove that there's more to the Bronx than meets the eye.Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @boobsbunsbrains
.....because I have boobs, tattoos and a motorcycle.
Boob Tube!
The podcast where smart women talk about what they're watching — and not watching. Find us on your favorite podcast app!Email us TV tips:
Boobies who are curved in their thinking, have soft hearts, durable minds, and peaked curiosities. Some topics include life, hair, music, tv, and politics.Follow us on IG @oneboobpodcast for more! :)
Podcast by Kyle Richey
Boobs & Mimosas
Lets Talk About it!
For The Win
Brandon and Kelly table topics to help your life, your business, your mind. Ranging from fitness to real estate to running a company. Let's get you on the track to happiness.
Anyone who has been through breast cancer and breast cancer treatment knows it’s not over the day you ring the chemo bell. All too often there are ongoing health deficits and problems that go on for months or even years after oncology treatment. As more and more women and men are living with breast cancer as a chronic disease there is a need for integrative care that combines the best of conventional medical treatment and natural and complementary medicine that address not only oncology trea ...
Podcast covering the most pressing topics in the NHL with a no holds barred type style. This is the podcast about hockey players, made by hockey players.
Giving you all the information you want to know about hockey unfiltered and unscripted. This is a podcast for the boys, by the boys enjoy!
Janey godley, now without her daughter has to navigate the world of podcasting, with only a basic understanding of electricity. All previous episodes of Janey Godley's Podcast (the good ones with Ashley) are available in the archive.
Quitting Porn Guy
one man's journey to freedom
Nudes 4 Pods, "Girls to Go" for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.Over 3.0 Million Video Podcasts downloaded! With our free video podcasts you can see beautiful nude girls in action from all the world. Meet the stunning knock-out Priscila from Brazil, all American girl Tera Patrick from California, sexy Sabrina from Rio de Janeiro, and the luscious Silvia Saint from Prague, Czech Republic. Subscribe now to our Free Adult Video Podcasts!
It's Monday in America™, This Is What Patriots Eat For Breakfast
Punch Drunk TV
Welcome to Punch Drunk TV where best frenemies Aaron Pruner and Jack Conway meet each week as they discuss everything they love and hate about TV. From the latest news to their picks for Winner and Loser of the week, these industry insiders offer an offbeat and hysterical perspective on all things television. Follow Aaron and Jack on Twitter at @aaronflux and @flatlinejack, and check out the podcast’s Facebook page at
BBC Learning English
Improve your language skills by listening to clips and programmes from BBC Learning English.Also join us online,on Facebook and on Twitter @bbcleBy posting here you agree to your boo being used by BBC Learning English.
The past interviews and comedy skits and bits along with past air checks and Advertisements, I have made or participated on. Included here for your enjoyment and ridicule.This Podcast was created using
Torrence Davis talks games, technology and pop culture with Zack Warren and friends, live every Friday night at 10pm.
Clutch and Wiggle, your hosts, take you on a verbal whirlwind as they spin, annihilate and humiliate everything and anything in the world today. Straight from the basement on a real air hockey table, they bring comedy and "justice" the way no one else sees the world.Follow us on Twitter - @ClutchWiggleExp, @Clutch_43 and @DuBigWiggleFollow us on Facebook - web site - http:\\
Jake and the Bald man Is a podcast about the stupid things we do in our daily life. Mostly a story telling Podcast, but it will continually evolve.
A comedy chat show for less-than-perfect parents. Hosted by comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn and featuring guest parenting experts, comedians and authors. The podcast covers the big issues affecting modern parents - from fish fingers to farting, to play-dates and pelvic floors. Expect frank and funny chat as well as wine, laughter and sophisticated boob jokes. Check out our Scummy Mummies Blog and dates for our Live Comedy Shows -
Seven Hells
A Game of Thrones Podcast
Cinematic Immunity
The art and craft of movie making; the stories that define it. Join entertainment professionals Louis Normandin and Bryan Hart taking a dose of irreverent humor and sit down with veteran ententertainment professionals to discuss their history and experience.
The ScreenJunkies small council will break down every episode of Game of Thrones Season 6. Every dragon, every death, every boob, for the night is long and full of comments.
www.AdventuresInNerding.comEach episode we breakdown our guests life long Adventures in Nerding
SteamClams Screen Slam
Video podcast of that nefarious underlord, The Steamclam!These will be his daily sojourns and some of the mishaps of those around him/her. and there are an assortment of additional considerations to add to your plates.
Holiday Force
Holiday Force
A comedy podcast fusing a love for beer with funny observations of pop culture and the internet. Boobs on YouTube, Mexican life in America, no subject is sacred. The Double D stands for Diaz and DeHoag, los Dos Dudes, your guides for this weekly audio Happy Hour.
It's Reductress for your ears. Join ladymag editors Quenn (Nicole Silverberg) and Dikoda (Rachel Wenitsky) for a dish-sesh of sassy catchphrases, boob measuring techniques, and how to sync your periods! Quenn and Dikoda will give you everything you’ve come to expect from a women’s magazine in 2017.
Join us for a weekly League Cast, with a rotating panel of hosts bringing you an unfiltered commentary on the world of a manchild. With each episode we invite you into the Mancave as if you were one of the us, because let’s face it, we all have a little manchild on the inside. The Manchild Strikes Again. Twitter- @TheManchildren
There is new opportunity at the intersection of technology and beauty but it comes with a price. Not just the costs of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive dermatology procedures and injectables but the costs of changing forever our natural beauty. Teri Hausman, biomedical investor, beauty aficionado, wife of a plastic surgeon and typical woman who wants to stay ageless interviews leading plastic surgeons about the newest procedures in the market today. Teri also talks to the founders of compan ...
Estrogen Island
Estrogen Island is the all-female spin-off show from Join River, Courtney, and other assorted ladies as they talk about just about everything...
Refined bar room conversation for sophisticated gentlemen. Also available on iTunes.
Sparkle Motion!
Host Jonny Sparkles interviews some of the funniest and most talented people from the Twitterverse. The raw, stream of consciousness style of the show brings to mind what it must sound like when two celebrities meet each other for the first time. Social media, pop culture, music and film are among the topics most regularly discussed, but the show drifts into other amusing areas and tangents run the gamut to anything from Sparkles waxing poetic about the hidden beauties in life, to flirting n ...
Maya Jama hosts this podcast about work, life, sex, and boobs. Featuring different female celebrity guests in each episode, they talk dating disasters, career advice, and breaking up with friends in this 8-part series.
Sam and Chris discuss their loves; comics, wrestling, movies, TV, video games, boobs and much more as Sam serves as Chris' unofficial psycho-therapist.
Shake That Bear!
We talk about stuff in the most unintelligent manner possible. But as Louis C.K. once said, "You don't have to be smart to laugh at a fart joke... but you'd have to be stupid not to."
BBC Radio London News
Welcome to BBC London’s audioBoom page.Here you’ll find highlights and additional material from our newsroom right in the heart of the capital. Contributions from our reporters and from you.Got a story you think we should tell?Get in touch by recording or uploading your story by using the green button or by calling0118 413 8272By posting here you agree to your boo being used by BBC (
Clutch and Wiggle, your hosts, take you on a verbal whirlwind as they spin, annihilate and humiliate everything and anything in the world today. Straight from the basement on a real air hockey table, they bring comedy and "justice" the way no one else sees the world.Follow us on Twitter - @ClutchWiggleExp, @Clutch_43 and @DuBigWiggleFollow us on Facebook - web site - http:\\
mommy breast tips
Breast Milk and Breastfeeding Tips. Please note that this channel contains nudity for educational purposes.
We are the Tasteless GentlemenWe are not merely three men voicing our opinions of the world and the idiots which comprise it. We are the voices of men the world over. Men who have traversed the battlefield of love and life and returned harder (insert infantile chuckle here), better, faster, and stronger. We are the balls of men who have long since consigned their own genitals to wives, fiances, and girlfriends. We are the jerks you love to hate... and love to love. Why? Because we are men wi ...
Can you Kickstart
You're about to listen to Can you Kickstart? the podcast made for and by the people out there trying to make it on Kickstarter!Join Tom and Karl every week for a brand new episode exploring the depths and stories behind Kickstarter Projects and find out what they're all about!Will they make it though? Come and find out!Also don't forget to follow us on iTunes where you can Rate and Subscribe!
Every tom dick and harry is doing some kind of stupid web show these days right? Podcasts, blogs, vlogs, youtube etc. we all want to be the next internet sensation. That's why we call our show - The Tom Dick And Harry Show. A mere speck in a vast sea of crap. We pretty much just hang out and talk about our pathetic lives and the parts in them that are funny,odd,embarassing,cringe inducing,douche get the idea.We throw in some audio clips,a bit or two,some music,a comedian and w ...
Moist Radio
Moist Radio is a weekly podcast broadcasted live (not live) out of Rockville USA Studios in Vernon Rockville, CT. Its hosts, John Schauster and Tyler Dickens, are two twenty-somethings that reflect on life and life's struggles. Struggles like being white, living in New England, why today's music sucks, and how they're so much better than everyone else. The podcast features one or two weekly guest speakers, at least one being a minority ... because diversity. It also showcases local bands, mu ...
Catching a Buzz
Catching a Buzz is a show where two dudes talk all about everything from hot chicks to movies. If you are drinking while listening, it will be better.
There's nothing wrong with a little podcast amongst friends...
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1. Intro We all have certain things we dislike about our homes but when we make that purchase (if it’s not a new build) there may be a few things that are nagging. Here are some of those things and how to deal with them: 2. Popcorn ceilings A. They date a space – depending on time frame of home, get a sample tested for asbestos. i. Difficult to ...…
In this week’s episode of COSMOS AND THE CITY: THE SEX AND THE CITY PODCAST, your host Megan McIver will sit down with the lovely Cassi Jerkins. Together these two will discuss Season Two, Episode Six of SEX AND THE CITY entitled: “The Cheating Curve”. From Samantha’s trainer giving her a downtown haircut, Miranda’s new man taking his love of f ...…
SC is an asshole... Katie explains memes... Why would the cats care where I put my dick... Man dumped $25k in poo on his boss's lawn after winning the lottery... Move another women in when your wife is tired of you, just don't fall in love... The best skin flix on Netflix... Why hate fucking or grudge fucking can be soo much fun... Episode of " ...…
A 60 year-old man has been dating a woman for 4 months. He wishes she would lose some weight. Oh, and also? She lost her breasts to cancer. Does he have the right to ask her to get a boob job too? Sidle up, dear listener, and hear the tale of the woman, her much older boyfriend, and...and her boyfriend's...son? After hearing this, one of the te ...…
Last week Blake and I moved into our new place, drank with our neighbour, and had a bunch of kids draw pictures of our boobs. What a great week! I'm super excited about the World Cup starting in a few weeks, and also talk about the hilarious fuck up the Argentinian FA made in their pre-Russia information sessions with their players and staff. O ...…
In this episode Bryan and Matt embrace their inner dark side. They explore sinning in video games and I'm pretty sure their going to hell. They talk about booze, drugs, violence AND video game boobs. Did I mention they were drinking tequila? Tsk tsk tsk...
we missed a week anyone notice? no? ok on to notes. black ops 4 battle royale mode, halo for dave and busters, pre register for smash at e3, metro exodus going multi console and more.
On this brand new episode of What It Ain't? What It Is! we touch on topics from the royal wedding, to a royal fu*k up from MTV's Catfish host Nev. As for our main topic What's On, we have another anime and we just HAD to talk about this one: Devilman crybaby.
We discuss Boobs in honor of Freud's Birthday - what is the appeal, does it stem from childhood? Let's find out!
On episode ten we talk about DB’s trip to Nashville, the Royal wedding, boob job update, monkeys that have sex and fight at the same time..... To Death and what the smell of hand soap does to DB. Good time this week, enjoy.
This week a headache prevents Cam from speaking right. We interview our first content creator and it is a fantastic Q&A. As usual, we cover all the news of the week and dive into what we have been playing. To end the show, we reveal what games we will be choosing in our throw down with Lets Play Tonight! Play on, and as always stay Hella Averag ...…
After a cinematic flight of fancy, Patch gets back down to then nitty-gritty of finding your bliss - specifically, he talks about how the process literally MAKES YOU LIKE GOD. Not in a Jim Carey making Jennifer Aniston's boobs bigger kind of way, but in a real genuine, creating order our of chaos kind of way. Check it out!…
Latest episode of Downloadable Coffee (DLC) - Dallas
The Band of Boobs set off on their quest to bust Bev's dad out of the dungeon! The gang learns more about The Widow and Galad, Hardwon bonds with his rat uncle, Beverly gets up to invisible hijinks, and Moonshine meets a foe so inhospitable, she can't keep her jambalaya down. Support us at to get access to the after-show and ...…
Will and Khaled are Joined by comedian/blogger Jen Lenny. They discuss their opinions on a varitey of shit including: Tattoos, Their Parents, and somehow... the band 311!! Check it out and shit! And you can find Jen's blog at!00:40 Superpowers/Fake Boobs04:40 Strip Clubs09:30 Tattoos and shit11:00 Lettuce12:00 More ...…
Kanye West – Slavery was a choice | Starring at boobs | Would you rather | Physical Turn offs | Facebook Dating App
After Twitter* erupted in protest at the canceling of the beloved cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amanda gave Sarah a homework assignment: She needed to suspend her snobby and highbrow television habits** and watch this great show. The result? A discussion about depictions of male emotional maturity and what it means to have a sitcom about the p ...…
Previously recorded on 5/6/18. The Invite is out in the wild, the bar has been set for special guests. Did the pot really call the kettle black? Answers within at own risk.
Host Michael Kornbluth is being considered for a Writers Assistant job. So, you know the economy is booming again. More gripes with talk show radio host Michael Savage resurface. Other topics discussed are Russian Robot Recruiters, Father Son Boob Talks, pulling out of the Iran Deal and Weaseling out of Mother's Day excuses.…
AKA Nicole and Nathan discover how drunk is too drunk to podcast. In which your heroic hosts play Tanya's Titty Boob drinking game, where we take a shot every time we see Vanity's tits. Vanity doesn't know how shirts work. Things escalated quickly. Our friends over at Needless Things Podcast challenged us to do this movie, Tanya's Island, a 198 ...…
Cole burns his mouth on his mom's hot sauce, Tayler gets between a drummer and a bass playler's balls, and Elija has his trailer taken to the dump. All this and more on this week's edition of Comic Can Coozie!
"He who shits before he showers yet still wipes his ass is a fool." -- Book of Fidd, 2:73For the THIRD week in a row, TIME FOR THE SHOW is rated the number one Canadian internet radio show in southeast Asian sweatshops! Jackie Robinson, the baseballist, does NOT make an appearance in this episode, but Reverand [sic] peas [sic], Doktor Faux, and ...…
Today's topic: Is kanye crazy!? Is our public school system broken? What's in your human shopping list? Boobs of Booty? I want my Myspace back! US Open, Genetics or Hard Work? This Podcast is brought to you by Iron Valley Powerlifting
the stories never end with with "Sexy Mama" and Tyler sitting in with the normal full cast. Somehow we talked forever about breast milk and got into Kellys vacation a bit.
In this week's episode we bring in studio the newest members of our team, Nici's boobs. Nici will be joining us as well to translate for the boobies giving us an update on their progress. Budah goes on an investigative trip to California, he'll give us the 411 on what's popin' with weed in Compton. And, asking you're baby's permission before ch ...…
UFC Rio De Janeiro is here but the bros have some other big UFC news to break down first. We say BYE BYE BYE to could have been Yair Rodriguez, and discuss what is next for the flashy fighter. Next we talk about how UFC 224 has hit us with a hell of a bait and switch. So long super fight between Cyborg and Nunes, hello fight nobody cares about ...…
Guests: Tanner Oliver & Reese Leonard
PLUS: You're gonna have to wait to get Rihanna lingerie, Grace Kelly's childhood home is restored and Emily Ratajkowski loves boobs.By
A candid chitchat on saggy breasts, saggy breasts causes and how to fix sagging breasts and just loving your breasts. Shownotes 3:37 Saggy breasts causes dissecting the article 7 Things you can and can not do about saggy breast; How to lift saggy breasts 3:54 How to stop your boobs from saggy; how to fix … Continue reading "How to Fix Sagging B ...…
Ethan's on the phone! Oh my God! Barnes! He's on!! Trace him! GUEST: Thomas HowethBy Minute Impossible.
By 1988, Glenda had made six films with Ken Russell including THE MUSIC LOVERS and WOMEN IN LOVE. But though Ken didn't quite have the clout he once did, Glenda was still loyal and totally game for this high-camp, theatrical, romp complete with loads of boobs, dildo-spears, and some baffling full frontal nudity. Glenda (braying, bilious and bej ...…
It's Episode 67 of One Minute With Blood Lake And Iced!Terror and Boobs Reign Supreme! The Evil is here... and so is the Hot Tub.Enjoy.
Ian joins us to talk about the Trưng sisters, and we derail the conversation completely to imagine what it would be like if Mike Pence was an elephant.
On this re-run episode from June 5th, 2011, Phillip and Serjio talk about a drinking game for our show that a listener emailed in, being held up at gun point,adrenaline highs, Phillip's childhood imaginary friend, Phillip's mom winning 5000 dollars on a radio station in the 90's (Where's the money now?), idiots at work and things learned in sch ...…
I talk about the different kinds of boobs I’ve been seeing around here.
She's served you withering stares on screen as well as in the constituency of Hampstead and Highgate. Of course we’re talking about Glenda Jackson MP, who as far as we know is the only British politician whose own boobs were used against her by the opposition.Glenda's place is in our hearts and in the House of Commons, but also firmly in 1970s ...…
In their fourth episode, Gwen and Brooke take a look back at Lunchables, the dream that is My So-Called Life, Blue Lagoon and their love for TV in general. Becky takes things to the next level with Brian, we find out Gwen’s boobs were character building and prom may be in Little G’s future!
Welcome back gang, join us this week as we record on the one year anniversary of the original drunken idea to hit record, drink beers, and talk about dating.He is risen! Todd doubts his atheism and makes Mitch uncomfortable, Lauren still isn't sure if drinking in the Lord's name is okay, joking about Jesus is always fun, the band has since chan ...…
Ep. 113 ThisIsAmericaThis week Sho and Cole their week of crazy happenings, boobs and daytime strippers. In THE RUNDOWN: #donaldglover #thisisamerica video, #ihop gave someone $20 for the N word, #school superintendent #poops, #manager mad over #yelp review and #teacher quits because she woke up a #student with her #feet. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUP ...…
In tonight's episode Brooke tells a story about taking a picture of Randal smiling vs not smiling, and can barely get through it without laughing. We both review the podcasts that we reccomended for each other to listen to. Randal's "Just the Tip" is a lot of talk about boobs, and we answer the rest of the questions that we didnt get to on Frid ...…
We have an extraordinary guest, Sterling Collective's Brady Clayton! This episode, much like the last, has; Movie of the Week, Boob Tube Mania, We View Previews and a newer version of Cinema Trivia! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun making this one. Also, check out Brady's website at…
"Hand down one of the best — and classiest — episodes of the show to date. You won't want to miss it. Ya Boob" - Captain Hook Categories Apostrophe "Money is the root of all evil" Bartlett and Ted's Excellent Adventure "Give Short Shrift" Capitalize on this Joke "S/He Got Off Scot Free" Gustav Klimt's Potrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I "Look Upon M ...…
Saturday 5/5/18In this week's episode we welcome you back to the Chop Shop hosted by DJ Chops, take shots and discuss:-Boobs-Half of the population dying -Doomsday situations-Purge situations-Take a brief intermission to take a history lesson-Two people left alive-Get offMake sure to follow, like, comment, and review our podcasts!…
Join Jacob “BestintheRealm” Hauter, Bryan “Baumusa” Peacock,Jeremy “Tripod” Brooks,James “Gaius”,Josh “Korrigan” and Chris Braddock as they discuss Amtgard,a lil bit of pro wrestling,their park in Hazelhurst,Georgia and nuggets of wisdom! Please support us on Patreon so we can make a set for a video podcast(which just means fixing up Bryan’s ga ...…
Kenku fights continue. There's head guts. Exut tells the gang about their next destination. We find out someone is a gambling boob looker, and you won't believe who it is.By VGAT Media.
It's another packed episode and news, commentary and outrage from Nick and Rob, with some great fun thrown in for extra measure: Nickelodeon is bringing back Double Dare this summer and the Dudes want to compete. Filmmaker Scott Barber joins the show to talk about a Nickelodeon documentary he's making that explores the network's golden era. Wha ...…
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